sam calls shotgun


“You know you look like someone wrapped tin-foil on your arm right?” Sam breaks the peaceful silence, which was beautiful while it lasted.
Him and Bucky have been arguing all day, and I thought for a minute that maybe I could get my mission done without any childish bickering.
“Well at least my suit doesn’t look like an experiment on a pigeon went wrong.” Bucky replies to Sam’s comment, while my grip on the steering wheel gets tighter.
“Listen, the only reason I brought both of you along is so I don’t have to fight off everyone by myself! So could you please get along?” I scold both of them in frustration, wanting nothing more than to get this mission done.
Silence falls between the two again, until Bucky starts shifting awkwardly in the back seat.
“You okay?” I ask a little more calmly than before, glancing back for a second.
“This car was not made for super-soldiers.” He scoffs, trying to get comfortable.
“I called shotgun.” Sam reminds him, a sly grin across his face.
“Can you at least move your seat up a little bit?” Bucky asks, and I get a feeling this will end in another argument.
“No.” Sam answers coldly, and I hit my head on the steering wheel as I stop the car at an intersection.
“Why not?” Bucky smacks Sam’s shoulder, of course with his cybernetic arm.
“Suck it up old man!” Sam turns around and attempts to swing an open hand back, but misses.
“Stop!” I intervene quickly, silencing both of them for the millionth time. “For the love of my sanity, just be nice, okay?”

do you ever hear a song, or a few, and you would swear it was about your OTP? Now i’m not talking au’s in particular or it simply just reminding you of your OTP. i mean, those songs that you would actually swear were written specifically for your OTP because they’re just so precise without you having to interpret it a certain way and you kinda just sit there thinking to yourself,

“you are trash, i know you are, i know my kind when i hear it”

Sitting here thinking about the Bucky & Sam dynamic in CACW, especially taking into account the Sam Wilson we first meet in CA:TWS.

Sam’s a counselor. He works at the VA. Sam is capable of snap judgments about people, like understanding immediately that Steve Rogers is a friend who will put up with as much shit as he gives. Sam lives to banter with his buddies and Steve is his soulmate in that regard, among others.

Sam’s also very protective of Steve. As I watch how suspicious he is of Bucky in both films, it makes sense on every level. Sam knows how dangerous the Winter Soldier is, and he knows how unstable people with PTSD are. He doesn’t know which Bucky they’re dealing with.

And yet somehow in CACW, we go from suspicious, should-we-trust-him Sam to I’m-gonna-give-him-so-much-shit-all-day Sam. How did that happen? How did he make that transition? Was it the moment Bucky said, “Your mom’s name is Sarah?” Or was it when Bucky laughed a little as he actually trolled Steve a little, “You used to wear newspapers in your shoes.”

Or was it while they were trying to find a decent get-away car and had to settle on a VW Bug. I suspect it may have started with the newspaper jibe and then developed on the car hunt.

I suspect Sam called shotgun and laughed when Bucky immediately dove to protect Steve because he figured if Sam’s yelling, “SHOTGUN!”, it means they’re about to be attacked, because the whole “I got shotgun” game to claim the front seat by the driver in modern times didn’t come about until the 1960s. It’s not a slang phrase Bucky’s likely to have ever heard. So, cue Protect Steve Mode On and he’s atop Steve, bracing for the blast he’ll gladly take if it means Steve lives.

In the shocked silence of Nothing Happens, Sam would be doubled over laughing.

Steve would be confused, then explain to Bucky what “I got shotgun” meant, while spitting dust out of his mouth from where a metal hand against the back of his head pressed his face down protectively against the dirt.

Bucky would be… annoyed and embarrassed and giving his best attempt at a Winter Soldier glare at Sam, which really wouldn’t be all that effective because he’s, well, just Bucky right now. He’s mad, but not Empty-Eyed Brainwashed Assassin mad. And Sam sees it, sees the softness in Bucky’s eyes that he’s learned pretty quickly means that Bucky’s still Bucky. He puts two and two together and realizes that nothing short of HYDRA showing up to repeat whatever they did to trigger the Soldier is gonna make Bucky stop protecting Steve.

That’s good enough for him.

So he smirks and makes a grand gesture of holding the car door open for Bucky and then he starts laughing again when he watches Bucky try to shoehorn his big muscly self into that tiny back seat, probably catching his hair on the door and muttering ‘ouch’ and mumbling curses in at least four languages.

