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Throne of Glass by @sjmaas Character Relationship Map (Possible Spoilers) :)

A red box around a character’s name means they’re deceased, black is living.

Enemy- Red
Friend- Green
Lover- Purple
Former lover- Pink
Closely related- Blue
Current/former blood oath- Highlight blue
Current/former cadre- Yellow
Adopted family- Orange
Host/possessed by- Black

Some have multiple relationships (I used a maximum of two)

Some characters and relationships (eg. Allies) aren’t included to make my character map *slightly* less confusing


CultureMUSIC: “Take The ‘A’ Train feat. Ivie Anderson” - From the 1943 film Reveille with Beverly - Duke Ellington & His Orchestra 

In honor of Duke’s birthday (April 29, 1899), a vintage clip featuring this seminal jazz classic and the fine af black musicians of the early 20th century. 

I hope folks understand that the Duke was basically the Sam Cooke, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Jay Z, Kanye, Kendrick of his generation. 

Star of the Show- Andre Burakovsky

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You smiled and took the nights’ final bow with the rest of the cast as the audience cheered before waving goodbye as the curtains closed.

“Great show everyone!” you heard the director call. “Time to head home! Everyone have a good night and I’ll see you tomorrow!”

You grinned and hurried offstage, taking the red scrunchie out of your wig and going to the dressing rooms. Your musical debut was done and Veronica Sawyer had saved the school from her boyfriend once more. “Great job out there guys!”

“You too, (Y/N)!” Megan, the girl who played Heather Chandler, noted.”I’m seriously impressed. You were a natural out there. I guess all the rehearsals and tech week paid off for all of us.”

“I guess so.”

“And you seriously played the drama well,” Katie- the company’s Heather McNamara- said, “and- not going to lie- Dead Girl Walking got me turned on a little bit.”

Piper, who played Martha, snickered and chimed in. “You and everyone else. Let’s be realists here.”

“Well, it is a song about sex.”

Sam- who played Heather Duke- spoke up. “I still think it was enough to get Eric turned on, though. And he’s not into girls.”

You shrugged. “Well, maybe he was picturing it as Jonathan Groff or Aaron Tveit or someone instead of me.”

“How’d you guess?” you heard on the other side of the door, causing the room to erupt in laughter. He must’ve been walking by at the perfect timing.

“Lucky guess.”

You continued to dress down into your jeans, blouse, and jacket, and swapping your heels for sneakers and putting your costume back on the hanger to put away. You just finished combing your hair back out after taking the bald cap and wig off to put away when you heard a knock and a voice on the other side you recognized to be Alan, the guy who played Ram.

“Hey, (Y/N), there’s a couple of guys here who wants to meet the cast. Some celebrities it seems. Can’t do that without you.” he said. “One of them’s a looker, too. Your type. Just saying.”

You blushed. “What?”

Katie smiled. “Everyone good? No one’s naked. Good. Let’s go.”

“Wait, is this normal?”

“Oh don’t worry.” Piper said, putting a hand on your shoulder. “You’re going to be fine. It’s not common, but it’s not uncommon either. Whenever celebs come to see the show, sometimes they want to go back and congratulate us in person. That’s how I met the Obamas that one time.”

You went out with the other girls to see the other cast members and your male co-stars talking with three big guys. One who was blonde and the other two were brunet. The blonde and the taller of the brunets has long-ish straight hair and the other had curls. Speaking of the other one, he must have been the one Adam talked about.

He was tall, but not lanky and he had a nice jawline and great cheekbones, too. His eyes were bright as he spoke with Eric and Jane, who played Ms. Fleming, probably congratulating them on how well they did when Eric turned his head.

“Ah and here’s our little starlets.” he smiled. “Gents, these are the Heathers, Martha, and our Veronica, fresh from her debut. Or, as we like to call them, Katie, Sam, Megan, Piper, and (Y/N). Girls, these are Nicklas, Tom, and Andre. They play here for the Capitals. It’s ice hockey.”

Megan joked. “Of course you know, Eric. You’re from Toronto.”

He scoffed and put a hand to his chest in mock hurt. “Hey! Hockey loving is a Canadian stereotype that I am proud to uphold.”

The three Heathers and Piper went over to talk to them with the rest of the cast as you stayed behind. Surprisingly, for an actress with the lead role, you were ridiculously shy. Anyone other than someone you’re really familiar with and you’re as shut in as a clam. You opened up to Twitter and scrolled through social media absentmindedly.


