My piece for @squarecarousel CHALLENGE: LOVE

I wanted to have two competitive queens, that love and challenge each other. I have two turtle doves, forget-me-nots, roses, and a ribbon that connects them all together things that can represent love. ( But with the sweets comes the sour..) The arrow, the bees, the red, are representations for the challenges of love. The arrow love can strike you and when you are hurt by something your loved one does you feel the sting of love. Both love/passion and anger and war can described with the color red. 

(I may have been watching too much on the war of roses)

First OC I’ve made in a long while, This guy is Asaii Beckett, he’s an owl Animagus from my friends homebrew Tabletop game. 

He’s pretty much what you’d get if you combined Tulio and Miguel and the best friend from A Knight’s Tale that I can’t remember his name right now. 

He’s “Yes And” or “Role With It™” and “Make it Worse™” the character. It’s so great. We convinced someone that we were a famous Acolyte and their guard all while escaping prison. It was perfect.