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Dean Winchester’s sexuality being such a point of contention is so odd, yet fascinating. You don’t see people ripping each other to pieces like this when someone says “Sam is Pan” or “Cas is Gay.” These sexuality headcanons are often supported by the fandom! Also, I don’t see this in any other fandom that I’ve been in! It’s just this particular character in this particular show. What an peculiar concept. What is it about Dean Winchester that causes this phenomenon??

Thoughts that Linger…

Disclaimer: No need to leave hate if you disagree with me. Just move on. I do not think Sam and Cait have bad intentions or are bad people but that they have made, consciously or subconsciously, bad decisions that reverberates beyond their personal and professional lives. I see BOTH Sam and Cait as playing a part in this drama; Cait is as guilty as Sam is.

It does not seem like 3 years of loving two people together should come to this day but I guess this day has been in the making for the past year. Am I sad? Yes. Disappointed? You bet. Angry? Almost there.  Have I lost faith in love and humanity? Not yet.

The Ship: I ship S/C. I do so because of what they have shown us and what I have seen. Even after IFH, their actions spoke louder than words. So I remained on board. Now I honestly don’t think I can ship them anymore knowing they have other SOs. People ship differently, so only love and respect for those still on board. Sail on, ladies. I am not leaving but hanging around on shore.

The Circle: I am thankful for the women I have come to know on this ship. They are phenomenal; astute, snarky, funny, and caring. I never forgot the support I received in my bleakest moments and will forever be grateful for that.

The Play Book: Outlander would have been a hit with stellar casting and production. While maybe there was a need to “sell” S/C in the beginning, it should be fairly clear that their chemistry and acting chops sold the show. So I rather not think that Sam and Cait ramped it up for the sake of the show and their fame but that the imbrication of their chemistry, closeness, and trust resulted in the love fest that we have all come to admire and adore. Maybe they can’t help themselves when they are together BUT that it should have been toned down after IFH and after dropping their SOs on us. That’s on them. They should have owned their truth and maintained their integrity. I would have respected them much more for that.

The Wedding: In my 32 years of experiencing life, a wedding is not an event that one is casually invited to; this drowns out the possibility that Sam is just there as a friend. He attended the wedding of the brother of the girl he is supposed to be dating. Why? For kicks? For her? For himself? Who knows. What I know is that if his attendance is supposed to be a “reveal” it is immature and inconsiderate; to do it at someone’s wedding is just borderline pathetic.

The Girl and The Guy: Sam seems to go all out to disassociate from the girl that he is seeing, which for me relates to the way he treats women. We know Sam as the chivalrous sweet, and affectionate man. At least, that is the projected image. How do we explain Shitner and fan bullying? Is it that far fetched to believe that Sam sat on the sidelines and behaved in a passive aggressive manner about the bullying when he is doing it with his personal life as well? Letting the girl he is supposed to be dating take crap for them possibly being together? Moving forward I hope he shows her the respect that he shows Cait. And the same goes for Cait; if the guy who shows up with you is your SO, please treat him with more respect and dignity. Stop acting sexed and loved up with your co-star in front of him. At the very least stop treating your guy like a leper. Sure, you and Sam might have a different standard of reality and morality as actors but open your eyes from time to time and see what we see when we see you (S/C) together.

I am thankful to be a book reader and that lead me to the show. I can always count on the love, loyalty, and magic that is Jamie and Claire. And thank you Sam and Cait for embodying those characters well. Here’s to hoping you live your lives with uncompromising integrity and renewed consciousness, and that you continue to find success in your professional and personal lives. 

The Family Tree

Request by @jared-padaloveme: I don’t know if you’re still doing the drabbles but can I have one with Jared Padalacki and the prompt being: “And the family tree grows even bigger.”          

Word Count: 668

You couldn’t believe it. Every doctor you’d seen in the last two years told you it was impossible. And every month, Mother Nature confirmed their words.

But here you were, sitting in yet another doctor’s office: the positive pregnancy test laying on the counter, ultrasound films scattered on a desk, and an astounded doctor flipping through your chart beside you. “I can’t explain it. By all accounts and tests and everything we’ve seen, you shouldn’t be able to be pregnant…”

“But I am, right?” It was almost too much to hope.

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Mr. Novak's Office

Pairing: AU Boss!Castiel x Reader
Summary: You and Mr. Novak have a somewhat… interesting work relationship.
Warnings: S M U T, office sex, slightly Dom!Cas, dirty talk, language
A/N: Alright, he’s some office Castiel smut because it happens to to be one of the things i haven’t seen yet and thought it was a good idea. Also, I don’t have a tag list, but if you want to be tagged in what I write let me know and i’ll start tagging you. Hope y'all like this. (:


You sat casually at your desk, looking though the stack of papers that was laid on your desk this morning when you got there. You were incredibly bored, to put it delicately. The day had been excruciatingly tedious. You found yourself constantly looking up at the clock and feeling disappointed at the lack of time that seemed to be passing each time you looked at the clock.

Leaning back in your chair, you sighed, the stack of colorful office papers mocking you under the dull office lamp. A cup of coffee slid into your view in front of the papers. Looking up, you seen Sam smiling down at you.

You grinned lightly, “Thanks.”

Sam just shrugged nonchalantly at you, his long, brown hair moving with him and a goofy smile still on his lips. He sat on the edge of your desk and crossing his ankles on the ground. He inquired, “I thought you got off at seven?”

“I was supposed too,” you sighed. “But I guess there’s no rest for the wicked.”

