sam hampton

Zodiac Signs as How To Get Away With Murder Characters

Annalise Keating: Scorpio or Pisces or Leo 

Asher Millstone: Aries or Pisces or Gemini

Connor Walsh: Scorpio or Cancer or Sagittarius 

Laurel Castillo: Taurus or Cancer or Aquarius

Wes Gibbons: Pisces or Libra or Aquarius

Michaela Pratt: Leo or Virgo or Capricorn

Bonnie Winterbottom: Virgo or Cancer or Gemini

Frank Delfino: Aries or Taurus or Scorpio 

Sam Keating: Capricorn or Gemeni or Libra

Eve Rothlow: Virgo or Sagittarius or Cancer

Nate Lahey: Libra or Sagittarius or Aries

Rebecca Sutter: Aquarius or Leo or Gemini

Oliver Hampton: Pisces or Cancer or Virgo

Lila Stangard: Taurus or Cancer or Libra


i watched how to get a way with murder this week and i had to keep track of whos actually a murderer somehow

welcome to the murder box asher