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There’s nobody like Miz. In all of wrestling, there’s nobody like Miz. I hate saying nice things about Miz, because he’s- There’s nobody like him. His commitment to trying to be a better wrestler (which he still is actively doing), his commitment to try to be the loudest guy in the room but one who draws your attention in a positive way, his run to the WWE championship when he was out there doing the interview about getting kicked out of the locker room and stuff, like he took his real life story and- Gah, he is- It does pain me, but he’s on the level with Cena as far as work ethic. John Cena is clearly the hardest working guy in WWE, but then there’s some guys that you don’t know who are right on his level, who draw and help pull the wagon with him, and Miz is certainly one of them. You may not think it when you look at the card sometimes, but believe me, Miz is uh, he’s next level special. Next level special.
—  Cody Rhodes talking about The Miz on Sam Robert’s Wrestling Podcast (x)
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anonymous asked:

As far as I remember they were all called gfs not only by fans nyt also by some click bait sites (and he wasn't even that known then) & he did banter with Amy, soo...

I wasn’t around, so I don’t know… 

But I will comment, as a point of comparison and not revisit it…

All I know is that for someone like myself looking back at Amy, Cody and Abbie stories, this new MM thing sounds EXACTLY the same…

Correct me if I am wrong since I wasn’t around, so this is all hear say for me:

1. Can we just recap the Cody ridiculousness for one second: attending parties in LA as his date, being pictured in Just Jared, SM wars with Cody/Amy (what the hell???), Cody’s mother getting involved and talking about Cody and Sam…FIASCO!!

2. Can we just recall all the craziness on SM for Abbie…over nothing! Thanks. Did I hear, or was I imagining, that trolls even called her work and her ex-bf??? What the hell OL fandom?

For me, Amy and Abbie always seemed like just friends and at least with Amy, seems I was right, and the poor girl got soooo much hate…smh

So yes, for those in the fandom that think MM story is different, it’s NOT!!

Just a new player…some additional players who constantly push the story by force to 2.3 million on twitter have been added… 

Like I said in another comment…new players, higher stakes=more visibility…BUT, SAME OLD SHIT