Sam chuckled, “Or the broke, in this case, short stack.”

“You’re not wrong.” you stated snorting. “And don’t call me that, Gigantor.”

Sam laughed with you and stood a little bit, his tall body literally towering over you. He often picked on you because of your height, but you weren’t really short. Sam was just tall, really tall.

You looked up at him and stood as well, which did nothing because he was still looking down at you with a flirty smile playing on his lips.

“I was wondering if you’d like to—” Sam began before the phone on your desk rang, cutting him off.

You groaned, “I’m sorry, hold on.” You leaned over your desk annoyed while picking up the phone, not bothering to look at the caller ID. You brought the receiver to your face and spoke in a very unsatisfied tone, “Hello.”

“Come to my office immediately.” a deep, gravely voice mumbled through the phone. You froze in your place, recognizing the voice, your heart fluttering lightly at the tone.

You still hadn’t answered. You just stayed silent as his words and voice continued to vibrate through your mind.

“Do you understand me?” Mr. Novak asked sternly, creating a flutter in your chest and the feeling of eagerness arose from within you. You gulped at the slight growl in his tone.

You licked your lips looking at the ground, “Yes, sir. I’ll be there in a moment.”

You hung up the phone and turned back to Sam, hoping he didn’t notice your change in demeanor. Sam just looked at you with his eyebrows raised, “Are you alright?” he asked and you cursed yourself.

“Um, y-yeah,” you stuttered, “It was Novak. He needs to see me.”

Sam furrowed his brow, “Did he say why?”

You shrugged, acting oblivious, but you knew why; you knew exactly why.

“I’m not sure,” you lied. “But if I’m being honest, he sounded pissed so I should probably head up there.”

You swiftly turned away from Sam and mumbled a goodbye while he stared at you confused. You practically sped walked to the elevator and frantically pushed the up button as if it was going to make it come to you any faster.

The electric doors opened and you walked in, your heart pounding hard against your rib cage to correspond with your anxiousness. Your breathing got heavier as you stepped onto his floor and made your way to his private office.

You tried to contain your slight excitement as you felt the wood of his door against your knuckles as you knocked. You breathed in and out slowly trying to calm down so you didn’t seem eager, the game between you two was more fun when you were able to tease him. Your nervousness could easily prevent that.

Mr. Novak’s voice mumbled from the other side of the door for you to come in and you slowly opened the door, revealing yourself to him. He sat at his large, chestnut desk with two feet propped up atop of it with his ankles crossed as he leaned back in his swivel chair casually. Mr. Novak looked his best as usual with a dark suit, white button down, and tie as always; except at the moment he wasn’t wearing the suit jacket, he was only in his white button down with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows.

He crossed his arms over his chest while his blue eyes examined you, as they always did. “Y/N.” his deep voice hummed.

“Mr. Novak,” you mused, with slight confidence which was surprising considering your previous state seconds ago.

Amusement flashed in his eyes for a moment at your tone, “Well, you sound a lot more composed than when we spoke briefly on the phone,” he teased.

You pursed your lips innocently leaning against the door and crossing your own arms, but you said nothing.

Novak’s feet fell from the desk as he continued to take in your appearance, his eyes hungrily trailing over your breast which were exposed only a little and he found it extremely torturous.

“Come,” he said, “Sit.”

You pushed off the door, making your way to one of the chairs in front of his desk, but before you could plop down on one of them he sternly said, “No. Here.”

You swallowed and slowly walked around his desk. You stopped in front of him and slowly trailing your skirt up your legs while he watched your hands do so, afterwards you brought your legs up to each side of his lap and straddled him, his slight bulge pressing against your center. You looked at him, your eyes sparkling with innocence as his blue, lust-filled eyes met yours.

His fingers made their way under your chin, holding it firmly in his grasp. His lips formed a sly smirk as he leaned into your ear. With his lips brushing against the skin he whispered, “As good as this blouse looks on you, I have a feeling it would look even better off of you.”

You smirked lightly, “Why don’t you find out, sir?”

He shuddered at the name, his bulge growing underneath you and you felt the arousal deep inside as you let out a small moan. His hands were at your shirt in a second, unbuttoning as swiftly as possible and huffing each time he failed to free you from this fucking shirt. You basked in this, him wanting you so bad he gets a little angry every time he messes up. It was adorable.

The cold air hit your skin as the thin fabric left your skin and fell to the floor, leaving your breast semi-exposed under the lacy purple and black bra. He chuckled at this, “Who in the world got you this?”

“My boss.” You answered smugly, “He told me dark purple compliments my skin well.”

“Your boss is right.” he husked as his lips connected with the base of your throat and a sigh escaped your lips. Upon hearing this, Mr. Novak moved his fingers down to your core and brushed the soaked fabric. Groaning at your wetness he silently asked, “Who’s is this?”

“Yours.” you moaned, your head back giving him more access to your neck, but instead he grabbed a handful of your hair and made you look at him.

“Who’s?” he asked firmly.

Stifling a groan at the feeling of his finger pressing in your core you said, “Yours, sir.”

“Damn right,” he growled, the grip on your hair tightening and the pace of his hand on your center increasing dramatically as he inserted another finger.

You sighed in pleasure and began grinding against his fingers, which only made him slow himself despite the pleasure of watching you come undone above him.

You whined at this and started moving up and down as fast as you could, but he ripped his fingers out of you and looked at you. His fingers glistened in the low light of his office as he brought them to his lips, putting them in his mouth and shutting his eyes while tasting you, “Mmmm,” he sang, pulling the fingers from his mouth. “You always taste so good, kitten.”

