sam humphrey

Humphrey Bogart, 1941, a publicity photo for The Maltese Falcon

“I’m not good-looking. I used to be but not any more. Not like Robert Taylor. What I have got is I have character in my face. It’s taken an awful lot of late nights and drinking to put it there. When I go to work in a picture, I say, ‘Don’t take the lines out of my face. Leave them there.’ “


Marilyn danced with the handsome and powerful: with Clark Gable and Humphrey Bogart, Darryl Zanuck and Clifton Webb;  she danced with new friends and old. As I watched and photographed in the low-key light off Romanoff’s, it struck me that she was a metaphor of Hollywood, a place of corny pictures, monstrous business people, monster movies, but also of serious filmmakers, producers, writers, directors, actors, camera and crew men -  all of them wanting to do their best. Marilyn kept wanting and trying to do her best. This was an evening of triumph and high hopes for the future. As Marilyn would say later on,‘After all, I have come from way down.’ This was one of her 'up’ moments. Definitely - Sam Shaw