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Daddy Issues (series)


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There’s nobody like Miz. In all of wrestling, there’s nobody like Miz. I hate saying nice things about Miz, because he’s- There’s nobody like him. His commitment to trying to be a better wrestler (which he still is actively doing), his commitment to try to be the loudest guy in the room but one who draws your attention in a positive way, his run to the WWE championship when he was out there doing the interview about getting kicked out of the locker room and stuff, like he took his real life story and- Gah, he is- It does pain me, but he’s on the level with Cena as far as work ethic. John Cena is clearly the hardest working guy in WWE, but then there’s some guys that you don’t know who are right on his level, who draw and help pull the wagon with him, and Miz is certainly one of them. You may not think it when you look at the card sometimes, but believe me, Miz is uh, he’s next level special. Next level special.
—  Cody Rhodes talking about The Miz on Sam Robert’s Wrestling Podcast (x)
A quote which is much funnier as a supernatural fan...
  • <p> <b>Zack:</b> What's the matter? Afraid?<p/><b>Cody:</b> NO! I just... had lunch. You're supposed to wait an hour before you dive into the supernatural world.<p/></p>

anonymous asked:

I'm fairly new to the S/C ship, but I've seen a few references to the idea that they broke up briefly in 2014. What was going on then that supported that idea? And then what was the event that made it seem like they were back together?

October/November 2014 was right after season 1 wrapped so both Sam and Cait were in LA. I was just coming into the fandom at that point so I don’t know too many details but it was when Sam started showing up at random parties w this girl, Cody Kennedy, including Matthew Morrison’s Halloween party and a couple others. He looked straight up miserable and sick in a lot of pics from that time and then at the Bafta party him and Cait went to (and he was SUPER excited to see Cait based on his tweets), while they looked gorgeous, they definitely weren’t their usual giggly, happy selves it seemed. It was just a very weird time but looking back on it now it also strikes me as very similar to what has happened with every other random chick to appear in Sam’s life. It later became evident that Cody dating Sam was purely a publicity stunt. She was (still is???) an aspiring actress. If they dated at all it was for her gain….sound like anyone else? Her mom also posted on FB that they “broke up” because Sam got back together with his girlfriend in the UK. hmmmm

AND THEN. in early December, Sam tweeted about a taxi driver who was his love coach and made him think about a few things. Also around that time, they went back to Scotland for pickups and filmed that famous Valentine’s video. It later came out in an interview, I forget where, that Sam said that was the point where he realized they had something really special. They meaning him and Cait most likely. So it’s around then a lot of us think they got back together and/or made things official and permanent. Lo and behold, in January 2015, we got the PCA’s where they were giggly and flirty AF, the hiking selfie w Cait’s sister, Sam saying Cait was keeping him right, the giggly, glued together stiff one interview at the BAFTA tea etc etc.