You moved back and forth against his boner, trying so hard to create some fiction between the two of you. He grabbed your hips tightly to pause your actions. “Ah, ah, ah,” he tsked you with a smug smirk, “We don’t want to rush this now, do we? We have all night.”

Just then, a knock sounded from the other side of the door causing you to jump as panic soared through you. “Hey, Cas,” a male voice said through the door. “Can we talk? It’s about this invoice you gave me.”

“Um, yes, hold on.” Mr. Novak’s hands left you as you slipped off of him and to the ground, scooting underneath the desk to hide. After sliding in to the chair space, Mr. Novak said for the person to come in.

You heard the door open and heard footsteps approaching. You sat on your knees facing the crotch of Mr. Novak’s pants as his co worker spoke to him, “I really don’t mean to bother you because it’s late, but there are things that are unclear.”

You recognized the voice because it was your other boss, Dean Winchester. You froze a little as you heard him sit on the desk across from Mr. Novak, which put him in the spot right above you. Mr. Novak’s cock was tenting his pace in front of you and seeing his arousal just made you more desperate.

Your hands found their way to his pants as the two men talked above you and you ran your hand over him, making him stutter mid-sentence when he was replying to Mr. Winchester’s question. You mentally giggled while taking the zipper of his pants down. Mr. Novak’s hand immediately grabbed yours to stop you, holding up his index finger and moving it back and forth to tell you no.

You ignored him, pushing his hand away and pulling him out of his dress slacks and boxers. A sigh erupted from his lips. “Cas, are you alright?” You heard Mr. Winchester ask above you.

“Yeah,” was his reply. “We just need to get this done, there’s something I need take care of. Something really bad.”

You took the head in your mouth and pumped his length in your hand. He twitched in your grasp as your tongue swirled around the sensitive skin before you slid as much of him as you could in your mouth, tongue flat against his shaft. You bobbed your head slowly, closing your eyes and tasting his salty precum. His breathing increased during this and you felt him shift looking down at you.

You looked up at the desperate man above you who was trying so hard to keep his composure. His hand found your hair and pulled hard, probably trying to pull you away but you weren’t having that. You increased your speed and took him in deeper.

“Dean, this is a really bad time.” Mr. Novak rasped.

Mr. Winchester slid of the desk at this, “Its cool, Cas. I understand it’s late and I think everything’s worked out.”

The departing footsteps made you take him in deeper. Once the door closed, Mr. Novak slid out from his desk pulling you out with him, holding tightly on your hair to force him even deeper into you.

Mr. Novak started thrusting upwards into your mouth while his other hand also found your hair. He thrusted into your mouth roughly and fast as his breath became heavier and you moaned, the vibration running over his cock softly.

“You dirty little girl,” he whispered, “You like it when your boss fucks that pretty little mouth, don’t you?”

You looked up through your eye lashes at the gorgeous man above you; he looked flushed and he was sweaty, and you loved it.

Reaching behind your back, you unclasped your bra letting your boobs spring free. Mr. Novak groaned at the sight, “You’re going to get it so bad.”

He pulled you from your knees, turning you around and forcibly bending over the desk. He gripped the hem of your lace panties and pulled them down your thighs while he lifted your skirt up above your butt.

Leaning on your palms waiting for him to enter you, a hard, stinging smack landing on the flesh of your ass causing you to gasp. He rubbed the spot gently before spanking you again, even harder than the first.

Mr. Novak leaned into your ear, “That’s for being such a bad girl while I was working just now.” Another smack. “That was for wearing those goddamn panties and blouse today, you little minx.” Smack. “And that, was just because I enjoy spanking such a naughty little thing like you.”

You moaned, “Please, sir.”

“Please what, little one?” he teased, his hand finding its way to your clit and running lightly.

“Please fuck me like the naughty girl I am.”

“Mmmmm,” he mused. “Do you deserve that?”

You shook your head violently as he continued to rub your bud at an agonizingly slow pace.

“Please, Mr. Novak, I’ll be a good girl.”

His hand found your throat as he squeezed the sides tightly causing a lack of blood which ultimately gave you pleasure, his head found your entrance and he glided in with ease, he pulled all the way out to the head and slammed himself back into you as you cried out to the feeling.

He continued this while keeping a superb rhythm, his grip on your neck tightening only slightly with time.

“Yes!” you cried as he found that spot in your core, he noted this mentally and aimed for that spot over and over and over.

The sound of skin slapping together and the sound of your pussy taking him in filled the room loudly along with the sounds of grunts, moans, and everything else you could possibly think of.

Mr. Novak slammed into you, his teeth grazing your shoulder blade. He rasped, “Mmm, you like being fucked over my desk, huh?”

You bit your lip and nodded swiftly. He let go of your throat and gripped your hips giving him more leverage to go deeper.

You loved ever bit of this. You loved him being controlling and talking so dirty, him spanking you, him taking advantage. And the best part was you did this because you wanted too, you didn’t need too. You were good at your job, fucking your boss was just an extra perk really.

You felt the orgasm abruptly, pulsing through you and giving you the best feeling. You eyes rolled back in your head and you through your head backwards and shuttered against him, “Mr. Novak – Oh, my god!”

“Say it again,” he groaned, spanking you roughly.

“Mr. Novak!”

Just then a growl left his lips as he went faster and pounded even harder, his nails digging into your hips as his hot arousal shot out in hot spurts inside you. He only slowed down when he was empty, pulling out and falling back onto the chair.

