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Saving Me

Prompt: Caius saving you from a rouge vampire

Request: “Could you do a Caius imagine where you’re his human mate and you’re always nervous around him, like freezing and stuttering, you don’t become comfortable around him until he saves you from a rouge vampire that they were prosecuting??” -anonymous

Warning: Attempted murder and murder

Note: The gif doesn’t go with this imagine really, but Jamie is so cute

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 You couldn’t believe it. You came to Italy with your sister to stop her stupid boyfriend from getting himself killed, but you ended up being the mate of one of the three leaders of vampires. You were scared. You lived in a castle full of vampire that could kill you at any given moment. You knew to bite your tongue and think about what you were going to say before you said it. You were a stuttering mess around all of them, but it was worse when Caius was the one speaking to you. You were his mate and you didn’t know what to do with that information, how you were supposed to feel about it.

 Nobody told you to stay in your room or out of the throne room that day. If they did, you would have listened. They didn’t and that’s how you ended up in the throne room. You needed to ask a question and you didn’t know where anyone else was, so you went to the throne room.

 Before you could fully enter the room, the rouge vampire hand you pinned against the wall. You eyes widened in shock and fright. You could hear your heartbeat ring in your ears, pounding and pounding against your chest. Next, the vampire was ripped away from you before you could do anything.

You’re heart was still pounding and you couldn’t hear anything else, but you say the shocked faces of the guard. You figured Caius doesn’t normally get up out of this throne and kill a rouge they had to deal with. As the guard was dealing with the body, Caius went to check on you.

“Dear, are you alright?” He asked, taking your face in his hands. You’re eyes were still wide and you said nothing, so Caius pulled you to his chest and wrapped his arms around you.

“She’s just in shock, brother.” Aro assured him you were in no serious harm. “Just take her back to your room.”

 Caius did as suggested and took you back to your shared room. It only took minutes until you were back to normal.

“Why did you go into the throne room? Didn’t anyone tell-”

“Nobody told me anything. I would have stayed here if I knew about that vampire.” You cut him off, not stuttering once.

“Why did you go in the throne room, dear?” He asked, softer this time.

“I wanted to ask you a question, but I can’t seem to remember what it was about.” You told him. “I’m sorry.”

Caius took your hand in his and placed a kiss in the back of your hand. “You frightened me. I thought he was going to kill you.”

Your cheeks turned a rose color due to his actions, “Thank you… for saving me

Mama Wolf

“Baby, we are going to get Jake now, we will be back soon.” Sam, my fiancé, said walking out the house with the rest of the pack. I nodded and took my phone out to listen to some music while cooking. I decided to make a Sunday dinner with blueberry muffins for desert.

45 Minutes later

I’m starting to worry. They haven’t come back yet and it never takes them this long to get Jake. My worries faded when Jared, Embry, Quil, Leah, Seth, Brady and Collin right behind him.
“Oh thank Goodness! You all had me worried about you. Wait, we are your brothers.” I say, hugging Jared then going to Embry. They both hug me back and kiss my cheek then head straight for the food. I roll my eyes at them and their appetite. My eyes suddenly go to a girl by the door and I glance back at the boys.
“Who is this?” I ask.
“Bella Swan. Who else? Oh don’t look so worried Bree. Paul phased in front of her after she hit him. Then Jake phased and attacked Paul so Sam stayed with them.” Jared explained as him and the boys grabbed a muffin each. I faced Bella and glared at her for hitting one of my boys.
“You hit Paul. What for exactly?” I ask crossing my arms, pissed off.
“Mama wolf is mad.” I hear Collin mumble causing the entire pack to laugh.
“He wouldn’t answer me.” Bella said. I just raised my eyebrows and scoffed.
“Pathetic. Your lucky I don’t hit you now.” I state making her slightly scared. A few seconds later Paul, Sam and Jake walk in.
“Sorry.” Paul says with a sarcastic smile. He walks over to me and gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek before sitting down and eating.
“Hey baby.” Sam mutters kissing me all over my face then finally my lips. Jake walks in, kisses my cheek then hugging me. I noticed the jealous look Bella had on her face and smirked. Once Jake pulled away I went to the kitchen to finish the food.
“Boys! If you keep eating those muffins I won’t give you any of the Sunday dinner I just cooked!” I warned, laughing when they groaned.


