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Welcome Back Cas

Warnings: Fluff

Words: 181
Pairing: Castiel x Reader

A/N: Thank you goldenolaf25 for sending this gif in. I hope that you enjoy it.

You wandered down the hall of the bunker after hearing noise coming from the war room. Your brows were furrowed with confusion. The boys were back, but something was off completely. The hunt for Cas was forever going and it hadn’t let up yet. You were running yourselves into the ground just trying to find him.

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Here is the Metallica “Nothing Else Matters” intro section to 13x01 Lost and Found (and the season’s opener) thanks to Wayward Winchester on YouTube.

These season openers often narrate the thematic arc and its threads to come, and this one does so beautifully.

Firstly, there is an extended sense of family here. So when Metallica croons “Nothing else matters,” that is, thanks to the image juxtapositions, clearly a reference to family, but that family includes Bobby, Jodie, Eileen, Cas, Jack (ambivalently of course)  and even (for Dean) Crowley, as well as Mary, Sam and Dean. 

Family don’t end in blood = a key season theme. And one that also nicely sets up Wayward Sisters, as we get both Jodie and Claire shots.

We see first of all what has been lost and found (the episode is, after all, called “Lost and Found”).

Firstly, Dean finding Mary thanks to Amara’s resurrection, at the start of the previous season:

Then Castiel, also from 12x01 Keep Calm and Carry On, crashing to earth through the mystery spot sign after an angelic banishing.

These are the key figures who have been previously found (both resurrected after death, Castiel several times, Mary once) and are now presumed dead again, but will, of course, eventually be found by Sam and Dean once more as S13 progresses. 

Losing and finding Cas and Mary = emotionally central to the season.

“So close, no matter how far” croons Metallica, as Dean and Mary embrace.

 Yes, we know about Dean’s special connection to his mother and all the changes that connection has been through following her return from the dead, as Dean has had to confront her as a living person, not an idealised memory, but how he loves her still no matter what, and now longs for her once again.

This theme about growing emotionally through revisiting family trauma as an adult, a key theme last season, will continue to be key this season.  

“Forever trusting who we are,” sings Metallica as we get first a Sam/ Eileen hug and then a Dean/ Cas hug immediately following. 

Subtext alert - this direct parallel positions the two relationships as equivalent and therefore equally coded as romantic. Although, hello heteronormativity, this relies on the previous textual signalling of a Sam/ Eileen romantic interest, which took all of 5 seconds for the general audience to get and it’s 9 seasons and counting for Dean/ Cas subtext. However, the parallel is edited in here deliberately. Carefully juxtaposed with the words, “Trusting who we are,” which have a special meaning for LGBTQ+ people, because… that’s always a journey.

This Metallica song is, by the way, a love song, written by James Hetfield whilst on the phone to his girlfriend (see the Wiki page). 

Dean/ Cas continues as a subtextual thread this season (no surprises there, and no promises it will do anything except remain subtextual, but hey, I’d rather have you, cursed or not).  

“And nothing else matters,” Metallica continue as we get Winchester family photos, Sam, Dean and Mary hugging at the bunker, and both Sam and Dean helping Cas to his feet after he almost died following the stabbing with the Michael lance. 

Family is what matters and Castiel is included in the Winchester family. 

Metallica continues, “I’ve never opened myself this way,” as we look straight into Dean’s face.

Uh huh. This both references Dean’s “profound bond” with Cas, and his bond with his mother. The textual covers the sub-textual, as the next shot we get is of Mary. 

Sam’s grief at losing Eileen, is once again paralleled with Dean’s grief at losing Cas, as the song continues, crooning, “Never cared for what they say,” as we see Dean yelling “Nooooooo” at losing Cas to Jack’s power and then Eileen dead with Sam leaning over her sorrowfully.

We also see Cas’ death at the hands of Lucifer and Dean yelling “Nooooooo” again…

Key takeaway - the subtext is strong with this season… (although isn’t it sad that the trope of grief for a dead “buddy” as a permissible way to show masculine love persists, whilst a simple, living, reciprocated declaration remains so hard). 

The final shot of Jack, immediately follows Dean kneeling by Cas’ body, making it clear that, as far as Dean is concerned he lost  the love of his life his best friend and all he got was a shitty Nephilim in exchange: 

This places Dean, of course, in John Winchester’s shoes, who lost the love of his life, Mary (however much their relationship was full of fault lines) and had to become a sole parent to two traumatized boys. Dean is filled with resentment towards Jack, just as John clearly was about his situation, which, as we know, led to some bad parenting. 