You stood as straight as you can and turned around to him, leaning back against the desk. You both breathed heavily. Mr. Novak leaned his head back and shut his eyes and you just observed him, he was so ruggedly handsome, even when he was disheveled like he is now with a wrinkled shirt and loose tie.

He looked at you, a smile playing on his lips while watching you lean down and grab your bra to put it on and sliding your blouse back over your shoulders. You grasped your underwear from the ground only to have your boss snatch the lace from your finger tips.

“Uh huh,” he smirked. “I’m keeping these.”

“Why? Because you enjoy our conferences so much?” you said sarcastically.

He raised an eye brow at you, “As a matter of fact, I do.”

You rolled your eyes playfully as he stood, trailing a hand up your back and to your hair, pulling very lightly and bringing your lips to his.

Imagine: Cas during a scary movie marathon.

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You, Sam, Dean, Charlie, and Cas are all sitting in front of the TV in Sam’s room. First on the horror movie list, The Exorcist.

Dean: Okay, but this is definitely the best scary movie there is.

Charlie:  Agreed.

Sam: Ok, but there has to be something better. This personally isn’t my favorite.

Y/N:  Clearly none of you have seen Insidious… and the second and the third.

Charlie: The third one wasn’t that great.

Cas: I don’t understand why people are so obsessed with getting themselves scared. 

Dean: It’s fun, Cas.

The five of you are well into the movie, the girl in currently being exorcised. 

Cas is leaned into Dean’s shoulder, almost hiding his face. Every time someone screams, he jumps. Yet, he still manages to keep grabbing popcorn and put it in his mouth while all this was going on.

Dean: Cas, you’re an angel of the lord. You’ve seen much worse. Get up.

Cas: Dean. I agree I have seen much worse, but I believe a plot and a television screen makes things much more terrifying.

He hides further into Dean’s side.

Dean:  You little dork.

Cas: I’m telling you, Dean. It’s true.

Y/N:  It’s okay Cas, I agree.

Dean laughed at both of you, putting an arm over Cas and pulling him close, allowing him to hide. 

Y/N: Yeah, we’re the dorks.

Old friends (1/?)

This is my first time writing so I’m sorry if this is terrible! I’d really like any feedback or help ! 

summary:  y/n and Sam Wilson have been neighbors since she moved to NewYork . When Sam started being an avenger they drifted, just random texts or calls . That was until the events between Steve, Bucky and Tony.  Things are all cleared now, everyone is back at the tower and/or avengers facility, including Bucky. But what happens when the reader shows up at the facility looking for Sam?

Warnings : swearing, ( that’s it for now )

Pairing: none yet ;)  Sam Wilson x reader (Platonic)

( things in bold are readers thoughts)

    Its been almost 2 years since you’ve seen Sam Wilson, 3 years since you moved to NewYork  from the small town you grew up in . Sam was the first person to treat you kindly, and you became very close over the years . From Netflix marathons to being his wingwoman at bars, to comforting him when he has nightmares from his time as paratrooper, he became your bestfriend. But since he became an avenger apparently he cant be bothered with visiting anymore. You saw him a couple times between the events of D.C and Sokovia but after that it was radio silence from him. You can’t be that mad though, you know about what happened between the avengers that split them up , and even sent Sam to jail. But that’s over with now, they are all back together somehow, who knows how that worked out.  Even though its been so long , Sam still has a lease with his apartment next to yours. So that means he has been getting a shit ton of mail, whether its important or his weird music & movie magazines . You have at least 7 bags worth of his mail sitting on the counter in your kitchen, and you’ve finally had enough.  “ I cant keep staring at this shit.” You grab all the bags , your purse and your keys and make your way out to your car. Looking at your phone , you see you’ve got an hour before your shift at the hospital. You start making your way to Stark tower, hoping Sam is there so you can yell at him .“ Just because he’s a stupid superhero saving the stupid fucking world doesn’t give him an excuse to not come see me or even fucking call me.”

15 minutes later you pull up to the curb in front of the tower, grabbing all the bags you make your way through the doors to the front desk.

   “ Hello, how can I help you Miss?” says the girl behind the desk . She was young, maybe early 20’s, short blonde hair and green  eyes . Sam had totally hit on her . Poor girl .

    “Hi , I was wondering if Sam Wilson is available, I’m an old friend and I have some of his things here ” you lifted the bags to show her and she just rolled her eyes at you.

   “ Ofcourse you are , listen Miss I get you are a fan, but Mr. Wilson is a hero, he has more important things to do that entertain a fan right now.” Oh hell no, not today bitch .

   “ Listen ,” you look at her name badge, “ Melissa, call Sam down here and Tell him y/n is here . I’m really not in the mood to be late to work today , and frankly I’m not in the mood to deal with someone like you either. So do us both a favor and just call him .“  She looked at you and hit a little green button on the desk infront of her,

   ” Security, I’m going to need you down here .“ Are you kidding me. ” And bring down Mr.Wilson with you . “ She looked up to make eye contact with you, ” Might as well let Sam watch his crazy fan get escorted out , maybe itll make his day .“ she had a little smirk on her face. Oh just wait, jokes on you idiot. You shoot a playful smirk right back.  20 seconds later, two very, very muscular security guards walk up on both sides of you . You look between the 2 and back at Melissa.

 ” Ma'am you are going to have to leave.“  You don’t see Sam anywhere so you sigh and grab the bags of mail and start to walk out. You hear the ping of the elevator that is behind Melissa.

” You called me down here sweetheart? “ SAM.

  You heard her giggle and felt your eyes roll all the way to the back of your head.

