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Prank Wars - 31 Days of Halloween

This is from my 31 Days of Halloween Writing Challenge, go check it out and send your request!

Request:  #66 with Sam and Dean involving the reader in one of their prank wars

Prompt: 66. That was evil.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count: 2,024

Warnings: Language, mentions of sex and demi-public sex, bondage and use of sex toys; heavy pranks and a bit of disgusting things as well.

A/N: I had a lot of fun writting this, although I’m not sure if I got out of hand with the pranks. I’m quite mean when it comes to pranks so it reflected on that. I hope it’s okay. Please remember requests are always open; also feedback, comments, suggestions, complaints, etc. are always very welcome.


Dean was standing right in front of the bunker’s door; he had a beer on his hand and a full view of the ground floor. His eyes were focused on the door that led to the basement, which was closed and it had a bucket full of icy water on top.

“What are we looking at?” Spoke Sam, standing behind Dean with a book in his hands.

“It’s just a… Wait, what are you doing here?” Dean turned around to face his brother.

“I was going to the library but…” Dean shook his head.

“I thought you were at the basement.” Dean said and Sam nodded.

“I was… But I left to my room by the other door. Why are you so stressed?” Sam asked.

“Well, that bucket full of ice and water was for you.” Dean explained.

“Oh, so we’re starting the jokes again.” Sam rolled his eyes.

“Yes, Sam. It’s Halloween! I want to have some fun.” Dean exclaimed.

“Well, good luck next time.” Sam chuckled.

“Yeah… Wait, wasn’t (Y/N) with you?” Dean got serious again.

“Yes, she… Oh, no.”


Suddenly, a splash of water filled the brother’s ears; both of them snapped their heads towards the basement door which was now opened. You were right under it, covered in water, shaking. Sam and Dean ran to you.

“I’m so, so sorry. Babe, I promise it was for Sam.” Dean started apologizing. You were looking down, trying to ease your breathing.

“He’s an asshole but please don’t get mad.” Sam continued; both brothers looked like lost puppies.

“It’s just the stupid prank thing Sam and I do and… It’s a dumb game, I’m sorry, I love you.” Dean insisted. You lifted your gaze and meet your boyfriend’s, giving him a wicked smirk.

“Oh it’s on, Winchesters.” You said. Both brothers swallowed loudly, not knowing what you were capable of.

It started with a good ol’ wet bed prank.

Sam was fast asleep after a day of training with Dean. The poor hunter was too tired to even hear when you walked in, carrying a bucket of warm water. His hand was already hanging from the bed, which made your job ten times easier. You placed the bucket carefully, lifting his hand a little to make sure it didn’t get wet before time; then you let his hand in.

Needless to say, Sam had a rough awakening the next morning, when he realized he had wet the bed. Dean couldn’t stop laughing at his brother, who was now making the drama of his life.

“I told you it was on, Sammy.” You mocked, while he was putting his bed sheets inside the washing machine. He gave you a death glare.

“Dean is the one that got you wet.” Sam begun.

“As always.” Dean smirked, interrupting his brother.

“Whatever, it’s his fault. Why did you take it out on me?” Sam pouted.

“Oh Sammy, this is just a glimpse of what I can do. I’m planning something way worse on your brother.” You smiled. Dean opened his eyes widely and Sam nodded, satisfied to know his brother would get it worse.

“Wait, babe I said I’m sorry… You’re not going to do anything evil to me, right?” Dean muttered, giving you his version of the puppy eyes.

“Of course not, sweetie.” You replied sarcastically, “It’s going to be worse than evil.” You finished and without saying anything else, you left the laundry room.

“Dude, you’re screwed.” Sam chuckled.

“Shut up, wet pants.”

You let a couple days pass before your next prank.

You dared Dean to a chugging contest; he got really drunk, and you stood sober thanks to Coyote ugly. You led Dean to your shared room and made sure he was fast asleep before putting out some alcohol activated paints palette you found on a Halloween store.

You gave him the scariest clown face you could come up with, and then went to bed like you normally would. Since it was alcohol activated, nothing but alcohol would remove the makeup… Although, Dean didn’t have to know that.

The next day, Dean went straight downstairs for his morning coffee, not bothering in taking a look in the mirror. Sam woke up a few minutes after his brother, he walked downstairs and to the kitchen only to find his brother turning his back on him.

