sam evans from glee


my sister miranda has been watching glee for the first time and i’m rewatching it with her (trying to put off actually finishing the show) and after the episode with the original songs i thought about it in the expanding brain meme on the bus to school and HAD to make this


Samcedes Week. Day 1. Falling In Love.


This is a gif hunt of the adorable and dorky SAM EVANS from the show Glee, played by Chord Overstreet. The majority of the gifs are of Sam, however a couple are of Chord as himself and from other shows/films. All the gifs are small/medium and they have all been roughly categorized into emotions/actions. This gif hunt is mainly for my own use to clear out my computer and store all the gifs I own, however I figured I may as well publish it for others to use. I do not own any of these gifs so credit goes to whoever made them! Enjoy!

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sam evans gif pack→ s02e05

Under the cut you will find ## gifs of SAM EVANS from s02e05, THE ROCKY HORROR GLEE SHOW.All of these gifs have been made by me, so please do not claim as your own. They should all be roleplayable, within the 2MB limit and there should be no repeats. Please like/reblog if you found these useful. 

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Under the cut are #45 images of people that could maybe pass as being Sam Evans with a son from the Fox tv show, Glee, played by Chord Overstreet. None of these are ours so credit goes to the photographers, though we did personally edit a handful. Reblog if you wish and please like if you found it useful.

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