 "You had a crazy fan in here for you , I figured you would enjoy watching her get escorted out .”

   You whipped around and saw him leaning on the desk, he look up at you for a second and looked back at Melissa, but did a double take and his mouth dropped open.

“ Yeah Sammy, you enjoying this ? ” you winked and smiled at him .

“ Y/n/n !" 

 You felt your smile get bigger when you saw how wide and genuine Sam’s smile was. He ran over to you and you dropped the million bags of mail to throw yourself in his arms. You didn’t realize how much you actually missed him .  To you , Sam Wilson was your comfort , your home. After leaving your family and friends to come to New York, he filled all the missing spots for you. He was your family, and he was your friend.  But you still have a right to be mad,  You’re mad y/n, don’t forget that. At that thought, you pushed off of Sam and punched him in the shoulder.

 " Ow what the hell y/n ! Why are you so strong now !? and what’s with all the bags?” he rubbed at his arm and glared at you .

    “ You actually know her?! ” Melissa spoke and stared at you and Sam.  ahahah kiss my ass bitch

    Sam laughed and looked at you , “ why didn’t you just tell Melissa you knew me?” Oh sweet sweet Sam. So naïve .

    “ well Sammy, you see I did, and your friend over here so kindly told me to pretty much fuck off and went ahead and called jackup tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum to show me the exit .  And these millions of bags are full of all your mail that has been sitting my apartment since you apparently forgot you had a life before you threw those damn wings on. "  Your voice was raised slightly, and you could feel your heart starting to race . Sam was just staring at you with wide eyes, actually they all were, the guards and the desk snob.

” y/n , im sorry i didnt even think ..“

 " Yeah i figured you didnt. Sammy. ” You dropped the bags at his feet and started to make your way to the doors .You can feel your eyes start to water , but you try to push them back. Dont cry, dont cry.

    ” y/n wait !  “ You felt a hand wrap around your wrist, you turned and looked Sam in the eyes, and you could feel a few stray tears slip down your cheeks. 

“ I’m done waiting Sam. I don’t know what the hell your issue is, but last time I checked friends don’t abandon each other. All I needed was a damn call and you couldn’t pull your head out of your birdy ass to fucking make it ! ” by now the tears were gone and you were pissed. Sam looked terrified, did he forget how you were when you were mad ? All the night you were pissed about work, or your family when he had to calm you down or let you go a round with his punching bag?


Sam opened his mouth to say something but he was cut off before he could.“ Is there a problem out here Sam?” You peered around Sam to see a muscular tall blonde man, and an equally muscular man with shoulder length brown hair and a metal arm peeking out of his tshirt.

  a metal arm? OH SHIT . 

You were staring at Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. and they were staring right back.  ” No, there’s no problem Steve. Just talking with a friend.“ Sam sounded calm, but you have the feeling he doesn’t want either of them to hear this argument for some reason. ” Really bird boy? because it sounds like you friend was about to hand your ass to you. Weren’t ya doll? “ Barnes smiled at you and you could tell he was trying not to laugh. But you didn’t hold it in,  you laughed and nodded .

Damn.  I just.. damn . How are they so attractive.  

 ” Back off Barnes before I stick you back in the freezer. “ you saw Bucky roll his  eyes and Steve just looked annoyed.

 ” Hello ma'am , I’m Steve Rogers, and this is Bucky Barnes.“ Steve stepped forward and put his hand out.

   ” Hi Captain Rogers, I’m y/n. Its great to meet you  . “You shook his hand, when you let go you looked over to Bucky and nodded you head. He smiled back at you and you heard Sam Huff.

  ” y/n why don’t you just come inside so we can talk .“ Sam gave you his famous puppy dog eyes and pouty lip. You melted a little bit.

Before you could answer Bucky beat you to it.” What the hell is  that face Wilson? Maybe that’s why girls never come up with you “ You couldn’t hold back you laugh and ended up snorting in the process.

All 3 men looked at you and smiled. You feel the blush creep on your cheeks, and look down. ” oh God that was so unattractive" you mentally face palm yourself.

“ I think the exact opposite Doll.” You look up and see Bucky smirking at you, and Sam just kinda looks like he’s going to barf.   “ Can you control yourself grandpa, y/n isn’t interested in old men. What do you say y/n, lets go in and talk maybe ill even make you some hot chocolate.” Sam winked at you ,  Damn he knows how much I love hot chocolate.

 You look down to your phone and see the time. 10 minutes until you have to be at work.  " Sorry Sammy, I have to be at the hospital in 10! “ You started backing away towards your car .” It was nice meeting you guys !“ you waved to Steve and Bucky. Before you could process what you were doing  you called over to bucky,” And Bucky, I’m very interested in older men, especially soldiers “ You winked and got in your car.  You heard Sam yell ” OH HELL NO" and started laughing. you looked in the mirror as you pulled away from the tower and saw Bucky just standing there smiling while Sam stomped around .

  I cant believe I actally said that. what the hell is wrong with me, he probably thinks I’m insane

You pull into the hospital 2 minutes late, and start your 14 hour shift. All you can think about is Sam . You wish you could of stayed , but it wasn’t worth losing your job over. Your boss is not a nice man, and you cant give him any reason to get rid of you . Maybe one day you’ll go back and talk things out with Sam, maybe things could be normal again.   You go through work with no problems,  nothing interesting today . You made it home and by the time you made it to your door you were exhausted.

  I would do anything just to be in bed already . 