“Morning, Dean.” Sam spoke, opening up the refrigerator to look for something to eat.

“Morning, Sammy.” The older replied, he turned around and found his brother about to grab his favourite snacks. Dean left his coffee on the table and ran to his brother, slapping his hand away from the snacks. “Mine.” Dean said, Sam rolled his eyes and turned to look at his brother in order to argue, but he couldn’t. Sam was speechless. “What’s with you this morning?” Dean asked and Sam screamed, throwing his fists towards his brother’s face.

“Stay away from me, you bastard!” Sam cried. Dean furrowed his eyebrows and looked at his reflex in the bread toaster.

“She can’t be serious.” He muttered. Sam was almost fainted, still on the floor, trying not to cry.

“Morning, handsome.” You greeted, entering the kitchen with a mischievous smile. “Sammy.” You swayed your hips around the kitchen, trying not to laugh.

“We get it, you pranked both of us.” Dean rolled his eyes, and your smile grew wider.

“I did.” You said, “But I’m not done… I’m going shopping today, hope you don’t mind.”

“Of course I don’t… Shopping what? More makeup? Because, I’m sure you spent all of your on this masterpiece.” Dean said, gesturing a circle around his face.

“No, it’s a secret. But I bet you will like it.” You took a sip from Dean’s coffee and the left.

“Dude, we’re super screwed.” Dean said.

“It’s your fault.” Sam cried, avoiding his brother; he didn’t want to see the clown face anymore.

“Sorry… I’m going to wash this off and then we’ll go get somethings for our revenge, okay?” Dean suggested and Sam nodded.

A few minutes later, the loudest “son of a bitch” pronounced by Dean were heard all over the bunker. He had just found out that the paint couldn’t be washed off.

“That bitch!” Dean shouted.

“She’s your girlfriend.” Said Sam, covering his eyes.

“I’m dating a bitch.” Dean corrected. Although, the thought made him smile a little. “We will have our revenge, I promise.”

Their revenge was faster. As soon as you got home, Sam made sure your car’s door handle had a little surprise for the next time you used it; which was a few hours later.

Dean had convinced you to go buy some decorations for the bunker and you accepted happily. Both brothers followed you to the car and watched as you pulled the handle. A brown smelly, substance got all over your hand.

“What the hell is this?” You asked angrily, showing your hand to the brothers.

“Let’s just say you now have a handful of crap.” Dean laughed.

“Dog crap, actually.” Sam added. Both brothers had satisfied grins on their faces.

“YOU PUT DOG CRAP IN MY CAR?!?” You exclaimed, “I was going to stop the pranks but, you know what? You’re going to pay for this. Both of you!” You threatened angrily and left to the bathroom, wanting desperately to wash your hand, except that Dean had changed the liquid soap to oil. “DEAAAAN!” You screamed and both brothers appeared at the bathroom door.

“What is it, sweetheart? You can’t wash it off?” Your boyfriend chuckled.

“You’re a dead man… And so are you, Sam.”

For the rest of the week, you pulled all kinds of jokes on them.

You put itchy powder on the toilet paper, baking soda in the ketchup and salt in every single one of Dean’s drinks. You put food colouring in Sam’s shampoo, and honey in Dean’s face while he was taking a nap. You changed the water heat when Dean was showering, so it came out cold as ice and then you did the same to Sam. You took the screws out of every chair in the library, and then enjoyed the view as both brothers fell on each and every chair they tried. You also changed Dean’s coffee for soil and the sugar for salt, which resulted in the funniest breakfast ever.

“(Y/N), we need to talk.” Said Sam, leading you to the library.

“What is it, boys?” You asked innocently.

“We’re giving up.” Said Dean after sharing a look with his brother.

“Giving up?” You asked dumbfounded.

“Yes. You are the supreme queen of pranks, and we just want to spend the rest of October in peace.” Dean explained and you laughed.

“Guess the Winchester boys aren’t as tough as I supposed.” You laughed. Sam raked his fingers through his now pink hair and nodded.

“Truth is, we never had an opponent as… hard core as you.” Sam confessed and you sighed.

“So, no more pranks?” You asked and both brothers shook their heads.

