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Wings: Preen

Request: I am absolutely in love with anything having to do with the reader’s ability to see Gabe’s wings (aka soulmate fics!) Would you maybe consider doing a Winchester!reader fic like that?

A/N: I’ve read a lot of these, so I decided to take a different approach. There will be a part two!

Author: Holly

Warnings: Light swearing

Characters: Y/N, Gabriel, Castiel, Sam, Dean

Word Count: 2,371

Y/N = Your Name

Part One: Preen

            Your twin brother Adam grew up with you in Michigan, and you only saw your father once a year – twice, if you were incredibly lucky. As you grew up, you stayed close out of concern for the increasingly-erratic behavior of your mother. You made plans to meet up again and take time off to stay with her.

            You never saw either of them again, because by the time you had returned to your hometown, your mother and brother had both been eaten alive by ghouls. Sam and Dean pulled you out of the infested house in the nick of time, and since then, you traveled with them. Your hunting, however, left some to be desired – you hadn’t had your entire life to practice.

            The desire to keep you alive was what made them relax their anti-archangel rules in a special exception for Gabriel. The archangel would ride with you on long trips in the Impala on occasion, and he would pop in for at least a quick minute once you’d found a hotel. You’d text and he’d send you photographs of the most beautiful places in the world that you wished you had the money and the safety to go see.

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Wings (Castiel x Reader)





SUMMARY: Turns out not everyone can see an angels wings

I was sitting on a cheap motel bed, laptop in my lap and a cold cup of coffee next to me, researching a case while Sam and Dean were out. Of course, I was not allowed to them. As much as I protested and whined about it I was stuck on research duty.

Sure, Sam and Dean had good reason to keep me out of the real hunting as I was very inexperienced, having only dealt with a few ghosts, a couple vampires and a witch, but surely the only way I’d get better was to actually get my hands dirty, right?

I’d been part of the Winchester group for a few years now, after helping them on a tricky case with Bobby. After a few months of helping the brothers, they decided it’d be a good idea to bring me along permanently. I didn’t mind being on the road all the time, it was fun. An adventure. Something a small town girl like me rarely gets.

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Lattes and Tattoos

It appeared out of thin air, on her forearm, a tattoo of a latte cup, steam rising from the open lid, the heart design in the foam dominating her skin.

She had heard of things appearing on others, soulmate designs, they were called, doodles, sketches of art, permenantly etched on one’s skin.

She was 33 and she had never even gotten a lame butterfly in all her years, until that day in the bookstore, as she reached for a book of poetry, her skin exposed.

Her soulmate had drawn their coffee cup and as the sketch completed she saw a scribble of a name on the sleeve.


Was it her imagination or were her senses playing a trick on her? She could smell the vanilla and cinnamon, the rich grounds of coffee, coming from the far counter of the bookstore. She looked from her tattoo to the only man sitting at the barista’s counter and caught her breath.

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She tucked the book under her arm and approached the broad shouldered man, with the tawny brown hair, and pencil to paper.

“Excuse me,” she tapped him on the shoulder and he turned, his green eyes piercing her dark ones, “are you Sam by any chance?”

The man looked at his sketch and noticed her forearm, shook his head, sadly,

“Name’s Dean,” he pulled a stool out for her, “there’s something you need to know.”

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Lucifer Soulmate Au (SPN)

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Upon a child’s birth, a blurred tattoo appears on their body. The tattoo remains blurry until you meet your soulmate, once you meet them the tattoo become perfectly clear. As you get closer to the moment when you meet your soulmate, the image slowly become clearer.  If your soulmate dies, then the image disappears.

I’d never had a tattoo anywhere on my body. I, along with my friends and family, assumed that my soulmate had died… or perhaps I was the first person to be born without one. That was until the morning when I woke to find a soulmate tattoo imprinted on my body. A large, vibrant red wing adorned my right wrist. The long wings stretched out across my wrist almost as if it was going to wrap around it. It was blurry, but it was still distinguishable.  

Six years had passed since the morning the tattoo appeared. Since then, I’d moved into the Men of Letters Bunker with Sam and Dean Winchester. I’d met the brothers during a vampire hunt. I saved them, and then they saved me. It had been that way ever since. 

