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Sam Winchester Prompt Request

This was requested by @piertotumlocomotor22: “Is that my sweater?” with Sam Winchester

Word count: 244

Warnings: fluff

(gif is not mine)

It was an early spring morning.  You had underestimated the chilliness of a spring morning in Indiana.  It was just you and Sam on this case.  Luckily for you, Sam always seemed to be more prepared than you.  

You went through his bag, looking for a sweater as he showered.  A wide grin spread across your face as you pulled the sweater out of Sam’s bag.  You quickly slipped the sweater over your head, loving the way it completely swallowed you.  

Sam stopped in his tracks as his eyes fell on you.  “[Y/N] is that my sweater,” Sam asked, padding up to you.

You turned around just as Sam approached you.  You could feel the heat rush into your cheeks.  “I’m sorry Sam,” you apologized.  “I was cold and I forgot to pack a sweater.  If you want, I can take off your sweater.”

“No no,” Sam quickly protested, placing his hands gently on your arms.  His eyes scanned over your frame, admiring every inch of your body.  “I think you look great.”

“You don’t mind?”  Your hands poked through the sleeves of his sweater as you grabbed onto his shirt.

“Of course not,” Sam reassured you, rubbing your arms.  “I’d rather have you all nice and warm.  Besides, I always make sure I have an extra set of clothes.”

You leaned on your tiptoes so you could press a chaste kiss to Sam’s lips.  You loved how sweet and caring Sam was.

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