And then Sam gets in and shoves his seat back until it rams into Bucky’s knees. And refuses to move it forward even though every bump in the road means a shot to both kidneys because super soldier knees are hard. He takes it, because until they know for sure who Bucky is nowadays, he’s the alpha dog in this new both-friends-with-Steve dynamic and he’s making sure Bucky knows it.

So he keeps up a tough facade when he’s not actively laughing at Bucky. But if Bucky had a nightmare in the middle of the night, or needed to talk to someone about everything he’s dealing with… Sam knows he’d drop the dudebro antics and turn counselor. In a heartbeat. Because Sam has a big heart and, damn, dude’s been through too much and he’ll help where he can.

But in the meantime, he ain’t givin’ up his front seat.


I mean, I could be wrong. But that’s what’s in my head right now.


You and Steve had decided that Bucky and Sam needed a little bonding time together, so the four of you planned to go to the mall. It was nice to have a normal activity after all of the madness that went down with the Avengers. Unfortunately, at the last minute, Steve had to run off to Switzerland on an emergency mission. That left you, Sam, and Bucky.

“You guys ready?” You asked, throwing on sunglasses. It wasn’t very bright out, but you didn’t want to be harassed in public, so you dressed in normal civilian clothes to blend in. Bucky and Sam did the same. It seemed silly to drive a Quinjet to the mall, so you borrowed one of Tony’s old cars.

“I call shotgun!” Sam threw a glance at Bucky and ran to the passenger’s side door. You were driving, which left Bucky in the back.

“Can you move your seat up?” Bucky grumbled, his legs shifting uncomfortably.

“No.” Sam had a straight face, but you couldn’t help but laugh.

It was going to be a long day.


Being the only woman living in an underground fortress with two men meant that there were some rules that needed to be followed so no one went crazy. And one of those rules was that no one was to use your coffee cup…ever. It wasn’t anything special. It was just a regular coffee cup but it was yours and if someone touched it, there was going to be death.

You couldn’t say why you were so attached to this one coffee cup other than the fact that you liked it better than any of the others. Call you crazy but it seemed to keep your coffee hotter longer than any of the other.

But no matter the reason, no one, ever, drank from your coffee cup.

And both of the brothers knew that. And Dean seemed to like to get under your skin.

After you took a good, long, hot shower, you needed your daily cup of Joe. There hadn’t been a case for a while now and you were nearly climbing the walls. Dean spent most of his time in the library with his feet propped up on the table watching whatever the hell he watched on his computer. Sam had his head almost always stuck in some book trying to catalog the endless information that was in the Bunker and there always seemed like whenever he was done with one book another one showed up. You found yourself training. You trained all the time because you felt better knowing that you were prepared for anything to jump out at you.

There were more times than not that one of the brothers happened across you scooting along the floors of the Bunker with your gun in your hand pretending to shoot at some monster that was coming after you. There were too many times that you were knocked to the ground and the monster stood above you.

You walked into the kitchen and started looking for your coffee cup. It wasn’t in the cupboard like you thought it was. You stood with the doors opened and looked around the kitchen. You spotted the sink and walked over to it to see if by chance you left it in there. No dice. By this point you were getting annoyed and all you wanted was your coffee cup and coffee. You looked a little while longer but still your coffee cup was nowhere to be found.

Frustrated you marched into the library to as Dean if he had seen it. You thought that he would have his laptop open watching whatever it was but instead he had research spread out all around him and in his hand, you saw a coffee cup. Your coffee cup.

You marched right up to Dean and snatched the cup right out of his hand. He snapped his head up and looked at you.

“Hey, I wasn’t finished with that,” Dean said with a whine looking at the cup.

“What have I told you about drinking out of my coffee cup?” You snarled. You glanced down at the cup to see that it still had coffee in it and it was still warm. You took a sip.

Dean looked at the cup again and there was a smile on his face.

“I’m sorry; I didn’t realize that I took your coffee cup. They look all alike, you know.”

“Sure…jackass. Next time, make sure that you’re taking the right cup, okay.”

He smirked at you. “Sure.”

You took another sip of coffee and then gestured to the paper that was laid out around him. “What’s all of this?”

“Um… I think that I found us a case.”

You smiled at him, the anger and annoyance that you felt because he took your cup, on purpose, was suddenly gone. It was about time that he found a damn case. “Good, I was about ready to kill you. Tell, Sam, that I call shotgun.”

You set the cup back down on the table and started off toward your room to get packed.

“So, I guess this makes up for me taking your cup?” Dean called after you.