So, the Sam and Dean parenting dichotomy - another key theme of S13  - is clearly set up here too and carries on as the episode progresses, with Dean wanting to kill Jack and Sam wanting to give him the benefit of the doubt. Because being parents themselves is bound to bring up A LOT OF OLD STUFF, such as Dean having had to be Sam’s parent and Sam feeling “tainted” with demon blood, hence his empathy for Jack as Lucifer’s son.

Overall, this is going to be an emotion focused season… 

Oh balls, here we go…..! 

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One thing I do need from S13 is for Dean and Cas to hug with nobody else around. It's crazy to think it's never happened, there's always been somebody else there. And it's sad to see the way that impacts Dean's reactions. There's always the hesitation, the side-eye to check if the other person is watching, judging. Completely the opposite of Sam's hugs with Cas.

If this happens…. it will basically canonise Destiel cos come on…they just cannot hug and reconcile without it being romantic at this point, so I’m not expecting it too soon tbh.

I say this tongue in cheek but it is kinda true, there’s a reason why they’re kept separated, because every time they’re on their own shit like this happens

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And before the other two snapped Dean out of it:

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Then the last time they were alone before this was 10x09

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Literally, if you watch the scenes where they’re ALONE in SPN its just looks like an all out romance story.

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very important question, will there ever be a destiel hug where they're actually alone just the two of them without anyone else present?

I sort of feel like the show always has someone observing to tell US what to think :P It would be very endgame to let them just sort of *be*… I mean the alone scene in 12x19 is the first time in ages we’ve seen them work through stuff when completely alone and the difference in Dean being able to let down his barriers and apologise and be open compared to with witnesses is a huge gulf. 

I actually, back in season 10, after the Burger Date (although really somewhat in the aftermath of season 9 reflecting on 9x22), cobbled together a theory of their ongoing conversation which whether @mittensmorgul knew or not about what I was saying/thinking has ended up being the philosophy behind her “the scheherezade of supernatural” tag… The first post there basically explains it, but an on-going, interrupted conversation that by necessity can’t get to the end because that has to roll over into the next day and still be relevant, and keep them unresolved, and us hanging on the development. Between that and their observers on emotional scenes, starting of course in 8x02, they aren’t allowed to get the point. (Incidentally I’m 100% aware I just name-checked 3 Dabb episodes in a row… Since he took over I feel like I have to mention it, especially when it’s theories predating his showrunning where he had all his fingers in all the pies :P) 

Anyway suffice to say, the show really really carefully puts an interruption or observer in all their interactions except for some really precious alone time where they can work through some things and are the little points in the map we can use to guide where they’re really at, and I think if you take those moments *alone* make the brief but solid explanation of their relationship. I mean that’s always true of most character interactions but I mean, they put SO MUCH around Dean and Cas that there are several distinct categories of their interactions.  

(And when I say Dabb is good at these, I mean he seriously goes 100 miles out of his way (or more) to ensure Dean and Cas talk and handled about 90% of these between season 9 and 11. Cramming in a personal conversation, even as brief as it was, in 11x10, is still a feat that makes me really respect how he likes Dean and Cas interacting and values their arc? He could have been a lot lazier about that and gained 5 minutes of episode time and made the stakes far more urgent by just starting the episode with Dean haring back to the Bunker, and cramming Cas in with or without an explanation, or only a phonecall with Dean)

Anyway correct me if I’m wrong but the alone time moments actually are that sparse there’s nothing solid between 11x23′s beer run and 12x19′s mixtape? So when you evaluate these scenes you really do, running backwards, go quickly from 12x19, 11x23, 11x10, 10x20, 10x09, 10x03, 9x22, 9x10, 9x06, and back on into the earlier Carver era stuff and build up of their relationship before that, but I think I made the point you can dive back 4 years in canon in a single line of text about their actual good meaningful one on one conversations about who they really are together. And none of these are hugging scenes, they’re usually the moments of truth after a fuck up, or a calm before a storm, which either can only got as far as moving past the fuck up and 1 little gesture towards the next round of feeling, or are the next round of feeling stifled by the looming storm. Or both :P 11x10 was before the storm, something like 9x10 is after the fuck up, and 9x22 was a delightful medley of both on both sides for how they felt so they managed one (1) emote each before shit IMMEDIATELY hit the fan :P 