“No more… Maybe until next year when we find a way to beat you.” Dean chuckled and you did two.

“I’m always two steps ahead, baby.” You winked and walked towards the boys, extending your arms to hug them both. “Well played, boys.”

“I can’t believe we’re doing this.” Dean said excited.

“Me neither.” You replied.

Dean and you were driving to the closest cemetery in town.  You had convinced him to go have a little “adventure” with you there and he didn’t have to think it twice.

“So, ready?” Dean asked once he was parked. He kissed your neck and caressed your leg.

“Wait, I want to do it outside.” You said, pulling him away.

“Like outside in…?”

“Yes!” You exclaimed, “We’d be like college kids in Halloween… You know, getting the spooky experience and all.” Dean sighed and agreed.

You two went inside the cemetery walking over to a big tree that was in the back of the place. The two of you started making out; you pulled Dean’s flannel and shirt away, as well as his belt.

“Wait… I have something else.” You said, taking a big chain from your back. Dean didn’t even think it twice when you suggested tying him to the tree. “Now, you have ten minutes to get lose… Then we can go and have sex over one of the tombs.”

“You’re crazy, you know that?” Dean smiled.

“Yes, but that’s why you love me. Now remember, ten minutes.” You replied.

“You’re underestimating me. I can do it in three minutes.” Dean winked.

“Right, I forgot… There’s a little something else.” Dean furrowed his eyebrows as you took a little red button from your bag.

“What is that?” The hunter asked.

“A remote controller.” You answered, and before Dean could ask what it controlled you pressed it. Something between Dean’s legs started vibrating.

“What the…?”

“I told you, you would like it.” You smiled, remembering that shopping trip you had done a few days ago.

“We agreed… no more pranks…” Dean struggled to say.

“I know, but I spent a lot on this… I just couldn’t waste it.” You explained innocently.

“So… One… Last… Prank…” Dean shuted his eyes strongly, trying to supress his moans.

“Yeah, now good luck getting back home.” You kissed his cheeks and took the car keys from his pocket.

After three hours. Dean appeared on your shared bedroom’s door.

“I thought you could do it in three minutes, not three hours.” You laughed.

That was evil.” He said, walking to the bathroom to change his dirty clothes.

“Someone looks angry.” You observed innocently. Dean snapped his head back at you and smirked.

“Oh, no sweetheart. I’m not angry, I’m just impatient to see the look on your face when I get back to you.” And with that said, he closed the door.

“I’m screwed.” You whispered to yourself.

The two of you made sure to keep Sam away from your further pranks; and the night of Halloween you settled the war with a tie. You were now very anxious for next year.

Lost the bet.

Pairing : Reader x Dean
Author : Mel
A/N : because it’s funny.

“Fucking Sam, and his stupid fucking bets…” Dean grumbled as he waited. Dean had started the prank war, and Sam had called the bet. Sam won the war, and this was his punishment. And Dean was not fucking happy about it.

He didn’t have to wait long before he heard the bunker door open, and shut again. He took a deep breath, then grumbled as he bent over getting ready. “I hate you Sam.” He mumbled to himself. He was on his hands and knees on your bed, and when he heard the door open behind him, he did what he had to.

“Dean!?” You were in shock.

Charlies laughter rang out next to you. “Oh my god I am so happy I made this trip!” You heard the tell tale sound of her phone starting to record before she spoke, but when Dean heard her voice, he froze and turned.


“Hiya Dean.” She grinned, still recording. “I like your giant googly eyes.”

“I’M GOING TO KILL YOU SAM!” Dean yelled, knowing his brother was just down the hall.

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Prank Wars 2K15

Prompt: Co-written with @mrs-moose-chester - Remember when Dean pranked Sam in 10x17? This is how we thought Sam would have paid Dean back. 

Words: 1,300 (approx.)

Warnings: Nothing, just a whole lot of fun.

It started out innocently enough. Their pranks usually did: Tape over the phone so there would be no dial tone. A couple of guns turned upside-down on the wall. But this was the final straw. Sam’s toothbrush smelled like sweat and his pillow smelled like ass. Now it was war.

He thought about confronting him. That was Sam’s usual MO when Dean took things too far. He could storm into his room, cause a big fuss, call him a jerk and storm out with threats of putting Nair in his shampoo… but all that seemed too easy. It was time to give big brother a taste of his own medicine.

