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yelling @ the similarities between steve-and-bucky and keith-and-shiro 

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So work has been utter and complete shit!! And I’ve been tired all of the time, so not too much energy to finish anything nice. But I wanted you guys to meet Sam! so here are some of the sketches that I’ve done for him!!! Sooo you guys can get to know him a little better before I do his whole post!

So brief summary he works as auto mechanic and was a former illegal boxer (he can still kick ass even if he is “RETIRED”) and for his personality look up Rottweilers!!!

(I’ve got some other stuff finished but I can’t get the writing done just cuz I suck at writing and it’s really really hard) 

so enjoy!!!!!  



First off, the human is Fig, Sam and Clover’s creator! Carmine was a good man -  he understood the hardships of living in a world that did not see you as an equal, and because of this he did his best to make sure that his toons had not only love, but respect and agency. This was all well and good, until his sudden death.

After the decline of their home studio, it became necessary for Figaro, Sam, and Clover to leave. Their destination - Toon Town.

The trio set out in secrecy, traveling cross country, stowing away on whatever vehicles they can sneak onto undetected. As they make their way towards Toon Town, They begin to learn how they can support themselves outside of the studio - and how to wear clothes. They were animal toons, and in their show, and their home life, they never wore anything other than their fur. That begins to change, as they try to learn how to live along with humans, and other toons.

After they reach Toon Town, Figaro and Sam try to find their feet,and make a home for each other and Clover.  

Salem The Cat  © @animal-guardian


what i understood from the trailer was that steve/tony are gonna fight over whose bff is cooler. civil war: “my james beats your james”