sam & dean prank wars


Summary: The reader gets Dean (and Cas and Sam) back for his Halloween prank.

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader
Other Characters: Sam Winchester, Castiel

Word Count: 1000 on the nose

Warnings: Extreme prank war, lots of kissing, one chaste dude on dude kiss that neither of the dudes are particularly happy about

A/N: This is a continuation of my Halloween With Dean Drabble Challenge fic Don’t Mess With Baby.  You don’t HAVE to read that first but it’s only 999 words and gives some context for what happens here.  There’s not a lot of room for exposition with a 1000 word limit.  Thanks to @torn-and-frayed for hosting another drabble challenge and for letting me bend the rules on this one and write this as the second part!!

Don’t Mess With Baby

Mistletoe - 

As you had promised, Dean had slept in the Impala the night after his faked death and then he spent a few nights sleeping on the couch once you had returned to the bunker.  He was expecting retribution but you had decided to let him stew, first.  Your payback plan had to be just right and November had come and gone without even the smallest hint of revenge.  Now, a week into December, you were ready.  

You had called on an old friend to get you what you needed and, after you shared your idea, the trickster angel was happy to make it happen.  “Mistletoe,” Gabriel had laughed, “that’s genius.”

Dean wouldn’t know what had hit him until it was too late.

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Prank War

Pairing: Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader

Summary: The Winchester siblings start a little prank war and it escalates quickly

Word Count: 2k

Warnings: None, just some fluff

A/N: Special thanks to @nickiwinchester97 because she encourages me a lot and I love her. And to my dad who (unknowingly) inspired a lot of this :D

Originally posted by stayclassysupernatural

It all started out pretty harmless. Dean was annoyed by Sam who had complained about his unhealthy choice of food, and as soon as Sam went to the kitchen to get himself some water, you watched your eldest brother rip of a piece of carton from the pizza box and hide it under a pepperoni slice on Sam’s pizza.

It was hard for you to hold back your laughter when Sam came back and took a bite. He had somehow managed to bite through the carton and was now munching on it, completely unaware of what he was eating.

Dean watched him as well, and even though he was good at keeping his game face on you knew he was cracking up on the inside.

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Younger Winchesters

One Shot!

Characters: Dean, Sam, and Sister Winchester Fic!!

Prompt/ Requested by @rosie-winchester: Hey Love! I would like to request a fic. You remember when we talked about the one prompt from the challenge and the puppy and the popcorn? Maybe you could use that idea to write a fic where Dean usually annoys Sam and his sister, but then the younger siblings turn the tables and drive Dean insane! That would be awesome

Authors note: Thank you so much for requesting a fic! I hope you like what I came up with! I made it more of a prank war, hope that’s okay! If anyone wants to request a fic, I would be glad to write one for you! It is really enjoyable to write for other people!

Warnings: Language, FLUFF!

Word Count: 950


Originally posted by supernatural-through-my-veins

Sometimes, living in this bunker seems like I am living in a war. Don’t get me wrong, I love my brothers to the end of the world and would do anything and everything for them, but sometimes Dean can get on Sam and I’s nerves. He is constantly pranking us and just doing shit to annoy us. It sometimes can get to his head that he is the older sibling and has power over us.

Dean has done multiple things to Sam and I. He put chocolate and candy all over Sam’s fruits and vegetables with a note on it saying ‘eat healthy’. He put vodka in Sam’s coffee when he wasn’t looking and then Sam would take a huge sip and spit it out. Dean put Mayo in my lotion and I rubbed it all over my legs, only to find out what it really was. He has also fallen asleep in my bed, purposefully, just so it annoys me.

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Imagine...Pranking Dean

Originally posted by thegreatficmaster

Request: Hi! I have a request! It’s a Dean x reader where Dean and Sam are in the middle of a prank war, but they have agreed to leave the reader alone. But she become accidentally the victim of one of the pranks Dean had set up for Sam. While Dean is worried, thinking he had made her mad and lost all his chance with her, she is planning her revenge. When she manages to prank him back instead of being angry dean says something like “that’s why I love you”. And this is how they end up together.

Pairing: Dean x reader

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Master list

This will be constantly worked on :) So, anyway Enjoy~

Have a request? Pm me or drop by my Ask box :)

Christmas things 

The Red Jumper - Sherlock x Reader {One-shot}

Summary: Sherlock goes to Greg’s Christmas party and meets his sweet little sister.  