“Never, Winchester. You’re going to pay for that.”


|| ‘’Cas’’ Dean bellows his name in his usual husky tone as he puts the keys into the ignition and starts the engine. Sam had already called shotgun, so it looked like you’d be riding in the back. Great.

The Impala was already overloaded with a ton of hunting gear that needed to be taken back to the bunker, So you just stand still with a confused look upon your face as to where you’d actually be sitting. ‘’Damn Cas!’’ You flinch back slightly startled as he appears next to you. His angelic Innocence melting your heart. ‘’Sorry Y/N. I didn’t intend to scare you’’.

He turns to look at you. And for a split moment everything comes to a halt. You stare deeply into his eyes. His oceanic hues captivating every inch of you. As if he was swallowing you into an angelic Abyss. 

Dean begins to snap his fingers aimlessly to snap you from your mini-daydream. ‘’Um-Yeah.’’ You clear your throat, slightly embarrassed at the fact Cas was now seated in the car among all the crap.

‘’Just a question guys’’ You ask in amusement. ‘’Where exactly do I sit?’’

Sam perks up and points towards Cas, who looks just as confused as you do.

‘’You get the grand seat of Cas’ lap.’’ Sam remarks mockingly before looking to Dean for a high-five.

‘’Right….’’ Climbing over all the gear, You awkwardly place yourself on top of Cas’ lap. As soon as your legs touch his own you notice his radiating warmth.

Dean turns back to the both of you before pulling out onto the high-way. ‘’How about a little Metallica?’’ Dean grins boyishly and flicks on the tape. 

You didn’t mind Dean’s choice in Music, It just was a little too much for you when you’d got about an hour of shut eye the night before.

About 10 mins into the journey, You can’t help but notice Cas’ hot breath hit the nape of your neck. It was odd, but you enjoyed it anyway.

‘’You smell good’’. Cas exclaims out of no-where. ‘’Oh Err…Thanks.’’ You stutter back the words, becoming slightly nervous that he would notice your cheeks starting to turn a rosy color. 

Sam turns round in his seat to give you and Cas a friendly wink. Which just made everything 10X more awkward.

‘’We’re nearly there Y/N’’ Dean chimed from the front seat. ‘’About 20 mins left then we can all stretch our legs’’

‘’Thank-God’’ Sam replies as he shuffles in the seat.

You draw in a breath to calm yourself just as Dean swerves away from an animal in the road. All the gear piles on top of you, finally realizing you were clung into Cas’ arms. It felt safe. And you never wanted to leave.

Requested by Anon. ~

Who's That Blogger?

Anonymous: Could you please write something where the reader and Dean are in a relationship but Dean gets jealous when the reader is spending loads of time talking to someone who runs one of their favorite blogs and then somehow the reader finds out the person they’ve been talking to is Charlie (like they were already close friends with Charlie just didn’t know it was her blog) so they try to make Dean more jealous ’til he finally says he loves the reader?[..]

Yeah! That sounds adorable! 


One more scroll! That’s what you kept thinking for the past hour. You were on research duty using Sam’s laptop, but Tumblr was the biggest distraction in the world, I mean blogging is much more amusing than looking up information on the demon tablet right? One of your favorite bloggers has been taking up most of your time, messaging back and forth like texting. The last couple messages were funny, so you giggled a bit and Dean looked up.

“What’s so funny babe?” he asked sitting up. The bunker library was silent so the sound of your giggle snapped him out of research. 

“Nothing” you said, switching tabs from tumblr to a search engine. Dean looked over your computer screen, “Are you on that stupid blog again?” he asked exhaling. Dean was more than annoyed that I was spending all my time talking to the blogger, but she’s hilarious! Charlie, who was seating at the other head of the table also on her laptop looked at Dean, “Blogging is not boring, it’s a lifestyle” and began typing again. Dean just scoffed and rolled his eyes and began reading again. 

Typing your next message “my boyfriend hates Tumblr ughhh” to your mystery blogger, you then actually opened up google. 

“No seriously, are you even researching?” Dean asked. “Yeah, yeah” you responded as you began typing. 

“Hey Y/N” you heard Charlie, “Come here, this friend of mine on Tumblr sounds just like you” she said. You walked over, and looked at her screen before looking at her. 

“What?” she asked, “What?!”

