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Okayy so I recently ruined my life by watching like 14 years of a tv show in less than a month. So now, yes, I sold my soul to the one and only supernatural fandom (courtesy of @downworlderss)

I just got a couple of remarks for this show and none of it had any structure or order so here we go.


  • This show fucking ruined me, binge-watched seasons 1-12 in about 4 weeks, my pinterest board had over 700 pins in like a week afterwards
  • It started off genuinely creepy and then kinda digressed and idk if I just got desensitised or what
  • John Winchester is a terrible father
  • Bobby Singer is an amazing father
  • I was really confused when season 5 ended because I still had 6 more dvds (and season 12 on amazon prime cause I couldn’t get the freaking dvd because being British sucks sometimes) and I thought it was ending at season 5 because DEAN WAS FINALLY HAPPY DAMNIT
  • It was about season 7 when I got a new pair of glasses ‘cause my eyesight got worse and made the realisation that JENSEN ACKLES HAS FRECKLES WHAT
  • Called it that Chuck was God from the moment I saw him- he literally fucking told them he was a god come onnn
  • Dean’s contact name for Castiel in season 11 or 12 or whatever better be a fucking joke because it’s Cas not Cass
  • I thought I couldn’t hate Metatron more and then he goes and spells his name with a double S and I decided he needed to die
  • The subtitles also say Cass (on amazon anyway) and.. just no, okay? It’s CAS
  • Cried when Cas killed Balthazar
  • Kevin’s life went to absolute shit and idk if it was terrifying or hilarious
  • Naomi is actually the worst, why do more people not hate on her? She tortured Cas and I am not okay with that I was happier when she died than when Metatron did I’m not joking
  • Sam kinda breaks my heart
  • Gadreel was decent, okay? I think I genuinely liked him and I don’t care.
  • I mean I know he killed Kevin but still
  • Cas, honey, you’re a wonderful person/angel but mannn do you fuck up sometimes, I mean seriously
  • Misha Collins is a fucking incredible human being and his acting skills give me goosebumps I’m deadly serious. What with Cas and Crazy!Cas and Castifer and Godstiel and Levi!Cas and MetaMisha I have so much respect for this man and he is a national treasure.. of America.. damnit
  • I threw something when Charlie died
  • Lucifer is actually really cute (mainly just when he’s in Sam’s head though) but yeah, I think I love satan is this an issue
  • Okay but sometimes it hits me that Jared and Jensen and Misha are just three middle-aged dads running around pretending to stab things and smite demons I think that’s beautiful
  • I think I cried when the angels fell I can’t remember
  • Fuck Adam, I don’t care about him honestly- if he comes back he’s gonna be a crazy bitch- we should all just forget about him like the boys did
  • I’m pretty sure Mary Winchester is actually a terrible mother
  • Jody Mills is a fucking incredible mother, she’s like mum bobby
  • Season 12 made me hate my own nationality because THE BRITISH MEN OF LETTERS CAN GO FUCK THEMSELVES OKAY I was so happy when the freedomsquad rolled in with their whiskey and flannel and UGHH it was so good to see Britain fall, okay?
  • Apart from Mick, he was okay… before he died
  • Okay, but the season 12 finale
  • Dean’s reaction made me wanna throw myself off a bridge
  • I didn’t even care about the Nephilim by that point
  • Just Cas’s relationship w/ Dean (I am neutral ground between platonic and destiel atm) but whatever you think you cannot deny that these two fucking love each other and it’s just so damn beautiful
  • The Novak storyline just makes me cry
  • Lucifer Cas was genuinely disturbing at times but this fucking line is now my life

  • Actually so many things Castifer says and just the way Misha portrays all of the alter egos. It’s just amazing.
  • When we’re introduced to Levi!Cas Misha freaking Collins wtf how do you do that crazy thing with your eyes that makes you look like a completely different person
  • When Dean calls Cas his brother and says ‘i want you to know that’ is so fucking important to me because this wonderful being has been hunted by his angel brothers and sisters and Dean Winchester does not idly throw around a word like brother this scene was so special
  • Assbutt
  • Castiel’s wings scorched onto the ground just hit me so fucking hard and goddamnit it I can’t deal with that because he’s actually dead
  • Just… Castiel

-I’ll probably think of a load more this show man…


  • The car scene with Gabe and Cas and the parallels between them and the Winchester boys
  • I don’t think I stressed Balthazar enough because his death and the fact that Cas did it killed me.. and him
  • Crowley crowley crowley crowley
  • These boys are frustrating as fuck sometimes get your damn feelings sorted out you are brothers for fucks sake love each other always
  • It’s just when they’re like ‘oh we can’t be brothers anymore how could you do that to me’ and I’m sat there thinking ‘YOU LITERALLY DID THE SAME EXACT THING TO HIM LAST FUCKING SEASON COME ON’
  • Alsooo when Cas is Castifer everyone just seems to forget that, hello, CAS IS BEING POSSESSED BY LUCFIER DO YOU WANNA KEEP HIM SAFE IS HE YOUR FRIEND OR WHAT. And then Dean goes ‘what about Cas’ and I’m marginally satisfied
  • This scene
  • I always love Lucifer until he goes after Cas and then I hate Lucifer and when he’s doing something else I love him again
  • This is not devil worship
  • Sam’s exasperation and the bitch face is honestly so funny to me I have no idea
  • The fact that Cas thinks so little of himself that the only way he believes he can be ‘of use’ to the boys is BY ENDLESSLY SACRIFICING HIMSELF
  • Also the way Dean screams Cas’s name and how Sam has to drag him back through the portal to their side in the season 12 finale PFFFH don’t even get me started
  • So is Gabe alive or what?
  • So is Cas alive or what?


  • The storyline with Hannah and Cas was SO uncomfortable
  • Like, they’re literally siblings and the whole weird half-romantic subplot was just… ergh
  • I’m so fucking hyped for season 13, give me scooby-doo spn and I sure hope it’s Gabriel because, honestly, who else would put them in scooby-doo, pleaseeee give me richard speight jr
  • I’ve been reading a ton of fanfic, this has ruined me. There’s this wonderful author on called 29pieces who does amazing fics and they’re my life now
  • Cas’s eyes yes please give me the sky
  • Spn is creepy ass monsters and traumatizing characters and heartbreaking scenes
  • But sometimes they just throw in a crack episode and they keep me sane, honestly. I would be in a limitless pool of tears if not for the crack eps and the gag reels
  • Back to sadness
  • CAS’S FACE AFTER METATRON SAYS ‘he’s dead too’
  • And he sees dean’s blood on the angel blade
  • I’m so sad about Cas being homeless because Misha and oh my god
  • Future!Cas also makes me sad because I know it’s funny and all to see Cas high but thinking about the road that led him there is not
  • Thinking about Cas’s depression that led him to drug abuse keeps me up at night
  • My angel feels inadequate and I cannot handle that today 
  • Everything about Cas just makes me sad
I Like You

“Psst! Hey! Hey, Cas!”