Tinsel - Loki x Reader {Drabble}

Summary: Loki and Y/n put up Christmas decorations at Avengers HQ.

BBC, Sherlock 

WOLF- Sherlock x reader story (Chapter list)  {On-going}

Summary: Sherlock meets the niece of Greg Lestrade as a mysterious string of murders starts occurring, she’s connected to it all, Sherlock just knows, but where does she fit? What’s her part? When things start adding up and Sherlock gets more involved, it becomes clear. 

Waiting- Sherlock x Reader {One shot}

Summary: How does Sherlock Holmes calm his nerves while waiting for his girlfriend to get through labor? Flash back to when this whole thing started in the first place.

Unnamed Sherlock x Reader {One-shot}

Summary: Sherlock realizes that He loves the reader 

Kidnapped- Sherlock x reader {One-shot}

Summary: Apparently, getting milk and dating Sherlock Holmes gets you kidnapped.

Babysit- Sherlock x reader {One-shot}

Summary:John and Mary leave Y/n and Sherlock watching over Rosie

Sick- Sherlock x reader {One-shot}

Summary: Sherlock caught a cold and is being grumpy as ever

I Love You- Sherlock x reader {One-shot}

Summary: Sherlock visits Y/n, in the cemetery. 

Annoying - Sherlock x reader - Part 1 -  Part 2 -  Part 3 {Complete}

Summary: Y/n Hooper wished she knew what her older sister saw in that brooding idiot Sherlock Holmes. His entire existence is a bothersome. Y/N just wished she hid her feelings better though. 

Run away- Sherlock x reader {one-shot}

Summary: Why pick the day of your wedding to confess your love to another man?

Flatmate - Sherlock x reader  {One-shot}

Summary: When the reader moves to London, she was expecting to find a flat to stay in and a steady job, she wasn’t expecting a man called Sherlock Holmes.

His Girl- Sherlock x Daughter!Reader {One-shot} 

Summary: Sherlock is a single father

Goldfish - Mycroft Holmes {One-shot}

Summary: Caring is not an advantage. People on a lower intellectual level, to Mycroft Holmes, are stupid. There’s no hiding form that, but of course, one girl changes his mind.

People like us- Sherlock x Reader {One-shot}

Summary: Is this a gift? Or a curse? Something amazing some would say, but Y/n doesn’t see that.

Time And Then Some - Sherlock x reader - Part one- part two - Part three - Part four - {On-going}

Summary: Eternity is a slow progress of time, and boy does Sherlock know it. A vampire in London, ready to live to the world’s end, alone. But things never really go to plan do they?

Like a Child - Sherlock x Reader {One-shot}

Summary: Just some Sherlock x Y/N fluff :)

The Devil came to 221 B - Sherlock x Reader {One-shot}

Summary: Irene Adler is back and Y/n is having none of that ‘flirting with her man’ business going down.

James Moriarty 

Sneaking about- Jim Moriarty x reader  {One-shot}

Summary: Sherlock’s little sister has a thing for the villain. There’s nothing about having a bit of crazy in your life.

Tom Hiddleston/ Loki Laufeyson

Professor- Tom Hiddleston x Reader - Part 1 - Part 2 {Complete} 

Summary: In a world where Tom Hiddleston is a history professor, he knows it’s wrong, but he can’t help it, his best student is just too much for him to handle.

Alive- Loki x reader- Part 1 - Part 2 {Complete}

Summary: Reader and Loki were best friends, almost lovers. And she thought he died when he fell off the bridge, but, clearly not.

And That’s All she wrote - Tom x reader  {One-shot}

Summary: Reader is living a dream when she gets the job she’s been working her entire life for, and the guy she was pinning after.

The Other Odinson- Part 1 - Part 2  - Part 3 {Complete}

Summary: Reader is arranged to marry the eldest son of Odin, Thor. But what happens when she meets the other Odinson 

Private Affairs- Tom Hiddleston x reader - Part 1- Part 2 - Part 3  {Complete}

Summary: Reader is working a student job at Sephia beach resort, where she meets Tom and they become friends through hilarious circumstances. 

Your faults- Loki x Reader x Thor  {One-shot}

Summary: The boys and the reader had a snowball fight and she falls sick, and those two are being nothing but annoying.

Letters to my Darling- Loki x Reader (Drabble series - Ongoing)  - Read - - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9- Part 10  - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13 - Part 14 - Part 15 -Part 16 - complete.

