sam and frodo bromance

Merlin & Arthur vs Frodo & Sam

Merlin & Arthur and Frodo & Sam have incredible friendships—perhaps even the best fictional friendships ever portrayed. But whose friendship is better? Merlin and Arthur, or Frodo and Sam? While pondering this, I came to the realization that there are quite a few similarities between them.

Merlin and Sam. Not only are they both servants, but they have essentially the same destiny: to guide and protect the chosen one (Arthur and Frodo) to help Arthur and Frodo fulfill their own destinies.

One of the things that makes BBC’s Merlin such a unique show, is that it’s through the perspective of the guy usually regarded as a side character—the main character isn’t King Arthur—it’s his servant, Merlin. It would be like if Lord of the Rings had focused primarily on Sam instead of Frodo.

Probably the biggest difference between Merlin & Arthur and Frodo & Sam, is that while Frodo and Sam were close from the beginning, Merlin and Arthur started out hating each other, but grew close over time. I think Merlin and Arthur’s progression really adds to their depth, because though resentful and reluctant at first, it is through serving Arthur that Merlin comes to see Arthur for who he really is—and by extension, who he himself really is: Arthur’s servant.

Similarly, Sam, is also greatly defined by his friendship and servitude to Frodo.

Here are some more similar Merlin & Arthur and Frodo & Sam moments.

Frodo saving Sam from drowning.

Merlin saving Arthur from drowning.

Sam promising to be there for Frodo, no matter what.

Merlin promising to be there for Arthur, no matter what.

Sam can’t be kept away from Frodo.

Merlin can’t be kept away from Arthur.

Frodo to Sam:

Arthur to Merlin:

Sam carrying Frodo.

Arthur carrying Merlin.

Really, both friendships have so much in common, and are both so awesome, that I’m not sure it’s possible to decide which one wins. I’m going to call it a tie.

anonymous asked:

if you had a list of things that you would want to see in media/literature what would they be? For example more bisexual characters, disabled characters. etc.

I made a list like this a long time ago, but I can’t find it.


  • Bisexual males who aren’t gay stereotypes or overly sexual.
  • Male leads who aren’t tall/handsome/the same as every other male lead in speculative fiction.
  • Adults who aren’t automatically antagonists.
  • Adults who actually do something useful.
  • I really love outcast characters who aren’t portrayed as “haha this kid is weird let’s use them for comedic moments and laugh at their interests or mannerisms and their mere existence”.
  • Better characters in general.
  • I love characters.
  • Teenage characters who don’t spend most of their time engaging in pseudo-philosophical deprecating ideas because they mistake their superiority complex as a dislike for happiness and/or adults.
  • Friendship between two males that isn’t a “bromance” or queer baiting (see Sam and Frodo). EDIT: I didn’t mean to say that Sam and Frodo were queer baiting, I meant to say they were an example of what I wanted to see.


  • I love European-based fantasy, but I’m sick of every world being similar variations with the same heavy Germanic influence.
  • I’d like to see people get more into the fantasy aspect in terms of the genre. Give me some talking trees that cry maple syrup and who have pink leaves that, when they fall off in autumn, turn into little birds. I want to see less of “how can I put a twist on this” and more of “what is something that does not exist”.
  • Realistic and common high school settings. I’m sick of boarding schools and schools for super special art/music/dance/acting students where everyone has a great talent.
  • Cowboys in space. Maybe with swords. Cowboy-pirates in space.
  • I really want to see a Renaissance + Roman Catholic + Southern European inspired fantasy.
  • I also want to see a fantasy based on ancient Alexandria.
  • I want Westerns to make a comeback, or at least for other genres to take on Western settings/tropes even in a parody fashion (like in Community).
  • North America is beautiful and I’d love to see more of that setting in fantasy worlds.


  • Those stories where a little light grows brighter and brighter, whether that light is hope or happiness or life or other good things that shine in times of darkness.
  • Monotheistic fantasy religions that aren’t viewed as bad.
  • M/M romance that isn’t full of tears and negative emotions and magical sex that cures all bad situations.
  • Stories that give you that Son of Rambow feel.
  • Stories that give you that Wes Anderson feel.
  • Stories that give you that Terri feel.
  • I see a pattern here.
  • More third person POVs in YA.
  • YA stories without a hint of romance (unless it’s in the romance genre, obviously).
  • Super detailed and amazing plot twists/reveals.

Watching X-Files and doodling friendship pairs.  Gimli and Legolas, who are a bit more than friends.  Haldiri and Aragorn, who are sleeping after a long day of trekking around doing orc slaying.  Frodo and Sam, Tolkien’s personification of a Victorian bromance.  And Eowyn and Merry, the culture-defying pair of undercover warriors.  

#1117 “I enjoyed "The Hobbit” movies very much, but I felt that PJ worked overtime trying to make the same bromance between Bilbo & Thorin that existed between Sam & Frodo. If you look at the MANY tender looks that Frodo gives Sam throughout LOTR, I can almost hear PJ telling Richard Armitage to “look just like that.” Even the camera angles are the same! I wish the focus had been on the Dwarves, especially Dwalin & Thorin. Dwalin loved Thorin like a bro & King but they had little screen time together.“