sam benett


This last weekend I went to Welcome To The Asylum Steampunk Festival (it was my first ever Steampunk event, which is why my costume wasn’t amazing ┌ ┐(‘~`;)  ) but I did meet Steam Powered Giraffe! They even signed some of my art that I drew of the band!

A great bunch of friendly guys - I’ve been a fan of their music for years and it was their first time ever in the UK! I hope they come back! Hatchworth loved my art and Bunny said I looked beautiful  ヽ(・∀・)ノ  I was so nervous about meeting them, I could barely look them in the eye! Obviously I’m the chubby gal with the purple hair in  each photo (when I first had it dyed I looked like Zarya!). Also a massive thank-you to my amazing partner who took these photos <3

All in all the event was amazing and super fun, and we already have plans for next year’s costumes! I’m gonna be a plague doctor - I already have a fursuit-based mask in mind and tons of potion bottles in progress of being made. Everyone was really nice and I can’t wait until the next festival; even if I did get really sunburnt this time! 


“So… I just want you to understand why I can’t be a part of your transplant team.”
“I understand.”
“Ok because umm”
“You’re gonna say it’s because technically a child with a working brain stem can’t be declared brain dead even though he’ll never walk or talk or move or eat. Even though he is missing the parts of his brain that he needs to have a life. No just be alive but have a life. To love, to think, to know words and feelings, to be conscious. You’re gonna talk to me about medicine and technicalities and the failings of science.”
“But the thing is that it’s not why won’t do the harvest…”
“Well, until we know uh, with…Medical certainty you know, until the law”
“It’s because it’s unimaginable. What I’m asking you to do is unimaginable. It’s horrible. It’s excruciating. I’m asking you to help dismantle my baby for parts. And there’s no piece in anyone’s soul that can hold that and feel okay. But I’m asking. I’m asking you. I’m his mother and I’m asking you to do this. And you want to know why? It’s because I did a little research Sam. Science. In Chicago, there’s this baby girl, 6 weeks old, with pulmonary hypertension who needs new lungs. Outside Detroit there is a 10-day-old boy who was born blind, but could see if he had new corneas. I read this blog about this 14-month-old kid named Gideon in San Diego who’s been on a heart-lung machine for months because he needs one tiny valve in his heart. There’s burned babies who need skin. There’s infants who need livers, and toddlers who need kidneys and there’s even this one 4-month-old girl named Lulu who needs a multiple-organ transplant. My baby… Could save all of those babies. He could be responsible for kids leaving the hospital and going home and growing up and falling in love and having sex and arguing with their boyfriends and making mistakes and living and maybe not ruining their lives with drugs. What I’m asking you to do is unimaginable. But it’s also everything those other mothers could ever imagine. I’m his mom. And I’m asking you to do this. If I can get there, why can’t you ?”

Private Practice 5x22, Amelia and Sam.