Summary: After the events of The Dark World, Loki is once again, back in his cell in the belly of the Asgard palace. And there’s someone he misses oh so dearly, his only way for him to even hear word from her is through the letters they send each other.

Bonfire Night - Tom Hiddleston x Reader 

Summary: The reader, tom and their daughter go out for bonfire night.

New Year - Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Summary: Tom and the Reader spend New Years eve Together :))

Harry Potter franchise 

Something Poetic- Severus Snape x Reader - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 -

Summary: The reader goes to Hogwarts to become assistant potions professor. She has no wand because she can’t let go of her parent’s death, but Severus helps her to do just that.

Supernatural {More of these to come!}

Leave me out- Sam Winchester {One-shot}

Summary : Prank war? No way. 

Promise Me- Dean Winchester x reader 

Summary: Dean needs to leave the reader now, things are getting tough and it’s the only way.


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All Is Fair in Love and War

                                     *pictures and gifs are not mine*

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader, Dean

Author: @oppsiwrotemorefanfic

Summary/Request: @geek-girl-67 Oh could you do one where sam dean and the reader are in the middle of a prank war, and dean knows sam and the reader like each other, so while the reader is trying to pull a prank on sam in his room or something, dean handcuffs the reader to bed frame runs out the room urgently calls sam then shoves him in locks the door and obnoxiously yells out that they aren’t getting out until they confess their love or whatever and it all builds up to them having sex and Dom!sam coming out to play. 

Word Count: 2227

Warnings: Smut, Cursing, Dom!Sam, a little fluff

*I’ve never written smut before so this was an interesting challenge. Sorry it got so long, I just got really into the story. Feedback is welcome!*

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Prank Wars - 31 Days of Halloween

This is from my 31 Days of Halloween Writing Challenge, go check it out and send your request!

Request:  #66 with Sam and Dean involving the reader in one of their prank wars

Prompt: 66. That was evil.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count: 2,024

Warnings: Language, mentions of sex and demi-public sex, bondage and use of sex toys; heavy pranks and a bit of disgusting things as well.

A/N: I had a lot of fun writting this, although I’m not sure if I got out of hand with the pranks. I’m quite mean when it comes to pranks so it reflected on that. I hope it’s okay. Please remember requests are always open; also feedback, comments, suggestions, complaints, etc. are always very welcome.


Dean was standing right in front of the bunker’s door; he had a beer on his hand and a full view of the ground floor. His eyes were focused on the door that led to the basement, which was closed and it had a bucket full of icy water on top.

“What are we looking at?” Spoke Sam, standing behind Dean with a book in his hands.

“It’s just a… Wait, what are you doing here?” Dean turned around to face his brother.

“I was going to the library but…” Dean shook his head.

“I thought you were at the basement.” Dean said and Sam nodded.

“I was… But I left to my room by the other door. Why are you so stressed?” Sam asked.

“Well, that bucket full of ice and water was for you.” Dean explained.

“Oh, so we’re starting the jokes again.” Sam rolled his eyes.

“Yes, Sam. It’s Halloween! I want to have some fun.” Dean exclaimed.

“Well, good luck next time.” Sam chuckled.

“Yeah… Wait, wasn’t (Y/N) with you?” Dean got serious again.

“Yes, she… Oh, no.”


Suddenly, a splash of water filled the brother’s ears; both of them snapped their heads towards the basement door which was now opened. You were right under it, covered in water, shaking. Sam and Dean ran to you.

“I’m so, so sorry. Babe, I promise it was for Sam.” Dean started apologizing. You were looking down, trying to ease your breathing.

“He’s an asshole but please don’t get mad.” Sam continued; both brothers looked like lost puppies.

“It’s just the stupid prank thing Sam and I do and… It’s a dumb game, I’m sorry, I love you.” Dean insisted. You lifted your gaze and meet your boyfriend’s, giving him a wicked smirk.

“Oh it’s on, Winchesters.” You said. Both brothers swallowed loudly, not knowing what you were capable of.

It started with a good ol’ wet bed prank.

Sam was fast asleep after a day of training with Dean. The poor hunter was too tired to even hear when you walked in, carrying a bucket of warm water. His hand was already hanging from the bed, which made your job ten times easier. You placed the bucket carefully, lifting his hand a little to make sure it didn’t get wet before time; then you let his hand in.

Needless to say, Sam had a rough awakening the next morning, when he realized he had wet the bed. Dean couldn’t stop laughing at his brother, who was now making the drama of his life.

