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12x20 - Holy Narrative Mirrors Batman!

In the middle of taking ages to write another hand meta (yes I’m back to that guys) this episode aired and therefore I am here to bring you my review of 12x20 and all the emotions that brought to the table.

Firstly, important things to address: I am PISSED that two POC women were killed this episode. I don’t really care that Alesha was brought back as a Twig puppet monster (my nickname for those creatures) because it was still two violent POC deaths shown on screen. Must we really keep seeing this on this show? After Billy? I know that SPN needs to keep its death count high and I would NOT want them to kill off Max when he is our only canon recurring queer character on the show atm either (not including Dean still hidden away in Narnia) but I’m still pissed off about it. I also didn’t like the fact that they showed the old witch’s immediate dislike of Tasha being a racist thing either. Yes I know she’s an evil witch but really spn? Racism and then have that same racist old hag KILL the poc lady? Nice going.

Anyway, that is my rant on that. So ya’ll know it pissed me off. This is a just fandom blog and I wanna keep it positive bearing in mind I actually loved this episode but it needed to be addressed.

I did love this episode, even if I am getting a meta headache over all the narrative mirrors they showed us and went to extensive lengths to portray. I feel I need to outline them all clearly so without further rambling here they are:

Max is Dean and Alesha is Sam

This one is pretty obvious. They went to great lengths to show this including adding a blast from the far past in the ‘THEN’ section by showing us the Pilot episodes baby dean (how high and young his voice was!) saying the classic phrase “Dad’s on a hunting trip and hasn’t been home in a few days”. To say that the Banes’ story then mirrors the first two seasons of the show would be highly accurate.

Max is shown to be the loud, flirtatious, overly confident sibling with his boisterous attitude and charisma. Unlike Dean however he is ‘out and proud’… Oh Dean… please find your way out of Narnia this season.

Alesha is the sibling who rolls her eyes over her brothers antics, and feels more like an outsider in the family, based on this conversation with Sam:

“He always thinks he knows mum better, because they’re both natural witches, it’s who they are”

“When I was growing up Dean and my dad had the same thing with hunting, that bond”.

This pretty much drums the mirror home, but later we are shown just how similar Dean and Max are by how Max takes the deal and brings his sister back (though perhaps not quite in the same way) and sells his soul for her, because like Dean, he is unable to go on without his sibling.

This is the main narrative mirror in place, with the siblings shown to be kinda co-dependent and willing to sacrifice for each other. It also really helps our bi!dean reading that he is yet again being mirrored with a queer man. Yay for Steve Yokey really pushing that parallel.

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12x23: Mary

Ok, so I’ve also been thinking about Mary. And, I’ve come to the conclusion that getting trapped in that alt!verse might have been the best thing they could have done for her narratively. I feel like having her sealed inside the place that shows her just how important her decisions were in saving the world (even if they looked like the wrong ones at the time) will help her to stop blaming herself. Dear god, I hope she will stop blaming herself! She’s been compensating for guilt for this entire season! And, this alt!verse might be just the place for her to claw her way back to the person she wants to be.

Mary, unlike John, who was like Sam, seems to be most like Dean, in my opinion. And, like Dean, it feels like she’s going to have the pure purgatory cleansing experience. It’ll be bloody. It’ll be brutal, but I’m so ready for it!

I think this is just the thing to help Mary understand her own value. She’s played her part in saving their world. And now she’ll get to see it! Mad Max world, here Mary comes, and I can’t wait!

the Night With A Thousand Eyes

This is a concept for an “alternate” season 3 of Sam & Max that I have admittedly put way too much Time into cooking up. And I fear it’s only gonna get more involved from here. But let’s just jump right in.

First of all, this “series” is called The Night With A Thousand Eyes because of a saying stating basically that. “The night has a thousand eyes”. Basically, it means that if you’re doing something, anything, you can be seen, and it particularly pertains to bad things, which corresponds nicely with “an idle mind is the Devil’s Playhouse”.

Basically, all of this is as flip-flopped as possible into the alternate timeline where the Max from the end of “The City That Dares Not Sleep” came from, where Sam gained electromagnetic powers and had to be destroyed.

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Near Light; | listen;
An instrumental pack to describe the boy who saved the world once.

01. refur; sigur rós | 02. to be continued; the school of emotional engineering | 03. halving the compass; helios | 04. always find me here; pusher music | 05. 1953; melih santiya | 06. unraveling; harry escott | 07. gleypa okkur; ólafur arnalds | 08. sunlight; max richter

Hunter Baggage: Coda to 12x06

Okay, so, I’m jumping on the bandwagon and I wrote some Outsider POV from 12x06.  The scene between Max, Alicia, Sam and Elvis on the couch fascinated me, so I wrote it from Max’s POV.  It kinda turned into one-sided Max/Sam.  There is an intentional undercurrent with Max that echoes back to certain events in 12x02.  Let me know what you think.

Thanks to @wetsammywinchester for the second pair of eyes on this one.

Pairing: Gen (One sided- Max/Sam) | Rating: PG-13 | Wordcount: 1320 | Archive: Tumblr

Summary: Max is fascinated by the hunter sitting in front of him and he thinks he’s got Sam all figured out.  12x06 coda.  Outsider POV.


With the beer finally starting to work its magic, Max let himself ooze into the couch cushions.  He was tipsy and relaxed and he fingered his half empty bottle absent-mindedly.  The crowd of hunters around him had proved largely uninteresting- an unwashed drunken rabble that had failed to hold his attention.  Alicia remained close, which told him she felt the same.  No matter.  Hunters rarely proved to be people of depth or intellect.  Max and Alicia had crossed paths with a few of the people in the room prior to the wake, and with cursory ‘hellos’ over and done with, it was time to sample as many beers as politely possible and let the evening pass in relaxed enjoyment with his sister.  They would pay their respects to their father when things quieted down.