Cas looked around, confused, trying to figure out who was calling his name.

“Look down,” he heard, so he did. His eyes widened in surprise. His best friend Dean was sitting comfortably under the Winchesters’ dining table, eating a large slice of pumpkin pie piled high with whipped cream. “C’mere,” Dean said, gesturing with his free hand.

Written for the prompt: Imagine your OTP eating pie underneath the dining room table, as Thanksgiving family madness happens around them. (1.2k)

A/N: Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Americans, and happy random Thursday to everyone else!


“Psst! Hey! Hey, Cas!”

Cas looked around, confused, trying to figure out who was calling his name.

“Look down,” he heard, so he did. His eyes widened in surprise. His best friend Dean was sitting comfortably under the Winchesters’ dining table, eating a large slice of pumpkin pie piled high with whipped cream. “C’mere,” Dean said, gesturing with his free hand.

“What are you doing?” Cas asked, frowning in confusion.

“Just come on,” Dean said, waving for Cas to join him.

Cas glanced around. No one was paying him any attention. “I have another piece for you,” Dean added, and that was the final motivation Cas needed. He slid down his seat until he was seated next to Dean and grabbing the other plate.

“Why are you under the table?” Cas asked again curiously.

“Because,” Dean said. “There are too many people up there. And Aunt Missouri won’t stop asking me how school’s going. Why does she even care?”

“Oh,” Cas said, taking a bite of the pie. Dean’s mom had made it the previous afternoon, and it tasted as amazing as it always did. “So how long are you planning to sit down here?” he asked in between mouthfuls.

“As long as necessary,” Dean said, dead serious, and Cas noticed, not for the first time, the complete stubbornness in his green eyes.

“I’ll stay, too,” Cas decided, spreading his legs out in front of him and leaning against one of the table legs.

A few years earlier, the Winchesters and Novaks (next-door neighbors and close family friends) had decided to host Thanksgiving dinner together, and they’d done it every year since. All of their family and some close friends would gather in the Winchester’s dining room (and living room because they had so many people) to eat and be together, and it was one of Cas’ favorite days of the year.

“Did you bring your turkey home?” he asked Dean as he ate his last bite of pie. Their third-grade class had made turkeys out of construction paper during craft time earlier that week and Cas personally thought that Dean’s was the best. He’d told him as much when Dean had finished, and he remembered how Dean had flushed with pride.

“Yes, it’s on the fridge,” Dean said happily. “Mom said it was beautiful and wanted to be able to see it all the time.”

Cas smiled too. “Mine’s in my bedroom at my desk. I had to make sure Gabe wouldn’t steal it. He’s mean sometimes.”

“Yeah, he is,” Dean agreed. They peered out from under the table, observing what their families were doing. On the other side of the room, Dean’s parents John and Mary were looking at the pictures on the wall and making comments about them. Cas’ mother Naomi was not far away, having a discussion with a friend of hers from work, Linda Tran, as Linda’s son Kevin stood not far away. They could see Gabriel chasing Dean’s younger brother Sam around, Sam laughing hysterically, and in the corner by the TV Uncle Bobby was talking to Ellen Harvelle, both of them completely absorbed in their conversation.

“I think they like each other,” Cas said, eyes pausing on Uncle Bobby and Ellen.

Dean followed his gaze. “Me too,” he said. “I think Uncle Bobby’s gonna ask her out and then they’ll kiss. That’s what grownups do when they like each other.”

“What do kids do when they like each other?” Cas asked curiously, and Dean shrugged.

“I don’t know,” he said. “Share toys? Draw each other pictures? Maybe they kiss too.”

“Really?” Cas asked, and Dean nodded. Cas pondered that for a moment before leaning forward to peck Dean on the lips in an innocent kiss. “I like you, Dean,” Cas said, and Dean grinned.

“I like you too.”

Fifteen years later, Dean and Cas (now twenty-three) sat on the couch snuggled up together after a full Thanksgiving meal. Most of their family had gone home by now and their parents were cleaning up while Sam and Gabriel had gone outside to talk, leaving Dean and Cas alone in the living room.

“How many years have we been doing this?” Dean asked, fingers tracing light patterns on Cas’ arm.

“You mean this?” Cas quipped, referring to their current position.

Dean laughed. “No, having Thanksgiving dinner here,” he said. “It’s gotta be eighteen years at least…”

“Something like that,” Cas agreed. “Why?” he asked curiously.

“Nothing, I was just thinkin’ how we sat under the table that one year to eat our pie. Remember? And we watched what everyone else was doing ‘til they left and we fell asleep.”

Cas smiled. “How could I forget? And your mom had to carry us up to your bedroom so we didn’t spend the whole night on the floor.”

“She did, didn’t she,” Dean said with a chuckle. “I wonder if we can still fit…” Dean mused as he stared at the table, and it was Cas’ turn to laugh.

“We were quite a bit smaller then,” he teased.

That didn’t stop Dean from standing and reaching out his hand, an unmistakably mischievous twinkle in his eye. “C’mere,” he said, and Cas recalled eight-year old Dean saying the same thing. He hadn’t been able to resist then, and he wasn’t able to now either.

Dean got down on his hands and knees and crawled under the table, careful not to bump his head as he sat up and Cas followed him.

“Hi,” Dean said softly.

“Hi,” Cas answered with a smile.

Dean glanced around. “Wish we had some pie.”

“Yeah, it’s not quite the same without,” Cas replied, nudging Dean’s shoulder.

“I know what would make it better,” Dean said slyly.

Cas humored him. “And what would that be, Dean?”

Dean shifted so he was kneeling in front of Cas and pulled out a little black box from his jacket pocket, opening it to reveal a beautiful gold band. “Marry me?” he asked simply, and Cas sat in shock for a second before he came to his senses, rising up to grasp Dean’s face in his hands and pull it to his, kissing him breathless. “Yes, yes!” he whispered. “God, yes!”

Dean smiled against his mouth, and murmured, “Good.” They broke apart so Dean could slide the smooth gold band onto Cas’ finger and then Dean pulled him in for another kiss. When they separated again, Cas laughed.

“This is where we had our first kiss,” he said. “Is that how you planned it?”

Dean nodded bashfully. “I, uh, wanted to make it special.”

