WIWT at my workplace SPIGA 3  

This is quite a typical workday outfit of mine. Earthy colors, cotton, wool and linen regardless of the season, and preferably an unconstructed jacket. 

Double breasted moleskin sport coat - Boglioli

Light blue shirt with one piece collar - G. Inglese

Dark blue wool tie Salvatore Piccolo

White Irish linen pocket square with light blue edges - Viola Milano

Cotton trousers - Giab’s

Socks - Officine Italia

Tassel loafers - George Cleverley (made by C&J)

All brands except George Cleverley are found at SPIGA 3, and we’ll soon stock Crockett & Jones as well. 

#tyylit-inspiration - Blue blazer / part I

Last week at we wrote about one of those classics that should be found from every man’s closet - a blue blazer and the various types of it.

Check out the post here.

Inspired by that two outfits featuring a blue blazer - combined in a very different way. 

Sport coat: G.Abo Napoli Shirt: Salvatore Piccolo Trousers: Entre Amis

Tie & PS: Saman Amel Loafers: Meermin Tote bag: Lotuff


New arrivals from Salvatore Piccolo 

Salvatore Piccolo is a small Neapolitan maker of fine, handmade shirts and accessories. 

Salvatore is trained as a bespoke shirt tailor, and his bespoke services still make up a substantial portion of the company’s business. With a background in bespoke, Salvatore Piccolo makes his RTW shirts to the same specification, with details such as hand attached collars, sleeves inserted by hand, shoulder seams and of course handmade buttonholes.

Soon available online at SPIGA 3


Salvatore Piccolo SS14 Pitti Preview

Embodying its Neapolitan heritage, Salvatore Piccolo brings us a collection focused on tailored garments in beautiful shades and patterns, perfectly complemented by an array of sartorial accessories. The traditional navy blazer gives place to a vast color palette including orange, mauve and brown, while incorporating paisley and plaids into the mix. Look no further if you’re looking to update your wardrobe to a more polished summery feel.

Outside SPIGA 3 

Glen plaid wool and linen jacket - 
G.abo Napoli

“Denim” shirt in linen and cotton blend - Salvatore Piccolo

Black grenadine tie - Viola Milano

Victory pochette - Rubinacci

White summer corduroy trousers - Oscar Jacobson

Dark brown adelaide oxfords - Freccia Riccardo Bestetti in the Maverick model on the almond last.

Photo by the ridiculously talented Milad Abedi


New arrivals from Salvatore Piccolo now available at SPIGA 3

Salvatore Piccolo is one of the most renowned names in Naples’ sartorial community. With a family heritage in the shirt making business, Salvatore himself began his career in the industry at the age of fifteen. After spending years learning all there is to know about fabrics, pattern making and hand sewing techniques, he started his own bespoke atelier.  

Salvatore’s bespoke shirt atelier has also branched out to create beautiful collections of ready to wear shirts, made to the same high standards of Salvatore’s bespoke creations. All Salvatore Piccolo shirts at SPIGA 3 are made to this high standard and represent the finest level of Naples long shirt-making tradition.

At SPIGA 3 we focus on Salvatore Piccolo’s excellent range of sportier shirts, made with beautiful fabrics and collars to be the perfect shirt for your days off. 

It’s all about the collar

When it comes to shirts, there are a lot of details that need to be just right. The material, wether it is an oxford, poplin or twill, will affect the formality and overall impression, as will the amount of hand stitching, the type of cuff and so on.

These things and many more, all contribute to a great shirt in their own way. However, when you want a shirt to look beautiful, it’s all about the collar.

In Italy, two collar types are by far the most popular: the collo franchese (A spread collar, which the Italians call a ”French collar”), and the button down. A shirt wardrobe composed of a variation of these collars will cover any occasion, be it formal or casual.

We try to pick collars that have lots of life to them, collars that are a bit higher to better frame your face. Collars with beautiful rolling, swooping lines so that they look great no matter if you are wearing a tie or not.

One of our favourite collars for this season is the beautiful button down on this oxford shirt from Neapolitan master shirtmaker Salvatore Piccolo. It rolls beautifully, looking equally good both with and without a tie. Today I’m wearing my Salvatore Piccolo oxford cloth button down with a pair of Pantaloni Torino jeans and a dark green merino jumper from Drumohr, but it would equally great with my navy blue G.abo suit.

Our selection of Salvatore Piccolo shirts will be online by the end of the week, and until then I suggest that you have a look at our selection of shirts from Finamore. All with a beautiful washed collo franchese.