sam = norman maine


Disco Dancer (1982, B.Subhash)

The breakdown and meltdown of Superstar Sam was so much more interesting and rich to me than Jimmy’s ascent as a Disco Dancer, and brand whore for Jimmy Chocolates, Ice Cream…Just look at him - abusing green room privileges by sleeping with fans, turning into a heroin addict, having his fame eclipsed by Jimmy…

Soooo Alex can kill Chick.. a fan favorite and decent guy and strong character. Close to the main cast. But Norman kills Sam, who’s been in one season and isn’t that good of a guy and it’s not okay?? If Norman killed Rihanna.. who a lot of you wanted him to kill.. you’d still be pissed because it’s Norman?

Everyone on this show is nuts. Not just Norman. I see Alex’s desire for revenge for what Norman did but.. you have to really wonder.. would Norma really want him to be killed? I think Alex is just so upset and pissed off and he’s being super impulsive. Duh. Chick? He’s not just dangerous to Norman but to everyone at this point. Now if it was any other character I’m sure certain people would be like “wtf?”. With Romero you hear him say “I want” a lot. But what would Norma want? He claims to do this for her but really it would only make him feel better. Which is how he’s always operated. I’m not hating on him cuz I get where he’s coming from. He doesn’t know what she wants. We don’t even know.

I like friendly debate and this show really offers a lot of it. But when people judge a character and get vicious about them doing the SAME THING the other one is doing. It makes no sense. Norman isn’t innocent. Alex isn’t innocent. Norma wasn’t innocent. The thing that makes Alex and Norman interesting is that they hate each other and the fans have this rival, and all. But they are very similar when it comes to Norma. Norman loved her. Alex loved her. I’m not talking ships. Norman did what he thought was best and out of love. Alex is doing what he is out of love. I’m not excusing what Norman did. They both loved her. Norma was gonna die no matter who did it or how. She was gonna die. It’s how the story goes. Norman is a good kid but he’s done some very bad unforgivable things. So has Alex. Everyone has done shit.

Come on guys! Two episodes left! Stop fighting! You’re just ruining it. Someone is killing someone at the end of this. It’s going to be a very very very tragic ending. Someone is gonna be upset. Someone is gonna be okay. Blah blah. I’m not fighting just making a statement and opinion. You don’t have to agree with me. So don’t come at me like an immature person.