I mean, Sam and Cas can hug alone, completely chill after a deep emotional bonding episode, because there’s no huge cosmic conflict between them getting an emotional resolution? Moments like that are a sort of necessity to bond them closer to show textually they’ve overcome rough patches in their own history and see each other more equally and it’s obvious they care about each other - because they don’t HAVE a whole lot of bonding scenes in the same deep personal conversation way, and I think in-character even they know they don’t have the whole CasnDean thing. Sam’s chill enough to joke about Sastiel when he hears about shipping, you know? It’s such a different thing between them. And those differences show, so I think Sam would always be up for hugging Cas whenever, and it wouldn’t be part of some anguished self-actualisation personal arcs, I think Sam and Cas could just benefit from occasionally hugging and that’s all cool? :P 

But they don’t have the story between them that makes their coming to terms SO important to the full endgame arcs. So they can do that whenever and it’s less about what’s happening between them having a wider impact on the story. Season 9 set up for season 10 of Sam and Cas doing more stuff together, and it still wasn’t like… building a massive narrative where the Sam n Cas interaction defined anything except that they were in it together to help Dean. The end of season even takes pains to show the bad decisions falling on Sam and Cas being given exemptions from being connected to STARTING the darkness-releasing fuck up, and only seeing it through because Sam put it all in motion and it’s a seeming last option for them. So the little story arc even divides them there and doesn’t make any sort of powerful personal scene between them power more than just conversations ABOUT Dean. 

I mean, it’s not like Sam and Cas are going around hugging all the time, but they already had a private hug years ago, and as things currently stand they could have one like every episode without making it weird because the narrative around them has never made it weird in the first place :P

So I think for Dean and Cas, they can’t get private hugs like Cas and Sam can, and Dean and Sam hug sometimes and it’s not weird, it’s just the normal emotional response at times. And the entire Winchester family can group hug or whatever. But Cas and Dean actually, I think would need to finish that conversation and actually know what the heck is going on between them  before they’d ever be comfortable enough to hug alone? 12x19′s private conversation had tension you couldn’t even cut with like, an angel blade, full of unsaid things and weird emotional dead ends for them if they’re not going to come out and say some stuff. The conversation was WEIRD for just bros, you know? So I’d judge it by the quality of their private conversations about how comfortable they are together, and right now I think they’re mired in the unspoken stuff. 

An alone together hug right now would be SO awkward and not in a “Sam instructs Cas how to hug” way, but that they haven’t had all their cards on the table for so long, and they need to put those down before they can hug it out, in private, happily and comfortably.

Beautiful To Me

SPN FanFic

~ You were feeling really bad about yourself; no one seemed to notice you at all. No one except your favorite angel…~

Reader x Castiel, Dean, Sam

2,573 Words

Warnings: Reader has very low self-esteem. Mild Angst (?), Curses and F Bombs. Fluff to finish. SFW.

A/N: Not great, but I need a little love. so here, have some Cas love with me :::sigh:::

You weren’t asking for much, just a little acknowledgement, maybe a kind word thrown your way. Maybe a little “Hey, looking good Y/N.” But no, you got nothing. Dean barely looked at you and Sam was as oblivious as always. It’s not like you got dressed up for either one of them, but still they could have said something.

Every day you bummed around the bunker in sweats and old t-shirts, hair pulled back in messy buns or ponytails. On hunts you dressed much like the Winchesters: heavy, unflattering jeans, tees, bulky jacket and boots. It’s not like you didn’t like being girly, you just seldom had the chance.

Dean was getting restless; it had been about a week since your last case and there was nothing for him to do. Finally, he decided he was going into town for a change of scenery and some drinks and you and Sam were coming with him. He didn’t let either of you protest, but you were fairly sure you wouldn’t have anyway - going out sounded amazing.

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  • Someone: Hey why are you crying?
  • Me in tears: I just lost a loved one.
  • Someone: Oh I know what it's like to lose a family member.
  • Me thinking about dean telling cas he's family, Cas telling dean he loves him, dean saying cas is his best friend, Sam hugging castiel: *Starts sobbing harder* IT JUST HURTS SO MUCH!
Soft Knock

It was a soft knock on the door. That’s all it took. Everyone expected more. Doors bursting open, sparks flying, like the first time they met. But it was only a small knock at the front door that changed everything.

