sam brookies


Recipe here if you want to try them. Brookies happen to be an off the wall combination that my sister and I came up with years ago when we couldn’t agree on baking brownies or cookies.

Just a short drabble that popped into my head when I was watching a baking show today.

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Since finding the bunker Dean has basically claimed the kitchen… much to your utter annoyance. Once day when Sam and Dean are on a supply run you take advantage of free reign of the kitchen. You smile to yourself when you discover all the ingredients for a sweet treat you like to call brookies- a combination of cookies and brownies. You’ve made this sweet at Bobby’s as well as Jody’s many times but the thing is that your brothers have never tasted brookies, because EVERY single one was eaten by the time your brothers came to get you. You turn on your music and start to bake.

You preheat the oven to 350℉ while the oven is preheating you grab a 9 by 12 pan and spray it thoroughly with cooking spray, then set off to the side while making the brownie mix. “I really hope that the boys like these I mean considering the fact that every single time I bake these, they don’t last long.” You say out loud to yourself as you put the batter in the pan and put it in the oven.

🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝

“Something smells good.” Dean says when they get back to the bunker. “Like Y/N is baking something.”

“Well let’s go find out, cause you’re right it smells amazing in here.” Sam agrees. The two of them head to the kitchen where they find you pulling a toothpick out of brownies. They’re not completely done so why the hell were you pulling it out of the oven? “Uh Y/N what are you doing? I don’t think those are done.”

“They’ll finish baking once I marble in the cookie dough.” You answer as you close the oven door, not paying much attention to your brother’s question.

“What?” Dean asks. Now his comment brought you back to reality. You groan.

“You guys weren’t supposed to be back yet… which means you idiots just ruined the surprise.” Dean’s eyebrows furrow together in confusion. “How did we ruin the surprise, we’ve walked in on you baking before.”

“True, but you’ve never had brookies.” You then return your attention to marbling the cookie dough into the half-baked brownies.

“A what now?” Sam asks.

“Brookies. They’re brownies that have chocolate chip cookies marbled on top.” You say as you put the pan back into the oven.

🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝

When the brookies were cool enough to touch you cut three out one for your brothers and you. “Wow.” Sam says when he takes a bite.

“Told ya that they’d be good.” Dean takes a bite of his then tries to steal the entire pan. “Hey not the whole pan Dean!”

“You need to make these more squirt.” Dean says with a smile as he cuts himself another one.

“I’ve made them multiple times- the only reason why this is the first time that you have had them is because they’re normally gone by the time you pick me up from either Bobby’s or Jody’s.”

“Well they’re just that damn good kiddo.” Dean then ruffles your hair. It always makes you smile when you can make Sam and Dean smile.