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Kissing Preference

Sorry I couldn’t do everyone… I only did the ones where the gifs looks similar to the boy. Enjoy :)


Sam- (aka Daddy)



Gilinsky- (in his Jeep omfg)



Turn Around And Kiss Me

Sam Wilkinson - First Kiss

You didn’t quite know why you agreed to Sam coming over, you had been chatting the past three days and he was a very good flirt. You were enticed by him, interested, and you were confident that he felt the same about you as well. He came over, twirling his keys around his finger before popping them on your bedside table, he hopped into bed and patted the spot beside him, “turn the lights off?” He questioned, you do as he says, liking it better that way afore crawling into bed beside him. Sam proceeds to wrap both arms around you, and you enjoy the silence between you two. A few minutes later you were spooning, and his fingers were running along the side of your thigh, toying with the fabric of your shirt, “I like this it’s soft.” He whispers in your ear, placing his hand flat against your stomach, pressing his fingers in to create pressure which felt oddly comforting. Sam presses a kiss to your shoulder and glides his lips along, fingers feeling your prominent hip bone as a smile emerged on his lips, and you could feel it against his skin.  

Sam’s finger ran across your jaw and he peered down at you pressing a delicate kiss to your cheek, “turn around and kiss me.” You were slightly taken aback by his demand, or maybe how he came about it, but you again, do as he says and you turn around. He cups your cheek and leans in, kissing you tenderly. You curl your fingers along his bicep and press your fingers in. 

“Sam,” you murmur against his lips as he wraps his arm around you and pulls you closer so your chests are now flush together with no room in between. 

“No, no babygirl, tonight you’re gonna call me daddy.” 

Lemme Kiss You- Nate Maloley

Oh my god, I loved writing this. I was smiling the whole time lol, I hope you guys enjoy it.

            “Hi, sweetie,” Mrs. Maloley said as she opened the front door and stepped back so you could come him.

            “Hi Mrs. Maloley,” You said with a smile as you stepped into the house and took off your vans.

            “Nate is upstairs, it would be great if you could just get him to come out of his room, that would be great.” Nate’s mom said as she slipped on her shoes and grabbed her purse.

            “You going out?” You asked her.

            “I am, Nate’s been in his room for the past week and he’s only been out once. He won’t even come out for Sammy or the Jack’s, he’ll come out for you, Y/N,” Mrs. Maloley answered and stopped to look at you, with her hand on the door knob.

            “Do you know what’s been bothering him?” You asked, feeling upset that your best friend since 5th grade has been upset and you hadn’t even known. Actually you haven’t even spoken to him since the first week he was on tour, you didn’t want to admit it but you didn’t even know he was home from tour. You guessed you weren’t as close with him as he always told you.

            “No but I wish I did, sorry sweetie, I’ll be back around 5,” Mrs. Maloley saidand walked out of the door, shutting it behind her.

            You sighed and turned around, heading towards Nate’s room. You pushed away the sadness that Nate hasn’t been answering your texts away and shoved Nate’s door open, running toward him as he laid on his back and jumping on top of him. This had been normal for you two, your friendship had a flirty side, but it also was the kind of friendship where you told each other everything but you were able to cuddle up to him and let his arms coil around you.

            “What the hell,” Nate said as you pulled your legs up around his waist to straddle him before you put your head on his chest.

            “Nathan,” You greeted and sighed into him, his cologne wrapped around you but what you really wanted was to feel his strong hands come up and touch the skin of your thighs because he always did that when you laid on top of him, especially when you wore shorts, like today.

            But none of that happened because Nate shoved you off of him but you didn’t land on the spot next to him, nope, instead he pushed you off and your ass hit the floor with a thud. “Seriously, you dick fuck,” You answered and stood up and slapped his belly, “Come on, Nathan, I’ll make you some brownies.”

            “Y/N,” Nate groaned as you grabbed his hand and pulled him off of his bed.

            “Come on, good lookin’,” You said and pulled him out of his room, even though he wasn’t going willingly. Once you guys got downstairs you released his hand as you got into the kitchen, “So what’s got your panties in a twist?” You asked as you searched his house for all the necessary ingredients to make his favorite brownies.

            “Y/N, can you leave?” Nate asked and you turned around to look at him.

            “What?” You asked, feeling your heart drop.

            “I just need to be alone,” Nate said, his eyes dropped.

            “Excuse me?” You asked again.

            “I’m not trying to be a dick,” Nate said, his shoulders sagging.

            “No, but you’re definitely succeeding. You’re trying to push me away, the only person in your life that can put up with all this bullshit, you don’t talk to me for fucking months, you don’t tell me that you’re even home and yet I’m still fucking here trying to show you that you ignoring me doesn’t bother me, that I’m still your best friend.” You vented, slamming the bowl on the table.

            “You know what’s really annoying?” Nate asked.

            “No, but you better fucking tell me.”

