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Now that Valentine’s Day is coming I wanted to draw this scene! .D The genderbend of the chapter “Parental Bonding” that also you were asking me so much to do! .D
Ahora que empieza el mes del amor y la amistad quise hacer esta escena! .D El genderbend del segundo episodio “Parental Bonding” que además me estuvieron pidiendo mucho .D

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The rivers of Silla are magical. It makes brothers out of foes. :))))

Sun Woo & Ji Dwi | Soo Ho & Ban Ryu

So, a few thoughts came together in my brain and sort of clicked into a heartbreaking realization.

The thoughts:

  • Chris is Josh’s best friend.
  • Josh used to talk to Sam after he lost his sisters, and said she was one of the only ones who understood him; she thought they had a bond. Sam also, having been the twins’ best friend, would be one of the last living non-familial links to his sisters.
  • Chris and Sam had nothing to do with the prank on Hannah, Chris being passed out and Sam having actively tried to stop it.
  • These things probably mean Chris and Sam were the people Josh cared about most.
  • Dr. Hill says "Why did you hurt them? It’s yourself that you despise.“ and says various things that make it crystal clear that Josh blames himself for his sisters’ deaths (’couldn’t lift a finger to help them’, etc etc).
  • Josh specifically tortures Chris and Sam (and Ashley, but she seems more of a tool with which to torture Chris than an active target of the psychological torture), the two who were least involved in the prank, and then claims it’s revenge.

The heartbreaking realization:

  • It’s not revenge on them, like he claims: it’s revenge on himself. He’s hurting the two people who mean the most to him, the two people who it would hurt him the most to see hurt or upset. His ‘punishment’ of his friends is just a self-punishment, inflicted by watching the people he loves most suffer and knowing he is the cause. He’s trying to fool himself most of all when he says that it’s their punishment and they deserve it.
Heart to Heart

“Sam, may I ask you something?”

Sam looked up from his book to find Cas standing at the head of the table. He looked concerned. Or distressed. Or upset. Perhaps it was all three. “Yeah. Of course.” He gestured to the empty chair beside him. “What’s up, Cas?”

With a heavy sigh, Cas sat down. His brow was drawn together. His hands refused to lay at rest. “Where’s Dean?” It was more of an afterthought; clearly not the question he had for Sam.

“Uh, grocery run, I think.” Sam closed his book and set it on the table. “What’s goin’ on, Cas? What’s wrong?”

Again, Cas sighed. “You… You’ve been in love, haven’t you?”

Sam’s eyes widened, and he sputtered out sounds that couldn’t quite be put together in a sentence. “Uh… What? I mean. Yes. Yeah. Yeah, I have, Cas. But what… Why?”

Cas ignored Sam’s question, and persisted with his own. “What does it feel like to be in love with someone?”

A soft smile tugged at Sam’s lips. He huffed out a laugh, and settled back in his chair. “It, uh… It feels like there’s butterflies in your stomach. You hate being away from them for too long ‘cause you start to miss them. They’re the first thing you think about in the morning, and the last thing on your mind at night.

“You want to put their well-being before your own. You… You want to see them happy and okay, no matter what. Hearing their voice makes you smile. Seeing them after being away makes your heart skip a beat.” He paused and sighed, letting a wistful smile pass over his face. “Being around them makes breathing feel easier… Makes the world seem brighter.”

Sam fell silent, and Cas remained quiet for a long while. He let Sam’s words swirl through his brain, and rattle themselves into a rational thought. Finally, he leaned forward. “Sam?”

“Yeah, Cas?”

“I believe I’m in love with Dean.”