“I told you it was on, Sammy.” You mocked, while he was putting his bed sheets inside the washing machine. He gave you a death glare.

“Dean is the one that got you wet.” Sam begun.

“As always.” Dean smirked, interrupting his brother.

“Whatever, it’s his fault. Why did you take it out on me?” Sam pouted.

“Oh Sammy, this is just a glimpse of what I can do. I’m planning something way worse on your brother.” You smiled. Dean opened his eyes widely and Sam nodded, satisfied to know his brother would get it worse.

“Wait, babe I said I’m sorry… You’re not going to do anything evil to me, right?” Dean muttered, giving you his version of the puppy eyes.

“Of course not, sweetie.” You replied sarcastically, “It’s going to be worse than evil.” You finished and without saying anything else, you left the laundry room.

“Dude, you’re screwed.” Sam chuckled.

“Shut up, wet pants.”

You let a couple days pass before your next prank.

You dared Dean to a chugging contest; he got really drunk, and you stood sober thanks to Coyote ugly. You led Dean to your shared room and made sure he was fast asleep before putting out some alcohol activated paints palette you found on a Halloween store.

You gave him the scariest clown face you could come up with, and then went to bed like you normally would. Since it was alcohol activated, nothing but alcohol would remove the makeup… Although, Dean didn’t have to know that.

The next day, Dean went straight downstairs for his morning coffee, not bothering in taking a look in the mirror. Sam woke up a few minutes after his brother, he walked downstairs and to the kitchen only to find his brother turning his back on him.

“Morning, Dean.” Sam spoke, opening up the refrigerator to look for something to eat.

“Morning, Sammy.” The older replied, he turned around and found his brother about to grab his favourite snacks. Dean left his coffee on the table and ran to his brother, slapping his hand away from the snacks. “Mine.” Dean said, Sam rolled his eyes and turned to look at his brother in order to argue, but he couldn’t. Sam was speechless. “What’s with you this morning?” Dean asked and Sam screamed, throwing his fists towards his brother’s face.

“Stay away from me, you bastard!” Sam cried. Dean furrowed his eyebrows and looked at his reflex in the bread toaster.

“She can’t be serious.” He muttered. Sam was almost fainted, still on the floor, trying not to cry.

“Morning, handsome.” You greeted, entering the kitchen with a mischievous smile. “Sammy.” You swayed your hips around the kitchen, trying not to laugh.

“We get it, you pranked both of us.” Dean rolled his eyes, and your smile grew wider.

“I did.” You said, “But I’m not done… I’m going shopping today, hope you don’t mind.”

“Of course I don’t… Shopping what? More makeup? Because, I’m sure you spent all of your on this masterpiece.” Dean said, gesturing a circle around his face.

“No, it’s a secret. But I bet you will like it.” You took a sip from Dean’s coffee and the left.

“Dude, we’re super screwed.” Dean said.

“It’s your fault.” Sam cried, avoiding his brother; he didn’t want to see the clown face anymore.

“Sorry… I’m going to wash this off and then we’ll go get somethings for our revenge, okay?” Dean suggested and Sam nodded.

A few minutes later, the loudest “son of a bitch” pronounced by Dean were heard all over the bunker. He had just found out that the paint couldn’t be washed off.

“That bitch!” Dean shouted.

“She’s your girlfriend.” Said Sam, covering his eyes.

“I’m dating a bitch.” Dean corrected. Although, the thought made him smile a little. “We will have our revenge, I promise.”

Their revenge was faster. As soon as you got home, Sam made sure your car’s door handle had a little surprise for the next time you used it; which was a few hours later.

Dean had convinced you to go buy some decorations for the bunker and you accepted happily. Both brothers followed you to the car and watched as you pulled the handle. A brown smelly, substance got all over your hand.

“What the hell is this?” You asked angrily, showing your hand to the brothers.

“Let’s just say you now have a handful of crap.” Dean laughed.

“Dog crap, actually.” Sam added. Both brothers had satisfied grins on their faces.

“YOU PUT DOG CRAP IN MY CAR?!?” You exclaimed, “I was going to stop the pranks but, you know what? You’re going to pay for this. Both of you!” You threatened angrily and left to the bathroom, wanting desperately to wash your hand, except that Dean had changed the liquid soap to oil. “DEAAAAN!” You screamed and both brothers appeared at the bathroom door.

“What is it, sweetheart? You can’t wash it off?” Your boyfriend chuckled.

“You’re a dead man… And so are you, Sam.”