I followed the smell of coffee down the hallway to the kitchen. Dean stood at the coffee pot, pouring himself a cup of the heavenly liquid. Sam sat at the table reading something on his iPad. 

I reach past Dean for the pot of coffee as I also pour myself a cup. Dean grabs my wrist as I place the pot back on the bench. He appears to admire my soulmate mark. 

“Huh, that’s odd,” Dean states. I glance down at the mark after his statement and I gasp.

“What? What’s going on?” Sam questions as he walks up to Dean and I. 

“My tattoo’s completely clear today.”

I quietly step into the abandoned warehouse. I spot Sam and Dean tied to chairs in the centre of the building, no one else was in sight. With my gun poised, I quickly jog towards the boys.

As I neared the boys, Dean manages to remove his gag. “Y/n leave! Now! He’s here for you! Go!” 

I ignore Deans demands as I pull out a knife to untie them but I freeze as I hear a laugh echo through the building, followed by a booming voice. 

“There she is! Finally, Y/n has arrived.” 

My heart drops as I stare at the owner of the voice. A tall, blonde man with blue eyes stood just metres away from me. His sleeves were rolled up to his elbows which left a familiar tattoo exposed. 

A deep chuckle escapes him, “I’m guessing you just figured out that I’m you soulmate. We haven’t officially met… my names Lucifer.”

Fighting it is Useless

This wasn’t a request, just something my brain came up with. I do not own any SPN characters. They belong to the creators of the show. There’s no getting out of the Ketchcan for me! 

Warnings: Mild angst, Soulmate AU, Slight Spoilers for Season 12!!!(Mostly just characters)

Pairings: Arthur Ketch x fem!Winchester reader, Mick Davies, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester

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Soulmates and love. Those two words clung to Arthur Ketch’s brain and on his tongue like a bitter aftertaste. The very thought of needing someone, of not being able to live without them after meeting them, was ridiculous to Ketch. Yet, that was exactly the position Ketch found himself in.

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Imagine being Lucifers soulmate

Word count: 2186

Request by: anon - Hi! I was wondering if I could request a Lucifer x reader where Chuck is like “yeah Lucifer has a soulmate duh” so Sam, Dean, Cas, Lucifer, and Chuck all go to find them (Sam and Dean ready for her to be all evil) but they’re super intelligent and sweet? Thank you!! 

A/N: Thanks for the request <3

No one’s POV

Sam, Dean, Cas and Chuck were all sat silently in the room thinking of ways in which they could make Lucifer less angry at everything which reduces the risk of him throwing one of his ‘tantrums’ and destroying his brothers and humanity.

“I guess we could find his soulmate,” Chuck spoke out loud breaking the silence causing both Sam and Dean’s heads to shoot up and stare in Chuck’s direction.

“That’s a possibility,” Castiel replied to his father before continuing to look down at the lore book in his hands.

Both Sam and Dean just continued to stare at them in shock. The Lucifer, the very fallen angel which wanted to destroy humanity, had a soulmate, a human soulmate. A long period of silence followed as they were both too frozen to say anything.

“Wait what? Lucifer has a soulmate,” Dean spoke breaking the silence asking the question both him and Sam wanted to ask.

“Yeah Lucifer has a soulmate, duh,” Chuck laughed as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, “I made every angel have a soulmate.”

“Could you take us and Lucifer to her?” Sam asked Chuck steadily and Dean looked at him as if he had just said the most stupid and crazy thing in the world.

“Of course I can,” Chuck replied looking over the small group of people within the room, “It’s just getting Lucifer out of his room and agreeing to the plan that’s going to be the hard part, I don’t think he even knows himself that he has a mate.”

Everyone’s heads drifted to Dean silently, as a group, picking him to be the one to speak to the angry archangel only a few rooms down from them.

“Well I’m not going in there alone with no defence against a moody archangel.” Dean spoke matter-of-factly.

“Who are you calling moody?” A smooth voice called out causing everyone’s heads to shoot over to where the sound came from.

There stood Lucifer leaned against the doorframe with a smug expression covering his face, it was the first time anyone had seen him come out of his designated room almost as if he could sense that the others were talking about him.

