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Guys. There’s a Hannibal/Jaws fic by @redfivewritingby.

Idk, that just made me super happy so I drew a quick little thing based on one of my favorite shots in the movie. My only regret is that Hannibal’s ridiculous sunhat should have been bigger and floppier.

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Folie à Deux. A Madness Shared by Two.

Little Season 5 headcannon I’ve been sketching between shifts at work for the past few days. After a few glorious years on the lam together, our murder husbands are eventually caught and locked away. They start off in cells at opposite ends of the hospital, but they wreak havoc about being separated (Will bites anyone who comes near him; Hannibal whispers through the night to whoever is in the cell next to his - after three consecutive suicides, he placidly tells the orderlies that he’s making sure the space is available for whenever they decide to see sense). Eventually, the administrators cave and put them in neighbouring cells to shut them up. 

But of course, it doesn’t end there and it isn’t too long before the powers that be quietly move Will into Hannibal’s cell to keep them both happy, keep them under some semblance of control. They are generally model inmates after that, always polite and courteous - except when separated, even very briefly. They can still hub hell when the mood takes them, but for the most part they are content to lie together, reading to one another, sketching, wandering their mind palaces. And waiting. 

Eventually, they know, Jack Crawford is going to need them for one of his monsters. He won’t come himself; no, he’ll send someone innocent to tempt them. And then the fun will really start.

They can wait.

‘The Bride of Hannibal’

Inspired by 3.10. I might do a Bedelia counter-piece at some point. They have both been his Bride after all, but Will is the one who wears the scars…

(Please don’t repost, I’ve seen a few of my drawings cropping up elsewhere and without credit lately and it’s really upsetting)