For the rest of the week, you pulled all kinds of jokes on them.

You put itchy powder on the toilet paper, baking soda in the ketchup and salt in every single one of Dean’s drinks. You put food colouring in Sam’s shampoo, and honey in Dean’s face while he was taking a nap. You changed the water heat when Dean was showering, so it came out cold as ice and then you did the same to Sam. You took the screws out of every chair in the library, and then enjoyed the view as both brothers fell on each and every chair they tried. You also changed Dean’s coffee for soil and the sugar for salt, which resulted in the funniest breakfast ever.

“(Y/N), we need to talk.” Said Sam, leading you to the library.

“What is it, boys?” You asked innocently.

“We’re giving up.” Said Dean after sharing a look with his brother.

“Giving up?” You asked dumbfounded.

“Yes. You are the supreme queen of pranks, and we just want to spend the rest of October in peace.” Dean explained and you laughed.

“Guess the Winchester boys aren’t as tough as I supposed.” You laughed. Sam raked his fingers through his now pink hair and nodded.

“Truth is, we never had an opponent as… hard core as you.” Sam confessed and you sighed.

“So, no more pranks?” You asked and both brothers shook their heads.

“No more… Maybe until next year when we find a way to beat you.” Dean chuckled and you did two.

“I’m always two steps ahead, baby.” You winked and walked towards the boys, extending your arms to hug them both. “Well played, boys.”

“I can’t believe we’re doing this.” Dean said excited.

“Me neither.” You replied.

Dean and you were driving to the closest cemetery in town.  You had convinced him to go have a little “adventure” with you there and he didn’t have to think it twice.

“So, ready?” Dean asked once he was parked. He kissed your neck and caressed your leg.

“Wait, I want to do it outside.” You said, pulling him away.

“Like outside in…?”

“Yes!” You exclaimed, “We’d be like college kids in Halloween… You know, getting the spooky experience and all.” Dean sighed and agreed.

You two went inside the cemetery walking over to a big tree that was in the back of the place. The two of you started making out; you pulled Dean’s flannel and shirt away, as well as his belt.

“Wait… I have something else.” You said, taking a big chain from your back. Dean didn’t even think it twice when you suggested tying him to the tree. “Now, you have ten minutes to get lose… Then we can go and have sex over one of the tombs.”

“You’re crazy, you know that?” Dean smiled.

“Yes, but that’s why you love me. Now remember, ten minutes.” You replied.

“You’re underestimating me. I can do it in three minutes.” Dean winked.

“Right, I forgot… There’s a little something else.” Dean furrowed his eyebrows as you took a little red button from your bag.

“What is that?” The hunter asked.

“A remote controller.” You answered, and before Dean could ask what it controlled you pressed it. Something between Dean’s legs started vibrating.

“What the…?”

“I told you, you would like it.” You smiled, remembering that shopping trip you had done a few days ago.

“We agreed… no more pranks…” Dean struggled to say.

“I know, but I spent a lot on this… I just couldn’t waste it.” You explained innocently.

“So… One… Last… Prank…” Dean shuted his eyes strongly, trying to supress his moans.

“Yeah, now good luck getting back home.” You kissed his cheeks and took the car keys from his pocket.

After three hours. Dean appeared on your shared bedroom’s door.

“I thought you could do it in three minutes, not three hours.” You laughed.

That was evil.” He said, walking to the bathroom to change his dirty clothes.

“Someone looks angry.” You observed innocently. Dean snapped his head back at you and smirked.

“Oh, no sweetheart. I’m not angry, I’m just impatient to see the look on your face when I get back to you.” And with that said, he closed the door.

“I’m screwed.” You whispered to yourself.

The two of you made sure to keep Sam away from your further pranks; and the night of Halloween you settled the war with a tie. You were now very anxious for next year.

Let’s Just Lay Here (Dean Winchester)

Summary: You’re on your period and Dean does his best to comfort you

Words: 1,049

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, some swearing, light smut(???)

Originally posted by tearinmyeye

You laid in your room with your legs pulled up to your chest and your duvet pulled over your body as you felt like your uterus was destroying itself. The room was pitch black aside from the light coming from your laptop screen where The Walking Dead was playing. Your period cramps were never really this bad as they were usually just a series of mild cramps and mild bleeding, but this time your cramps felt like hell and you had already bled through two tampons in three hours. 