“Lucifer, come sit,” Chuck spoke causing Lucifer to pull a face which resembled disgust.

“I’m fine here,” he replied. Lucifer still wasn’t back to being 100% father and son with God (in fact he acted like a teenager) but they seemed to be better than they were when he first got out of the cage and being moody constantly was better to Chuck than his son not talking to him at all.

“Well, what do you all want, I could hear you all thinking my name from my room,” Lucifer spoke into the silent room taking notice of the shocked expressions on the Winchester’s face’s when looking at him.

“Father decided it would be best if took you to see your soulmate.” Castiel informed Lucifer.

Shock was evident on Lucifer’s face for a split moment in time before it returned expressionless to try and hide the emotions he was feeling; it was clear to everyone in the room that he didn’t know he had a soulmate.

“Well, let’s go do that then,” Lucifer spoke calmly yet inside he knew he was excited. After the fall and spending so long in the cage, he had begun to think that his father had not created him a soulmate and was pleasantly surprised to find out that he still had the ability to feel love like his brothers and sisters, “It’s slightly better than doing nothing in my room all day,” he added not wanting anyone in the room to acknowledge his happiness, he still had the reputation of ‘the devil’ to hold.

“That was easier than expected,” mumbled Chuck to both Dean and Sam with a chuckle before raising his hand and clicking sending them all to meet Lucifer’s soulmate.

Your POV

Sighing to yourself, you collapsed onto the sofa, your favourite book in your hand ready to read the night away. The day had been so busy and you hadn’t had a second to relax so you had decided to spend the rest of the night just relaxing, listening to your favourite band and reading. That was until you heard a knocking at the door.

Thinking it was just some hunters coming to you for information you decided to ignore the knocking at the door and continue reading, trying your hardest to relax. They could go to someone else for help, it’s been too long of a day.

The knocking continued so you sighed placing the book down and made your way to the persistent person knocking at your door so late at night.

Shock was evident on your face when you opened the door to 5 men staring at you, two looking slightly scared making you confused as to why they could be here. You slightly backed away from the door in case they were demons (which you doubted highly due to the friendship you had with Crowley, although they could be rouge demons) or any other monster which could have found out you were helping hunters.

Even though you were nervous, your eyes couldn’t help but drift over to the man with blonde hair you just wanted to wrap your hands in and gorgeous blue eyes that you could stare in for eternity, your eyes continued to roam over his body, as did his with yours. You quickly diverted your eyes away from him in case he noticed you checking him out.

“How can I help you lovely men?” you smiled slightly looking at them as a whole.

“We was wondering if we could speak with Y/N,” the guy in the trench coat asked.

“That would be me, please, come in,” you replied, a smile not leaving your face, you nervously watched as they all stepped onto and over the welcome mat which contained a hidden devils trap under it. Your worry slightly lifted when you saw that none of them had gotten stuck. We are demon free, I repeat, demon free you thought to yourself as the men followed you into the kitchen.

“Anybody want a cuppa?” you asked happy that you weren’t in danger, if you were they probably would have tried to attack you by now but you were still cautious just in case.

A chorus of ‘no thank you’s’ was your reply apart from the blonde headed man replying ‘please’ causing all of the other men to look at him as if he had grown another head.

“S-Sure thing,” you cursed yourself for stuttering when talking to him and you felt your cheeks begin to heat up.

You hummed a cheery tune as you quickly spun around and popped the kettle on before making a drink for the both of you. As you handed the mysteriously hot man his drink your fingers collided for a moment and everything felt right like nothing else mattered in that short moment of time but you and him, sparks of electricity running up your arm. Looking up into the man’s crystal blue eyes, you searched for any sign that he had felt the same as you but all you saw was his expressionless face. Quickly, you grabbed onto your drink before sitting down and inviting everybody else to do so.

“So, what is it you guy’s wanted,” you smiled taking a sip of your drink. You had always been a cheerful person, from a very young age up until now and you had always believed that there was too much negativity within the world that you couldn’t possibly contribute to that, so you tried to spread as much joy as possible. It was one of the reasons you started helping hunters with their boring lore work. Lucifer realised that and admired you for it.

“Well, I guess we should introduce ourselves first, shouldn’t we?” the tall long haired man said nudging the person next to him who continued to stare at you like you was some sort of myth or legend.

