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What's your thinking behind Cait liking that Piaget pic? Saying she approves of Sam and MM at that event?

No, I don’t think it’s a sign of really anything. She probably saw it and either connected that it was the event Sam is going to and liked it. Or she could have seen the flowers and thought that they would have been pretty at the event she just went to. Or wow! California is so pretty with it floral and fauna and liked the photo. I don’t know. I don’t think it means anything.

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Bucky smut where reader's skirt blows up infront of the other fellas and bucky gets jealous when they talk about her ass? idk xD

The ordeal was positively mortifying as, midway through the night, you decided to slip your panties off to tease Bucky into going home early. But his resolve was strong. A gust of wind from the passing traffic blew up your skirt as you and Bucky strode on ahead of Steve and Sam. 

You hoped they hadn’t noticed, until Sam’s voice boomed through the darkness, catching up with you and Bucky. “Your girl’s got a great ass, man!”

Steve joined in too, mortifyingly uttering the phrase, “I’d tap that,” which earned him Sam’s enthusiastic approval.

Bucky glared back at the pair, becoming increasingly riled up.

You leaned into him and laughed. “Maybe if you’d have come home with me earlier, your best friends wouldn’t be coveting my ass right now.”

“I think you just earned yourself a spanking for when we get home.”

Smutty drabble prompts, anyone?


Until Dawn!Monsters:

Chris keeps a Journal diary keeping track of the monsters he befriends and things he learns about them. Jess and Josh find it one day, and they are less than impressed to see what he wrote about them, so they made a few edits.

Purple is Jess
Red is Josh
Black is Chris (and yes, those are his doodles)

Quick reminder that the only thing Sam found confusing about this ship was the name. (S10 E05 “Fan Fiction”)


Sam x Reader, Dean

Summary: Sam doesn’t approve of what you’re wearing. Dean does. 

Warnings: possessive/dominant/jealous!Sam, language, a little dirty talk. 

Words: 700+

“If you think I’m letting you leave here with her dressed like that, you’re insane.” Sam gestures in your direction, however his words are meant for Dean.

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Connection Part 2

*I got a lot of amazing feedback from you guys already so here is part 2! Let me know what you think! Everything will start to happen in the next part!*

Warnings: None

Part 1

It was late afternoon the next day when you arrived into town, the sky slowly beginning to fade to a dark blue.

“Welcome to Beacon Hills,” you read aloud, watching the sign pass quickly and make way for the darkening forest, the trees casting shadows eerie enough to make you shudder.

It only took minutes for a motel to roll into sight, the weather comfortably warm as you hopped out of the Impala the second it parked, eager to stretch your legs. Dean checked in as you and Sam grabbed the bags from the trunk.

“I’m starving,” you gushed once you were inside the room, jumping onto one of the stiff beds. “Can we get chinese? I don’t want to go out and drive again.” Your brothers grunted in approval and Sam was on the phone in minutes ordering delivery from the first place he found. In the meantime, you decided to take a shower to scrub the car feeling from your skin. You grabbed a comfy flannel and sweats and headed to the bathroom.

You locked the door behind you and started up the water, making it almost as hot as it could go. You watched yourself in the mirror, the steam blurring your reflection. You couldn’t help but wonder what this school would be like and how you would fit in. Would they find you weird? That wasn’t unusual. Would they even acknowledge you? You couldn’t help the nerves that were tangling in your stomach. You constantly assured your brothers that new schools didn’t bother you, but there was always a slight uneasiness before the first day. Without thinking any further, you stepped into the shower, hoping the water would wash away your thoughts.


Half an hour later, you were sprawled in a chair, hair dripping wet, eating fried rice at the small table by the door. Sam and Dean were sitting at the other chairs, watching you quietly as they ate. You noticed their silence and tensed up, clearing your throat.

“What are you not telling me?” you asked hesitantly.

“There’s something I want to explain before you go to school tomorrow,” Sam said. He paused, struggling to find his words.

