sam and jack kisses

  • Ralph: Jack kissed me.
  • Piggy: Oh my god.
  • Sam: Alright. We have to hear this. Eric, get the wine. Does this end well or do we need to get the battle sticks?
  • Ralph: Oh, don't worry, it ended very well.
  • Eric: *getting the wine* Do not start without me. Do not start without me.
  • Simon: Aw, please tell us more about the kiss, Ralph. Was it like a soft brush against your lips? Or was it like a “I gotta have you now” kind of thing?
  • Ralph: Well, at first it was really intense, you know. And then, oh god, and then we just sort of sunk into it.
  • Sam: So, were you holding him? Or were his hands like on you?
  • Ralph: No, actually first they started on my waist. And then they slid down, and then they were on- well, you get it.
  • Everyone: ooooohhhh
  • [Far away, Jack is eating a burger, while Roger swirls a cup of tea]
  • Jack: And then I snogged him heh.
  • Roger: Tongue?
  • Jack: Yes.
  • Roger: Cool.
Bath- Sam Reinhart

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Ok so here we have it! Another little smut for everyone! I’m trying to keep them original, but I’m running out of ideas so if you guys have some good ideas that lead to smut, please help a chick out! Lol! Anyway… if you’re staying: Enjoy! If you’re skipping: Up next is Tyler Seguin!

Warning: smut, sex, smexy time, cussing

Anon Request: Can you make a Sam Reinhart smut??


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Sam & Jack April 2015 MOS-challenge: Incorrect Map.

Read more about the challenge here.

anonymous asked:

helooo, could you hint me to good Sam/Jack fic? i finished reading "the dreams we left behind" which i saw you shared a couple of days ago on here and i kinda figured you're the right person to ask for more? thxxxx

I bet you thought you were asking me a simple question with a simple answer, right Anon? Ha! I am generally incapable of brief answers. If a normal person would write three paragraphs, I will probably write three pages. That’s why this ask took me so long to answer. I’ve been working on this post on and off for weeks!

So…I might be able to point you in the direction of a few good Sam/Jack fics. ;-) Check my Stargate fic rec tag, for starters…

And now, FINALLY, here is a superlong list of my favorite Sam/Jack authors and stories, in no particular order. Note that for every one of these authors, I recommend pretty much anything they’ve written; the stories I mention here are my favorites.

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Request: “A mix of slow dance songs?”

Listen Here - Spotify: Slow With You. // 8Tracks: Slow With You.


Latch (Acoustic) // Sam Smith

She Is Love // Parachute

I Won’t Give Up // Jason Mraz.

I Got You // Jack Johnson

Wanted // Hunter Hayes

Stars // Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

Collide (Acoustic) // Howie Day

Kiss Me // Ed Sheeran

jaimaloley  asked:

Yea its not working i know you worked really hard on that masterlist to but its not working for me

Let Me Just Try This…I don’t know what else I could do! 

The Notebook Kiss - Jack Gilinsky

Can I See You Again - Skate Maloley

Public Display Of Teasing - Jack Gilinsky

Stay The Night (1) - Sam Wilkinson

Stay The Night (2) - Sam Wilkinson

Stay The Night (3) - Sam Wilkinson

You Better Be Mine - Jack Gilinsky

Turn Around And Kiss Me - Sam Wilkinson

We Win - Skate Maloley

Rodeo - Skate Maloley

Grier vs. Grier (1) - Nash and Hayes Grier

Grier vs. Grier (2) - Nash and Hayes Grier

Grier Vs. Grier (3) - Nash and Hayes Grier

Sunny Daze  - Shawn Mendes

Middle America (1) - Jack Gilinsky

Middle America (2) - Jack Gilinsky

You Make Me St-St-Stutter - Skate Maloley

Simplicity - Cameron Dallas

Not Yet - Skate Maloley

Bite My Shoulder - Skate Maloley

She Will Always Be Mine (1) - Jack Gilinsky and Sam Wilkinson

Do It All Again - Skate Maloley

The P Word (1) -  Skate Maloley

The P Word (2) - Skate Maloley

3:37 - Skate Maloley

Don’t You Like It Ma? - Sam Wilkinson

Your Annoying Ass - Sam Wilkinson

Ugly Duckling - Skate Maloley

With My Snapback On - Skate Maloley

Not Gonna Waste A Moment - Sam Wilkinson

I Dig You So Much - Jack Johnson

Attached To You - Jack Gilinsky

Not Just A Phase - Skate Maloley

Never Have I Ever - Skate Maloley ft. Omaha Squad

Food Fantasy - Skate Maloley

Chilled Lips, Warm Hearts - Sam Wilkinson

Don’t Test Me - Skate Maloley

You Ain’t Sleek - Skate Maloley

Kiss Me Once - Skate Maloley

Good For You - Skate Maloley

Worth It - Sam Wilkinson

Want You - Skate Maloley

Quickie - Skate Maloley

Penny For Your Thoughts - Skate Maloley

Bad Boy, Good Lips - Skate Maloley

California Heartbreaker - Sam Wilkinson

Real Or Not - Skate Maloley ft. Omaha Squad

Bye Bye Baby (1) - Sam Wilkinson

Bye Bye Baby (2) - Sam Wilkinson

Bye Bye Baby (3) - Sam Wilkinson

Moving On - Skate Maloley

Vent To Me - Jack Gilinsky

First Priority - Skate Maloley

Will I Regret This? - Sam Wilkinson

Missed Calls - Jack Gilinsky

Missed Calls (2) - Jack Gilinsky

Missed Calls (3) - Jack Gilinsky

Right There - Jack Gilinsky

First Flight Home - Jack Johnson

Killed My Fish - Skate Maloley

Stay Up - Jack Johnson

It’s A Bet - Jack Gilinsky

Be My Bubba - Skate Maloley

Oh My God - Jack Gilinsky

That’s Right Baby - Sam Wilkinson

Baddest Thing - Skate Maloley

Nice Seeing You…Not Really Though - Jack Gilinsky ft. Sam Wilkinson

All For You - Skate Maloley

These Things Happen - Jack Gilinsky

I Don’t Give A Damn! - Skate Maloley

What A Bitch! - Sam Wilkinson

Magcon/26mgmt preference: Your first kiss













Sam, This Is Your Fault!

Jacksepticeye x Markiplier

Summary: Jack is just a big, silly doof. A ticklish, big, silly doof.

Warning: Nothing

Note: This is meant to lure @septiplierticklefluff out of hiding. Sorry this was late. Also, this is not supposed to be offensive to Sean and Signe’s relationship.


Jack tried to hide his scowl but just failed. Why wasn’t this working? It was supposed to be easy! Sighing, he continued to dig his way through his own tangled jungle of wires that hid under his desk. He was so close to reaching it but at this point Jack had practically become one with the wires. In a desperate attempt to finally grab him, Jack threaded his arm through an especially tight wrangle of wires. Only for him to get stuck.

It all started by Jack accidentally dropped Sam down the back of his desk, he thought he could just reach down and grab him but his wires got in the way. Next thing Jack knew was he was stuck under his desk as the wires wrapped around his waist and his arms were both stuck above his head. Sam just resting on his finger tips. So close, but too far. 

Jack was about to call for Mark to help him out, although he was reluctant to call for help since he just knew Mark was never going to let this go, when Jack heard Chica poke her way past the door. “Chica! Go get Mark and make sure to bite his arse if he laughs at me.” Jack jokingly muttered. Chcia ignored him and from an outsider’s perspective, it looked as if she was trying to help to untangle him from the wires’ trap. From Jack’s point of view, Chica was deliberately sniffing his side to tickle him. 

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