“Wha- oh yes. Introductions. I’m Dean, that’s…” he paused for a second whilst pointing in the blonde man’s direction, “…Nick?” he said as more of a question, “Chuck, Cas, and this is my little brother Sam.”

It was now your turn to have shock overcome your face. Did you hear them right? Sam and Dean Winchester was in your house, in front of you with the infamous Castiel you had heard so much about. What the heck would they want with you?

“Winchester brothers?” You asked out quietly, surprised that a voice even managed to come out of your mouth.

“Yeah… That’s us, how’d you know?” Sam asked slightly creeped out that you knew who they were.

“Oh come on, every hunter knows about you two,” you stated.

Silence overcame the room as the men processed what you had just said, the only person to show any form of emotion was Nick, a large, proud smirk across his face at the fact you were a hunter.

“Well then, since you know about the supernatural, we can properly introduce ourselves,” Chuck spoke motioning to him and Nick, “I’m God, but I prefer Chuck.”

“Pleasure to meet you Chuck!” You spoke happily sticking out your hand for him to shake, surprising yourself that you didn’t react massively to the fact he had just told you he was the God. He chuckled taking your hand in his, your infectious smile crawling its way onto his face. Everybody then looked in Nicks direction, you saw him nervously fiddling with his hands.

“I, uh, I’m,” he stuttered, a hand reaching to stroke the back of his neck to calm him down as he debated whether or not he should tell you the truth, “I’m Lucifer.”

You smiled and wrapped your arms around him, for some reason it just felt right and both you and Lucifer knew it. He sighed into the hug relaxing instantly when you didn’t freak out over who he was

“Well it’s a pleasure to meet you too Lucifer,” you said into the hug before pulling away from him seeing a smile on his face. The rest of the group seemed shocked at his display of emotion yet Lucifer decided to ignore them and keep smiling at you.

“So,” you spoke suddenly clapping your hands together and reluctantly turning away from Lucifer, “What brings the Winchesters, God and the angels to these neck of the woods.”

Lucifer’s metaphorical heart stopped for a moment when you acknowledged him as an angel, he didn’t think he could possibly fall in love with something as quickly as he was with you.

“You understand the concept of soulmates correct?” Castiel spoke up and you looked over in Lucifer’s direction knowing where the conversation seemed to be heading.

“I do,” you answered Castiel but not taking your eyes off of Lucifer and him not taking his eyes off of you.

“Well, we found out that you are the soulmate of-“

“Lucifer,” you spoke cutting Castiel off. It definitely was the only explanation for the strong attraction you were having for him, it felt as if you had known each other for all eternity.

“Yes, Lucifer is your mate,” Castiel confirmed.

You felt as Lucifer’s hand slid down into yours, fingers locking together causing a grin to appear on both your face and Lucifer’s.

“Okay let’s leave them to it then,” Chuck said shoving the rest of the boys out of the room and throwing a wink at you. Sam and Dean still continued to show shocked expressions at your kindness towards everyone as they were pushed by God out of the room to leave you and Lucifer some privacy to talk.

“Y/N,” Lucifer turned to you and placed a hand on your cheek the other still locked between your fingers, “I know we have only just met, but it feels as if I have been in love with you for eternity.”

“Me too Luci,” you confirmed slightly blushing and ducking your head at the way in which stared lustfully at you.

His hand drifted down to under your chin as he lifted your head to make you look at him. Your eyes locked with his ocean blue ones and it felt as if he was staring directly into your soul. Slowly, with his hand still on your chin, Lucifer leaned down hovering his lips over yours momentarily as your foreheads touched due to how close you were before locking his lips with yours. As cliché as it sounds, you felt butterflies erupt in your stomach when your hand reached up and gripped into his blonde hair. His gentle hand snaked its way around your waist and pulled you closer to his chest as he deepened the kiss. In this moment, wrapped in your soulmate’s arms, feeling the best you had in a while, you knew that you was truly in love as was Lucifer and that he was going to do everything in his power to protect you.

Lattes and Tattoos

It appeared out of thin air, on her forearm, a tattoo of a latte cup, steam rising from the open lid, the heart design in the foam dominating her skin.