When you walked in you dropped your purse on the counter and went to grab water bottle before you make it to your bed. When you go to open the fridge you notice a paper that wasn’t there this morning.  You rip it out from under the magnet,

      Y/n/n ,Bet you’re shocked I still have a key ;) , I know you’re mad, and I don’t blame you.I don’t know you schedule anymore, but I’m at the tower for the rest of the week. Come by and hear me out. 

 love, Sammy.

P.s. Since when did you learn how to flirt, I’m proud . I’ve never seen Barnes turn so red. Good job, but just don’t ever do that infront of me again. Or with him. ever.  

 He’s there until the end of the week, its already Friday. 2 days, 2 days to maybe have a chance back at normal . do it !You put the note on the counter by your purse and head towards your room. 

Nap , shower, then Go see Sam.  Don’t lose your bestfriend again y/n.


Pairing: John Winchester x Reader
Word count: 1,265
Warnings: Smut. Unprotected sex. Cussing. Minor violence  
Request: ( @plaidstiel-wormstache ) Hello requests! Toni, my darling, my love! You know what I’m here for… John! I’m thinking John smut, reuniting after he left you and the boys, angry/makeup sex - have you seen outlander? Anywho… no one does John Smut like you! Xxx

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BAFTA...Bring Another F*cking Tequila Ashat!

OK. Just got home from church and lunch with the family, and just logged on for the three ring circus. I haven’t seen all of the pictures yet, but from what I have pieced together is as follows:

Sam arrived (still handsome, but not his best look…that hair is not on point) and it appears the Cyclops was riding in the back seat. She got out, he did not assist, nor did he escort her through the gauntlet.
Nice way to introduce your date to the world, wouldn’t you say???

Cait arrived ( and while beautiful, not a fan of her hair either, maybe the stylist went on strike), with T in tow, which has become a little predictable at this point.

Sam and Cait appeared very uncomfortable on the red carpet. Ask yourself why. If they really brought their “dates”, and are truly just friendly, platonic costars, wouldn’t casual conversation, touching, and general interaction be free and easy??….Instead, they looked like “who are you, and how soon can we leave”? I don’t think that had anything to do with TPTB. Looks like they were trying a little to hard to me.

Then, we get the “behind the scenes” pic of the REAL Sam and Cait. Interesting to me how they completely transformed in one single shot.

Quite frankly, Sam looked the happiest in the bathroom with Cree!!

So, what does it all mean? Well, for the record, I still do not think Sam is dating the cyclops. This is 100% orchestrated. And, his treatment of her is not dates worthy, imo. This is EXACTLY like Monte Carlo and EIFF all over again, and we know how that played out. Nope, Sam is not “ in love, or even enamored "with this chick. If he is, and has continued his flirtation with Cait, then he will go down as the worst BF on the planet. Something else is up with this, and I do have some theories in my head.

Where I am waffling is Cait and T. There is history there, so I no longer can rule it out. But, if he is her SO, then he must be one hell of a guy to put up with EVERYTHING that has transpired between Sam & Cait.

So, for sanity’s sake, I am not as freaked out as I thought I would be, but I am disappointed in both of them. If they have done all of this to sell their show, then mission accomplished….I bought it all lock, stock and barrel! That is on me. But, I plan to have some fun with this as well. I want to see the pics, IG posts, tweets and other "love forms of expression” with their new dates! And, we can compare them all.

Until then, it is time for a drink, and let’s see what happens next!🤗

Imagine Sam learning you are the new Death....

Part one 

Originally posted by thecwspn

Sam heard the sweet sound of song filling the hall. 

As he did, he saw a woman leaning over the bodies in the halls, her hair was [y/h/c] and she was dressed in all black. Upon turning though he looked upon a familiar face. 

“You should have seen this coming Sam. For both of you knew who I was, yet upon the death of my father, it still surprises you that I am in charge now?" 

”[Y/N]… Last time I saw you…“ 

"Shacking up with Crowley. Yeah that ended quickly, he wanted me to abandon my destiny, which thankfully you forfilled, by having Dean kill me father." 

"I had no…." 

"No Sam you have no idea, and while I like both you and Dean-O things are gonna change, starting with your mortality." 


 "You and Dean just avoiding my reapers, and coming back from the dead non zombiefied. My worker took a vote and they are tired of your game, meaning next time you die, you are dead for good. Meaning pretty soon, judging by your neck, you will learn what the wasteland is. Trust me Sammy, it won’t be fun there either.” You warned before turning on your heels and slowly walking away 

“oh and Fergus is tired of being your pet too, so don’t expect anymore favors from him.” You growled before disappearing.

Second dates

Pairing: Sam Wilson x Reader

Warnings: Smut, a bit of swearing, UNPROTECTED SEX. Wrap it before you tap it, let’s not overpopulate this already overpopulated world, especially now that it sucks.

Sam Wilson x Reader? Maybe Sam knew that she was in the Marines and needed a person to rely on after coming home, only to fall in love with her and having to find the courage to ask her out on a date, and when they get home, they show each other how much they truly love each other (If you know what I mean.)

A/N: Enjoy and give feedback <3 

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And there you were at the airport, holding a sign with Sam Wilson’s name. You hadn’t seen him in over a year and yet he asked you to pick him at the airport take him home. You stood on your tippy toes to get a better look from the hundreds of people arriving at the JFK airport until you saw a familiar face. You shouted his name and held the sign up high.

He hadn’t changed much, only gotten even more gorgeous than what you remember. If the few times you saw him, he was already hot, now he looked like a man. All built up, with a stubble, his sunglasses. Oh, lord, you had to mentally fan yourself.