“Sure, what is it?” you urged him on.

“A lot of the stuff that happens in this town usually affects the school. A lot of teenagers go missing and are found dead.” He stopped, taking a breath. You could tell it was hard for him to bring this up. “We need you to be careful and make sure you always know what’s going on around you so you can stay safe,” he explained. “We can’t let anything happen to you.”

“Of course, guys, I’m always safe. I know how to fight, you don’t have to worry about me,” you assured.

“You also have to be our eyes and ears in there. We don’t know who has connections to these murders, but since teenagers seem to be targeted, you need to let us know if you see or hear anything,” Dean added.

“I will. Don’t worry. I might even solve the case before you do,” you teased, earning a soft laugh from Dean. The boys relaxed a little, and the three of you spent the rest of the night joking around and pestering each other, knowing that it would be the last normal time you’d have together until the case was finished.


“Y/N,” you heard a low voice whisper, feeling someone slightly nudge your shoulder. “It’s time to wake up. Come on.” You groaned, rolling onto your side and squinting your eyes to see Sam kneeling beside you. He smiled. “Good morning. I have coffee. Go get ready for school.” He stood and placed a coffee cup on the bedside table. You sighed heavily, looking over your shoulder to see Dean still asleep beside you.

“Stupid school,” you muttered, stumbling out of bed, wishing you could stay and sleep longer. It didn’t take much time for you to get ready. You changed into jeans and a maroon t-shirt, throwing a flannel on over it. The only makeup you ever bothered wearing was mascara, so you were ready to go in about 10 minutes. After brushing your teeth, you emerged from the bathroom and slipped on your converse. You grabbed a backpack you’d brought along, shoved a notebook and pen inside, and looked at Sam expectantly.

“Ready?” he asked, grabbing the car keys.

“As I’ll ever be,” you responded, taking your coffee and following Sam out the door.

“So what are the names I should know before walking in there?” you asked once you two were on your way to the school.

“Stilinski, for sure. That’s the Sheriff’s name. His son is definitely someone we should watch, so keep an eye out for him. They call him ‘Stiles’ in the police reports.”

Stiles Stilinski? What kind of name is that?” you asked. Sam shrugged.

“I’m not too sure. But if he’s a suspect, I’d watch out for his friends too. I don’t think it will take you too long to find them.” The car pulled to a stop at the side of the school. From what you could see, it didn’t look too bad. The palm trees were a nice touch, and the school wasn’t completely brick, as they usually were. There was a sign on the grass that boldly stated Beacon Hills High School. There wasn’t anybody outside, since the principal had apparently told Sam to bring you in after the morning rush, knowing you’d already feel overwhelmed. Sam killed the engine and looked over at you.

“Ready?” he asked encouragingly. You took a deep breath and nodded.


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Can’t believe that people are still defending that disastrous “Saying Yes to the Devil was the better plan, Dean deserved what was coming to him” argument. I mean, I get why people do that. Because, that idea, that entire Cas beating the shit out of Dean for not being obedient scene, that entire sequence where Sam/Bobby approve the use of violence against Dean to make him compliant hinges on the pretention of Dean’s plan being the greater of the two evils. Remove that blind and you have no excuses left to use as justifications.

Anyway, to all those “Dean was going to say Yes to Michael and that would have destroyed the world” people, just look at what Dean did in last season. Dean faced the most powerful supernatural being in the entire existence and convinced her to change her mind, to change her basic nature. He didn’t need super-powers or demon-blood or angel-wings to do any of that. He singlehandedly saved the entire creation just by being Dean.

So, if Dean could do this to Amara, if he could influence the primordial darkness to the point of changing her true nature, then, isn’t it conceivable to assume that he would have done the same to Michael? Doesn’t this effectively close the “But Dean couldn’t have defeated/influenced Michael like Sam did with Lucifer” question?

