salvation for

just imagine…..if we get keith complimenting lance over his piloting skills with red……and he tells him he’s doing a great job…..and lance replies with “thanks samurai” but keith is like “you have the sword you’re the samurai now, although you’ll always be our sharpshooter” and i cry huge tears

I want the forgiveness of the sins I committed when I was hurting. I desire a clean slate as I am no longer that broken individual who destroyed those in the path of her storm. I don’t know if it’ll ever happen, but I crave a salvation that I long to find in her heart, I crave a forgiveness that radiates from her eyes, a wave of love to come from the words she showers me with that tells me anything from then, doesn’t matter now. But I don’t know if this redemption will ever come, but I reach for every time I look at myself in the mirror