He took another sip of the beer and let his head loll backwards, Alicia a warm presence next to him.  He didn’t need her comfort, but it was nice to know he had it all the same.  The rhythmic tones of 90s drumlines pounded away in the background and the warmth of the fire and the sweat-stink of too many people made the air close.  It was all surprisingly pleasant.  

His eyes were closed, but he felt a new presence close-by as someone occupied the chair next to them, and he felt Alicia straighten up beside him.  

“Mind if I sit here?” A low, hesitant baritone Max didn’t recognize made him open his eyes.

Oh.  A tall stranger had eased himself onto the arm of the chair, overly long legs jutting into the space between the chair and couch.  He was hunching his shoulders a little, perhaps in an effort to make himself seem smaller, perhaps because he was nervous in the crowd.   He had an air of uneasiness about him, and his eyes kept flitting about the room, as if he was expecting to be terrorized by an unknown assailant.  That told Max many things- this man was a hunter, for one, and an experienced one.  It was common hunter know-how: never let your guard down around people you don’t know, especially ones that are armed.  Something told Max that the man wasn’t used to hunter gatherings such as this one.  Hunters were generally good people, but they all had their baggage and could be unpredictable.  

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god you guys do you think griffin mcelroy knows of the greatest vore moment in video game history in episode 305 of sam and max save the world where max is turned into a giant mutant hell beast and sam has to turn their car into a corndog so that max with eat them and then his insides are made to look like sitcom sets bc of dark magic like, do you think griffin knows just god. god i just hope he and his little vore dreams do. 

anonymous asked:

The writers are Winchester's fanboy, they hate when other characters are more interesting that why they kill a lot of characters and they write Castiel so weak and they make Crowley so stupid. I wish to have a SO with Max and Alicia. Max is a witch, he's so interesting. The Winchester are not witch but they always come back to life ?! But Max is not able to save Alicia and his mother? He didn't need to take the deal, all he had to do was to learn more about magic with Rowena.

I…yea…I can agree with that…

I mean, I’m not hating, but they were literally hyping up Sam and Dean’s ass with that other world, and it being like that, purely cos Sam and Dean weren’t born…

As for the other stuff…also agreed!! Cas used to be able to whoop people’s asses before…this season he was the one getting whooped…

Crowley…they literally made Crowley so stupid! The whole trapping Lucifer thing and it reversing…like why would he ever make a mistake like that?? It literally is not his character!! Crowley was never like that…


Charmed is literally my favourite show of all time…and Max was 1. A witch…2. HOT!!

He was everything I’ve ever wanted…and he was practically non existent in that funeral ep, and then in the branch doll ep, he was awesome!! But then he’s just gone…

It was really disappointing…

Why You Had to Save Chloe

Ok, So I sacrificed Chloe first time around(whenever the song Spanish Sahara by Foals comes on I have to quickly  turn it off before my heart explodes), on my second playthrough I spoke to a lot of the townspeople in more detail. Arcadia Bay turned into a real shit hole! There was no work for anyone, one lady I spoke to had to commute hours away to find work, the stocks of fish in the ocean were dried up, aside from Blackwell academy the place really had nothing going for it…I also noticed a few things that didn’t make sense the first time ‘round..

Why was Sean Prescott so cryptic? His messages to Nathan were so creepy! Like he is talking about something more than just the responsibility of being a Prescott. The Prescott family has a long dark history with the town. Why is there a “Vortex” club having an End of The World party at the same time a huge hurricane is closing in on the town?  There is something supernatural going on in Arcadia Bay aside from Max. Sam knows about it, Madsen may even be onto it. He said he had his own reason for wanting to work at Pan Estates. Additionally, who would benefit the most from a hurricane? Maybe the guy that is trying to get everyone into PAN ESTATES. Oh and not to mention the weird glyphs that Max mentions remind her of the wind.

Another thing that points toward saving Chloe being  a reasonable choice, the very noticeable stock of supplies in a number of locations.

1. The Price/Madsen home. The garage is stocked with heaps of supplies for an apocalyptic type event.

2. The Dark Room. Max notes that it is full of food and supplies like in Madsens man cave.

3.The back room of the diner, Max notes that “No one would starve being trapped back there.”

It is possible that depending on what Dontnod wants to do in the future they can use these locations to save some key characters, if they (hopefully) keep Max and Chloe around for 1 more season, to save Arcadia Bay from the true evil..Even the kids at the Vortex party could be saved, as schools are usually built to withstand natural disasters.

Rachel gave Max her powers so she could take care of Chloe now she is gone. That is the mission. Whilst Max and Chloe have different experiences together in the multiverse, the present reality is the important one, and the Chloe that died in the girls toilets at Blackwell died in pain, she lost her father, her best friend abandoned her, her new best friend/girlfriend was missing. She died by being shot in the guts, a terrible way, without seeing Max again. A reality were Joyce has lost both her husband and her daughter doesnt seem right. Not to mention the fact that the hurricane was also referred to as Rachels revenge, the town needs to be purged.

If you choose to sacrifice Chloe, the butterfly pays you a visit and the ghost like doe watches you. If you choose to save Chloe, all the animals, including a real living doe and her family return to Arcadia Bay. Chloe and Max are both happy and drive off into the sunset. If you sacrifice Chloe the spirit doe and butterfly haven’t left, which means that there is still work to be done.