Brothers Drake

What gets me the most is the fact that Sam is the one Nate was always listening to, and even when Nate is grown up he still looks for Sam’s approval or “what Sam is going to do about it”

I mean look at this, when shit gets down:

Sam is actually the only one person that can tell Nate what to do in every situation and Nate will listen to his words, like can you imagine other situations similar to this? When something bad happend and Nate was all about “Sam?” because Sam is the answer to everything. KILL ME. Once I’ve realized how big is the weight Sam is carrying on his shoulders, man… since he was a little boy he was responsible for explaining things to Nathan, all of the stuff that were happening in their lives. No kid should be responsible for explaining to their younger siblings that their mother is dead and their dad dumped them.

Sam was a teenager. A bloody teenager. He was supposed to have fun at this age and not worry about stuff like money or future of his little baby brother and yet here he stands, not complaying, but trying his best. He could just simply say “bye” and walk away buT NO

and then because Sam knows his job is dangerous and it will be a better solution for Nate to stay in the orphanage

He’s not even like “but I’VE made it work”, no. He makes sure Nate knows he is important too and that he’s doing a fantastic job and everything’s gonna be okay. Seriously I don’t fucking know how is that possible that Sam has so many strenght. Like what.

“hey hey hey you keep your gun on me” aka I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE


Here is another thing I want to talk about. Even though they are both scared and the situation is pretty fucking tense, Sam is not saying some shit like “come on give me this HURRY UP NATHAN GOD DAMN IT” as probably many people would say in this situation because of the emotions, NO, he is actually sorry that he has to take this journal from Nate and he finds an extra time to let Nathan know that he truly is sorry.

Ok here’s some cute ass little scene with BOOOP

like fuck, look at Nate he’s all proud he found their mom’s stuff BABY LET ME HUG YOU AND LOOK HOW GENTLE SAM IS WITH HIM WHAT

Sam actually cares about Nate more than we could ever imagine and I’m crying don’t mind me

and here’s the scene I wanted to talk about at the beginning. Even if they are old Nate is still looking at Sam because he trusts him so much and is still looking for his approval

remember when Rafe wanted to hold this cross but Nate said no because he didn’t trust Rafe

guess who changed his mind

see? Nate is looking for Sam’s approval and it kills me like he trusts Sam so so so much and I’m done

bonus: Rafe’s face

mmmm yaaass

also I can’t with this whole “Sam is always calling Nate by his full name - Nathan” like i neeD TO GO BYE :(

That Boy Is A Monster

Request-Hello! I read the last imagine that you post it and I had an Idea for an imagine request. You had a boyfriend that was supernatural and Sam and Dean approve because he treats you like he should, he’s always there for you he protects you.You’ve been dating for a long time but while you were research for a hunt John knocks on the bunker door, you try to hide him but John finds him and he keeps insisting that the reader tells him who he is and instead of telling him she just starts kissing him and John insists that she tells him who he is and instead of telling him she just kisses him in front of TWF and John and just says “My boyfriend”. John scolds her but she snaps at him and he backs off and he tries to separate them but TFW makes him leave

Word count-1084

Warnings-Mild swearing

A/n- Would you guys like it if I started drabbles? Maybe when I reach 300. Oh and I have another anti John fic coming soon which is similar to this one :)

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Who knew a werewolf hunt would lead to you meeting the most amazing boyfriend you ever had. Call it cheesy but as soon as you layed eyes on James’s piercing blue eyes you knew he was yours. There was one tiny little problem…he’s a werewolf. You were so close to loosing him as your older brothers were about to kill him. It took a lot and you mean a lot of talking and a few kicks in the balls to stop Dean hurting James. But they finally came through and gave you permission to date him.

Which leads you to now. “And the pie for you Dean.” James says sliding the pie to Dean.

“You’re a good man slash werewolf James. Very good.” Dean says rubbing his hands looking at the pie.

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Goodness, six Lorekeeper offers and counting! Alright, since many of you are wondering just what a Lorekeeper does, I thought I’d make a handy little announcement.