When the episode finished the screen went gray as Netflix asked if you were still watching. You then reluctantly pulled your hand from the warmth and comfort of your blanket cocoon to tell Netflix that you were still watching. You closed your eyes slightly as the assault of cramps continue. The only thing that you wanted at the moment was to cuddle with your boyfriend, but of course, he was helping Sam research a case.

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Caught in the middle

OK, rounding off @impala-dreamer’s one prompt for all challenges with the Cas edition! Can’t leave the angel out now, can we? As with the rest of team free will, the rules were simple - Cas x Reader, no more then 3000 words, and the prompt must be used exactly as given, which for this fic was ‘why are you apologizing?“ Special thanks go to @amanda-teaches @jensensjaredsandmishaslover and @reality-isfor-muggles for the great prank suggestions!!

Word count: 1,161

Characters: Cas, Reader (sister! Winchester) Dean, Sam

Warnings: None!! 

Tags are at the bottom! And the list is open if you’d like to hop on :)

“Good morning Y/N.” Cas greeted you as you stumbled into the kitchen.

“Morning Cas. How’s it hanging?” you ask, as you make your way to the coffee machine.

“How is what hanging?”

“Its a saying honey. It means how are you, what’s new with you, that sort of thing.”

“Oh.” Cas still looks a bit confused, bless him. “Things aren’t hanging too great to be truthfully honest.”

“Yeah, I know. Dean might have mentioned a few bits and pieces. Anything I can do to help?” You saw Cas as a third older brother, and like with Sam and Dean, you were more then prepared to help in any way possible.

“Not at the moment, but thank you.”

“OK. Well you let me know if that changes. In the meantime, would you like….”


Your words died on your lips as the middle Winchester sibling, still in his running clothes, stormed into the kitchen and made a beeline for the fridge.

“What did he do this time Sam?” you asked, a hint of weariness in your tone making Cas grow suspicious of what was going on.

“Superglued shut my water bottle. Jerk.”

“That’s pretty imaginative for Dean, I must say.”

Sam stops gulping down orange juice to stare at you.

“Not that I’m taking his side!”

Sam stomps out, carton of juice still in his hand, muttering under his breath about revenge and messing with his stuff.

“Whatever you do Sam, do not do anything to Baby!” you yell at Sam’s retreating back.

“Um, Y/N? What was that about?”

“Oh, Dean and Sam are having another prank war. Honestly, they’re such kids sometimes.”

“And you?”

“And me nothing. No way in hell am I getting involved with this.”

“That’s a good idea.” Cas says, nodding his head as he does. “I have a feeling they would not stand much of a chance against you.”

Picking up your coffee, you go to head to the relative peace and quiet of your room, but not before kissing Cas on the cheek.

“Damn straight they wouldn’t.”

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stormehwithcaissa  asked:

Sam- how would you feel about a prank war between everybody within the bunker?

 “Oh, God!!”

Sam clamps a hand over his mouth, realizing how loud he’d been.  His eyes dart toward the door, half expecting to see a cluster of bodies listening in.  The hallway appears empty–he doesn’t trust it.

“You can’t use those words around here,” he continues in an angry whisper.  “That kind of war will only lead to tears and destruction.  And that’s only if Dean’s involved!  You know he put Nair in my shampoo once, right?  That shit didn’t just make my hair dissolve–it burned my scalp!  And you can’t use burn cream and a hat at the same time.”

He runs a hand through his curls, as though to reassure himself that it’s all still there.

“Dean and I get out of control with pranks way too easily.  Now, you want to add Gabriel?  Gabriel, who lived as a Trickster god for centuries?!  Are you trying to kill me?”

“Who’s trying to kill you, Sammoose?” Gabriel asks, flying in behind the boy.

Sam twirls around, hand still in his hair, and barely contains a scream.  “No one!  Go away!!”

Gabriel stares at him, eyes narrowing in suspicion.  “Uh huh, wanna try that again?”

No one!  Go away!!” Sam repeats in Enochian.

Gabriel laughs.  “Nice try, you little shit.  Extra points for effort and sass, though.  I’d credit to my own influence, but I’ve known you too long.  Now,” he puts on a serious face, “why are you freaking out in the kitchen and who do you think is trying to kill you?”

“Just…the usual, you know.  Demons, werepires…”

“Werepires?  What the hell’s a werepire?” Gabriel interrupts.