“Well, you made the perfect choice,” Cas said with a smile.

That night, as they cuddled up together in Dean’s old bed for the first time as an engaged couple, they watched the stars out the window, something they had always done during sleepovers at Dean’s house. Just before they drifted off to sleep, Dean uttered three familiar words and Cas replied as he knew how.

“I like you.”

“I like you too.”

.Remember when they said destiel shippers were going to enjoy the last 10 minutes of 12x23?????? let me tell you a fucking thing. I would sell my soul for destiel NOT to be canon if with that i can have cas alive and well. Happy, being treated with respect.

I would give up destiel in a heartbeat if with that i cant protect both halves of the ship. I dont want a romeo and juliet kind of ending shit. I want cas to be happy, dean to have a family. i ship destiel because dean is everything cas needs and cas is everything dean needs. They always seem to find each other.

Someone who understands the job, A best friend, a partner, someone that can take care of him just like he did with sammy all this years. Dean is the righteous man, a hero, the one who showed cas what a family was like, what family means. Yes, it wasnt the first time that cas rebelled but it was the first time he overcame the brainwashing bullshit that naomi did to him in order to save someone, dean winchester.

So no. Take your crap and shove it up your asses cause i aint not having it.

anonymous asked:

new plan for season 13: instead of seeing Dean at 40 still sleeping with random young bargirls and waitresses, drinking beer and eating burgers.. we see Dean in the ER after a minor heart attack.. then, bookending every following episode, him dutifully taking his daily antiretroviral medications in front of the bathroom mirror and grumpily attending AA meetings.

I see you and raise you: Dean wakes up in the hospital from a coma with machines beeping around him, Sam folded in a chair asleep, and Cas, whom he has to blink in surprise at, trying to negotiate his memory with the man dressed in regular clothing reading a book like he has nothing else to do.

And Dean scrambles to try and remember what the hell happened to land him in the hospital, but can’t, and straining to swallow, makes a raspy call to Castiel, who is by his side in an instant and a shout to Sam to wake up, one hand slamming the Nurse button as he does, because “Dean! You’re awake!”

“What happened?”

His answer is delayed by Sam, and Dean has a horrible moment of watching his brother start to cry because Dean’s okay, and Sam can’t even make words, basically ugly crying into Dean’s shoulder as he’s folded over the bed to hug his brother and babble apologies that don’t make any sense, “-but I got him and I’m sorry it took so long and oh God Dean, we thought you were going to die and Cas was dead and you weren’t breathing and oh God you’re awake.”

Nurses and doctors pour in and Dean has no clearer answer than he did before on what is even going on, but he’s poked and prodded and tested and examined, and listened to medical babble while Sam wipes at his face, both he and Cas nodding diligently to the doctors as they explain potential symptoms, like memory loss, the need for intense and on going physical rehabilitation?? to get Dean back to normal strength, that he’s going to sleep a lot in order to regain his strength, the slow introduction to foods??? and the expected recovery time for something like this being over the course of months.

Dean can feel himself flagging, already feeling worn down and tired, wondering if the nurses put something in his IV while he was distracted with all the rest. He barely manages to gain their attention, before drifting back off to sleep.

When he wakes, the light in the room has changed, but the occupants has the new addition of Bobby, who has to wipe his eyes and gruffly tells Dean it’s about damn time he woke up and stopped keeping the world waiting, and Dean is so flummoxed he can’t he form words to try and make sense of what the hell???

What happened?

“Lucifer,” Sam explains. “He beat you into a coma before I could stop him.”

“He- what? But we- Sammy, we locked him up.”

“Right, both he and Michael are locked in the Cage now.”

“Michael got out, too?”

They all exchange looks of confusion, Castiel slowly shaking his head.

“No, Dean. Remember? Michael was never in the Cage, he needed to take you as vessel and settled for your brother Adam?”

Dean gapes, looking at all their faces, and shaking his head, “Are you talking about Stull Cemetery?” Nods from all. “Dude, that was, like, what? Eight years ago? I remember that,” he says with an eye roll. “What happened with him getting out the second- or apparently third time?”

They all look at each other in confusion, and creeping exhaustion makes Dean impatient, jabbing a finger at them as he talks. “Civil war in Heaven against Raphael, the Leviathan getting loose from Purgatory- in which Bobby should be dead, so explain how you’re not- then me and Cas spent a damn year in Purgatory, then Naomi brainwashing and controlling Cas for months on end.. what happened after that? Oh, fucking Metatron forcing all the angels to fall and Cas becoming human after he stole his grace for the spell. Kevin and later Charlie fucking dying. Mark of freaking Cain, me dying and becoming a demon, then finding a cure, which released Amara, God’s freaking sister, and then all the bullshit with the British Men of Letters and Lucifer getting out and his Nephilim baby with Kelly– and why are you all looking at me like that?”

“Dean…” Sam looks worriedly at Cas, who shrugs, and then back, shaking his head, and Dean has a moment to wonder at how much younger he looks. He’d thought it was due to grief earlier, but it’s startling now, his hair cut shorter than he currently likes it. “None of that happened. I don’t- I mean, I’m not sure how you thought– Lucifer put you in the hospital in Stull Cemetary, before I was able to regain control and force him out and into the portal. And the Chuck-” he hesitates, eye darting back and forth as he tries to explain, “this won’t make much sense, but Chuck is actually God, Dean. In disguise.”

Dean stares like he grew antlers. “I am aware, thank you. Made us pancakes and nearly died helping us fight Amara, then both of them took off together.”

“He must have been able to hear our conversations,” Cas tells Sam, “and his subconscious tried to fold them into whatever he was dreaming.” He looks at Dean. “Dean, Chuck showed up at the cemetery, brought Bobby and I back, but your injuries he wouldn’t interfere with since comas fall under free will and the decisions of the mind, but you were immediately brought here via Life Flight, and you’ve been here since, Dean.”

His brows knit together, confusion and incredulous warring on his features. “No. That’s… Cas, that was years ago.”

Sam shakes his head. “No, Dean. It was six months ago.” He gestures to the angel. “After Chuck gave Cas the option to become human or not, we both had to get jobs and an apartment so we could stay near you. We’ve been living here since you were admitted.”

Dean looks at Cas, startled. “You’re human? Why?” Because that doesn’t make sense, and Dean is sort of completely and utterly horrified to see the angel punished in such a way as to cast him out like that when he’d only done the right thing every time.

A flush spreads across Cas’ cheek, blue eyes sliding off to the side. “Because… my family is here.”

And that’s just- Dean can’t, and he says as much, shaking his head. “I- this… this is too much. I- that doesn’t make sense. I can’t, guys, I can’t.”

