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Miscellaneous Headcanons

A few for Anon :D

Harry Potter:

  • Harry keeps all of Hedwig’s fallen-out feathers in a box
  • When she’s having a bad day, Hermione strokes the ‘mudblood’ scar on her forearm
  • When Ron sees her doing that, he takes her arm and kisses each letter, and then takes her other arm and traces words that he thinks about her ('intelligent’, 'strong-willed’, 'bit bossy’, etc.) 
  • When Teddy fully comprehends what happened to his parents, he starts a ritual of morphing into a wolf and howling on the anniversary of their deaths

Percy Jackson

  • Nico doesn’t realize he’s fallen in love with Will until he comes down with a pesky cold and Will sings him to sleep 
  • Leo’s dramatic re-introduction of himself to the rest of the gang is sabotaged by Calypso 
  • Reyna and Jason get into a fight over who should be Nico’s best man
  • Hermes starts bursting into Hades’s palace uninvited after Will and Nico become official
  • Annabeth and Percy move to New Rome, where Annabeth heads projects for new buildings
  • Percy ends up destroying one by accident during a mock fight with Jason (it’s blasted to pieces by a tidal-wave mixed with Jason)

Death Note

  • L and Light were both asexual 
  • When Light pissed him off, L would hide pieces of hard candy on Light’s side of the bed so that he could never get comfortable while falling asleep (like sticking them under the sheets) 
  • Light got back at him by replacing his sugar with salt 
  • No matter what, both men would never admit that they got into a food fight (specifically a cake-ice cream fight)
  • L once put icing in Light’s shoes
  • He never did it again after Light 'accidentally’ spilled hot tea on his crotch


  • Sam is the only one who knows that Dean is bi
  • Sam found out when he thought he had a crush on a boy at one of his middle schools, and Dean told him that wasn’t as bad as having a crush on your teacher
  • Cas sees a dream catcher detailed with feathers while he’s walking the streets as a human, and does research on what they are. When he finds out, he stares at his back in a mirror and wishes that he had real wings and feathers so he could make dream catchers for Sam and Dean 
  • Gabriel once stuck gum in Castiel’s hair 
  • To get it out, Cas shaved that part of his head. He was very confused why Dean and Sam laughed, but was happy that they were even laughing at all