sam and al

Htio sam da budeš tu al više ne, došlo je vrijeme da odeš, uzimam stvar u svoje ruke, rane ne bole, postajem pozitivan opet, želim preživit večeras jer sam siguran da me na zemlji bolje nešto čeka, ne bojim se više svijeta i ne bojim se ljudi, želim postati sretan, želim se ponovo zaljubit u sve što život nudi i želim postati neko i želim izbit na sunce kao ruža kroz beton.
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Alex Fierro in his vest and her wedding dress👰🏽AND SAMIRAH ALABBAS WEEEEEEEEEEE

Green 💚✳️❎✅🈯️💹❇️♻️🔫📗🎾🍏☘️🍀🍃🌲🌳🍃art by meeee
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Headcanon prompt: Sam and Amir get their first child, how does the group react?

(I don’t know a lot about Muslim traditions, so I’m not going to cover that, I’m sorry)

- Babies can communicate in sign language before they can speak, and Hearth gives lessons

- Floor Nineteen babysat one time, but after a very close incident with an axe and the Breakfast Buffet to the Death, the child is kept out of Valhalla

- Blitzstone gifts a chain-mail onesie

- Magnus is the godfather

- Alex attempts to give the child a miniature clay-cutter (it’s confiscated)

- Sam becoming 10X as scary because of her child

- Amir is a cool dad who has no idea how to parent

- “Amir no you can’t feed our child felafel they can’t digest food yet”

- Samir not forcing gender roles on their child (Alex-approved! 👍 )

- Hearth teaching the child curse words

- Blitz makes a duck mobile


I hit 200!!!! Here are some of the icons i promised, the Magnus Chase people! Im definitely gonna put out the 7 heros of olympus and harry potter, and maybe a few others! Thank you so much for all the support and reblogs, i love u guys ❤ (also if you use please credit me!)

Imagine Alex playing with Sam’s hair when they’re alone. Imagine Alex braiding her hair and commenting on how nice it feels. Imagine Alex being happy to spend time with her sister. Imagine Sam being happy over how happy Alex is.

  • Samirah: *loses Magnus in a crowd*
  • Magnus: wait what
Black Friday
  • Alex: So you're telling me we came to this store at three in the morning for big sales?
  • Magnus: Yeah. That's what you do on Black Friday.
  • Alex: This is so stup-
  • Alex: OmG ThIs sWEaTeR VesT iS 60% oFF! AnD LOok, ThEsE sHOeS aRE 70% oFf!
  • Magnus: Alex, chill out...
  • Alex: *holding a bunch of things* YOU'RE SLOWING ME DOWN, MAGGIE. GO WAIT OUTSIDE!