sam and dean cosplay

I am so HYPED right now! So for my comm tech class we have to recreate a movie poster. So I asked my teacher if I could do a TV show instead and he said sure as long as it is challenging enough. So I’ve selected the poster above.

I have already started putting together costumes for my friends and I to recreate each character and when it’s done I plan to (with my friends permission of course) show it to all of you.


Punk Castiel cosplay (~°•°)~

“Sam. Dean. I swear it’s not a phase.”


“Dad’s on a hunting trip…”

GAH so my cosplay sis @deannalovespie and I decided to do a collab together for fem!winchesters. We’ve been planning it for quite some time and this is the result. Basically this is what happens when you live in different countries a gazillion miles apart. Photoshop brings people together!!! no but srsly. these cosplays are something we eventually want to do together IRL so to tide us over until we can afford plane tickets, we did this collab and it honestly fulfills my life!! (we’re already planning more collabs) I’m SO HAPPY. LUV U DEE.<3

Sammy: me

Deanna: @deannalovespie


“Honestly, I think the world’s going to end bloody. But it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fight. We do have choices.”

… didn’t think we would leave all of you hanging on #SupernaturalDay did you? Afterall it’s one of our most requested!

Debuting Sam and Dean Winchester!


I’ve been watching a lot of Supernatural lately and really wanted to costest Dean and Sam Winchester. Both of these were done a bit sloppy and way too late at night, but I’m fairly happy with them! I’m really looking forward to improving the makeup and filming some stuff ✌️


Dean reacting to a couple cosplaying as him and Sam


Dean reacting to a couple cosplaying him and Cas

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