Lorekeepers keep an eye on, looking out for suggestions submitted to and approved by Sam. The main purpose of the Lorekeepers is to nitpick for incontinuities/plotholes, and ensure everything is generally tangle-free.

Lorekeepers are broken up into three parts:
- Campus cartographers: people who specifically hunt for the layout of the campus, and what areas look like that the clubs frequent.
- Plot pickers: people who look at the broader picture of the school as a whole, who take note of rumors and goings-on. These Lorekeepers work closely with the News Club (which has yet to be officially created).
- Club specialists: people who choose a club to specifically focus on, and work with the leader(s) of the club they have chosen to offer ideas that might have been overlooked in the deluge that comes from the official discussion site.

How to apply:
- Choose your branch. Please only choose one. The categories are flexible, but you should focus on only one so the process is as thorough as possible.
- Say why you chose it. Do you love mapping fictional places? Are you bothered by incontinuities? Do you have strong focus on a single subject?
- Say why you are qualified. We’re looking for dedication! People who are passionate about finding and sorting knowledge! Prior experience is definitely a plus too!

Heir to the Throne

Summary/Original Request: Could you do an imagine where your Crowley’s daughter and tfw finds out about you and Castiel starts to fall for the reader but Crowley and dean and Sam do not approve, just a thought.

Requested By: @mishaacklesthepizzaman

Words: 600

Warnings: staring, semi-controlling father, sheltered daughter

A/N: This is my first attempt with putting Cas and Crowley into a fic. Please tell me what you think!

Your entire life you always wanted to see what it was like on earth. You heard so many stories from your father, Crowley, but you couldn’t help but want to see it for yourself. You wanted to meet his friends, Dean, Sam, and Castiel. You wanted to feel all the things your father described, the wind in your hair, grass under your feet, cold water running through your fingers. Yet you were still stuck in hell. It was your home and you felt comfortable there, but you wanted something more. Earth sounded like the most magical place you could ever imagine.

One day you gathered up all your courage and asked your father if you could join him in his duties on Earth.

“Let me think about it, love. Now go torture a soul or something.” Your dad said.

The next day, your dad came up to you and offered you a deal. He agreed to take you to Earth with him, but you were to be the heir to his throne in Hell. You were more than willing to accept his offer.

Earth was just as nice as your dad had described. The birds chirped in the bright, blue, cloudless sky. The leaves on the trees rustled as the wind gently whispered through them. The sun left a gentle warmth on your skin as it touched you.

“Where are we going?” You asked him.

“There is some business to deal with involving Moose, Squirrel, and their Angel friend.” Your dad replied.

“Who?” You asked, raising a single eyebrow at him.

“You’ll see.” He said.

You and your father walked into a clearing in a small forest and you saw three people standing there. One was unusually tall with long hair. A second was more normal sized and stood there like he wanted to kill everything in sight. The third one, a short guy in a tan trench coat who clearly wore his tie wrong, wouldn’t stop staring at you.

“Cas, put your eyes back in your head. The last person you want to be messing with is someone who follows Crowley around.” The normal sized one said.

“That person following me around happens to be my daughter, Squirrel.” Your father said.

“Daughter?” the tall one asked, “How is that even possible?”

“That’s for me to know, Moose.”

“Well, can we at least know why she’s here?” Squirrel asked.

“She’s here to learn the ropes. She will be taking my place eventually.” Your father turned back to you, “Y/N, these are the people I have been telling you about. The tall one is Sam, the one with short hair is Dean, and the one staring at you is Castiel. Guys, this is my daughter, Y/N.”

“I didn’t know you needed an heir to your throne, Crowley.” Dean added.

“Even I get tired sometimes, Squirrel. One can only take so much torture.” Your dad replied.

“Dad, why does Castiel keep staring at me?” You asked, starting get a bit creeped out.

“Because you are the most eye catching creature I have ever seen.” Castiel replied.

“Cas, you are an Angel. Crowley’s daughter is a Demon. It will never work.” Dean said.

