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Slow - Hwy 101 old growth by Sam Beebe
Via Flickr:
Old-growth coastal temperate rain forest on Highway 101, Olympic Peninsula, Washington.

anonymous asked:

pls tell me about Sam flirting with boys. just anything. ;-; thank you.

eeeep anon ur so cute!! thank you omg this is my favorite subject /)’u’(\


i love imagining shy beebs s1/s2 sam being more and more open with his sexuality as he warms up to dean and theyre at a bar after a case or something and sam makes the first move when talking to a cute guy at the bar and dean is so surprised. like he still kinda sees sam as a bumbling inexperienced virgin but nope. sammys a geek but hes  got game. the other guy is immediately smitten

dean acting as a godawful cheesy wingman (which somehow, amazingly, works really well)

sam working on a case and clicking with one of the witnesses and they go out for coffee as an “””interview””” but mostly talk about philosophy and science fiction and sam hates to leave him behind

////sam reconnecting with that dude during some bunker season and theyve both aged but theres still a spark there and they chat a lot online and it quickly gets super flirty w emojis and stuff

sam BEING flirted with by an alpha male type dude that dean butts heads with (played by stephen amell lmaooooo) and dean becomes furiously protective of sam and stays close to him so the dude cant get Too flirty but sams flirting back just to mess with dean and its great

teen sam learning how to flirt from a sweet senior at his school and they have like a queerplatonic relationship where the boy is out and proud and sams never come across that before so the boy is helping him feel okay, hes not broken or wrong, and teaching him all this stuff about the lgbt community

shout out to sam’s desperate nerdy excuses when he’s trying to put dean off the scent. ‘it’s a french movie about a mime that’s secretly a cockroach. it’s a podcast about the protestant reformation giving individual exegeses of each of luther’s 95 theses.’ sam my beeb i love you