Sam continues like he doesn’t hear him, suddenly speaking too rapid and low for normal ears to follow, “You-and-Dean-in-a-prank-war…”

“Oh, Sammy.”  Gabriel’s eyes light up gold as a mischievous grin slowly curls his lips.  “Never fear, my young apprentice.  If a prank war were to break out, I’d definitely claim you for my team–and I always win.”

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Dating Gabriel would include:

He would constantly bring you sweets whenever he visits you and the two of you would lay your bed, cuddle together, watch a bunch of your favourite movies and snack on all of the sweets.

You and Gabe would enjoy pranking people together, both of you would be in a massive prank war against Sam and Dean and (obviously) you and Gabe were winning. Also, Gabriel would always be impressed whenever you come up with a funny and new way to prank the Winchesters and, because of that, he would often call you his ‘little trickster’.

Gabriel and you would always go on adventures together since he can easily take you anywhere with the click of his fingers. You and him would spend days together, hand in hand simply exploring places that nobody else knew existed. Gabriel would also take you to TV land and whisk you away into your favourite movies and shows, he would sit back and watch the beautiful smile on your face as you interacted with your favourite characters.

Whenever you and Gabe kiss, he would make it feel as if it was the first time you were kissing anyone. He would grab tightly onto your waist and pull you close to his body, his eyes locking lustfully onto yours. His gaze would quickly drop down to your lips for only a second before flicking back up to stare into your beautiful eyes. He would bite onto his bottom lip before cupping the side of your face and pulling your lips onto his causing butterflies to erupt through both of your bodies.

Gabriel would be very protective of you. When you go on hunts he would always insist that he would go with you to be your back up because he ‘doesn’t trust that the Winchesters would have your back like he does’. Also, he can get very jealous whenever someone else flirts with you which would often end up with him rushing home with you to claim you as his.


Characters: daughter!reader, daddy!sam

Warnings: bullying, angst, fluff

Word count: 2077

Summary: you accidentally reveal to your father, Sam, that you’re being bullied at school when you ask him if he believes you are a freak.

You didn’t mind they way you lived, there were the ups and downs but you mostly enjoyed it. It was nice to travel around a lot with your family, your only family being Sam and Dean. You would hunt together, you were all protective of each other and you kept close tabs on each other.

You also loved the time you spent together when you weren’t hunting. You and Dean had a prank war, you asked Sam to join to but he was still pissed about the hair removal cream Dean had put in his shampoo before so he decided he wasn’t going to be a part of it. Then there was when you would all stop off at diners and grab dinner together, sometimes talking about the big problems going on at that time or just about the monster you were hunting that week.

However, on a random occasion there would be times where you would just talk like a family. They would tell you embarrassing stories of each other when they were little and make you laugh, Sam would tell you about his memories with Jess because you never got to meet her and you only knew your mother through your fathers memories.

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Requested by: -isabellecavanagh-

Your boots squeaked as you walked into the room, little drops fell from your hair and fingertips, splattering  against the hard wood floor. You were completely soaked from head to foot, and equally pissed.

“Are you happy to see me ‘cause you look a little wet there,” Dean said, fighting the grin that tugged at his lips. The brothers sputtered into uncontrollable laughter, Sam doubled over and grabbing onto Dean’s shoulder for support.

You aimed a glare at both of them, jaw set and eyes hard. “Just remember, payback’s a bitch, you said. You stalked out of the room, their laughter following you, and paused when you were in the door frame. “And so am I.”

I Did It For The Dough

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader
Words: 797
Requested by Anonymous:  So excited your taking requests!! I would love a dean x reader where dean and Sam have been in another prank war and the reader has always stayed neutral. But one of the boys pays the reader to help him since the other won’t be expecting her involvement? 

           It was quiet. Way too quiet. You had opened your bedroom door and didn’t hear anything. Normally there was music going or a TV on or something. But there was nothing. And that worried you a little.

           You knew Sam and Dean were antsy; they had been in the middle of a prank war for the past week because you hadn’t found a hunt. The pranks had started harmless, but you were worried they would escalate because of their lack of other activities.

           As you carefully made your way down the hallway, you saw Dean’s door partially open. You stopped and looked in to find him sitting on his bed with his laptop, “Dean?” you knocked on the door.

           “Hey. You’re here. Good,” he grinned up at you.

           “What is that look, Dean?” you asked, walking into the room.

           “So, I was thinking about how to get Sam back for the fake pie,” he said, “And I need your help.”

           “Nope,” you shook your head, “I’m not getting into the prink war between you too. I’m Switzerland.”