Sam nods, all earnestness and puppy dog eyes, and God almighty, it makes his kid brother look even younger. “No, Dean, I-I get it. we’re sorry for dumping all this on you. It’s a lot to take in.”

“I just… I need a minute,” he insists, and his brain hurts with the head on collision that is memories versus information, and any attempt to reconcile the two, and is it possible this is Djinn dream? Dammit, did he get infected again? But no, that wouldn’t explain this either.

He thinks he might be sick.

“Call the nurse and just give me a minute.“

They diligently leave, and the nurse- fucking Charlie Bradbury in the damn flesh- helps him sit up so he can dry heave into a ugly pink bucket until his stomach hurts and he’s got strain marks rising on his throat as she rubs his back, murmuring softly, and then hugging him once he done and starts to cry, to break down in sobs, because Djinn dream or whatever the hell this is, she’s alive and here and the ache that had settled in her absence releases because he has missed her so very much, and all of this is way too much, more than he can stand, and he’s just very tired from a life too hard for one person to live through.

But hours and days pass, and it seems no less real, no clues or giveaways this is some sort of supernatural event, and he knows he not dead and in Heaven, because that’s not how heavens work.

Sam and Cas are civilians, Cas having taken Bobby’s last name in order to be given a family history outside of Jimmy Novak, who’d long since gone to heaven. More over, they’re civilians with clearly no intention of getting back into hunting. Sam explaining that since they saved the world, he was washing his hands of it. They’d done what they’d set out to do: avenged Mom and corrected their mistakes, and the world shouldn’t- couldn’t demand more of them than that.

The world is saved. Dean still has his family, with Cas- though he’d never let himself hope- staying as part of that, still staying too close to Dean’s side for what is socially acceptable, but after years of feeling like he was drifting away, it’s a painful relief that leaves Dean wrapping him in a hug that lingers too long, whispering, “I’m so glad you’re here.”

“Of course, Dean,” he answers, just as reluctant to let go.

And Dean thinks he might die, because coma nightmares aside, even with the painful and strenuous physical therapy- Benny and Kevin are his physical therapists, like what the hell- Dean has everything, the world on a platter, and he’s so very happy. Years worth of nightmares don’t even matter anymore.

He’s happy.

You’re welcome.

My SPN Comics

At the request of a follower, I have put together most of the comics I’ve done of Supernatural.

You can find them as individual publications here: (x)(x)(x)
so please don’t repost

And without further ado… Enjoy!

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-      -     -     -      -      -      -      -      -      -      -      -    -     -      -     -   

-      -     -     -      -      -      -      -      -      -      -      -    -     -      -     -   

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Mick Davies Appreciation

1. Mick was an orphan living on the streets as a pick-pocketer before a member of the British Men of Letters placed him in Kendricks Academy.

2. He was forced to kill his best friend when he was little and was haunted by the memory since. :(

3. Like Cas, he was trained to follow a rigid code growing up and began to question the Letters’ harsh rules after spending time with Sam and Dean.

4. He eventually stood up to Dr. Hess in defense of Sam, Dean, and Eileen and rejection of the code, only to be executed by Ketch.

5. His motivation was never diabolical. Even when he was serving the British Men of Letters, he only wanted to do what was right.

6. He dresses a little bit like Cas and shares some of his physical characteristics, doesn’t he? lol what a coincidence

7. His last words were, “I choose to do the right thing.” :’(

Originally posted by faith-in-dean

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Save Me

Requested?: No

Summary: You are an angel. And being close to the Winchesters often proved a difficult task. You were prepared. Prepared to fight for them, for him. But nothing prepared you for this. This time, you needed him.

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Angel!Reader

Word Count: 2564

Warnings: Fallen angels, wounded reader.

(A/N): So I had just finished rewatching the Season 8 finale and this little idea popped into my mind. And so, I wrote it! Took me a few hours, but I hope you guys liked it. Oh, and because it 12 a.m where I’m at…. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! (And if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, then happy Thursday and I hope you have a nice, lovely day.)

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  • *naomi appears*
  • Kevin: who's that?
  • Dean: she doesn't like me
  • *lucifer appears*
  • Kevin: who's that's?
  • Dean: he doesn't like me either
  • *crowley appears*
  • Kevin: who's THAT?
  • Dean: let's just assume that everybody in this room doesn't like me
  • Cas: *whispering* I like you
Crowley Appreciation

I love Crowley. Always have, always will. Here are seven reasons why:

1. Mark Sheppard. He is a fantastic actor. I love his accent. I love his relationship with J2M. I don’t want him off the show. 

2. Crowley has delivered some of the best lines in Supernatural. He is deliciously sardonic and hilarious.

3. He is one of the best villains the show has ever had because there is so much depth to his character, and Crowley has never underestimated the Winchesters, which is why he is still alive.

4. He balances out the spectrum of main characters on the show - where Cas is the angel on the brothers’ shoulders, he is the devil. This is very important.

5. He is not replaceable. After all the years he has been on the show, it would be impossible to fill the giant empty space he would leave if he was written off. Think about it.

6. Crowley’s character development is not over yet. Like Cas, he is still trying to figure out what he is. And, like Cas, he is hated by every one of his own kind due to his attachment to the Winchesters. That makes him interesting.

7. “Not moose.”


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8.19: The second trial: freeing a soul from hell and delivering it unto heaven.

(Unto, that’s how God talks…)

Crowley’s wormed his way inside Kevin’s head, Sam and Dean discover “rogue reapers” who help smuggle souls where they shouldn’t be.

They just happen to stumble across the one who was paid by Crowley to take Bobby’s soul to hell…

Dean tries to insist that because it’s Bobby’s soul on the line, he should go with Sam because Sam’s already been compromised by the first trial, but Sam insists he needs to do it alone. Dean trusts him and lets him go… but the reaper doesn’t take Sam directly to hell, they detour through Purgatory.

Like the seam that Purgatory opened to eject Dean– a human soul who does not belong there– an alternate seam opens to push Sam out into Hell.

Meanwhile Kevin tries to convince Dean that Crowley knows where he is and suggests they should move out, find another place to hide out (YOU SHOULD’VE LISTENED TO HIM DEANO)

But Dean tries to break it to Kevin that there is no end when Kevin says he can’t take it anymore.  Dean says it gets easier when you accept the hand life dealt him. Then Kevin steals his pie.