You yelped and nearly dropped your phone in fright due to the sudden voice. You turned your head to find you face to face with a pair of warm brown eyes.

“You’re a sneaky one, aren’t you? I barely noticed you over here.” he smiled, backing away so you could see him better. It was the one Adam was talking about. The curly-haired man from before.

You blushed “Uh h-hi.”

“Hi. Sorry for being rude. Just… couldn’t help but notice you alone here. I’m Andre.”

You took the hand he held out and shook it. “(Y/N). (Y/N) (L/N). Nice to meet you Andre.”

“(Y/N)? That’s really pretty… Wait. You’re Veronica!”

You blushed and nodded. “Uh yeah. That’s me.”

“Wow! You were great! Really, I mean that.” he gushed. “You were… God it was so awesome! Congrats on the great show. It’s unlike any other show I’ve seen. It’s so… funny. Like an SNL skit but 20 times longer and darker. But the music was great and the jokes were funny.”

You were red at this point and couldn’t help but smile at him. He was just too damn cute. Like the human embodiment of 20 puppies stacked up in a trench coat. “Oh thank you! That actually really means a lot. It was my debut tonight, after all. That really means a lot to me. Thank you for coming.”

“Whoa, that was your debut? Like your first time?”

You nodded. “Professionally, yeah.”

“Wow.” he marveled. “That’s something else. Really.”

“Thanks.” you said. “Sorry if I’m awkward. I’m kinda shy.”

“It’s okay. Promise.”

“Yeah?” you smiled. “You wanna get a picture?”

He grinned. “That’d be awesome, actually. Thank you.”

You tapped Megan on the shoulder and asked her to take the pic. She took Andre’s phone and had you two stand close together and grin.

“Alright! Say Heathers!”

You stood still until she put the phone down and gave a thumbs up. “You’re good.”

“Thank you.” you said in unison with him before peering over at the phone to see them. “Awww they’re so nice!”

He smiled. “Yeah… Do you want me to send them to you?”

You blushed. “Are you asking me for my number?”

“And if I am?”

You smirked. “If so, just don’t be a stranger and maybe use it for something besides sending the pictures.”

He grinned. “I see you’ve found some confidence.”

“A bit. You’re just really easy to talk to.” you said, taking his phone and putting yourself into a new contact slot and entering your number, using one of the pictures as the saver. “There you go.”

“Thanks.” He replied, taking it back and hearing his friend call him. “I should go. Thank you.”

“No problem. Thank you so much for coming.”

‘It was my pleasure.” he grinned. “I’ll text you. Goodnight, (Y/N).”

“Goodnight, Andre.”

  • After first dance my first year: k that was cool...idk what was with that american pie song tho......

Okay the bit in the Fellowship movie where Sam nearly drowns would have been so much stronger if they had at some point told the viewer how much hobbits hate and fear water–like it’s not just that Sam can’t swim, it’s that he’s literally terrified of drowning and throws himself in after Frodo anyway and mostly the movies are really pretty faithful but I’m so mad about this

Puppy Dog Eyes

SPN Writing Challenge | @sis-tafics vs @yetanothersupernaturalfan

Prompt: “Just pick a damn name, okay?”

Pairings: Sam X Reader

Word Count: 700

Summary: Drabble. Sam and the reader attempt to convince Dean to let them get a dog

Warnings: language

Tags:  @spnwritingchallenge @writingaworldofmyown @deanwinchester-af @sherlock44 @mamaimpala @i-have-loved-a-thousand-lives@nichelle-my-belle @bloodysideofhell @mrswhozeewhatsis @vintagevalentinexx@the-mrs-deanwinchester @for-a-brothers-love @gryffindorable713 @ocaptain-mycaptainmorgan @jcqln-fhr  @feelmyroarrrr @supernaturaltookover @aprofoundbondwithdean @winchesterprincessbride @thinkwritexpress  @ezauraemmaline @castielspahdehrah @oriona75 @balthazars-muse @winchesterenthusiast

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“Morning.” You grumble, rubbing the sleep from your eyes as you stumble into the kitchen.

“Good morning…You look tired.” Sam is already sitting at the table, laptop open, sipping coffee from a blue mug. He smiles, hazel eyes shining.