She had heard of things appearing on others, soulmate designs, they were called, doodles, sketches of art, permenantly etched on one’s skin.

She was 33 and she had never even gotten a lame butterfly in all her years, until that day in the bookstore, as she reached for a book of poetry, her skin exposed.

Her soulmate had drawn their coffee cup and as the sketch completed she saw a scribble of a name on the sleeve.


Was it her imagination or were her senses playing a trick on her? She could smell the vanilla and cinnamon, the rich grounds of coffee, coming from the far counter of the bookstore. She looked from her tattoo to the only man sitting at the barista’s counter and caught her breath.

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She tucked the book under her arm and approached the broad-shouldered man, with the tawny brown hair, and pencil to paper.

“Excuse me,” she tapped him on the shoulder and he turned, his green eyes piercing her dark ones, “are you Sam by any chance?”

The man looked at his sketch and noticed her forearm, shook his head, sadly,

“Name’s Dean,” he pulled a stool out for her, “there’s something you need to know.”

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 She cautiously sat next to Dean, who asked if she wanted one of the fancy coffees to which she accepted. As the barista made hers, she inclined her head and asked,

“Who is Sam?”

“Sam was my little brother, law student, obnoxiously smart, but taken too soon.”

“Every town I drive through, I stop and order one of his favorite coffees, reminiscing of what we had.”

“And today, you drew the latte, but why?”

Dean sighed, a tear slid down his cheek, “it was just us two against the world and now, now I’m tired of being alone.”

“I’ve been here this whole time,” you took a sip and noticed Dean never drank the latte he ordered, just held it in his hands for warmth, for a connection, for memory.

“I never believed in soulmates and when I saw the drawing and the name, I felt whole.”

Dean gulped, “but now you know I’m your soulmate, not Sam, and I’m not the man you thought I’d be.”

You placed your hot mug on the marble countertop and folded one hand over Dean’s on his mug.

“You’re more than I could ever have imagined and I’m yours to tell more stories of Sam to as well,” you grinned.

“But I want to know more about you, the artist for one,” you scooted closer, “would you tell me another story?”

“Are you sure, Sweetheart, hell I didn’t even catch your name,” Dean chuckled and his eyes for a brief second sparkled.

You took his pencil and scribbled in cursive on the napkin, and your name appeared on his wrist.

“YN,” he said your name like a prayer, “I’d love to tell you another story.

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Dream Walker

Summary: Soulmate AU in which you can speak to your soulmate in dreams and experience their dreams with them. You can feel physical and emotional feelings too, and if they die without warning, it is likely you will die as well..

When: End of Season 2 and skipping to the end of Season 3

Word Count: 2170

A/N: My first ever Dean Winchester fic. Hopefully there will be more! I literally cried while writing this and I hope you darling readers feel the same emotion behind it. 

Warnings: A shit ton of angst and I swear

Italics are reader POV or flashback, everything else is Dean

Enjoy and reblog my friends :)

“Hey there hot shot,” she smiles at me. She is bathed in a warm glow that I have come to associate with this place.

“Hey yourself gorgeous,” I reply with a small smile and a sigh.

Every night we start like this. And it’s the best night of my life every night that I see her shining face. The life Sam and I live, we don’t have time for dating or chicks besides one night stands. But now that I have Y/N, I don’t even do that anymore. Why would I need to hook up with random girls in bars when Y/N is waiting for me every night in my dreams?

I go to her, kiss her deeply and hold her tight to my chest. I haven’t slept in 2 days, I’ve missed her, and she can tell.

“You wanna talk about it Dean?”

I can barely hear her, her face is buried in my chest. That’s one of my favorite things about Y/N. She never pesters me about what happened or what’s wrong. She just knows that something is off and let’s me tell her about it on my terms. When dad died I was angry and guilty and she didn’t even ask about it. She just held me and told me she loved me.

I kiss the top of her head, and rest my cheek on it. “Not tonight darlin. It’s too much right now. Just let me look at you for a while ok?”

She leans back and tilts her head up to look at me. “Whatever you need D.” She’s shorter than me so she gets up on her toes to kiss me again.

