sam gives him a bitchface

You know, I really want God to come back and be all

“wtf you guys? How did this even happen?”

And Dean rants for a moment before they ask for help getting Lucifer out of Cas. Chuck stutters,

“What do you mean? I’ve been telling you how to save Cas for centuries!”

**general confusion**

“You guys are in the business of knowing fairy-tales, most of which I wrote, and you didn’t realize half of them end with True Love’s Kiss??

**everyone stares at Dean** Sam gives him Epic Bitchface. Dean is uncomfortable and blurts out

“Alright FINE!

and storms off to find Cas

My Season Eleven Wishlist

Inspired by My Aussie Pixie’s wishlist. Note: Some are the same as hers because they’re just so genius and important.

It’s long so buckle up

  • Sex scenes for everyone-Sam, Dean, Cas…just sex scenes please.
  • Sam with dogs and/or animals in general. Doesn’t matter, just give the boy some animals to love on please.
  • Some crying Winchesters scenes
  • Lots of hurt!Winchesters. Lots.
  • Winchesters with babies and kids. Because it makes me happy
  • Sam washes his hair/takes a shower and we see it.
  • Dean baking himself a pie in the bunker kitchen, grumbling over recipies and getting flour and other ingredients all over his hands and face. Possibly in his hair, lots of white specks dancing through the air and dusting those beautiful long spikes in the front…..mmm…but I digress! Sam comes in teases and chuckles @ Dean’s frustration, so Dee throws flour at him, gets all over Sam, who gives him his best bitchface (while hiding a smile) and Dean cackles with laughter. Full-body laughter.
  • An episode where the boys are stuck in a laundromat. In their boxers.

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