He ran with his bag to meet you, smiling tiredly from the terribly long flight. He wrapped his huge arms around your torso, and you held on to his broad shoulders; he even lifted you from the ground, nobody around you would’ve thought that you were friends. Once in the car you two caught up on your lives since you hadn’t seen each other. You left the army about a year before him and since then you’d moved on with your life, trying to be as normal as you could with the PSTD. He was damn ready to do the same thing.

“Where to, Sammy?” you asked while getting out of the airport’s humongous parking lot.

“Same ol’ Harlem,” he said absentmindedly, “you still there?”

“Home is home, Wilson.” You shrugged.

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So I have an absolute FAVOURITE little tiny detail from Baby that I have seen absolutely no one mention yet.

Its right when Dean starts playing Night Moves and the first lyric comes up. 

‘Was a little too tall / could’ve used a few pounds’ 

And then he points to Sam in this adorable little way.  “Bro, you’re tall and skinny, man.” But he’s got this cute little affectionate grin on his face like he adores that about Sam.  How Sam is a little too tall, and thinner than he had been a few years ago.  Like he realizes the song fits even after he starts it.  Its so cute.  And Sam’s little smirk, and shake of his head while he’s sexily buttoning up his rumpled shirt. 

Its just the cutest little moment, and I’ve seen no one mention the lyrics here and Dean’s point at Sam.

I was watching y!!!oi ep 7 and was scrolling down the comments and it really pisses me off that majority of the comments were “boi they fucked” “I want more man on man action” “fujoshis (is that it?) will love this yaoi shit”
And it pisses me off because have you seen the effort that went into this anime? How meticulously their relationship was written and presented? How beautifully their relationship has been developed? How the show’s main focus is “love” and it teaches us a lesson in all kinds of love?
AND YET. and yet there are people who won’t wait one second before sexualizing the relationship or making it all about the sex.
Not one comment was about the barriers this anime broke down in the Japanese lbgtq community and how it’s helping people all around the world.
Victor and Yuri’s relationship is one of the most healthy relationships I have come across in anime in a long time and they deserve so much better.

Fan asked Jensen why Dean was way more bothered and concerned about Cas being possessed by Lucifer. Jensen says Sam is more concerned about the big picture but Dean cares about Cas and then he goes..I don’t know which episode it was..have you seen the scene yet? Audience is quiet. You know the..scene..there’s a scene coming uo explaining why Dean cares more. It’s gonna be a ‘big scene’ then he took a big gulp of apple juice and is quiet for a second and then he goes..“I think you’re gonna like it..I hope?”

Have you ever looked into a blazing campfire and seen visions of things which were or which may yet come? In the randomness of the flickering light, I see patterns within patterns. They are not mysterious or strange to me. They are all too familiar and clear. Our only hope, as the Buddha saw, is to break out of the ancient cycle of suffering.



Butch Hartman draws Danny, Sam, and Tuck as 10 years older!!!

Avengers Chatroom: Ship Wars

Requested by @seapanda02

Pairings: None for reader. Slight Brutasha, Staron and Scarletvision.

Scenario: Some ship Finnrey and the others ship Reylo. The Avengers take their ships very seriously.

Peter has created a chatroom.

Peter has invited Steve, Tony, Nat, Sam, Clint, Wanda, Vision, Bucky, Rhodey, Scott, T'Challa, Bruce, and Sharon.

Peter: I just watched The Force Awakens again! It’s so good.

Clint: nerd.

Wanda: Didn’t you watch it, like, 3 times?

Clint: …You have no proof.

Steve: The what now?

Sharon: It’s a Star Wars movie, babe.

Steve: I haven’t seen them yet.

Bucky: Watch them, you must.

Sam: Force you, we will.

Sharon: We can have a date night and watch the movies, Steve.

Steve: I look forward to it.

Bucky: smh

Rhodes: I ship Reylo <3

Tony: Same!


Scott: Your ship is TRASH. Finnrey all the way!

T’Challa: I agree with Scott. Why would you ship Reylo? He murdered his father.

Sharon: Exactly! FINNREY.

Bruce: Well, I like Reylo. He deserves a chance. Even monsters can be loved.

Nat: Bruce, you know I adore you, right? But I’m with Finnrey.

Steve: Well, Sharon ships “Finnrey”, so I do too.

Tony: You suck

Bucky: Rey and Finn have an amazing friendship though! It would be ruined if they started dating. So Reylo.

Wanda: Rey kicked Kylo’s lame ass. Plus, there’s more between her and Finn. FINNREY!

Vision: But the possibility of one who seems like they cannot be loved and being loved eventually, is fascinating. I side with Reylo.

Sam: I’m seeing some subliminal messages in these ships, guys. Finnrey, though, there’s no choice there. They’re perfect.

Tony: Kid, whose side are you on?

Peter: I’m sorry Mr. Stark! But I choose Finnrey!

Clint: NO, come to the dark side!


Rhodes: Uh, Reylo > Finnrey.

T’Challa: I can’t believe you people actually ship Reylo!

Bruce: We need to settle this.

Nat: Yeah, I know who to ask.

Nat has invited Y/N to the chat.

Sharon: We’ll just ask the one who knows the most about this! Good idea, Nat.

Wanda: Y/N, Reylo or Finnrey?

Y/N: … Maybe neither? Do we have to ship Rey with someone?

Y/N has been banned from the chat.

Clint: Can you believe Y/N?

Tony: The NERVE.

Scott: How dare they.


