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“The most important advice I have to give about love? I think patience, really. It can happen tomorrow, in a year, in ten years… You never know. Don’t rush into something you’re not 100 per cent about. I think that’s why most people assume that they’ll never do any better even if they’re in an unhappy relationship, because they feel that they’re not worthy of anything better. But actually, I think that everyone deserves to find their one and will find their one. It could be when you’re sixty, but it’s inevitable. Love is a wondrous thing.”


THE HUNGER GAMES CAST Appreciation Post 

 “You couldn’t ask for better people to work with, Jen & Josh are both amazingly talented and working with them is a blessing and so much fun. We’ve now all known each other for a few years and together we’ve experienced a lot of pivotal points in our lives.” — Liam Hemsworth
“i met my best friends in the world on this movie. we love each other. they’re as close to me as my family, and in some ways they are my family.” — Jennifer Lawrence
“the bond is pretty song” “i mean, i definitely have a maternal feeling towards josh and jen. and woody harrelson definitely has a paternal feeling. i like to throw in [liam hemsworth] there too because i like him a lot.” — Elizabeth Banks
“It kind of pains me everyday, a little bit when I wake up. That we’re not filming these movies anymore. It was like an incredible experience. We shot the last two Mockingjays together. It was like nine months or ten months of filming, so that was like really tiring. But we were so sad to see it end. And it’s a little sad yeah, for sure. I’m gonna miss everybody” — Josh Hutcherson
“I just want/need to express my many thanks to everyone (cast, crew & fans) who have worked so hard for so long to make The Hunger Games experience what it is. But for also trusting me enough to let me be part of it. I feel privileged, honoured and so very lucky to have shared this opportunity with so many passionate & talented people.” — Sam Claflin
“It was like herding puppies(about josh, jen and liam).Once the work going, they were great. But sort of before and after, it was always like herding puppies. Just getting them all together, getting them to all be quiet for a minute. But, as soon as you call rolling in action, they were on top of it.”  — Francis Lawrence