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The only flaw in Uncharted 4

And no, this is not a complainant or whatever. I like Uncharted 4 in general, the amazing lights and shadows and scenery in the game, the storyline etc. I think this is like the only thing that actually bothers me the most.

The sudden appearance of Samuel Drake in Uncharted 4 seriously left a lot of plot holes in the Uncharted series. I mean, I felt like NaughtyDog just added Sam as Nathan’s brother in order to create a whole new story, not to mention how Marlowe literally had the files about Nathan’s family background, information and the files never once mentioned Sam’s name, it was so accurate that she even knew the death of Nathan’s mother and that ‘Drake’ wasn’t Nate’s last name in Uncharted 3.

Another thing to add in order to back up my opinion is that how is it that Nathan learns to uses the grappling hook back when he was a kid but was never used later on in the previous games until Uncharted 4? 

Nate never said or mentioned anything about Sam to Elena which, you know, could’ve been something he should’ve brought up in the past 10 years, he even told Elena that he was an only child. 

Also, even if Sam ‘died’ in front of Nate’s eyes during the prison break, wouldn’t Nate be like having a few times mourning over him during his adventure throughout the series at some point? Sam died so badly that day that his existence was locked away from Nathan’s memory afterwards not until Uncharted 4.

To be honest, it feels kinda like Sam was created as a ‘we ran out of ideas but hey, let’s make the protagonist have an older brother’ character. Now I have nothing against Sam other than this, I like this character, well, other than that fact that he’s kinda ‘2cool4DaTruth’ type, but he’s one of my fav Uncharted characters right above Harry Flynn.

Just a thought, just a playful thought.


Tvd finally ended and I’m glad to say it did on a good note. I’m really happy this show happened , I met my best friends bonding over this show and it always took my mind off problems and I really appreciate that and the cast. Thank you for the world of TVD ❤️❤️

Okay, I got this idea because it’s Tuesday. And yeah, “The Mystery Spot,” etc, etc. So, my mind went to “An Abundance of Katherines” and I decided to make this. I hope it hasn’t been done before, but it probably has…