Vision: Our ships will remain strong. We do not need Y/N’s opinion on which is the better Ship. It matters to us only.

Wanda: I agree. So truce?

Scott: I guess so.

Peter: Anyone wanna watch the other star wars movies with me?

Bucky: I’m in.

Sam: Me too.

Steve: Sorry, I have a date with Sharon.

Sharon: ;)

Steve has left the chat.

Sharon has left the chat.

Tony: Ew.

Tony has left the chat.

Peter has left the chat.

Sam has left the chat.

Bucky has left the chat.

Scott: I have to check on my children.

Clint: Ants aren’t children.


Scott has left the chat.

Clint has left the chat.

Bruce: I have to Science.

Bruce has left the chat.

Rhodes has left the chat.

Nat has left the chat.

Wanda has left the chat.

Vision has left the chat.

T’Challa has left the chat.

cornerbackcastiel  asked:

I haven't seen the newest ep yet (watching soon), but based on the Tumblr reactions, all I can think of is the "fight like brothers"/"married couple" lines from Chitters

I think that’s a fair assessment, yeah.

There was definitely something different about the “fight” beteween Dean and Cas than with similar fights between Sam and Dean. Because Sam and Dean have used a version of the “silent treatment” on each other in the past, and it’s never looked like this. For example compare/contrast with 5.03/5.04/5.05, for example. That’s brothers fighting. Or early s8 (think 8.06 or 8.10′s STOW YOUR CRAP from Cas…).

(I love that you compared them to the canon Married Couple in 11.19, though, because yeah… there is a difference here)

2016 Movie Reviews
  • Them: What did you think of Civil War?
  • Me: Could have used more Sam Wilson.
  • Them: What did you think of Suicide Squad?
  • Me: Could definitely use more Sam Wilson.
  • Them: But he's not even--
  • Me: More. Sam. Wilson.
  • Them: What did you think of Finding Dory?
  • Me: Could use more--
  • Them: OK, never mind.
Preference 1: When they haven't seen you in a long time


And on yet another long Hunt, you were stuck doing research at a library. It didn’t bother you, considering you actually like the research part of hunting. It was the long time it took to do so you didn’t exactly appreciate.

You flipped through the many books that were laying in front of you, not having much luck with that research. “Please, let me find something fast for once,” You wished to yourself. You wanted to figure out who the hell the ghost you were hunting was of. Most of the books you got were death records, which were moderately interesting to read through. You dug your face in the books and let out a sigh. “Why must this be hard?”

You lifted your head back up when you heard something surprising. “Can I see death records, dating back to the 50’s?” It was a tall man asking for the same records you had. Why would he be asking for them? You raised an eyebrow as the librarian pointed to you, and the man stared at you.

“Wait, it can’t be,” You said to yourself as he walked over. You knew that face anywhere, it was one of two hunters you used to hunt with, Sam Winchester.

"Y/N)?” You heard him ask.

You smiled, nodding “Yeah. Can’t believe it’s Sammy Winchester,” You laughed. “Well, looks like I got the records ahead of you. Wanna look at them together?”

"It’d be my pleasure.”



You sat at a bar you happened to stop by on a hunt. You’ve gotten pretty used to it, along with consecutive nights in motels. Even if you do it often, trips to a bar never seem to get old. They’ve just somehow grown on you.

Like always, you ordered a beer. Along with that, an unfamiliar guy tried hitting on you. You tried to get him to leave you alone, heck you even threatened him, but he wouldn’t. You were about to whoop his ass, when you heard. “She told you to leave her alone,” You turned to a guy who looked awfully familiar. Luckily, he was able to drive the guy hitting on you off.

"Hey thanks,” You flashed him a smile, trying to figure out where you knew him from. You looked him in the eyes and it hit you. “Winchester? Dean fricken Winchester, is that you?”

He nodded, giving you a smile back. “Yep. Nice you see ya again, (Y/N). Been a while,” You couldn’t believe it, Dean Winchester was standing in front of you. It’d been at least a year since the last time you’ve seen each other.

"Yeah, too long,” You couldn’t stop looking at him, really happy you ran into him, out of all people. “I’ll take it we’re on the same hunt?” You wondered, getting a nod from him. “Well, it’d be nice to work with you again.”

"It sure would. Why don’t we catch up with a couple of beers, and then we can talk about the hunt?”

"Sure, I’d like that.”



As an angel, you love being down on earth, and after the fall, it’s the only place you’ve been. You’ve been able to catch up on the human things on earth and gotten used to everything. You picked up on a few things from the winchesters when you were with them, tagging along with Cas, and decided to hunt yourself. It was your way of helping people, which you vowed to do.

This time around, you were at a hospital, where you brought a young girl you’d saved from a Vampire. You decided to stay to make sure she was okay. It’d make you feel a lot better knowing she was okay. You’d heal her but your healing was taken when you’d fallen from heaven.

You sat by the girl and didn’t leave her side. You didn’t even take your eyes off of her until you heard someone enter the room. You looked up, shocked. The man, or angel, you once knew was in the same room as you. You stood up straight, letting out “Castiel?”

”(Y/N)?” Cas, too, was shocked. Neither of you could believe you ran into each other like you just did. “What are you doing here?” He asked you. He listened as you explained, after you fell from heaven, you didn’t have anything to do, so you went on to hunting. “Why didn’t you come find me? Or Sam and Dean?”

“I wanted to, but the Angel Radio was going Crazy. I tried contacting you, but I couldn’t get through to you,”

"I’m here now,” He told you. “Why don’t you come with me, now, then?”