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The West Wing | 1 x 09 The Short List

Republican Congressman Lilienfiled: “Stained, I believe, are the legacies, of the great White House staffers. Names like Sclesinger, Sorenson, Rumsfeld, and Persons have been replaced by a roster of Ivy League liberals and Hollywood darlings, one in three of who - one in three - use drugs on a regular basis.”

Zodiac Signs as How To Get Away With Murder Characters

Annalise Keating: Scorpio or Pisces or Leo 

Asher Millstone: Aries or Pisces or Gemini

Connor Walsh: Scorpio or Cancer or Sagittarius 

Laurel Castillo: Taurus or Cancer or Aquarius

Wes Gibbons: Pisces or Libra or Aquarius

Michaela Pratt: Leo or Virgo or Capricorn

Bonnie Winterbottom: Virgo or Cancer or Gemini

Frank Delfino: Aries or Taurus or Scorpio 

Sam Keating: Capricorn or Gemeni or Libra

Eve Rothlow: Virgo or Sagittarius or Cancer

Nate Lahey: Libra or Sagittarius or Aries

Rebecca Sutter: Aquarius or Leo or Gemini

Oliver Hampton: Pisces or Cancer or Virgo

Lila Stangard: Taurus or Cancer or Libra


i watched how to get a way with murder this week and i had to keep track of whos actually a murderer somehow

welcome to the murder box asher


This is my new Coliver fan vid, hope you’ll like it and don’t forget to share if you do!


Can we just take a moment to truly discuss how fantastic the writers of this show are?

Just because Oliver has contracted HIV, does NOT mean he is going to die. I have strong faith that Connor will stay with him, or else all this character development would be for nothing.

The writers of this show have done a spectacular job, on enabling to audience to not only fall in love with the show, but to learn more about the world around them, which a lot of people have proven they know so little about.

I’m not just talking about Coliver, I’m talking about the way the show has handled all kinds of clients and cases, such as rape, domestic violence, the justice system and racism, etc.

I don’t think people fully understand just how educational this show is, and for that, no matter what plot twists and turns occur, I will never stop commending the writers on how brilliant this show truly is.