sam denoff


Good Morning, World (1967-68, CBS) was created by Bill Persky and Sam Denoff, two of the head writers of The Dick Van Dyke Show, and as a multi-camera sitcom in an era when most of the shows were single camera, comparisons with the aforementioned show were inevitable. (The pair also created That Girl.) The show starred Joby Baker as Dave Lewis, a Los Angeles disc jockey who hosted “The Lewis And Clarke Show” with his best friend Larry Clarke (Ronnie Schell). Dave was married to Linda (Julie Parrish) and the series, like Van Dyke’s, split its time between the home and the office. Meanwhile, Larry was a swinging bachelor and had a casual relationship with the Lewis’ next door neighbor, Sandy Kramer, played by a young Goldie Hawn in her first role. Rounding out the cast was Billy De Wolfe as prissy station manager, Roland Hutton, Jr.