Crowley kills the reaper, and now Sam has no ride back from Purgatory… But Naomi shows up at the houseboat to pass that message along to Dean, along with some other terrible (LIES!) information about Cas. But it’s just enough to inspire some doubt:

DEAN: Oh, I know who you are. And I know what you did to Cas after he got out of Purgatory.
NAOMI: After I rescued him from Purgatory, you mean, at the cost of many angels’ lives.
DEAN: You screwed with his head and had him spy on us.
NAOMI: Well, it is true that I have spoken with Castiel many times, trying to reach out to him, trying to help him. Dean, you must have noticed how Purgatory changed him. I mean, he’s been unstable in the past, but I was shocked at how damaged he is now.
DEAN: Stop, okay? Don’t – don’t try to spin this. You think I don’t know that you told him to try and kill me?
NAOMI: Hmm. Yeah, I suppose that is how he would hear it. When I learned of the Angel tablet, I did tell Castiel to get it at any cost. That’s my job – to protect heaven. I’m a warrior, just as you are. What would you expect? And now Castiel is in the wind with a hydrogen bomb in his pocket, and I – I’m scared, for all of us.
DEAN: Save it. See, I don’t trust Angels, which means I don’t trust you.
NAOMI: And yet you haven’t warded this place against us. I know. You’re hoping Castiel will return to you. I admire your loyalty. I only wish he felt the same way. I know you don’t want to believe it, Dean, but we’re on the same side – shutting the Gates of Hell, bringing Castiel in from the cold. Take a moment. Think about what I’ve said. Oh. I know you’ve been doing business with Ajay. He did mention, didn’t he, that his way into Hell is through Purgatory? I knew you’d want to know. You see, we can be of help to each other.

Sam gets a very small taste of what Dean lived through in Purgatory before finding the portal to Hell. All the info Sam uses to convince Bobby that he’s really himself ARE DETAILS THAT BOBBY TOLD DEAN. NOT SAM. He’d made Dean promise never to tell anyone, but of course Dean would tell Sam…

Dean follows Naomi’s tip about Ajay since it’s really the only thing she said to him that he COULD verify for himself, and he discovers Ajay dead. But he believes at least THAT bit of info, and calls on Benny to rescue Sam from Purgatory, which means asking Benny to die for him…

DEAN: Benny, sending you back there is the last thing I ever wanted to do.
BENNY: I know. I know.
DEAN: But my little brother is stuck down there.
BENNY: This would be the little brother who wants to kill me, right?
DEAN: You got access to the place.
BENNY: By “access,” you mean “getting beheaded”?
DEAN: Yeah, you’re right – it’s too much. It’s not like I’ve exactly been there for you lately.

But Benny agrees to do it. He doesn’t feel like he fits anywhere– not with vampires, not with humans…

BOBBY: Dean spent a year in this place?
SAM: Running and fighting, all day, every day.
BOBBY: Must have been hell on you not being able to get him out all that time. You did try?
SAM: Look, Bobby, Dean and I had an agreement, okay?
BOBBY: I know that agreement. I taught you that agreement. That’s a non-agreement. I get the feeling a lot must have happened while I was gone.


But Dean finally trusts Sam’s assessment of Benny’s decision to stay behind in Purgatory, that it was really Benny’s choice.

Crowley tries to stop Bobby’s soul from rising to Heaven, but Naomi intervenes. So Crowley focuses on his other project: Getting to Kevin through his mother.

Why is it always mothers getting used against their kids…

My Supernatural finale reactions so far:









Season 9 (“Do You Believe in MIracles?”): Do I believe in miracles? Well, if I did I DON’T FUCKING ANYMORE. NOTHING IS OKAY! METATRON, YOU FUCK! DEAN DEAN DEAN! NONONONONO! AND SAMMY!! “What happened with you being okay with this?” “I lied.” “Ain’t that a bitch”. NONONONO! “I’m proud of us.” HOLY FUCKFACE DO THEY WANT ME TO DIE?!?! OH  LORD NO OH NON ONONONO. CROWLEY, WHAT A NICE SPEECH- WHAT’RE YOU- HOLY FUCK, I KNEW IT.

Expectation, based on what the cast and crew have said about it so far…
Season 10 (“Brother’s Keeper”):

(Mary is us as a fandom, btw)

Everything you need to know about Supernatural
  • Season 1: Sam and Dean's mom burned to death because of a demon. They spend their whole lives hunting supernatural creatures because John Winchester is a terrible father. Sam got away. He's at college. His girlfriend burns to death. John is missing and Sam and Dean have to find him.
  • Season 2: John sells his soul for Dean and goes to hell. Dean is not okay with this. Sam has psychic powers. This concerns Dean. Sam is hand-picked to be the demon king by the demon who killed his mom. Sam dies. Dean sells his soul to bring Sam back. Sam and Dean kill the demon that killed their mom.
  • Season 3: Sam knows Dean sold his soul for him. Sam is not okay with this. Sam buddies up with a demon named Ruby. Dean does not like Ruby. A demon named Lilith holds Dean's soul contract. Dean dies and goes to hell. Sam is not okay with this.
  • Season 4: Castiel resurrects Dean. He's not super sure why but he's following orders. Sam is happy to have Dean back. Hell fucked Dean up. There are angels now. There's an apocalypse coming and Sam'n'Dean are trying to prevent it. Sam drinks Ruby's blood because it gives him super powers. Dean is not okay with this. Sam and Dean suck at preventing the apocalypse. Sam accidentally triggers the apocalypse by killing Lilith.
  • Season 5: Dean is mad at Sam. Ruby's dead because she was betraying Sam all along trying to make him start the apocalypse. Both the angels and the demons wanted the apocalypse to start. Cas is not okay with this. Cas killed some angels and now he's siding with Sam and Dean. He's still not okay. They look for God. God abandoned them. Lucifer needs to use Sam as a vessel and Michael needs to use Dean. Sam tricks Lucifer and manages to jump into Hell with him. Dean is not okay with this.
  • Season 6: Sam is back sans-soul. Dean is not okay with this. Cas is keeping secrets and trying to prevent apocalypse 2.0 with Crowley. They fix Sam's soul issue, but now he might remember hell. Cas goes power crazy, stops the apocalypse, makes Sam remember hell, and becomes god.
  • Season 7: Cas dies. Dean is not okay with this. Sam's memories drive him insane. Creatures called Leviathons eat people and cause havoc. Cas comes back and saves Sam. Dean kills the Leviathon leader and gets sucked into purgatory with Cas.
  • Season 8: Dean's back from purgatory. Cas too. Cas is being controlled by this angel Naomi. Naomi wants Dean dead. There's this prophet Kevin who's a nerd. Sam'n'Dean learn they can close hell by completing trials. Sam takes on the trials. The trials are killing Sam. Dean is not okay with this. They fail and the angels all fall from heaven.
  • Season 9: Dean lets an angel take over Sam to save him. Sam is not okay with this. This angel Gadreel kills Kevin using Sam. Sam is very not okay with this. Sam is mad at Dean. Dean takes on the Mark of Cain. He gets stab-happy. Sam is not okay with this. Cas captures the bad guy Metatron after Metatron stabbed Dean. Dean dies. Dean comes back as a demon.