Over the next couple of days Sam put his plan into action. This was psychological warfare and he was going to take advantage of every opportunity he had. When they were in the library researching and Dean left the room, Sam would move everything over 3 inches to the left. The look of confusion on Dean’s face when he sat back down was priceless. Turning the blanket on his bed wrong side up and his pillowcases inside out. Hearing the utter bewilderment in Dean’s voice as to why his beer is gone when he swore he still had half of it left. It all made Sam jump with glee on the inside.

So when Dean announced that he had caught a case and would be gone for a couple of days, Sam decided it was time to bring out the big guns. He had a hard time keeping the excitement off his face as he watched Dean pack up his guns and other weapons that were lying on the table.

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Paybacks a B*tch

Paybacks a B*tch! (Stand Alone)

AUTHORS NOTE: Please note there is a line in this that some may find offensive. It was put in as a way to up the ante in a game of pranks with Dean. Given the amount of confidence and smugness he has, it would take a lot to bother him. Hope you enjoy it. xx


‘SON OF A BITCH!’ I screamed, climbing out the shower.

I stuck my head out of the bathroom, the entire motel room had been stripped of all its linen. I swore again.

‘Dean Winchester, you have gone too far!’ I muttered.

I grabbed my phone and ducked back into the bathroom. Dean and I had been having a prank war, it had gradually escalated over the past few weeks. It started off with my putting pepper on the bottom of Dean’s chocolate biscuits and ended at this. I called the one friend I had in all this, Sam.

‘Your brother is a dead man,’ I sneered.

‘What’s that jerk done now?’ he sighed.

I explained the situation.

‘That’s going a bit too far.’ Sam said angrily.

‘Leave it to me, I’ll deal with it,’ I told him ‘Just please run me in some clothes and a towel.’

15 minutes later, Sam knocked on my bathroom door. I took the clothes and got dressed.

‘Where is he?’ I asked.

‘Bar, hitting up some chick.’

‘Fabulous. Let’s go.’ 

I walked into the bar, looking around I spotted Dean. I walked up to him angrily.

‘I cannot believe you are out trying to get lucky. After all that you did I thought you would have skipped town,’ I snapped at him, in a raised voice.

He looked at me shocked and smug at the same time.

‘Sorry sweetheart, do I know you?’

‘You stupid pathetic son of a bitch.’ I yelled, forcing tears into my eyes.

Dean’s face changed to shock. Causing people to turn and watch the scene unfold.

‘You told me you loved me, that it was forever, yet when she died you slept with my cousin. How could you?’ I sobbed.

Dean’s face changed when he realised what I was doing.

‘Well, you know desperate times, I thought you weren’t interested,’ he smirked.

‘Oh right, and Bruce was?’ I cried. ‘Which by the way he is still waiting for you to call.’

The smirk went from Dean’s face instantly. I felt Sam come in behind me. Dean’s new play thing looked at him.

‘I ah, should go.’

‘Oh, no please don’t. I am almost finished.’

I tried to give her a reassuring smile, but failed. She looked at me sympathetically.

‘And to top it off I walked in on you jerking off to my Mom.’ I really let the water works go then.

‘Some older women are hot,’ Sam soothed.

‘It was at her funeral.’

I turned throwing myself into Sam’s chest to hide my laughing, the look on the bimbos face was a classic, but nowhere near as good as Deans. Sam smoothed out my hair, and rubbed my back, I could feel his chest moving as he struggled not to laugh.

I regained my composure, turning I faced Dean. I picked up his drink and threw it in his face.

‘You’re a sick perverted man Justin Michaels,’ I screamed, before storming out.

‘Wait what?’ I heard his bimbo say. ‘I thought your name was Dean.’

I went outside and lent up against the impala and waited.

‘That was low, even for you,’ Dean said as he walked out of the bar and towards me.

Sam was shaking so hard it wasn’t funny. ‘That was hilarious,’ he breathed out, bending over.

‘Shut up Sammy,’ Dean scowled.

‘Well done Y/N’, Sam said, he kissed my head and headed off to walk back to the motel.

‘You know I can never show my face in there again?’ he said, grumpily.

‘Pay backs a bitch!’ I said, looking at him.