“Nah…Just need a cup…maybe a pot before I’m awake.” You pour yourself a cup, shuffling over to take the chair beside him but his arm hooks around your waist, pulling you down to sit on his one leg. You lean back against his chest, letting him hold you close, Sam’s large hand rubbing up and down your arm. You set your mug on the table before reaching up, kissing his pulse point. Sam smiles down at you, you reach up and cup his face, running your thumb over his jaw, “Sam, you need to shave.”

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Courage and Kindness Part 13 (Final)

PAIRING: Reader x Bucky Barnes AU 

Word Count: 

Warnings: fluff, slight angst 

Well here we are, the final chapter of Courage and Kindess. I never expected to receive the love and support for this and I’ve loved writing my first AU series. Who knows maybe I’ll write another series in the future? But for now enjoy the last part of Courage and Kindess x 

Part 12

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You descended down the stairs; your heart was hammering in your chest you feared it would burst from your chest. You tried to regulate your breathing as you passed a man in royal dress. He had a slight frown on his face as he watched you like a hawk. Glancing quickly to the doors where Daisy and Darcy were gaping you felt your stomach drop as you turned to enter the drawing room. And there he was, the green coat draped across his broad shoulders. His dark hair was slightly longer and smooth back, sensing your presence he turned to face you the familiar glass slipper held securely in his hand.

Bucky recognized the girl immediately he tried not to let his mind wander at the unkempt and abused state she was in. Inspire of the dirt and tattered dress she was even more beautiful now than she was at the ball, and Bucky heart sang. He watched as she smiled softly dipping into a curtsy.

“Who are you?” The question was burning into Bucky’s soul.

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Okay, but imagine Sam Vimes in the Avengers Universe.

Loki goes traipsing through the Discworld for some of that sweet, sweet Discworld mojo and gets on Vimes’ radar in a bad way. Next thing you know, Loki is exploding through the Tesseract with Sam Vimes on his heels. And Loki gets away (because evil space wizard!) and Nick Fury has Sam Vimes surrounded and is all like “Who the hell are you?”

“Commander Vimes, Ankh-Morpork City Watch. I am in hot pursuit of a perp suspected of grand theft thaumo and several accounts of being a bloody nuisance.”

Sam Vimes showing up to the Chitauri invasion and being like “What, kill them? Just arrest them!”

Steve Rogers, “Sir, with all due respect you can’t arrest an entire alien army.”

“Oh you thINK SO?!”

Sam Vimes, puking in his mouth a little bit when he realizes how prevalent guns are on Earth. “And these things are barely regulated!? Ye gods, man!”

Sam Vimes meeting Thor and finding out he’s a prince. “So you think you can just do whatever you want with that frilly cape and fancy hammer?”

Sam Vimes is so used to Vetinari that Natasha doesn’t even faze him. She can’t get any information out of him because his answers consist of either “Ma’am?” or “Ma’am.”

Sam Vimes actually losing his shit and going totally bursar when Steve tries to call him a soldier. Sam Vimes drinking cranberry juice in front of Tony at every opportunity. Sam Vimes getting along absurdly well with Clint.

Thor, though, Thor’s been around and he’s heard the stories about Vimes the Butcher, and he knows all about how highly regarded he is on the Disc. Imagine Thor telling the team that Sam married into wealth and became a duke. “He doesn’t seem like a duke.” Thor telling them about how the kings on the Disc respect/fear him. “This is the same guy who thinks elevators are witchcraft?” Thor telling them that he’s disgustingly wealthy, enough to compare his wealth to the Stark fortune. “Stop it, his boots are actually made of cardboard.”

Sam Vimes actually getting into a fight with Loki, who thinks his illusions and trickery are going to work against both this suspicious bastard and the Summoning Dark that shadows him. Loki knows all about Sam Vimes the Duke and Sam Vimes the Commander, but is completely taken offguard by Sam Vimes the dirty street fighter. All the magic and power in the multiverse cannot save him from this cop’s pointy elbows. Imagine Vimes pinning Loki to the ground, slapping the horns off his head and snarling “You are under arrest, mister!”

Imagine Fury giving Sam Vimes the additional title of Avenger. His Grace, His Excellency the Duke of Ankh, Commander of the Watch, Sir Samuel Vimes, Avenger. This leads to the infamous Shouting and Throwing Things debacle that all SHIELD trainees are warned about for years to come.  

Imagine, if you will, this all takes place over the course of a day and Sam has enough time to get magicked back to the Disc, cause a major traffic incident and scramble home in time to read to Young Sam by six o’clock. Because some things are important.