O C T O B E R 7




Sam Winchester Appreciation

This post needs no introduction. Here are the top seven reasons I love Sam Winchester:

1. He is played by Jared Padalecki, who loves the character as much as we do. We are blessed to have him on the show.

2. Sam is strong physically and mentally. It is incredible that he has been forced to confront his greatest fears (clowns, Lucifer…) on multiple occasions and has only gotten stronger as a result. If I were ever forced into a room full of spiders, I would have to be institutionalized. In season 10 it was difficult to hop on board with Sam’s plan to cure Dean (for obvious reasons), and I found myself screaming at the TV several times, especially toward the end. This season, however, Sam has really come around to ‘Swan Song’ levels of bravery and heroism. Read these posts here and here because they explain Sam much better than I can (spoilers if you haven’t seen 11x14).

3. Sam is selfless and empathetic. He genuinely cares about others more than himself and is capable of connecting with people on an emotional level (I don’t know many guys or even girls in real life who could do that).

4. He is smart and enjoys learning, and he is humble about it.

5. He is supportive of his brother, especially when it comes to saving Cas and defeating Amara, and that’s pretty neat. ;-;

6. He is a gentleman. :3

7. He has a cute smile, especially when he’s flustered.

Bonus: He is tall. 


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wildphrancis  asked:

whats supernatural about?

This cannot be answered properly without taking a very long time. Supernatural is an amazing show, not just about two brothers who hunt evil…it is so much more. It is about how family is the most important thing, and family doesn’t end with blood, it is anyone in your life who you care about and is there for you. It is about the special bond between two brothers who would do anything for each other, even die and they have several times. 

They are heroes who save countless lives everyday and have stopped the world from ending at least three or four times and will continue to. It is about an angel who was an obedient servant to a God who was absent and never there, much like Sam & Dean with their own father who was blinded by the grief of losing his wife to a demon and spent his life tracking them down, forcing Sam & Dean into the life they have now. Castiel learned to think for himself and got free will, Dean made him feel things he never had before and he helped them in ways no one else ever had, turning his back on Heaven and everything he had ever known for centuries. It is about friendships, loyalty. Dean has basically raised his brother and does everything he can to give him as normal of a life as possible, and he would do anything for him, as would Sam and their relationship is epic, the best they are just …I can’t desrcibe how perfect it is. As is Dean’s relationship with Cas. But these three actors are freaking awesome, they play them SO perfect and they are best friends off set and it is so awesome…

I can sum up the seasons like this (im sure this is not what you mean but I get excited when people ask me about it and have seen every episode thousands of times so I can sum it up in like two minutes for you) these are main highlights of the storyline not stand alone episodes..there is a general theme each season that builds and grows int he next, but there are ‘monster of the week’ episodes that are usually just funny or a scary one that is its own, not having to do with the season’s story line

1-They are looking for their dad, fighting evil demons, ghosts and monsters along the way. Something is going on with Sam but they are not sure what it means, they get in an accident because of the demons and Dean is about to die but John gives his life, sells his soul for an eternity in hell to save his son.

2-Sam realizes he has powers, and it is a result of the demon blood Azazel gave him the night he killed his mother. They carry on what their dad wanted, Saving People, hunting things the family business. Sam is taken to a place to see if he is the chosen one, he is killed and Dean makes the same mistake John did, selling his soul because he cannot live without his brother in his life but he only gets one year. Azazal, the demon that ruined their lives is finally killed when John climbs out of hell and Dean shoots him.

3-Dean spends his year living it up, they try to find the demon that holds the contract, Lilith. A demon named Ruby is helping them, although she is really working with Lilith but we do not find that out for another season. In the end they cannot save him and the hell hounds come for him and he goes to hell

4-Castiel raises Dean from hell, they learn that Dean is here for a special reason, Lilith is trying to break 66 seals and if she succeeds she will bring on the apoclaypse. They have to stop her, but discover Ruby has been feeding Sam demon blood to get him powerful enough to kill Lilith because she is the final seal. Sam kills her, Lucifer rises and Dean kills Ruby

5-Now that the apocalypse has started they have to stop the four horsemen and discover Dean is Michaels true vessel and Sam is Lucifers and they must battle it out in the end. They try everything to stop the apocalypse which results in Sam letting Lucifer in and jumping in the cage, trapping himself and their half brother Adam there.

6-Castiel pulls Sam from the cage but his soul is left behind, so Sam is soulless for part of the season. Eve,mother of all evil monsters is in purgatory but monsters raise her and she is trying to take over, they stop her but Castiel, who is dealing with a war in heaven against archangel Raphael, swallows souls from purgatory and becomes God.

7- When Cas puts the souls back, the Leviathans, the oldest most evil monsters ever stayed behind. they can take on the form of any human and cannot be killed. They kill and kill and kill  (by the way Sam had been seeing hallucinations of Lucifer because when he got his soul back it was damaged but Cas fixed it and transferred it to himself and is now Crazy) Sam Dean and Cas find a way to kill them, they must kill Dick Roman, the leader, with a special weapon. Castiel kills him but he and Dean are standing too close when he dies and are sent to Purgatory with him

8-Dean is back from Purgatory, Sam had hit a dog and met a girl. They discover Kevin Tran is a prophet and he tried to decipher the demon tablet so they can close the gates of hell and rid the world of demons. Cas returns but is different, Naomi, a powerful angel, is controlling him from heaven and is trying to get the angel tablet. In the end, another angel, Metatron who is the scribe of God, knows what the tablets say and tricks Cas to give him his grace causing the angels to all be expelled from heaven and basically become human. Sam was trying to cure a demon to close the gates of hell, the king of hell Crowley. Dean stopped him just in time because he could have died

9- Sam is dying so Dean allows an angel to posses him in order to save him. Cas is human and struggling. Eventually Sam becomes strong enough and they rid him of the angel, but Metatron is trying to take over heaven and become God so he teams up with him. Abaddon, a knight of hell, is back and trying to take over hell since Sam and Dean have Crowley locked in their dungeon. Dean gets the mark of cain, a requirement with the first blade to kill Abaddon, but it comes with consequences because now he wants to kill and in the end Metatron kills Dean and he becomes a demon.