Dean stepped in closer. ‘Congratulations on a game well played though,’ he smiled.

I returned the cheeky grin.

‘I see you found something to wear,’ he muttered looking at my outfit. ‘I have to say I surprised you didn’t just rock up at the bar naked.’

‘I considered it,’ I smirked ‘But I also considered breaking into your room and stealing your clothes.’

‘I’d like to see that on you.’ He put his hands on my waist.

‘I also considered walking down here and smashing in the impalas windows to find my clothes.’

He stopped, shocked. ‘What did she ever do to you?’ he asked.

‘Nothing, consider it a casualty of war.’

‘I still like the naked plan,’ he murmured into my ear, trying to make a move.

‘Nah, perverted isn’t my type.’ I winked at him and walked away.






Sam: *telling Dean about how you had accidentally gotten flour all over yourself when you turned on the fan as that prank had been meant for Dean*

Dean: Dude, what was her face like? *laughs*

Imagine taking the Impala & getting it painted hot pink.

Original imagine by the-super-in-supernatural. Written by Castielle. Team Free Will. The idea is that the angel!Reader and Dean have been going on a prank war for some time and you have come up with the perfect idea.

Your name: submit What is this?

Oh God. Dean was so going to kill you when he found out. But it was more than worth it.

“Y/N!” came a scream from the bunker garage. 

There we go.

Castiel’s eyebrows shot up. 

“What did you do now?” Sam asked, his voice amused.

You shrugged. “Nothing much. Just painted the Impala hot pink, that’s all.”

Sam threw back his head and laughed. “Now that is definitely the way to get Dean back for his prank on you!”

You grinned. “I better go change it back. I think I can hear Dean hyperventilating from here.”

Sam chuckled. “I better go with you and calm him down before he kills you…. literally.”

The Great Prank War

TFW x Reader (Friendship)

Summary: You, Sam, and Dean are in the middle of a prank war. What happens when Cas joins in?

Warnings: Brief cursing.

Requested by @its-my-perky-nipples

Originally posted by stayclassysupernatural

You bellow out laughing as you watch Sam come through the door, body soaked with red Kool-aid.

“Didn’t check the tap? Rookie mistake”, you giggle out as he glares at you.

Suddenly, you’re soaked to the bone as Dean dumps a bucket of water on your head. Sam bursts out laughing, and Dean joins him as you pout. 

You get up to chase him, and he begins to run, but slips on the hardwood harshly, landing with an oof.

“Nice job, Dean”, Sam laughs, holding an empty container of butter.

Cas manages to come in during the madness, and he looks at you all with confusion.

“What are you doing?”

You slap a hand on his shoulder. “It’s all in the name of the Great Prank War.”

“Prank?” Cas looks even more confused.

“It’s like, playing jokes on your friends”, Dean tries to explain, pushing himself up off the ground. 

Cas smiles. “Oh, sounds fun. May I join?”

Sam shrugs, and so does Dean. “Sure.”

“Alright”, he says, snapping his fingers.

Suddenly, you’re teleported somewhere warm. It’s a busy city, and it takes you a minute to register the Eiffel Tower in the background.

“Paris?! Cas!”, you yell out, still soaking wet. 

Sam’s face is almost as red as the rest of his body, pulling the towel up as much as possible. Dean’s side is covered in butter, and the side of his face is turning red.

People are looking at you strangely, and you try to smile it off.

“Uh, bonjour?” Dean says to a pretty French lady, but she just scoffs and walks away.

“Damn it, Cas! Come back!” Sam yells, embarrassed and angry.

After about five minutes, a familiar fluttering of wings is heard.

“Cas! Please take us back?” you beg, fluttering your eyelashes. 

Soon, you’re back in the bunker, and Sam immediately runs to take a shower. 

“Was that a ‘prank?’” Cas asks innocently, smirking at your angry faces.

“Yes… Just, tone it down a bit, alright buddy?” Dean asks, also heading to the shower.

You nod in agreement, slouching on the couch.

Just another day in the Great Prank War.

