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Empire (SW fanfic)~ Chapter 1~ Meet Easton~

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I’ve heard it all. Loser, geek, slut, whore, skank, may I go on. But when I hit the floor it all goes away. I’ve grown up into a boy living in a girl body. My mom died when I was born. My brothers and dad tell me everything I needed to know about her. That it wasn’t my fault she died. She died from a very rare pregnancy cancer. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself, I’m Easton, and…that’s all I got. Oh wait, I’m a dancer, going to Juilliard in the fall, and I do have at least one friend. Her name’s Alex she’s loud, and she’s also a dancer. We’re moving on to the same college so I won’t be alone, again. And when I say again I mean my brothers are never home they’re off to college as well, and my dad yeah he’s always away on business trips so it’s me, myself, and I. Oh and of course my cat Bouncer. He’s everywhere like a ninja, not even kidding. Now let’s begin this journey shall we.

~Officially Chapter 1~

“Who thinks it’s okay to just sit there and not do their homework at night, yet still have time to out with friends? Come on people this is High School not Cirque du Soleil.” Our teacher yelled at us, once again. “And farther more if you want to graduate on time you’d better snap into shape. Now take out your books, and turn to page 334 where we’ll finish up the Cold War.” “God, this is the longest class ever.” I heard a boy groan. “Mr. Johnson since you’re talking during my class, why don’t you tell me what the cold war was about.” That kid was right this class does take forever. Our teacher probably lived during WW1. “Thank you, Mr. Johnson, okay folks, I want Mr. Wilkinson and Ms. Gigante to stand over here and Gilinsky and Johnson over there. "Easton go that’s you.” Alex said from beside me. Oh god, this’ll be just fantastic. Note my sarcasm. “Hey, Easton.” Sam said laughing. “What?” I snapped. “Geez I just said hey.” He put his hands up in defense. “Now, what’s going to happen is Easton you’re going to be ‘kidnapped’ by Jack and Jack and Sam has to try and get you back-” “Really can’t you pick someone else, why would they want her?" A kid shouted from the back. "Aye man shut up, trying to learn here.” Sam yelled back. After a while you learn to just tune them out. It’s wonderful, you should try it sometime. Finally the bell rang so we can leave. “Man, why does it seem like that class takes forever?” “Well, A) He’s a very boring person and B) No one likes the class. I guess that’ll answer half of your question.” “Come on we have to go down to the studio so we can practice our routine.” Alex said, rushing me again. We walked out to her car and got in. “I seriously can’t wait, to graduate, only 15 more days of this hell hole.” She said. “I know then New York City here we come.” Someone knocked on Alex’s window. “Hey babe.” Grant said to her. Grant’s her boyfriend, such a sweet guy, on the basketball team, and he’s going to University of Idaho this fall. “What you ladies up to tonight?” He asked. “Dancing.” We said at the same time. “Well, if your not to late getting done, you all are invited to my party tonight, it the party of the year.” He finished. “Who going to be there?” “Everybody, and don’t worry my parents aren’t home.” “Yeah we’ll see you tonight.” Alex said. “No, I’m not going.” I said. “What why not!?” “Because all they’ll do is get high and drink, and have the cops called on them." "That’s the fun part.” She said. “Yeah sure.” I said as we walked into the studio. “Ladies! You’re here, thank god. I was beginning to wonder where you were.” Our dance instructor said. His name is Ramón, he has been dancing for 36 years, he’s about 39. “I want Easton and Dan to do the contemporary dance they’ve been working on. It’s from Frozen guys, you’ll enjoy it cause I know I did.” Then the music began. (Watch here:

~End of dance~

The clapping and cheering from everyone was encouraging. “That was amazing guys! Alright class dismissed I have to go brag about this, on my blog.” He said laughing. “Oh my god, Juilliard doesn’t know what it’s getting into.” Alex said laughing. “I guess.” “Well, let’s go get ready for the party.” “You’re going, I don’t care what you say.” “Ugh.” I groaned. I wore a pink poka dotted dress with tan heals and curled my hair and Alex wore a orange-tan poke dotted dress with white wedges, she fish tailed her hair and added tan starfish to the braid. “Ready.” “More than ever.” I said. “Don’t be nervous, it’s just a party you’ve been to lots.” “I know, I have a feeling something good will happen.” “Well that means you should go.” “Okay”

~At the party~

The party was buzzing all over, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. the party was almost over and nothing has happened. “Can I have your attention everyone.” Sam Wilkinson yelled over everyone. “I was downtown earlier and walked past the dance studio and saw Easton Gigante dancing. I have this video I want to show you of her dancing.” He finished and showed everyone the video. (Again: Everyone loved it and after they all came and talked to me. The one person that didn’t like it was Ciara. She’s the 'popular’ girl in our grade. Then I heard. “EVERYONE CLEAR OUT THE COPS ARE HERE!” Everyone ran in different directions. “You come here.”

~Dun dun dun, cliff hanger. Tell me what you think, and if I should continue the story.~