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bluechaos2000  asked:

Hello! I love your blog and have been using it as a reference for my game. I used your walking guide to animate my character but was wondering whether you could do another guide on how to animate a character jumping? I would be so appreciative if you could. Thanks nevertheless and keep up the amazing job!

Hi! You want to give weight to your character and avoid floating. Basically a jump can be broken up into 6 poses:

(from The Animator’s Survival Kit - Richard williams)

The contact poses before and after Mid-air aren’t as important with low-res pixel arts, you can keep your character in the air instead. It can still work just fine and the difference is barely noticeable:

But anticipation and recovery are very important, they are the poses which show weight and give a natural feel to animation. You wouldn’t be able to jump over something without bending your knees and gaining momentum first. Without them it looks stiff and weird:

Hope that helps!