“Cas, Dean is right and I absolutely forbid you to have relations with my daughter.” Your father said.

“Cas, this is by far the most twisted thing I’ve ever seen you try to pull off.” Sam replied.

“Okay, okay. I get the point.” Castiel said, looking down at his shoes.

You got the feeling that this would not be the last time that you would hear about this from Castiel.

Seal of Approval (Scott Lang/Sam Wilson x reader)

Request: Can you do a funny oneshot where you’re a Avenger and best friends with Sam Wilson and he finds out you’re dating Scott Lang when he sees you making out with him and Scott says something witty like didn’t I beat you up last time I was here please

Here you go, doll!  Hope it’s okay!  

Scott grabbed your hand, trying to quell the tremor caused by your raging nerves.  The two of you had talked about this moment several times and thought it was finally time, but now you were having second thoughts.  

“Hey, you’re gonna be great, trust me.”

You nodded silently, smiling weakly at the house in front of you, rather than at him.  The nervous energy in your stomach was growing more uncomfortable and a lump built in your throat as your emotions began to swell. “I don’t know, Scott.  Maybe this isn’t such a great idea.  Maybe it’s too soon.”  

“If you don’t go in there willingly, I’m just gonna have to throw you over my shoulder and haul you in there myself.”  He stepped in front of you and put his hands on your waist, forcing you to make eye contact. “(Y/N), why are you so scared? I’ve never seen you scared of anything. You’re an Avenger, right?  I mean, I assumed that’s what your suit was for, but maybe you’re just into really weird role play or something…”

“Not appropriate.”

“Let’s.  Go.”  

Before you could take another step closer to the house, the front door flew open to reveal your fear. Moving quickly towards you, you knew there was no escape now; you were spotted.  Eye contact was made.  You were marked.  


Scott knelt down to grab Cassie in a hug, standing to spin her around until they were both dizzy and laughing at the sensation.  He really was great with her; it was clear that she was everything to him, and it was important for you to meet her and for her to approve.  When they finally stopped spinning, he set her down to greet you.

Cassie was still laughing as she walked towards you, but her balance was thrown off and her gait was sloppy. She tripped over her own feet, landing soundly on her bottom.  “Daddy, spin (Y/N) next!”

He glanced at you with a smirk and a wink that she couldn’t see.  “Don’t worry, honey.  I’ll give her a spin later.”

Stop it!” you mouthed silently.  Your eyes widened when she approached you, and the shaking returned to your hands.  Kneeling down to face her, you held out your hand to introduce yourself.  “Hi Cassie, I’m glad I get to finally meet you.”

She suddenly charged at you, full speed.  You opened your arms to catch her, and the force of her impact knocked you back onto the ground.  Scott was no help, laughing at the sight of you being tackled by a child, when he has seen you fight and win against assailants twice his size.

“Daddy told me that he likes you a lot.  Are you going to be my second mommy?”

Now his laughter stopped. You caught the change in his stature at her words, and now you were the one laughing at him.  “Well, sweetheart, we haven’t talked about that, but if we do, you will be the first one to know, I promise.”  You stood and lifted her to her feet, wiping the grass and dirt from your clothes.

Cassie smiled at you, happy that she would be the first person you would tell such a big thing to. “Daddy, can we get ice cream now?” Apparently, meeting you was done to her liking, and now it was time for the really important business.

“I don’t know, honey, it’s really close to dinner time.  I think we should probably wait.”

“Come on, kid,” you grabbed her hand and led her to your car, smiling back at Scott as you walked away, “it’s on me.  Us girls gotta stick together, especially for something as important as ice cream.”


“So I’ll see you next weekend, right?”  

“Yep, it’s about time you come to me for a change.”

“Okay, that’s not fair.” Scott said, “You get to use the team jet whenever you want.  I still get to fly coach and sit way too close to people that I really don’t want to be that intimate with.”

