sam blackwell

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For the last few years of his life, Varian Wrynn's steward was a tiny, quiet, but utterly intractable former Argent Crusade paladin by the name of Sam Blackwell, who was an absolute nightmare with a comb and scissors. Since Varian's death, Sam has taken up the shield once again; he is now that tank you find on the Broken Shore holding aggro on all the elites so they don't one-shot you. He intends to head to Argus with the next wave; he does not expect to see Stormwind again.

Confirmed. I’d like to personally thank Sam for holding aggro while my shadow priest’s threat level skyrocketed because I’m lazy and don’t manage it properly. 

ATTENTION! This competition is now closed!

Ok guys I’m doing a little game and character competition! Just reblog with who wins out of:

Until Dawn vs Life is Strange

Blackwood pines vs Blackwell Academy

Sam vs Max

Mike vs Chloe

Chris vs Warren

Ashley vs Kate (my 2 cinnamon rolls 😔)

Victoria vs Emily

Jessica vs Dana

Matt vs Zachary

Josh vs Nathan

Wendigo vs Mr Jefferson

Samuel vs Flamethrower guy


Results will be announced in a weeks time (23rd January) so get voting!