jessepinksmans asked:

hi! this looks fun, thought i'd give it a try :) ☼

HEY! it IS fun, i’m glad you gave it a try! <3 xD

Hair: blonde | black | red | brown | black | colorful

Eyes: brown| black | blue | green

Height: short | average | tall

Humor: serious | funny | sarcastic

Personality: calm | crazy | shy | methodic | disorganized | talkative | sleepy | happy | outgoing | RUDE | loud | kind

Status quo: nerd | popular | normal

anonymous asked:

Mida sa arvad marineeritud kurkidest (a la Salvest jne) ja kui head need meie kehale on?

marineerimine oli kunagi lihtsalt puhtalt praktiline viis, kuidas kurki säilitada. värske kurk on kindlasti parem meie kehale ja eelistatum, kui pikalt säilitatud kurk ja meil on nüüd ju võimalus süüa värsket kurki aastaringselt, jee. niiet miks mitte valida värkse variant? marineeritud kurk on lihtsalt maitseelamus ja meelelahutus. see on vahel okei, aga nii soolast asja ma iga päev ei sööks. lol, my thought on cucumbers are deeper that you think.

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hi! ily your blog <3 i just watched the new ep of ouat and your blog is taking care of my hook feels (:

Hahahaha hey! THANK YOU SO MUCH *-* I really love your blog too! WHAT DID YOU THINK OF THE OUAT EPISODE? I havent had the chance to fangirl with anyone about it so i would really love to discuss it with you! FIRST OF ALL, I think my ovaries exploded several times because of captain sexy irish bastard and his god dam  innnuendos like wow ABC i didnt know you had it in you tbh! i am supposed to hate dis bitch but how can you hate someone who looks like that and talks dirty with a fucking accent seriously dhdhcgfghfhd but oh god CAN WE PLEASE JUST TAKE A MOMENT TO DISCUSS REGINA AND HOW MUCH I FEEL FOR THAT WOMAN i srsly hate the fact that rumple was playing with her head in this episode and how henry kind of used her love for him in a way god i wish i could just give a big hug and make her feel loved and feel like someone’s first option :’( and snow x charming reuniting I CRIED SO MANY HAPPY TEARS because they are the best couple on tv and i just love them so much hdhgfgfhdhdhdgfg <3 i am a strange person with a lot of feelings okay asdfghjkl