“Nothing, that’s just funny” you said and chuckled. Quickly you sat back down and opened up tumblr again this time typing “Charlie! It’s me!” and sent it. Right away Charlie looked up eyes wide mouthing “Oh my god!” and you both began laughing. Dean looked at the both of you, and loudly asked “What. Is. So. Funny?” before trying to look at your computer which you turned. 

Charlie sent you a message, “let’s make him jealous. Laugh harder” and that’s what you did. 

“Whatever” he said getting up and rolling up his sleeves, “I’m grabbing something to eat. You want?” he said, his hands on the back of the chair as he leant forward. Both you and Charlie nodded, eyes still glued to the screen - on purpose of course. 

“I think it’s working” you messaged Charlie who smiled as she looked up at you. She messaged back “I am hungry though, let’s go out to dinner. Bring your phone and get the app” she messaged and shut her laptop.

“Dean!” you yelled towards the kitchen “Let’s go out for dinner!”, which got his attention. You heard his strong footsteps make their way towards the library. 

“Burgers and fries sounds good?” he asked. “Perfect!” you said walking up to kiss his cheek. He smiled and went to go fetch Sam. 

“That’s so weird!” you told Charlie once he was out of earshot, “You’re my tumblr best friend?” you said, laughing at the same time. 

“Best friends there and here” she said, putting on her sweatshirt. “Oh, use your tumblr app while you there, keep messaging me. Let’s see what Dean will do” she said, earning a devious smirk from you.

Sam finally got into the library, and you were all off. Sam called shotgun and you and Charlie slid in the back. You propped your knees up on Dean’s seat after ruffling his hair a bit. Immediately Dean turned on his AC/DC album, and you learned to love it, so as you opened up Tumblr, you sang along quietly to ‘Thunderstruck’, even the guitar riffs and solos. 

“Turn here!” Charlie announced pointing to the diner on the left. A small flashing light read “BEST BURGERS IN TOWN”, and you’d be the judge of that you thought. As Dean pulled the Impala up on the rocky gravel you could see couples and families sitting outside in the warmth of the summer night. 

Dean opened the car door for you, which was weird because he usually didn’t, he even held your hand all the way to the restaurant, tight. 

Once you were all seated, Dean on your left and Charlie slid in after Sam, a waitress walked over saying “What’ll y’all be eatin’ tonight?”

“We’ll all take a burger, and fries for the table” you said, letting Sam eat something other than his salad, although he did give you a weird look but you knew he wanted that burger. 

Simultaneously both you and Charlie took out your phones and began messaging back and forth. Sam looked over Charlie’s phone, and she turned it away from him without even looking up. Sam just shrugged and looked at Dean who rapped his fingers on the table in annoyance when he said “Will you at least get off the phone in the restaurant?” when he grabbed the phone from your hands and placed it on Sam’s edge of the table. 

“Hey! Give it!” you said, reaching for the phone, but the moose just held it up until you stopped trying. Charlie just laughed with Sam, and the burgers came. Dean was first to take a huge bite from his burger, no talk. You threw a fry at Sam who managed to catch it with his teeth, which made you and Charlie laugh - but allowed you to grab your phone. Right away you unlocked it and leaned back in your chair, burger in one hand and phone in the other as you laughed at some random post on Charlie’s blog, “You’re hilarious little blogger” you said, mouth full, looking at your phone. 

Dean slammed down his burger and pulled your arm out of the booth. You threw your phone to Sam while looking confused letting Dean drag you.

“What?” you asked once he pulled you far enough from people. 

“Who’s on that phone? Someone better?” he asked, a sadness in his eyes. 

“Oh god, no Dean!” you said, when he cut you off with a kiss. Happy but confused you pulled away “Dean?” you asked, hands on his arms. 

“I love you, alright?” he said, and your eyes went wide, “I’m sorry I’ve been mean, oh god Y/N, that bloggers been taking all your time until I went crazy” he said, kissing you again. This time when he pulled away you laughed, “Dean! I love you too!” you said cupping his cheeks, “but, uh, that was Charlie.” you said. He looked more than confused, tilting his head, “What?” he asked. 

“I mean, the blogger? That was Charlie” which led to him marching over to the table. “Charlie!” he yelled, which both Charlie and Sam began laughing at, Sam obviously was filled in on the situation. You just kissed Dean which calmed him down as you began to sit back down. You finally finished off your burger, and everyone ordered dessert. 


“That cake was so good!” Charlie said, sliding into the backseat. Sam agreed and sat down, although you and Dean were a bit busy making out by the hood of the car, earning looks of disgust from Charlie and Sam.