Sam tried to get Dean out of his bed for weeks. Whispered reassuring nonsense when Dean wouldn’t even look at him. Shouted at his brother when he just couldn’t help himself anymore. But even when Dean would get up, only for a few hours first; even when he agreed to go on a hunt a few weeks later, he returned to his bed as soon as possible. Hiding in his sheets. Hiding from the world. Hiding from the memory of a cold body on the floor and of broken wings burned right next to it.

It was one of the bad days as Sam called them that turned out to be one of the best days. Dean was curled up in his bed once more. Pretending to be asleep and Sam pretended to believe it. And then the knock. It was the softness of the knock that irritated him. No one looking for the Winchesters would knock softly. It was always urgent and if somethings urgent you don’t bother with knocking softly.

So, Sam got up and opened to door. Not before getting his gun of course. And some holy water as well. You never know. And if someone or something knocks softly at the Winchesters front door it’s probably bad news.


It wasn’t.

Sam wanted to call Dean but he couldn’t. He couldn’t talk at all. Or walk. But he managed to nod at Deans room. And Cas understood. He would hug Sam later, would catch up with him on the couch. He had time. But first he needed to see Dean. Needed Dean to see him. He stopped in the doorway of the bedroom.

“Hello Dean.”

The sheets were thrown away immediately and Dean was on his feet faster than ever. Their eyes looked. And the sparks that everyone was expecting flew. Not sparks you could see. No, the ones you feel. The best ones.


This is for you, @elicedraws, as a little thank you for your very kind words that mean so much to me. I actually wanted to write something happy for you but I obviously suck at writing full-sugarfilled-happy stuff… So yeah, thank you very much. You’re amazing.

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I'd like to request a thing. I'm quite depressed rn (I'm safe and fighting however, there's no reason to worry) and when I get this way I like to imagine listening to one of TFW's heartbeats (they'd know I'm doing this) and them talking to me to make it better // I'd very much appreciate a short paragraph of each member in TFW doing this if possible? (I'm sorry if this is confusing. I can try to specify more if needed. Your writing always makes me feel better <3 thank you so much for everything)

Feel better, Nonnie <3 Please know you aren’t alone. You have people who love and care for you and are so proud of you for fighting through this. I hope this helps ease the struggle if only a little.

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Dean’s touch is gentle, fingers warm on your skin as he sweeps your hair from the back of your neck. The same calloused fingertips move to caress your shoulder, his touch light but affectionate. “Shh,” he whispers, pressing a tender kiss to the top of your head. “You’ll be okay.”

You nuzzle closer to him, enjoying the softness of his body with that firm layer of muscle just underneath. His heartbeat is steady. Comforting. When he speaks, you hear the rumble deep in his chest. “Just keep listening,” he murmurs, cradling you to him. “I’m right here.”

His arms tighten around you. You keep your ear glued to his chest, listening to the steady thumping coming from inside him, and it sounds like home.

Cuddling with Sam is like being embraced by a space heater. His chest is burning, huge arms wrapped all the way around you, and the warmth comes from all sides. He has a nice chest. Muscular, but not hard, with just the right amount of fuzz to tickle your cheek. “You can hear okay?” he checks, a hand cradling your face and brushing his thumb along your lips down to your jaw.

“Mmm,” you murmur, nestling closer to his heart. “It’s nice.”

“It’s beating just for you,” he whispers back. “We can stay here as long as you like.”

“I’d like that.” Your voice is soft, sleepy. As you feel the flutter in his heartbeat, you know so does he.

You can’t see Cas’ wings. Of course you can’t: not without sacrificing your ability to see anything from that point on, yet somehow you can still sense them. There’s a warmth around you that isn’t coming from his chest, a tingling on your skin that feels simultaneously like a warm breeze and the touch of the softest down. It’s comforting.

Beneath your ear, there’s a heartbeat. A strong, powerful heartbeat that seems to resonate in your skull, and between each thump you swear you can hear a flutter that’s less like a murmur and more like a wingbeat. You’re feeling his grace, you realise. It feels safe. Soothing.

“Feel my heart?” he asks quietly. “As long as it’s beating, I’ll be here to watch over you.”

In the arms of your angel, you settle down to sleep.

Coda to 12x11– Regarding Dean. Destiel.

Sam calls Cas as soon as they’re safely back at the bunker. 

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” Cas growls at Sam, stalking across the kitchen to where Dean is nursing a beer. He asks Dean, “How are you feeling?” with some leftover animosity, but Dean recognizes it for what it is: concern. 

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