Having a long distance relationship had its challenges, with Scott in San Francisco to stay close to Cassie, and you in New York with the Avengers, but so far you had made it work. And yes, having liberty with the jet helped a lot.  “You know,” your voice was soft as you began, looking at both of his hands in yours, “if you joined the team, you could use it whenever you wanted, too.  You could stay with us and fly back to see Cassie anytime.”

“(Y/N), are you trying to make an honest man out of me?”

You paused, holding his gaze as you contemplated the thought.  Not ready with an answer for him, you leaned in for a goodbye kiss, grabbed your bag, and headed home without another word.


The tower was filled with activity when you arrived home, but Sam always made it a point to welcome you back, no matter what else was going on.  As you disembarked from the jet, he was there waiting for you.  He looked pissed, but you searched your mind and couldn’t think of why.

“Where the hell did you go?”

“What?  I told you where I was going.”  You threw your bag at his feet and he willingly grabbed without question, seemingly trained by you to do so.  “Besides, since when do I need to report to you?  Steve’s my S.O., not you.”

“But I’m your best friend.  You didn’t even ask me if I wanted to go with you.  I’m hurt, (Y/N).  It cuts me deep.”  Sam put his hand to his chest, feigning the pain caused by your lack of invitation. “So where the hell do you go every weekend anyway?”

You smiled inwardly, knowing that Sam wouldn’t approve of your choice in boyfriend.  He and Scott didn’t have the best meeting the first time, and you weren’t in any hurry to get them back together.  You were certain that Sam didn’t want a repeat, especially when the team was home now and it wouldn’t be kept a secret this time around.

“To see a friend.”

“Mmm hmm.  A friend.”

You nudged him with your elbow to his ribs as you walked, earning a surprising high-pitched yelp from him as you laughed out loud.  “And as my best friend, you should know better than to go digging around where you don’t belong.  You might want to watch yourself, I happen to have some embarrassing inside info that makes for wonderful blackmail.”


It felt as if it took forever for the week to pass, but it was finally time for Scott to arrive at the tower, undoubtedly ready to regale you with tales of life in coach.  He insisted that you not pick him up, so you were now waiting anxiously on the sidewalk outside.  Cabs passed by over and over, but none of them stopped, and you were beginning to grow anxious.

“Hey, you up there.”

You closed your eyes and sighed, exasperated.  When you opened your eyes again, you looked down to see him waving enthusiastically at you. “Scott, did you seriously use the suit? What would Hank say?”

He popped up to his full size in front of you, opening his helmet to reveal a shocked look on his face. “I think he’d be okay if he knew it was to get to my girl.”  He leaned in to kiss you, but you pulled your head back, out of his reach.

“No, I mean what would he say if he knew you were standing in front of the Avengers tower wearing it? Did you forget that they don’t know about you yet?”

“Oh, shit.”  He was about to shrink down, but paused, grabbing you and dipping you backwards in his arms.  “I need this first.”  Scott pulled you up to meet his lips, wrapping his arms around you, with your arms tightly around his neck.  

“Ahem.”  You both quickly separated, recognizing instantly that Sam was standing behind you.  “Does anyone want to tell me what the hell is going on here?”

Casually running your hand across your lips, you cleared your throat to regain your voice before trying to introduce them.  “Um, yeah…Sam, this is Scott.  Scott, this is Sam…but I believe you two have already met.”  You looked back and forth between the two men, watching for one to make a move towards the other.

“Right!  Sam!”  Scott pointed his finger and looked at Sam excitedly.  “I totally kicked your ass!  I kicked your Avenger ass and didn’t die!  How cool was that?!”

Both of your hands were immediately covering your face, astonished by how stupid your boyfriend could be.  “Scott…” you groaned his name quietly under your breath.  He gave you a quick kiss and closed his helmet, immediately gone from your sight.  

“Okay,” you turned to Sam, who was looking at you with a stunned expression, “how about I won’t tell anyone that you got beat up by an ant, and you don’t tell anyone that I’m dating one?”  You paused, considering what you had just said, “Yeah, that sounded better in my head.”