10- Dean is a demon, Sam cures him with the help of Cas in the end. Dean is human again but is feeling the effects of the mark. Cas is struggling with dwindling grace and reunited with his vessel’s daughter, he feels guilty that she lost her father and her life is shit right now. Dean is struggling everytime he kills he wants to do it more. Crowley’s mother is back, a powerful witch and it seems like she is playing him so we will have to see where that goes. Right now we are worried about Dean, as is Sam and Cas and tonight Season 10 continues so there will be many more feels, then season 11 will be even better

wow sorry that was so long, I really tried to sum it up the best I could in few words. Really Supernatural is a show about the bond between two brothers, occasionally an angel and the king of hell…but it is the importance of their love for each other and how it has prevailed over all evil and no monster, angel demon or god himself has ever come between them. It has horror things that are awesome, there are feels that will make you an emotional wreck but they worth it because you feel their pain you fall in love with them and it is also funny as hell. I want to go on forever but this is long enough…if I didnt answer your question explain what you want to know. I love this show and obviously an obsessed with it so I tend to go on and on about it

Supernatural is so much I could never describe it all because it has touched my life and changed it in to many ways and it is more than a show, the actors are amazing on and off set and the fandom is awesome too. I love everything about it and will watch and rewatch it forever because it is the best show ever

anonymous asked:

Favorite supernatural episode?

I have a whole list of episodes that I really enjoy, and I have a hard time picking an absolute favorite. BUT, if I had to narrow it down to one, it would probably be…

8x23 - “Sacrifice”

This episode was a freakin’ roller coaster from start to finish. Every single person brought their acting A game to this finale, and it really showed. Plus, I got to see some Jody and the world’s most adorable Prophet, Kevin freakin’ Tran:

Misha was SO ON POINT, and we saw so much of Castiel’s emotional range: 

He was a doof, he was a BAMF, and at the end, he was heartbroken. I could wax poetic over it but let’s move on because that’ll take days.

The scenery was GORGEOUS. Look at that vista. The strategic placement of that cross, then the Impala driving in, the perfect setting of the ruined church. My lady parts can’t handle this.


There was more than one antagonist appearing in Sacrifice (Metatron, Crowley, Abaddon, Naomi) but the plot didn’t feel clustered or over crowded. It was wonderfully dramatic and kept me on the edge of my seat the entire hour. 

Lots of Dean/Cas interaction. omg. the destiel. It was sweet, it was quietly emotional. PERFECTION.

AND THEN THAT ENDING. HOLY SHIT. Like, just those last 5 minutes were hella INTENSE: Cas running out from the trees after falling; Dean dragging Sam from the church; Kevin watching the bunker controls go haywire; the angels falling like meteors to the ground and Cas watching with so much anguish in his face.  CAMERA WORK 1000% ON POINT

Every time after I rewatch that episode, my heart rate gets elevated and I wail in the corner for a bit.

Honorable mentions:

  • 9x10 - “Road Trip”
  • 6x20 - “The Man Who Would Be King”
  • 10x17 - “Inside Man”
  • 4x01 - “Lazarus Rising”
  • 4x16 - “On The Head of A Pin”
  • 10x05 - “Fan Fiction”
Our Greatest Glory

Chapter 2.

Chapter 1 is HERE, along with warnings

The alleyway is dirty and cast in shadows from the fading sunlight. There are bits of trash, blown in here by the breeze, but overall Cas has seen worse.

Castiel carefully counts out his earnings for the day, feeling mildly pleased with himself. There is little space for shame, so he ignores the feeble stirrings of it.

He’s no longer a proud warrior of Heaven. He can’t afford to be ashamed of this method of earning his bread.

All told, he has perhaps seventy dollars to his name now. The change he keeps in a plastic baggie rescued from someone else’s sandwich, tucked away inside the backpack he’d gotten from Goodwill at Jordan’s insistence. He has a second pair of jeans courtesy of that trip as well, and two new shirts so he has something to wear on laundry day.

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The Ultimate Sacrifice.

Scenario: Imagine you are with Dean when he tries to talk Sam out of completing the trials.

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1990 (woops)

“She’s lying” Castiel breathed out. You were outside while Dean was on the phone with Kevin as he was researching if Naomi was telling the truth. The truth that if Sam completes the trials then he’s dead.

“Cas… TAKE US TO HIM NOW” In seconds the three of you were outside the church and you ran in frantically.

You saw Sam with his hand glowing about to finish the trials by placing his hand on Crowley face but was stopped when you wrangled out a command which brought his attention.

“SAM WAIT” Sam startled at your desperation and he looked down at Crowley who seemed to not care for anything/ Dean walks in behind you and he suddenly stops moving as if one wrong move will make his little brother disappear forever.

“Hey Sammy. Hey listen to me.” Sam looked like a deer in the headlights as confusion flooded his beautiful but worn out features. His body was straining to stay upright as his legs wished to give out, falling into an eternal sleep.

“Easy Sam. Just take it easy. We got a slight change of plans.” You tried to get his attention and all you needed was for him to step away from Crowley.

“What? What’s going on? Where’s Cas?!” He seemed unmoved of your pleas, as if he were ignoring the pain evident in your voice.

“Metatron lied, Sammy. You finish the trial and you’re dead, Sam” There was an excruciating long pause. You felt time slow down as you were able to hear droplet of water falling in the far corner of the church. Your heart was thumping from the adrenaline from the thought of Sam being in danger. Sam looked around the room as he seemed to be analysing the problem, he looked up at you and stared at his brother.

“So?”  You couldn’t believe it, your heart plummeted onto the floor, he didn’t want to live? Thousands of thoughts were invading your head but you pushed them aside and concentrated on one important thing only. Sam. You turned to Dean and he seemed taken back from the possibility of his brother not wanting to live.

“SO?” Deans voice escalated when he questioned his brothers ridiculous statement but you grabbed his shoulder in an attempt to calm him down. The last thing you needed was for Sam to be pushed off the edge.

“Look at him…” Sam began his justification for him to finish the trials.Sam pulled his glowing hand away from Crowley and walked towards Dean with eyes full of Despair. His tired features were strained as he bent down to meet his brother eye to eye. He merely points at Crowley emphasising his point.

LOOK AT HIM Y/N! Look how close we are! Other people will die if I don’t finish this!” Tear pricked your eyes and your nose crinkled at the thought of Sam possibly going through with the trials.

“Sam… think about it. Look at what we know?” Dean saw the direction you were heading and jumped on board. Sam tried to stand properly on his two feet since he felt the drowsiness overcome his mind.

“Y/n’s right.  Pulling souls from hell, curing demons, hell, ganking a Hellhound! We have enough knowledge on our side to turn the tide here. But WE can’t do it without you, Sammy.”

