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“There isn’t destiel if Dean is my boyfriend.”


Hot Blooded

Warning:- Smut, Swearing 


This is a mash up of several request because they were pretty similar :) so I hope you like!!


wantated said: Hey! I love your blog! I spent like, a whole day reading you Masterlist and since then I am in love! So… I have a request but it is big… so sorry! I was wondering if you could write something about Jody, Charlie and the Reader having a girls night at the bunker or somewhere where they talk about girls, boys and relationships and they make the Reader admit that she is in love with Dean and that she should confess to him, because he totally loves her too. Thank you so much! You are great!

Anon said: Can we have a reader and charlie girly night? thanks

Anon said: Can I ask for a deanxreader where charlie and sam plot to get them to admit their feelings? 


You stumbled from the kitchen with snacks piled so high in your arms it was impossible to see over the top. It was your monthly “girly” night with Charlie and you were incredibly excited. Your knee collided with a chair on the way out of the room towards the converted “Movie room”; A string of not to colourful curse words flew from your mouth as the pain radiated up your leg.

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Wild Child ~Winchester Sister~

Summary: Your two older brothers let you go out to a party but you miss curfew         and the get a call saying your miles past drunk. They come pick you up. 

Warnings: Heavy consumption of alcohol by the reader. 

Pairings: Sister!reader with both Sam and Dean

Author’s Note: 2 more coming your way! Daryl Dixon and Barry Allen :) 

You flinched slightly as someone slung a hand over your shoulder. You couldn’t help but burst out laughing at the senior who exclaimed something not quite audible over the loud music. 

“Drink up!” he yelled in your ear and you laughed plucking the red cup out of his hand and in one swig the contents were gone burning their way down your throat. He stood back and cheered before running off leaving you laughing. 

More alcohol. That is what you needed. You snaked through people making out and individuals who were basically having sex standing up something they would call ‘dancing’. You slipped into the kitchen and grabbed the whiskey bottle that stood on the counter. 

“This i’ll do!’ you exclaimed loudly surprising yourself. Dean and Sam were going to be furious.  

“Hey!” someone called and you turned seeing the girl who invited you to the party- Mary? Anyway this was extremely kind of her as you were a travelling teenager that barely stayed in one school longer than a month. You never got invited to such things as you never stayed long enough to make new friends. 

“Gimme me some Y/N!” she slurred. You laughed as you poured her about half a cup. Sam and Dean had reluctantly let you come here but you turned 17 a week ago they felt way to guilty and bad for not allowing you the joys of being a teenager. 

They also attempted the pep talk before and the ‘Under any circumstance if you feel uncomfortable you call us’. If you had to recite the exact words that Dean used. 

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Scenes from the Winchester Eating Saga that deserves more credit:

Dean x Food = Fean! 

Fean : Someone who craves and/or is obsessed to something that is healthy, good or clean. A clean addiction. 

team “It all started with Harry Potter and now I’m basically in every fandom the world can offer me”

Comfort Me

A.N - My first fic in a while i hope you like it :)

Warnings - swearing 

You sat on the sofa sandwiched between the Winchester’s, Dean on your left and Sam on your right. Your arm threaded through Dean’s and Sam’s draped over your shoulders. You tried to calm your breathing and fight back the next round of tears that were making their presence known in the back of your throat. 

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Being the Winchester’s little sister would include:

~Dean saying no when you ask to go hunting
~Sam disagreeing with Dean
~Dean making you Sam’s responsibility on hunts bc Sam begged to bring you along
~Playing pranks on Cas with Dean
~Teaching Cas social cues
~Cas constantly taking notes during your “lessons”
~Stealing their flannels
~“You have your own flannels”
~“But I like yours better”
~Making pies for the boys when you stay back from hunts
~Getting anxious when they don’t give you daily updates while they’re away
~“Jesus, Dean, you can’t scare me like that!”
~Lowkey hardcore shipping Destiel
~Dean letting you drive Baby occasionally
~“If i see one scratch on her, you’re dead.”
~Dean being v protective
~Demons and Angels know not to mess with you
~You almost selling your soul every time one of your brothers die
~Getting the nickname “Kitten” from Crowley bc ur smol but feisty and shit
~You and Sam always have stupid handshakes and inside jokes
~Both of them telling you stories of before you were born
~“The moment we met you, everything changed”
~Being shipped off to Bobby’s as a kid
~Listening to all of Dean’s cassette tapes
~Falling in love with rock music
~You and Dean burping in unison 

~“You guys are gross”

~Having your first beer with Sam and Dean

~Constant teasing because of how drunk you got

~How to Cure a Hangover 101 with Dean

~They always watch out for you, because that’s what siblings do