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Love and war

Summary: sam and dean have started up another prank war and things go wrong(depending on your point of view)

Parings: deanxreader

Word count:1257

Warnings: smut, oral(male receiving),multiple orgasms,mention of performance enhancing drugs, unprotected sex(don’t try this at home kids),language and pranks
Date:July,11.2016 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Wrote this instead of the challenge thingy I’m supposed to be doing,oh well. Hope you all enjoy
Three weeks that’s how long you had gone without a case and it had begun to get to all of you. About a week ago one of the boys (you’re not sure which,but you believe it to be dean) had restarted the prank war. It had all started innocently enough,itching powder in Sam’s clothes, cool-ade in deans shower head, just little things to irritate one another. But they soon grew tired of playing it safe. using things like laxatives and crushed up sleeping pills in Sam’s coffee( not a pleasant combination you might add) or nair in deans body wash, kept things interesting to say the least. But what Sam did next took the cake.

It was late morning when you and the boys decided to call it a day and stop looking for a case. so naturally you suggested a lazy day with a movie that night,which of course means junk food. As everyone starts making a list Sam volunteers to go get it, much to your surprise. A couple hours later and Sam returns with every ones goodies,licorice for Himself,pie for dean of course And (y/f/f) ice cream for you. Dean let you pick the movie so of course you picked (y/f/m) much to Sam’s dismay.

“Are we really watching this again? You pick this every time. Sam grumbled

“Yes we are,come on Sam you know it’s my favorite” you responded using his puppy eyes on him till he gave in.

As everyone starts eating dean makes some comment about his pie tasting funny,to which Sam just chuckled, you figure it’s just because Sam keeps telling dean how bad they are for him.

About 25 minutes into the movie dean stands abruptly and heads to the bathroom, trying to find out what’s going on you look over to Sam how can no longer breathe because he’s laughing so hard.

“Samuel Winchester what did you do to your brother!?” You question glaring at him

“I might have put three or four viagra in his pie”
He managed to get out in between fits of laughter

At hearing that you went back to check on your boyfriend. Opening your bedroom door you walk in to see Dean sprawled out on the bed, his pants down to his thighs and his hand around his cock pumping at a vicious speed. Seeing dean like this immediately sends heat flooding downwards ,rubbing your legs together for some sort of friction you decide to wait and watch Dean come undone by his own hands. You watch as he slides his hand up and down his length meeting each stroke with a pump of his hips,running his thumb over the tip using the pre-cum as a lubricant. By now his head is thrown back, eyes shut and lip swollen for biting it so much. His strokes become faster and you know he’s close by how swollen the tip is,a couple more pumps and he erupts like a volcano spewing white sticky cum all over his hand,thighs and lower stomach. As he calms down you notice he’s still hard.

Walking over to him you lean down and lick some off of his hand, sucking his first two fingers into your mouth. Releasing his fingers you reach up and kiss him, swiping your tongue a cross his lower lip asking for access to which he gladly grants. Opening his mouth your tongues battle for dominance as you start Palming his still hard cock,he hisses at the sudden pressure still being extremely sensitive,but after a few gentle strokes he begins to moan. Removing your lips from his you kneel in front of him and tentatively kiss the tip,wrapping one hand around the base and the other massaging his balls. Swirling your tongue around the tip you suck him into your mouth, pumping what you can’t fit with your hand. Dean throws his head back in pure bliss,chest rising and falling at a fast pace. You continue to bob your head up and down along his length hollowing out your cheeks and taking him deeper into your throat.

”(Y/N) I’m gunna cum!“ He shouts as you swallow around him making him shoot his load down your throat,swallowing down everything he’s giving you till he stops.

Pulling off and wiping your mouth with the back of your hand you stare down at his lap,eyes wide with amazement at the fact that he’s still standing at attention.

You crawl up and he puts his head in your lap.
“What the fuck? I’ve never been hard this long, why won’t it just go down. I don’t think I can cum again but this fucking hurts.” Dean says as he runs a hand across his face in frustration

“Dean,Sam put viagra in your pie as part of this whole prank war you started ” you say calmly as you rub his temples “you can ether wait for it to go down by itself or you can fuck me till it goes back to normal or you’re to sensitive and can’t take anymore.” You add with a slight smirk knowing what he’ll choose.

