salvia art

Finally got the next magical girl piece done, this time from the weird, wedding themed 90′s anime, Wedding Peach. This show wasn’t my favorite but I had known about it since middle school and was kinda excited to see what it was about. It’s not great but I still got into the story and excited for the cliche plot twists. The OVA, however, is such a waste of time which is super disappointing because I had seen the attack and transformation sequences which are beautifully animated. I think they were so pretty I thought the whole OVA would be good but it was pretty awful. All in all I say Wedding Peach is dumb but enjoyable and very 90s. Low points is thirteen year old girls transforming into bridal gowns and using magical attacks out of bouquets which is something I struggled to not feel super weird about. And also that this group of friends are a lot more mean spirited towards each other, which feels weird after so many magical girl teams that feel very close-knit and supportive. High points are Momoko’s big pluffy head of hair and her sassy crush Yosuke. 

The next one will be for Nurse Angel Ririka SOS.