            “All this fucking hate I’m getting from my supposed fans, the fact that the fans always pick Sammy and the Jack’s even for the mudd shoot I got left out all because they didn’t think I could pull off the fucking clothes. It’s all fucking bullshit!” Nate yelled, making you jump slightly, but at least he was letting it all out.

            “This is why you’re upset?” You asked. “You thinking you aren’t good enough?”

            “Well that must be it, they don’t even care about my music all they care about if how I’m the ugly duckling.” Nate said, dropping his phone onto the counter.

            “Then fuck them all!” You yelled. “You’re not the ugly duckling, you’re the hottest piece of ass in this town and you should know it. You used to know it, you knew you were the hottest guy in your friend circle, and this is what happened. Fuck them all,”

            “I’m not the hottest,” Nate argued.

            “That’s fucking lies, Nate I’ve had a crush on you for fucking years,” You admitted and immediately wanted to melt into the floor, you didn’t mean to tell Nate that but looking at his stunned face you realized you hadn’t just dreamed your words, you actually told him.

            “I…” You said, but you couldn’t even get out the words that you didn’t mean to tell him.

            Nate didn’t say anything, but he moved around the counter and walked towards you, putting his fingers in your hair and pulling your face up to his, his lips capturing yours in a heavy kiss. Your hands flew to his waist as he pulled away, dropping his hand from your hair, his perfect eyes staring at you and for the first time since you walked into the house, a switch flicked on and his eyes warmed up.

            “Nate, I..” You said, afraid he would say the kiss didn’t happen and he didn’t feel the same. But his lips spread into a smile, and two dimples pressed into his cheeks, his dimples were your favorite thing, they made you melt inside. Nate took the space between his thumb and finger and grabbed your chin with it, keeping your face in place as his lips devoured your own, his hand dropped from your face as your arms wrapped around his shoulders, pulling him to you as his hips pressed to yours.

            “Damn,” Nate whispered, pulling away just enough to reach down and touched his hand to the back of your thighs, lifting you up and plopping you down onto the counter. He stepped between your thighs and running his hands until they touched the  top of your thighs, his lips prying yours open until his tongue flicked against your bottom lip, you let your lips fall open and Nate took the opportunity to slip his tongue inside your mouth and you sighed into him. Kissing him was melting your insides and the groan that fell from his lips and vibrated against your own, your hand left his neck and wrapped itself into his hair, you tugged softly and immediately got a response from him, his lips left your own and touched the skin of your neck.

            “Nate,” You whispered, tilting your head to the side as his lips touched just under your ear.

            Nate pulled away abruptly and put some space between you two, his chest heaving as he tried to calm his breathing while he stared at you, his lips plump and red. You breathed heavily as well and stared back, feeling butterflies. “What just happened?” You asked quietly.

            “Fuck if I know,” Nate cursed and ran his fingers through his hair. “But I could do it forever,”

            The back of your hand touched your red lips to hide the smile that was on your face, Nate grinned at your attempt to hide it. He stepped towards you and did what he did before with the skin between his thumb and forefinger to your chin, keeping you in place. “I know you liked it just as much as I did,”

            “Nate but we’re best friends,” You said as his lips neared yours.

            His dimples went deeper, “Best friends make the best couples,”

            “Nate,” You whispered with a smile.

            “Lemme kiss you,” He whispered right as his lips captured yours again.


Kissing (4/4)

Jack Johnson:

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Can I See You Again?

Nate Maloley - First Kiss

“Thanks for the ride,” you mutter, smiling at him as you reach to grab your bag in the backseat. Nate grabs your wrist as you climb back into the front seat, giving you a look of desperation. 

He chews on his lips, and flicks his tongue over his lips to moisten them, “can I see you again?” You narrow your eyes, pressing your shoulder against the seat as you sit sideways. He chuckles nervously and opens his mouth to speak but quickly shuts it and purses his lips. 

“I uh,” you begin running your fingers through your hair, pulling at the roots slightly, “yeah you can see me again, “ you agree, he soon releases your wrist and you rest your head against the back of the seat. 

Nate smiles, and reaches out to fix the part of your hair that you messed up from running your fingers through it, “sounds good.” He concludes, but you barely pay attention to anything he’s saying because your eyes are already trained on his lips. Leaning in, you press your lips to his briefly and then quickly break away moving back to your side of the car. 

“Whoa,” he speaks, eyes almost bugging out of their sockets, “wait, why’d you break away?” He pleads, slipping his seat belt off so he can move over to your capturing your face between his hands as he catches your lips once more. Your arms wrap around his neck, and you crane your neck enough to deepen the kiss in sync with him. People walking past the car look in and see you kissing, but you honestly don’t even notice because you’re too engulfed in the kiss to pay attention to anything other than Nate. Thumbs brushing over the stubble on his cheeks you smile against his lips. 

“Yeah,” you say against his lips, leaving a few tender pecks, “you can definitely see me again.”