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ean-sovukau replied to your post “Okay me, this is getting ridiculous. Let’s stop with the almost 2 am…”

Try exercising. It’s great way to burn off extra energy. Do it regularly and you’ll probably get a decent sleep schedule.

I think the thing that really makes me groan is that I had a decent sleep schedule? For nearly 5 months I was going to bed at a regular time and getting up at a regular time. And it’s not that I’m not tired, because I am. When I posted that last night, I was absolutely 100% exhausted. My body wanted sleep SO BADLY. I had been tired from 11 PM on. But sleep…

Sleep is pretty impossible some nights. It’s kinda like insomnia-lite. Too much going on in my head AND I get fixated on those things in my head, which is a lot more difficult to break my mind free of than just… not being tired. In fact, I didn’t actually manage to get to sleep until nearly 3 AM, even doing all the various methods of inducing sleep that I know about and can use.

On the other hand, I’m manic enough that 4 hours of broken sleep is more than enough to pretend I’m a stable, functioning adult during the work day. So, eh, win some lose some.