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Ana! Ana! Do you think that whenever Dean was telling Sam to close his eyes Sam was having flashbacks to those times when they were really little and John's jobs would follow him home (it had to happen in the very beginning. Before the truly abundant sigils and salt) and Sam and Dean would hide in the tiny closet with the complimentary ironing board and Dean would hold Sam and a sawed off gun with salt rounds and say "Close your eyes. Close your eyes, Sammy. It's okay. We'll be okay."?? Bc I do.


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I just randomly rewatched S6E6 - 'You Can't Handle the Truth' and I can't believe how relevant it is. It's weird that I never realised how unhealthy the brothers' relationship is. Like Lisa literally spoke the truth about it and yet Dean still allowed the whole 'ruin the world just to save Sammy' to continue for the next 4(5?) seasons. I don't really know where I'm going with this haha. Dean should've killed Sammy? You're an awesome person btw, have a good day/night :) (time zones are confusing)

Ugh man, I forgot about that episode. You’re so right. You’d think that MAYBE they’d have learned their lesson by now? And it’s not even that Dean had to kill Sam, it’s that Sam should have been willing to let Dean GO at some point before he had to die just because he would never stop trying to fuck over the world to get Dean back. Like obviously I want Dean saved, but not at the expense of the world.

And it’s just so damn repetitive? Like I love how Cas would do anything to save Dean, but I don’t want to watch a decade of it and I don’t want to watch him killing people and intentionally letting bad things happen to save him. I feel like the Darkness is a pretty good representation of how toxic their relationship is at this point. 

Thank you so much, sweetie! You too. :) 


Crowley alMOST dIES 

Dean AlMoST DIeS

Sam ALmoSt DiES



I just haven’t seen you like this in a while, that’s all.

I just love Sam’s smile here. For a moment he can see his brother as he used to be - carefree, loud and ready to annoy Sam at a moment’s notice. Just like Dean hasn't been like that in a while, I haven’t seen Sam smile like that in a while either. It’s sweet.