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We never worked to find chemistry, it was just sort of organically grown from meeting. We met for the first time and it felt we should have met before or we had met before but without actually meeting. When we met it was like, “I feel like I’ve known you my whole life!” It got to the point where at the moment I see tears in her eyes I kind of start tearing up, even if it was inappropriate for the scene.

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Just a reminder that no all/mostly smut fics will be added. If they’re part of a series I will link non-smut parts.


  • Permanency by @idreamofhazel (Reader x Sam) - Short and sweet! I loved reading this and it’s perfect for just a little sweetness on a bad day! This made me so happy; it was adorable.
  • Breakfast by @wayward-oneshots (Reader x Sam) - Sleepy Sammy!!! He’s such a weakness of mine, ugh. You’re so good at describing things and I could totally picture everything in my mind. I loved this!!
  • The Only Exception by @impalaimagining (Reader x Sam) - This was amazing! I’m such a sucker for everything southern/ranch related when it comes to the boys, and I think that the whole concept of the reader’s mom not liking guys/love things made everything so much more exciting and detailed! This was so cute!!
  • Mouth of a Sailor by @impalaimagining (Reader x Sam) - I loved this one; it was short and Dean’s reactions were so funny! Plus, I could totally be this reader and that made it so relatable and fun to imagine what the boy’s reactions would be. I think you got them spot on!
  • Angel Wings by @mysaintasinner (Angel!Reader x Sam) - I feel like I’ve read this one before, but it’s great! There’s some Destiel in it, but since the main focus was on the reader and Sam I thought it just added to the plot and made everything so much more exciting and fun to watch unfold!
  • Rendezvous Revelations by @bringmesomepie56 (Reader x Dean) - This was so, so cute! I loved getting to hear Dean’s thoughts as they slowly revealed more and more about their locations. I think having it from his perspective was a really great move!
  • Lily in Hand by @femmewinchester (Reader x Dean) - I was really worried how Dean would be portrayed as a florist because that’s something I’ve never really pictured him as, but you did such a great job! This was adorable. I’m always a sucker for fake dating tropes, lemme tell you. 
  • Makin Me Look Good Again by @ravengirl94 (Reader x Dean) - This was amazing! Dean needs more of this kind of love, in my opinion, and it was so cute to see him finally getting taken care of!
  • Mixup by @jpadjackles (Reader x Dean) - I loved this fic! It cracked me up to see poor Dean dealing with everything, but it was really sweet to see how the reader was taking care of him (and I hope that Dean learns not to be so whiny and take things for granted).
  • Daisy by @hunters-from-stark-tower (Reader x Dean) - This was so great! It was funny at parts, with just a dash of angst, and I love dogs, so that made it even better. The ending was definitely not what I expected, but I think that it was absolutely perfect and definitely true to character!
  • Preference: PDA by @supernatural-jackles (Reader x Dean, Sam, or Cas) - I love preferences because sometimes I just want all of TFW instead of just one of them, and this was absolutely perfect! I think you captured all of the boys’ essences so well! The Cas one definitely made me laugh!
  • Late Night Musings #1 by @lipstickandwhiskey (No Pair) - This isn’t really fanfiction, per se, but it’s adorable and I think that it’s something sweet everyone should read before bed. It made my stomach all fluttery and happy!


  • Night Time Demons by @katymacsupernatural (Reader x Sam) - A little angst, a little fluff—this was perfect! I have a lot of feelings about Sam talking about his feelings, and who wouldn’t love Sam Winchester reassuring them they were great? Also, I really loved the part at the end where the reader was “shy from all the praise” because that’s totally how I feel when I’m complimented and it made it so relatable and realistic!
  • Club Soda and Whiskey by @nichelle-my-belle (Reader x Dean) - This has smut in it! I skipped over it, but this was fantastic nonetheless! I loved how the reader fooled him in the beginning and it was great to see Dean making some connections with people who don’t have perfect lives either. Plus, I really liked how the reader described him not being so cocky and everything because Dean’s a real sweetheart!
  • So Close by @whispersandwhiskerburn (Reader x Dean) - What a plot twist! The little bit of angst from Dean trying to figure out what was going on made this fic amazing, and I loved the way you incorporated the lyrics and the themes from the song!
  • The Estate by @just-another-busy-fangirl (No Pair) - I loved this! It was really unique and I hope you write more parts! I can’t wait to see if she ends up with somebody and what they’ll all do now that the houses are connected.

Series Works

Links in the series section are always to the masterlist, or if unavailable, the latest post will be linked.