“You can barely do it with me. I mean, you think I screw up everything I try. You think I need a chaperone, remember?” Sam effortlessly let out what he thought his brother’s opinion of him was. As if he were plainly stating some fact he memorised off the internet.

“Come on Sammy, thats not what he mea-” He didn’t let you finish your explanation for Dean. You realised the boys take everything out of proportion and they constantly misunderstand each other.

“No, Y/n. it’s exactly what he meant. You guys want to know what I confessed in there? What my greatest sin was?” There was an agonizing pause as you were curious to know what Sam could have confessed. He was the most noble man you knew and for him to feel as though he’s sinned broke your already shattered heart. Yes, there was the demon blood but he thought he was doing the right thing. Yellow eyes cursed him when he could barely think for himself, and it wasn’t his fault.

“It was how many times I let you two down. I can’t do that again.” Your eyes widened. Sam began to cry but you had already beat him. Tears were streaming down your face as you witnessed the love of your life thinking so little of himself. You turned to Dean and saw the guilt invading his face. You knew the elder Winchester always spoke his mind, you remembered the day he called Sam and monster. You were always there, thick and thin. You remembered when Dean yelled at Sam to never come back if he walked out that door, just like John did. You remembered all the pain Sam, Dean and you had been through in the last 29 years.

“Sam nev-” You were about to speak but he cut you off again “What happens when you’ve decided I can’t be trusted again, Dean? Or what’s going to happen when y/n realises that I’m a waste of time? I mean, who are you gonna turn to next time instead of me? Another angel, another…… another vampire?” Sam breathed out the end as you saw him struggle for words. You were familiar of the lump forming in his throat, he looked back at you and kept going. “Some sacrifices have to be made Y/N. Do you have any idea what it feels like to watch your brother just –”  Dean was about to speak though you cut him off.

“Hold on, hold on! You seriously think that, Sam? Because none of it… NONE OF IT…is true.” You weren’t pissed, you were simply annoyed because the Sam you knew would be in your position. Always thinking logically and always trying to talk you or Dean out of doing something stupid. Dean felt your aggravation so he stepped in front of you as he began.

“Listen, man, I know we’ve had our disagreements, okay? Hell, I know I’ve said some junk that set you back on your heels. But, Sammy…come on. I killed Benny to save you. I’m willing to let this bastard and all the sons of bitches that killed mom walk because of you. Don’t you dare think that there is anything, past or present, that I would put in front of you! It has never been like that, ever! I need you to see that. I’m begging you.”

Deans voice broke as his begged his little brother to see the light. The light that had you, Cas, Dean and Sam sitting by the impala drinking a cold beer. The light that had you waking up with his strong arms around you while you kissed his nose in the morning. The light that had Dean admiring his brother in ways Sam never knew.  You felt all the anger disappear when you walked up to Sam and gently put your hand on his unshaven face. When Sam leaned in you took it as your cue to start your case.

“Sam, look at me. There are no words that describe the amount of love and passion I have for you. Infinity doesn’t even cut close to how much I love you. You need to see that, YOU NEED TO KNOW THAT BABY.” Your voice strained as you held his head between your hands while you were looking at his eyes, scanning them for a single strand of hope.

“Want to know how our future will look without you? It’d just be pitch black wanna know why? Because you are my literal ball of sunshine… ” Smiling through your tears you kept going.

“Baby you saved me in ways I can’t even imagine. Let me help you. Let us help you. Sam Winchester you deserve the world on a silver platter, let me love you the way you deserve to be loved.” You saw Sam’s eyes falter as if he were defeated. As if the months of trials came crashing down on him.

He looked at Dean then back at you. “How do I stop?” You smiled as he finally realised what he was worth. He was worth living and he was worth so much more. You noticed the blood dripping from his glowing hand and Dean walked up to the two of you with a cloth. A wave of relief had washed over the two of you. “Just let it go Sammy”  Dean grabbed Sam’s hand as he began to wrap it.

“I can’t. It’s in me, Dean. You don’t know what this feels like.” You shush him in a comforting manner by kissing his dry and colourless lips. It was a tiny form of affection though it meant the world considering your current situation.

“Hey baby, listen,we will figure it out, okay,the three of us, just like we always do.” Dean smiled at you. He was so thankful for what you’ve done and he’d forever be in your debt but he knew. He knew you needed Sam as much as he did.  Dean grabbed his brother into a tight hug as he chanted soothing things into Sam.

“Come on. Let it go, okay? Let it go, brother.” The tears falling fresh on your face were of joy as you saw the orange fade from Sam’s hand.

“Guys. Look” Dean let out a shaky chuckle as he knew his brother would pull through. He’d never say it out loud but Sam was stronger than Dean is so many ways.

“See baby.” Sam’s breathing was shaky. The ends of his mouth twitched and he looked up at you just before he doubled over grabbing his stomach in pain. Panic flooded your body as Dean grabbed onto his brother before he collapsed onto the floor.

“Sam? I got you, little brother. You’re gonna be just fine.” You and Dean held Sam up while you dragged him outside of the rundown church. Sam groans when he falls next to the impala crying out in pain.

“SAM? baby. HEY! SAMMY. look at me. you’re gonna be just fine” You grab onto your boyfriends face forcing him to look at you while you examined his body. You couldn’t see any physical wound and that worried you even more. If that were possible. You held onto his face as you saw the veins in his neck strain from the severe pain he was in.

Dean was simply yelling at the sky, trying to get Castiel to fix his slowly disintegrating brother. You heart stopped when Sam started gasping for air and fell into a vicious coughing fit. “Dammit Castiel. Where the hell are you? Sammy hey… HEY.” You saw Sam grab onto random parts of his body wheezing in the proccess. “Sammy-”  Dean was interrupted by a loud thump. You looked up and saw millions of glowing lights falling from the sky.

“No. NO CAS…” You’re body became cold as the realisation dawned on you. “What’s happening” Sam breathed out, you began to think out loud as you barely whispered an inaudible response.

“They’re falling.” Sam continued his gasps for air as you grabbed onto Dean who was now staring into the sky wishing for Cas to be fine.

“Angels. They’re falling” Dean spoke aloud as Sam suddenly stopped his gasping which brought back your attention. Everything felt like slow motion. You saw Dean grab his brothers face as you felt onto the mud filled ground. Dean looked back at you while he struggled for oxygen as tears were now streaming down the faces of you both.

The last thing Sam had heard was your gut wrenching scream before falling into a comfortable but cold unconsciousness.


Team free-will:
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Sam- demoniicpossession
Cas- demonimpalas

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