JUSTKIDS x Life Is Beautiful Festival 2016 Recap.

In late September 2016, the streets of Las Vegas were once again gifted artistic treasures from some of the world’s leading artists during the Life Is Beautiful Music & Art Festival.

The 4th annual weeklong event, curated by JUSTKIDS, saw stunning murals and installations were created by Shepard Fairey, Felipe Pantone, Fafi, Mark Drew, Bezt, Crystal Wagner, Amanda Parer, Justin Favela, Dulk, Martin Whatson and Tristan Eaton.

See all of the work and in progress photographs below!

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With his novel The Sellout, Paul Beatty has become the first American ever to win the Man Booker Prize. “I don’t want to get all dramatic, like writing saved my life … but writing has given me a life,” he said at a press conference, where he described himself as feeling “happy as hell.” Chris Jackson interviewed Beatty for the Daily last year. “I hope that in my audience of weirdos, there’s some of those people of all races,” he said. “As people of color, as black people, we all have to have this ability to speak these different languages and make these different references—we don’t have to have it, but it helps. So for me, it’s still all in one big thing, and these cultures overlap more than they ever have. You know, in the 1970s people wanted this ‘authentic angry’ stuff that was still directed at them but in a weird I-want-to-slit-your-throat way. I’m not saying those people aren’t a part of my audience. I’m just yelling. I know their ears will hear. But I’m hoping there are a ton of ears out there that hear. I’m trying not to yell in one direction, even though I can’t really help but to do that.”

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