  • Saving Lives by @purgatoan (Doctor!Reader x Doctor!Sam) - Ahh, I can’t wait to find out how Sam and Dean will work everything out! The dialogue between everyone was great, and it was so funny to see how Sam and Dean are so alike in what they say about the same situation.
  • Sensation by @littlegreenplasticsoldier (Reader x Sam) - This series can be tough to read at times, just because it’s so heartwrenching and Sam’s philosophical thoughts are way too intelligent for me at times, but I really cannot get enough of it and I can’t wait for more parts! The idea behind it is so unique and I’m in love!
  • Invisible by @just-another-busy-fangirl (Reader x Dean) - I’m obsessed with this series! I can’t wait to see how/if the reader ever gets to be seen again, and the exact reason why Sam can’t see her but Dean can! This is so intriguing and it’s been one of my favorite series lately.
  • It’s Always Been You by @sleepywinchester (Reader x Dean) - This series was so, so cute and I loved how you stayed true to the episode while still making it your own. I was literally so invested in this series and I’m a little sad it’s over, even though I loved the ending!
  • Finding Home by @willowing-love (Reader x Cas) - Wow! I am so in love with this series! It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to find a Cas series I adored, and I’m so glad that I took the time to read something I normally wouldn’t! The whole idea of this is incredible and I can’t wait to see what happens between the reader and Cas and, well, the reader and Cas!

Non-Reader Works

  • One More Day by @percywinchester27 (Sam and Dean) - My poor Dean Bean and my poor Sammy! This was heartwrenching to see poor Sammy getting yelled at in the heat of the moment, but the fluff at the end made it better. I loved how Dean knew just how to make Sam feel okay again.

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I spoke about this moment before but I finally got around to making the gifs to go along with it so again, the thing I love about these moments is that at first she was like “lol you read comics how charming” and then later while she’s with Bill he asks her about Louis and she’s still mad/upset with him and yet she’s reading his favorite comic series and idk man I just think it’s really damn cute. I just love this movie entirely. That is all. 

gabriels-horn-of-truth  asked:

Hey, Itch. I hope it's all okay, I'm here to talk if you need someone. Sabriel: some domestic parent fluff?


- Sam being the one in charge of bathtime because one time Gabriel flooded the bathroom and got bubbles everywhere, and whilst Gabriel and Lily had fun, it was no fun to clean up after

- Gabriel being a breakfast WIZARD, flipping pancakes at 6am half asleep and not burning a single one

- Sam being the one to do the school runs, and all the other mothers dote on him and coo because he’s so cute, then one day Gabriel has to bring Lily and everyone’s like oh are you Sam’s brother? And he’s like PFT I’m his husband, dream on Karen

- GABRIEL IS NOT ALLOWED ON THE PTA AFTER HE SHOUTED FIGHT ME HELEN (long story short she was being a Little homophobic and he wasn’t taking it)

- Gabriel and Sam are called to the head teacher’s office because Lily got in a fight because someone was making fun of her for having two dads.

Sam: Lily we told you not to fight
Gabriel: Did you win
Sam: Gabriel that’s not important
Lily: Of course I won
Gabriel: That’s my girl
*Lily and Gabriel fist bump when Sam and the head teacher’s back is turned*

- They both show up to all of her school productions even when Gabriel has a bad cold, in which case he just stands at the back so he won’t make anyone else sick, and even if she can’t see him, Lily knows he’s there

- When she’s old enough that her period starts Sam’s like 8| because he knows what’s going on, obviously, but he’s never had a sister so he doesn’t know really how to help. Gabriel calls up Anna, gets her to come round and speak to Lily because he knows she’ll appreciate a female voice before educating Sam. Sometimes, I’m really damn glad I had a big family.

- Christmas time involves a family dinner for like 20 as everyone from both families comes round, and when Michael and Lucifer get in an argument over something trivial Lily just sits on Michael’s lap telling Uncle Micha to ‘shut up and cuddle her’. Gabriel punches the air in the background 


“It’s like if you gave me a favourite book.”

“Yeah, speaking of that. Boom.”

“Oh, my gosh. Wow, this is the biggest book I’ve ever seen.”

“I know it looks formidable, but honestly, it’s going to be, like, one of the most satisfying reading experiences of your life.”

“Is it scary?”

“Yeah, sure, but it’s not just a scary book. It’s like Moby Dick. It’s about everything. You’re going to be so wrapped up in it, you’re going to be crying at the end of it.”

“You cried.”

“Oh, you’ll cry, too, ok? I might have cried.”

“You’re really cute when you get worked up about books. Do I have you worked up about me?”


“Good. Because I’ve got to have you right now.”

Stuck In Love (2012)

When did the two of you first meet?

Lily Collins: Christian [Ditter, director] got us together in Soho over a year ago and he had us sit in a room and stare at each other. It was quite strange.
Sam Claflin: It was really intense. For a first meeting with somebody it was really strange.
LC: Very jarring.
SC: We sat so close to each other.
LC: But it was so awesome because right away we had this shared intense experience. We’d already invaded each other’s personal space, so things could not get…
SC: …any weirder. It was the most intense chemistry read I’ve ever had


Rosie, you deserve someone who loves you with every beat of his heart, someone who will always be there for you and who will love every part of you, especially your flaws. I know Katie needs her dad. I don’t want to intrude. So, if this is all wrong, just ignore it and I promise I’ll never broach the subject again. Greg’s not the man for you, Rosie. Twice I’ve let you slip through my fingers. Let’s stop being afraid and take the chance. I know now I can make you happy. Call me if you feel the same way. Love, Alex.