Sam accepts his role as Boy King, destinied to rule the forces of Hell.

This does not mean he accepts his role as Lucifer’s vessel.
He has no interest in wiping out humanity. And so Lucifer’s plan is still foiled because whatever happens, whichever universe they’re in, Sam always fights back.


Imagine: Dean meeting you for the first time.

“I’d fix her pipes anytime.” Dean says as he sees you walk through the door of the diner. Sam shakes his head at his brothers obnoxious personality. Sam is even more embarassed when you sit down next to them at the counter and Dean turns to you.

“Hey, you need your pipes fixed anytime just call me.” You look over at the man and glare.

“Where do you get your porn from, your grandpa?” You ask as you turn back to the waiter. You can see the scratches down their arm and you know right away they’re the person you’re looking for. You stand up and whisper in their ear. They nod and make their way to the back of the diner and outside.

“It was nice to meet you but I have some business to take care of.” You nod at them before making your way out of the small resteraunt. As you walk out the door and make your way to the back of the diner you have a good feeling about this hunt. Maybe, this will be a success.

“I see your a better hunter than those Winchester boys.” The vampire says when you come into sight.

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