At that he flips you over and pulls you in for a bruising kiss,hands roaming everywhere till he grabs the bottom of your shirt and pulls it up and over your head. His hands immediately reach up to cup your bra covered breasts, squeezing lightly before reaching behind to unsnap it. As soon as your top half was uncovered dean began attacking you with kisses and love bites ,leaving more than enough marks across your torso till he reached your pants. Slowly pulling them and your panties down your legs till you were totally bear in front of him. Running a finger through your folds he moaned in approval at just how wet you are. “Is this all from you watching me get myself off? He asked

You nodded eagerly before asking “what were you thinking of baby, What were you imagining as you wrapped your hand around your cock?”

“You,how your boobs bounce when you ride me,how good your ass looks when I take you from behind,how tight your pussy is when you cum around my cock.” He said with a growl as he nipped at your neck while slowly sliding into you,both moaning at the feeling.

“shit, baby you’re so big. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to how you fill me up"you say as he fully sheaths himself, giving you a moment to adjust. Wiggling your hips to let him know he can move now. He begins with slow shallow thrusts before he starts really pounding into you. Moving one of your legs to his shoulder to get a better angle ,hitting your g-spot every time and you know you won’t last long.

“Dean,babe I’m close!” You say,digging your nails in his biceps.

“I know,I am too. Just wait for me.” He says as he reaches between the both of you to rub your clit. “Cum for me “he whispers to you as his pace begins to become erratic. A few more thrusts and you cum with a shout of his name,clenching down on him as he cums with you,emptying himself deep within you.

Laying down beside you he notices that he’s beginning to soften,pulling you close to his chest “thank you for helping me I don’t know what I’d do without you ” he says as he kisses your cheek

“You’d probably still be using your hand,"you responded "oh and remind me to thank Sammy in the morning” you added with a chuckle

Supernatural Imagine

Originally posted by winterchesters

Dean: I am going to kill (Y/N) when we get back to the bunker.

Sam: This is all your fault.

Dean: How is this my fault??

Sam: You started a prank war with her last week. You know her she is sneaky and holds a grudge. 

Dean: All I did was spook her… this replacing our suits with Mr. Rodger sweaters is flat out torture… I look like a librarian. 

Sam: Shut up. The sooner we get this over with the sooner we get to get out of these things… I’m just grateful she didn’t pack bright skinny jeans or something…

Dean: She wouldn’t dare. 

mamapeterson and I were having a conversation the other day about the boys prank styles and what would have happened after Dean pranks Sam in 10x17. This is how we thought Sam would have paid Dean back….

Prank Wars 2K15

It started out innocently enough. Their pranks usually did: Tape over the phone so there would be no dial tone. A couple of guns turned upside-down on the wall. But this was the final straw. Sam’s toothbrush smelled like sweat and his pillow smelled like ass. Now it was war.

He thought about confronting him. That was Sam’s usual MO when Dean took things too far. He could storm into his room, cause a big fuss, call him a jerk and storm out with threats of putting Nair in his shampoo…but all that seemed too easy. It was time to give big brother a taste of his own medicine.

Over the next couple of days Sam put his plan into action. This was psycological warfare and he was going to take advantage of every opportunity he had. When they were in the library researching and Dean left the room, Sam would move everything over 3 inches to the left. The look of confusion on Dean’s face when he sat back down was priceless. Turning the blanket on his bed wrong side up and his pillowcases inside out. Hearing the utter bewilderment in Dean’s voice as to why his beer is gone when he swore he still had half of it left. It all made Sam jump with glee on the inside.

So when Dean announced that he had caught a case and would be gone for a couple of days, Sam decided it was time to bring out the big guns. He had a hard time keeping the excitement off his face as he watched Dean pack up his guns and other weapons that were lying on the table.

“Yeah, Charlie called and said she needed to come by and do some research so I should probably stay and help her out.” It wasn’t a lie, Charlie was coming. But he would have said anything to get to stay this time.
“Sounds fun.” Dean rolled his eyes. “Do all nerds hang out picking each others brains? Or is it just you too?”
“Ha, ha.” Sam mumbled not looking up from his laptop.
Dean gave him a cheeky grin and grabbed his bag. “Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow. Stay out of my room.” The grin was replaced by a look that Sam guessed Dean thought was scary.
“Dude, I’m not the one that has a problem messing with people’s stuff!” Sam glared at Dean’s back as he headed up the staris. “You should practice what you preach.”
“Whatever, Bitch.”
“Jerk!” Sam called grinning.