She hums and starts stroking the short hairs on the back of my head. It’s one of her little quirks. I don’t mind though, that shit always soothes the hell out of me, like I’m being hypnotized or something.

She ceases her ministrations and pulls away. She grabs my hand and pulls me towards our tree.

Each pairing gets to meet in their own ideal place in the dream world. Ours is a small clearing a ways off an interstate. We can hear the occasional car pass by, and somehow I’ve parked Baby in just the right spot to shield us from the road.

The clearing is natural, with a couple of trees breaking up the flat expanse. The grasses come to just above my knee, soft and warm.

Our tree is the biggest one, towards the west end of the clearing. We sit there together and let the setting sun shine on our faces every night before we wake up.

She pulls me over and we sit down. Sometimes if she’s had a bad day, she’ll lay down with her head in my lap, or she’ll sit between my legs and lean back against my chest. She says those are the best positions for her to feel like she’s safe.

“Why would you want to sit between my legs Y/N I don’t get it. It just makes no damn sense to me.”

She huffs, pushing my knees apart to make room for herself, “Because Winchester, when I’m there I can lean on you. I know the kind of world I live in now, it’s a hell of a lot more dangerous than I used to think. I need to feel safe every now and then. And you said it yourself, the safest place for me to be is in your arms. Now spread em, or you can sit by yourself.”

I chuckle at the memory. That moment is one of those that keeps me goin on the bad days.

I’m yanked out of my reverie by her worried voice and fingers snapping in my face, “Dean? Dean come back to me. Good lord man, sit down.”

I do as she says and immediately spread my legs expecting her to nestle between them. “Not tonight baby,” she whispers as she sits next to me, “tonight you’re the one who needs to feel safe. Lay down here,” she pats her thighs. I shift over and lay my head down across them and she resumes stroking my hair.

I immediately feel my eyelids drop. I breathe deeply and take in our surroundings. Warm afternoon sun shining through the tree leaves, small breeze making the grass shake in its path. I can hear the birds singing. I never used to like that before, before I came here.

She starts humming. I can’t identify the song at first and eventually I give up trying. It’s a kind of lofty tune, sounds like something King Arthur would play in his castle.

She usually hums something I know and then she starts singing to me. Best way to spend time with her. If God is real, then despite all the other bullshit he’s put me through, I feel a little bit blessed because my soul mate soothes me with the sweet sound of Metallica. I mean as hellish as my life is, I could’ve been stuck with a chick who hated rock. But then I guess by definition she wouldn’t be my soul mate.

I start drifting off and I’m only half conscious when she stops humming and starts talking to me-

“I wish you would tell me what happened. I know something’s wrong. And I know it’s something big. I know you think not telling me is protecting me but Dean, we’re in a partnership now. Everything that happens to you affects me. I can feel your fear, your anger, and I felt your sadness. God I couldn’t even get up for work. And I know it was you. And now you won’t tell me. It had to have been Sam. Him and me, that’s every one you have love for now. I know he’s ok now because I felt the relief. But I also feel your guilt. What did you do Dean? What did you do to us?”

I can’t take it anymore. I can’t tell if she’s trying to guilt me or if she thought I was actually asleep but I can’t take it anymore. I sit up and put my head in my hands, elbows resting on my knees.

“Dean?” She puts a warm hand on my back. Amazing what one touch does to ease me.

“I’m sorry Y/N. I’m so so sorry.”

“What happened babe?” I can feel the fear in her voice. She’s expecting the worst and she’s going to get even worse than that.

“Sammy died-” she gasps, leaning towards me to try and wrap her soft arms around my torso, but my next words make her recoil, “- and I sold my soul to bring him back.”

“You…. you…. you what?” She starts to cry.

“I summoned a crossroads demon and sold my soul to hell to bring Sam back to life. It worked, he’s back. But the crooked bitch only gave me one year before she collects. The going-rate is 10 years Y/N, I got robbed. But I had to do it! It was Sam. I can’t live without Sam… Y/N?? Sweetheart where are you going?”

She’s gotten up and started marching out into the middle of the clearing. I catch up to her and grab her arm, “Y/N, babe, wait please I-” WHAM she swings around hard, her fist connecting with my jaw. I release her arm and take a step back.