More and more Quileute tribe members were shifting uncontrollably from human to wolf due to the oncoming mass of vampires. The older members were all helping the cubs understand how to work their new ability without hurting themselves or someone else. Sam was especially adamant on that fact, he didn’t want anyone repeating his mistake.

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This was getting ridiculous, you couldn’t go anywhere without one of them saying something, sure it was all in good fun but that didn’t mean it wasn’t irritating as hell. 

“Hey short stuff, need some help reaching the middle shelves?” Quil would quip as you walked in. 

“Oh look, Jasper, the fairies have come to visit.” Emmett announced loudly every time you arrived.

It was getting so out of hand even Carlisle and Sam were taking part now. 

Bella’s advice was pretty useless too. “Look on the bright side Y/N.” She said when you complained to her about it. “At least there is something they agree on.”  You didn’t miss that sly smile on her face either.

Being in a relationship with Jasper Hale would include:

● Before you get together he’d try to stay away from you.

● He was so scared that he would hurt you so yeah he stayed away.

● Alice befriended you though

● The pixie was annoying at first, but you came to like her

● Alice convinced Jasper to talk to you

● He would always call you ma'am

● he’s such a gentleman tbh

● You get Jasper to open up bc he could feel your emotions and could tell you were distancing yourself from him

● He got you to open up to him

● Not only is he your soulmate, he’s your best friend

● He doesn’t flirt with you or anything, he literally is just being himself and that’s how you fell for him

● His family loves you, although Rosalie is kind of rude bc she thinks you’ll be another Bella

● You aren’t so she started to like you more

● Jasper asked you out in person and it was simple and sweet

● You and Jasper could literally sit in silence and be content as long as you had the other person by your side

● You were fascinated by the stories he told you

● When it came to the time where the decision of your mortality/immortality, Rosalie voted no and you voted yes

● She glared at you and asked why

● “Think of how much it would hurt Jasper if I died. You’ve probably seen what the death of one of the Volturi’s mates did to whoever’s mate she was. He was empty, but still alive, right? His life is miserable. I don’t want that for him.”

● Rosalie was shocked, Bella wanted immortality to stay with Edward, but you wanted immortality so Jasper doesn’t get hurt. Rosalie ended up voting yes

● You and Jasper are actual goals

Part 1/?

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Ever since Dean and Cas met five years ago, Cas has just been part of the family. That’s what Sam would say, if he was asked to explain. And really, where’s the harm if the accountant tags along during their celebrations and holidays? He’s more than made up for it by being there for all of them when Dad died, and always ready to help whatever they are doing.

Point is: He had been an extension of Dean’s for so long that Sam doesn’t even think of him as a “plus one” anymore. It’s usually just “if I tell one of them the other will know and come to dinner too.”

It’s as easy as that. Until it isn’t.

One of his old friends from university just moved to Lawrence. Brady, after years of working for a “company full of douche bags”, as he put it, suddenly “saw the light” and decided to take things slower. Naturally, Sam and Sarah invited him to their next barbecue, and inevitably, Dean and Cas are manning the grill; or rather, Dean is manning the grill and Cas just happens to be at his side.

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You’d thought your family was close. Very tight knit and all that crap. Apparently not, after all how close could you be if they didn’t feel the need to tell you that there was a possibility that one day you’d spontaneously morph into a giant dog. 


A gifset about Sam Winchester’s UNTRAMELLED LUST for members of the medical profession



(Requested by Anon)

It was supposed to be another normal day hunting and for the most part it had been, you’d caught a few deer and a couple of mountain lion, you were having a swell time. 

Until the wolves that is. You’d hunted wolf before but this was different, this was you standing in the middle of the woods aiming for a large buck when suddenly this mammoth wolf comes out of the bushes to your right. It was giant, it was more than giant it was humongous. It stood a good head taller than you at the very least and it was built like the hulk. A small part of your brain told you that it would be an excellent kill. Another larger part told you to get the hell out of there. 

