sam hurst


“What are you doing here?”

You looked up from your drink to see your dad slowly towering into the clubhouse.
“What does it look like I’m doing pop?” You held up your whiskey in reply.

There was obvious frustration in his eyes as he peered down over you, casting a shadow that blocked what little light that did get into the clubhouse.
“I told you to stop coming around here, there’s too much shit going down.”

There was a strain in his voice that you paid no mind to, “Come on pop, you’re always saying that.”
You waved him off.

Opie strides in, stopping short when he spots the two of you.

“Ope could you talk some sense into him please?”

Opie glanced from you to Piney, back and forth, “Wh-”

Piney had enough, “Get her out of here,” he commanded before proceeding to the chapel.

Opie slowly wandered over, “What’s that all about?”

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