sam calls shotgun

do you ever hear a song, or a few, and you would swear it was about your OTP? Now i’m not talking au’s in particular or it simply just reminding you of your OTP. i mean, those songs that you would actually swear were written specifically for your OTP because they’re just so precise without you having to interpret it a certain way and you kinda just sit there thinking to yourself,

“you are trash, i know you are, i know my kind when i hear it”


You and Steve had decided that Bucky and Sam needed a little bonding time together, so the four of you planned to go to the mall. It was nice to have a normal activity after all of the madness that went down with the Avengers. Unfortunately, at the last minute, Steve had to run off to Switzerland on an emergency mission. That left you, Sam, and Bucky.

“You guys ready?” You asked, throwing on sunglasses. It wasn’t very bright out, but you didn’t want to be harassed in public, so you dressed in normal civilian clothes to blend in. Bucky and Sam did the same. It seemed silly to drive a Quinjet to the mall, so you borrowed one of Tony’s old cars.

“I call shotgun!” Sam threw a glance at Bucky and ran to the passenger’s side door. You were driving, which left Bucky in the back.

“Can you move your seat up?” Bucky grumbled, his legs shifting uncomfortably.

“No.” Sam had a straight face, but you couldn’t help but laugh.

It was going to be a long day.