sam and cas hug

Castiel’s palms are sweating so profusely, he’s ninety-five percent sure he’s going to sweat through his mittens and the wrapped gifts they’re clutching. He watches with wide eyes and a racing heart as Dean rings the doorbell and walks inside, tugging him along by his coat sleeve.

“What if they hate me?”

“Won’t happen.”

“Mom? Dad? We’re home!”



“Unca Dean!”

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They do New Years a little differently this year. Instead of staying home and drinking, instead of going out, Dean, Cas, Mary and Sam all pile into the impala with a packet of Oreos, a flask of Baileys, and a thermos of hot chocolate. They drive out in the middle of nowhere, where the snow-covered flatness seems to drop off the edge of the Earth and into the stars, and watch. And wait.

This is Ryan Seacrest, live from New York City…

They listen to radio, put down a blanket, and stretch out on Baby’s hood. They drink. They talk. When midnight finally strikes, they’re a chorus of happy new years.

And if Dean takes the opportunity to kiss Cas while Sam is hugging Mary, well. He’s never kissed someone at midnight before.

Our best friend is an Angel! WHAAAAT??!!

I really like that for the past couple seasons that Dean has acknowledged that Cas is Sam’s best friend too! Sam and Cas have had a very close, supportive relationship throughout the seasons, with maybe a bump or 2 in the mix but much of the fandom overlooks this. Since S5, they have verbally called each other “friend” and have confided in each other, defended each other, and hell… Sam taught Cas how to hug properly! However, Dean acknowledging it, is important. In S11 Dean told Cas he is the best friend he AND Sam have ever had, and he’s their brother. In Regarding Dean, Dean again, acknowledges Cas as “their” best friend, not just his own. I think this is the writers’ way of subtly telling the fandom to stop making Cas’s relationship with the Winchesters, exclusive to Dean. 

In Seasons 4 and 5 it may have appeared that Cas was closest to Dean, because they shared a “profound bond” that Cas mentions in S6 because he raised Dean from Hell, however, we then learn later in S6 that Cas raised Sam too! And I need to mention, he raised Sam not because he was instructed to by Heaven, but it was his own choice to do so, now they all share the same “profound bond”. At the end of First Blood, Cas gives a heart breaking speech about how he wont let any of them die, they mean too much to him. Not just Dean, not just Sam, not even just Mary, but ALL of them. 

When Dean was thought to have died at the end of S11, the sun returned to normal. It was afternoon. When Sam and Cas returned to the Bunker, and met by Toni Bevell, it was after 1am. Cas and Sam had just spent several hours with each other, most likely grieving the loss of Dean together.  But still, much of the fandom doesn’t notice, or appreciate this. But seriously, even Dean knows Sam has just as close a relationship with Cas as he does. And I might add, a whole lot less violent :\  Cas only ever hit Sam when he was possessed by Gadreel and had to knock him out. Sam only ever struck Cas (stabbed him with an angel blade) when Cas thought he was God and threatened to kill them. Cas and Dean have fought each other physically and verbally since very early on, I might venture to say that Sam has a much better relationship with Cas than Dean does. 

Im not trying to diss the whole Destiel fanon, but maybe Dean himself has been trying to tell some of you to pump the breaks a little?


sending hugs from team free will!

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Charlie Bradbury is Straight

*Read all of this before you bitch at me.*

~~~~~Reasons Why Charlie is Straight~~~~~

She flirted with a guy

She hugged Sam, Cas, and Dean.

The way Charlie looked at Castiel the first time they met. 

Her helper at the camp was a man.

She broke the same arm twice, that arm represented her sexuality. Since both the left and right arm weren’t broken, and considering it was her right arm that means shes straight. 

She worked for a man named Dick 

“Did you break up with someone too?” That’s her way of finding out if Dean is single so she could know if it would be alright to make a move on him. 

She wore all black once.

Now, did any of this piss you off to read? Most likely yes. So tell me, why is this not okay but forcing a straight character (Dean) into a sexuality he has clearly stated he is not is perfectly fine? 

Imagine going into the universe where supernatural isn't a tv show and running into the cast and scaring the shit out of them
  • Me: oh my god Dean Winchester
  • Dean: who are you
  • Me: where's my baby in a trench coat
  • Dean: how the fuck do you know Cas
  • Dean: *lifts gun* WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU
  • *sam shows up*
  • Me: SAMMY
  • Sam: what who are you
  • *cas shows up*
  • Me: *hugs cas*
  • Cas: who is this human what is she doing
  • Me: *screams* I can't believe I'm standing in front of Dean Sam and Cas
  • Dean: *gets really angry* WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU
  • Me: where's Crowley I wanna meet Crowley
  • Dean:
  • Sam:
  • Cas:
  • Dean:
  • Sam:
  • Cas:
  • Me:
  • Me: so where's the impala

The way Cas closes his eyes while hugging Dean:

Dean’s face tho :D. People usually look like this when they’re jealous and trying not to show it:

Dean is just like no homo
Sammy’s face like: really Dean?

And Sam looks so happy he got a hug

And the way Dean hugs Cas tightly and the smile on his face when he found him an finally could hug him