As soon as he was sure that Dean was gone, Sam slammed his laptop shut and hurried through the kitchen to the bedrooms. He had some major heavy lifting to do and only one night to get it done. As he stood surveying Dean’s room, a slow grin covered his face. This was going to be good.


“Sam?” Charlie called while trying to yank her bag through the door. “Dean?”
A crash followed by a muffled groan coming from deep in the bunker caused her to pause and listen intently.
Another crash. “Aww! Dammit!”
“SAM?” Charlie scrambled in her bag for her gun that she rarely used. “Oh God, where the hell is it?!”

Finally finding it buried under books and t-shirts, Charlie ran down the hall. Worried that Sam was being attacked, she skidded around the corner gun drawn. All she could see was his feet sticking out from under a bed. He was grunting and pushing, obviously stuck.

“Umm, Sam?” She had no idea what was going on, not anything new for her when hanging out with the Winchesters, but this was definetly different.

“Oh, good, you’re here. Hey, help me with this would you?” Sam tried to shove at the bed again but it was wedged between the wall and the door across the hall. “Why do you have a gun?”
Charlie looked at her now seemingly useless gun and tucked it into the waistband at her back.
“Dammit Sam! I thought you were being atacked!” She looked at him still on the floor. “Which aparently you were. By a bed. What the hell is going on here?”
“I’m pulling a prank on Dean.” Sam reavealed. “You want in?”

He finally managed to get himself out from under the bed and began looking back and forth from Dean’s room to the one next to it. He had to get the bed in there or all his work would be for nothing. Stupid Men of Letters and their giant solid wood bedframes…Maybe if he put it on its side? Determined, he grabbed the underside of the frame and lifted again.

“Wait Sam! Are you sure this is a good idea?” Charlie looked nervously at Dean’s nearly empty room.

She knew how organized Dean was; everything had a place. Now it appeared everything had a place in the room next door. Except it was all turned the wrong way. The desk drawers were against the wall. Every gun on the wall was upside-down and hanging sideways. Pictures were turned around. All of Dean’s things were annoyingly backwards.

“Won’t Dean, you know…be mad that you’re messing with his stuff?”
“Probably. Don’t care.” Sam grumbled. “We’ve been pranking each other since forever and he always takes it too far. I’m pretty sure he shoved my toothbrush…” He suddered at the thought of where his toothbrush could have been. “Anyway. Instead of getting pissed, I’m getting even. Now,” he grinned at her and once again began moving the bed. “Do you want to help? Or are you scared of Dean?”

Charlie knew he was messing with her but she actually kind of liked the idea of pulling one over on the great prankster Dean Winchester…and it was innocent enough she supposed. She rolled her eyes and helped him lift the bedframe to it side.

“Yes! That’s my girl!” Sam held the bed up and looked into the room, trying to judge if it would fit. “Ok we have to get it through the door and remember: the footboard needs to be against the wall.”
“I can’t believe you talked me into this…” Chalrlie sighed and began pushing the frame while Sam pulled.


Dean ran a hand over his face as he entered his room. He was so exhasted that he didn’t even turn on the light. He tried to drop his bag on the bed but it hit the concrete floor with a resounding smack.

“What the hell…”

He flipped on the light and scanned empty room. Confused, he opened the door again checking the number. #11. Definetly his room.

“What…the fuck?”

He looked up and down the hall. His eyes landed on the room right next to his. The door slightly ajar.

“Oh, no fuckin’ way!” He rushed over to the room and pushed the door open with his foot. When he sees the state of “his” room it all made sense. The guns, his blanket, all those beers…Dean ran into the small bathroom attached to the room. He cautiously picked up his toothbrush and sniffed. Hm, nothing.  When he went back into the room the door was closed, a note attached to it.

“All work and no play makes Dean a dull boy.”

“Son of a bitch.” Dean muttered.


Sam sits down across from Charlie and grins. “Now we wait.”

Charlie looks to the direction of the rooms nervously. “Sam, are you sure he’s not - ”


With a satisfied sigh, Sam takes a long pull from his beer, opening up a book on Ancient Languages like its any other day. “Come on.” He gestures toward her laptop. “We have research to get done.”

Charlie can hear Dean’s heavy boots rapidly approaching. “Well this is going to be awkward…”