“Y/N please, I thought it would be better that way-”


“Well when you say it like that it doesn’t seem like a very good idea…”


She’s right. I didn’t even think about the shock factor and how it would affect her. At least now she has enough time to try and mentally prepare herself to be alone until the universe gives her a new soulmate, if it ever does.

After Jess died, I almost lost Sam. She was his soulmate and for her to die, especially the way she did, was almost too much for Sammy. He’s still not fully recovered.

She sighs, deflated and defeated, “I’m not mad at you for bringing Sam back. I would do the same for my brother, I would do it for you too Dean if I had to. But you can’t just do that and not tell me. Everything you do affects me. And when you die, I’m gonna feel it.”

364 days later…

You know what’s happening tonight. He told you the plan. And you know damn well what day it is too. You’re laying in bed watching old SVU reruns trying to ignore your feelings. Or rather, Dean’s feelings. But they’re so strong…

It’s happening. I can hear the damn dog at the door. That bitch Lilith grins at me from Ruby’s meatsuit. I’ve never been a praying man. But in my last moments, I pray for Sammy, that he is able to heal from Jess and maybe the world gives him another person to love. I pray for Bobby, that he doesn’t drink himself to death like I would after watching this. I pray for Y/N. God that woman deserved so much more. So much better than me. I hope that she makes it through this. I know it’s gonna hurt and I told her that. I feel so guilty that she has to go through this too….

Fear, betrayal, sorrow, guilt, and-

Lilith opens the door, grinning at me. I look over at Sammy and then everything else is wiped from my mind. Everything except the mind-numbing pain of these damn dogs ripping me open. I can hear my shirt and jacket ripping, my flesh being sliced open, blood pouring out. God it hurts so bad….

I scream. I scream nothing. I scream Sam’s name, Y/N’s name, Bobby’s name. Nothing again. Somewhere in my head, I can feel Y/N, can hear her screaming my name and she experiences this with me. And then the pain is too much, the blood in my body too little, and I see Sam’s face looking over me, sobbing my name as I whisper his. For the last time…. 

Pain. You let out a bloodcurdling cry as your torso is ripped open by invisible claws. There are no marks, there is no blood, but you can feel Dean’s pain as if you were him. You can’t stop screaming, the pain is unbearable. You’re crying, crying, because it hurts and because Dean is hurting and you can feel everything and GOD just let it end, please let it go.

You’ve passed out from the pain. You open your eyes and you’re with Dean. But you’re not dream walking. The clearing you’ve come to love is gone. Replaced by darkness and storms. Thunder echoes around you, lightning flashes. You see a web of chains illuminated by the light. You hear screams…

The heat is suffocating. You have no body, you are merely an existence floating in the space of this strange place. You expand your gaze and you see your Dean. He has a hook through his shoulder, another through his lower back and kidney, chains round his ankles and wrists pulled taut. He can’t move. And neither than you. You are alive and you are seeing Hell. And you know this is the last time you will ever see him. And he can’t even see you. He doesn’t know you’re there…


You open your eyes to the blackness of your room. The echo of your soulmate’s screams loud in your head. You hear the final cry for help…

And your heart



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No, you didn’t.

There is no such thing as a second soulmate, that’s what people always told you as you grew up. You stick with one person, and will live with them until your last breath.
No one ever told you what you do when you lose your other half.
When your soulmate was killed by a Wendigo, you became a ruthless hunter and knew you would be alone forever.
What you never knew know was: The universe never leaves two lost souls alone for too long.

Pairing: Sam x Reader
Characters: You, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester (mentioned), Castiel (mentioned)
Warnings: Mentions of death, a bit of angst, Soulmates AU.
Word counting: 800+

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Only 0,5% of the world doesn’t have a soulmate. If your parents aren’t soulmates, you probably won’t have one too, but it’s okay. Some people just enjoy being alone, or enjoying being actually able to choose whoever they want to love. Those are lucky people.

But not you.

When you were born, the mark was already on you, the first words your soulmate would ever say to you tattooed on your right wrist. When you grew older and the letters were big enough for people to understand, you parents finally knew what they meant.

‘Sorry, can I request your red pen for a moment, please?’ With those words, you knew you would belong to a odd person.

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