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anonymous asked:

Gabriel.. May I give you a hug? (I know I'm just a mortal, but I think you need one...) Anyway, what I was supposed to ask was: If someone were to instigate a Prank War within the Flock.. How do you see it playing out? Who would you most likely team up with?

“Are you kidding?  I freaking love hugs!  And ‘just a mortal,’ my ass!  Mortals have done way more for this world than any other deities or immortal creatures out there.  Believe me–I’d know.

“Now, concerning this Prank War,” his face splits in a sly grin, “I just so happen to have multiple plans of attack I’m currently forming.”

The archangel snaps his fingers and a large paper flip-board appears on an easel next to him.  It is filled with charts, diagrams, and tiny cut-outs of all the bunker inhabitants’ faces.  There also seems to be smears of chocolate and a dusting of sugar coating most of the pages.

“As far as instigating goes, that’s all me.  I’ll be damned if I let one of the Winchester brats, or Dad-forbid Cassie, get the jump on me.  Besides, I doubt any of them would be willing to start anything, because, duh, TRICKSTER! 

“Teams would depend on who all decides to join.  It could go angels vs humans–in which case, I would lay claim to Sam and Morpheus.  If it breaks down into multiple teams, I’m thinking it would be Team ME vs Team Lovebirds vs Team WolfChild.  Or it might just end up a free-for-all.  Who knows with this crowd!”

What are you doing, brother?” Castiel asks from the kitchen doorway, a bizarre expression on his face.

“Cassie!!  No peeking, you cheat!” Gabriel yells.  He snaps again and the charts disappear.

“But…what did you do?” Castiel asks in astonishment, his eyes tracing the outline of Gabriel’s form.

“What are you talking about, bro?  I haven’t done any–” 

A flash of brilliant colors catches Gabriel’s eye.  It’s his wings.  His wings that are no longer gold, but every color in the rainbow.  His wings that Raphael had just finished grooming an hour earlier. 

“Oh,” he says breathlessly.  “I’m gonna kill him.  Forget teams.  Come on, Cas–we’ve got an archangel to bedazzle in glitter.”


Characters: Sister!Reader, Sam, and Dean

Prompt: This is a part of @winchesterprincessbride‘s 2k gif celebration. 

Words: 475

Warnings: Just a salty reader 

A/N: Sorry this took so long. It took awhile for inspiration to hit me!

Pranks were always a fun part of the road with your brothers, but they always knew to keep it between themselves. Anytime you were brought in it turned sour. Things were normally bad as it was, but once you joined it was a new hell. Most of the times the elders took precautions, but sometimes Dean’s prank would go awry.

Today had been one of those moments. Dean and Sam were holding a prank war all day during the hunt. At one point you had been the accidental target. Dean thought it would be funny to mess with the salt shaker at the diner while you and Sam were placing your orders. The two of you had came back with the food, including Dean’s. Dean took his burger happily, and hopeful Sam would use the shaker like he normally would. However, you were the first one to grab it. Dean didn’t take notice until it was too late. At the sight of the entire container of salt dumping onto your food he was mentally chastising himself.

Your nostrils flared as your jaw clenched. You looked up to Dean, annoyance clearly on your face. “Are you kidding me Dean!?”

Dean gulped his food down, “If it helps any it was meant for Sam?”

“No that doesn’t help you asshole! My food is turned into a salty death trap!”

Dean reached for your food and tried to switch them.

“No stop. You’ve done enough,” you said completely pissed.

Sam gave you a sympathetic look and gave you half of his sandwich, “Take this. I’ll eat the ruined food.”

“No neither of you are eating it. Sam take your half back,” Dean said placing it back onto Sam’s plate. “I’ll take the ruined food, you have my fries.”

Both you and Sam had no choice but to give up. Dean wouldn’t drop it until the two of you agreed.

As the day wore one and the hunt came to a close, the three of you decided to stop by the restaurant to grab some dinner.

Luckily for you, you had no longer been a target in anyway. They decided to hold off on their pranks for the rest of the day until tomorrow.

The hostess showed you all to a table with a smile. You smiled and nodded your head gratefully to her. The three of you took your place at the table. Once Dean’s butt connected with the chair and his weight was added, he was sent straight to the floor.

Dean looked mortified at first and quickly got to his feet as his hunter instincts kicked in. He frantically looked around hoping you and Sam were the only witnesses.

You sat there with a smug look on your face. Sam was leaning back, clapping and laughing happily. One glance and Dean knew.

You got your payback.

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