You listened to the larger part. Backing away slowly you stood on a twig which snapped simultaneously scaring away the buck and making the wolfs eyes snap to meet yours. 

That’s where it got weird, the wolf, rather than attacking as you thought it would, simply stared at you. Not a normal stare though, a stare which you imagined was what you’d imagine a wolf in love would look like. Your brain was screaming at you to shoot it, especially considering it knew you were there now but you couldn’t make yourself do it. 

So you continued to slowly back away, sure this was the end and yet it wasn’t. The wolf let you back away until you were out of sight and then you high-tailed it back to camp all the time wondering what the bloody hell just happened. 

You had a really odd feeling settling in your gut, the type that told you you were likely to meet that wolf again. You weren’t entirely sure yet if that was good…or bad.

Top 5 Sam Winchester Headcanons

This is for the bittersamgirlclub‘s #17 top five prompt. I thought about doing a gifset for this but I couldn’t work out how to make it work in a way I was excited about, and I have SO MUCH FIC to write lately, and so, here you go! They’re a highly random assortment but they’re just the ones that came to mind before anything else.

1. Sam is afraid of the dark. He used to be afraid when he was little and he only got more afraid when John gave him a gun and told him that he could defend himself. But it only got really unmanageable after the Cage. Sam spent a long time in there undergoing total sensory deprivation (for months? years? decades? it’s hard to say) and so now he’s never quite comfortable in the absolute dark of the bunker’s underground rooms. That’s why we see him with a night light in his bedroom in season 10. Waking up in the pitch black without Dean’s familiar breathing beside him can send Sam spiralling into a full blown panic attack.

2. Sam has a thing about doctors. Amelia was a veterinarian. Brady was pre-med. Dr Cara (LIGHT OF MY LIFE) was a hospital doctor as well. It makes sense, right? Doctors are (generally) calm and intelligent and motivated by a concern for others’ well-being. It’s not surprising that Sam would find that attractive. (But it does provoke some suggestive ideas about the many, many times he must have found himself in hospital over the course of his life, AM I RIGHT?)

3. Sam’s repeated experiences of possession and violation have resulted in him feeling, in general, highly dissociated from his body. Yes, he works out and he tries to eat right because it’s a tool that helps him to do his job. But he often feels like his body is more or less a shell, something that could be as easily interchangeable as the beat-up cars he steals and drives for a couple of days before he abandons them and moves on to something else. He’s just the current inhabitant. (Related: Sam wonders a lot, maybe every day, whether Dean ever smoked out while he was a demon. Did Dean possess anybody? He’s too scared to ask.)

4. After Lucifer appeared to Sam and told him that he was destined to be his vessel, and after Sam called Dean and was rejected when he asked for help, Sam tried to kill himself at least once. Lucifer said he’d bring Sam back if Sam tried it but Sam is highly logical, must have felt extraordinarily desperate, and is certainly in every respect the kind of person to pull over in a cornfield in the middle of nowhere and put a bullet unsuccessfully through his skull. Of course, it didn’t work.

5. Sam met Jess on that art history course he took at Stanford (the one that helped him chat up Sarah Blake). We know that Jess was interested in art; we know that Sarah made Sam feel particularly bashful and sensitive and awkward about Jess. We also know, of course, that Brady introduced Sam and Jess, but I don’t think there’s necessarily a conflict here: for example, Brady could have introduced them at a party, they could have got talking and that could have nudged Sam onto the course.

Infamous Killers Nicknames

• David Berkowitz, “Son of Sam”
• Ian Brady & Myra Hindley, “Moors Murderers”
• Richard Chase, “Vampire of Sacramento”
• Andrei Chikatilo, “Mad Beast”
• Jeffrey Dahmer, “The Milwaukee Cannibal”
• Albert Fish, “Moon Maniac”
• Ed Gein, “Plainfield Ghoul”
• John George Haigh, “Acid Bath Killer”
• H. H. Holmes, “Chicago Bluebeard”
• Edmund Kemper, “Coed Killer”
• Pedro Lopez, “Monster of the Andes”
• Richard Ramirez, “The Night Stalker”
• John Wayne Gacy, “Killer Clown”
• Tommy Lynn Sells, “Coast to Coast killer”