today has been The Worst

listen i am usually a cool cucumber about life and have had a pretty good track record of rolling with the punches but you guys this DAY

some high octane whining below the cut

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Thursday, March 23 - I’m going to be honest this has been the single most unproductive day of the new year. I’m still so heartbroken over yesterday’s events in London so I’ve been moping around the house all day. In an attempt to salvage the day, I’m having a quick read through the Lorrentz transformation in special relativity chapter.

Fonte mia - Francesca Sinatra.



Aren’t these salvaged/recycled greenhouses lovely?!

I’d collected some very old sash windows here in Brighton with the intent of making cold frames; however this was of course prior to myself and my love deciding to move back to my home country of Ireland to build ourselves a Tiny House and practice a little more self-reliance.

I have saved these images in folders on my computer, and unfortunately not retained sources for them - however a little reverse-image searching via Le Search Engines of your preference should throw up the sources!

Metal… toes?

For a second, Saitama just stares, breathless. He should be annoyed, or angry at himself, but Saitama is far too perplexed by the sight of Genos tucked behind his couch. The space is so cramped, and so dark all that he can see are the cyborg’s legs, curled up, and his bare, metal feet. It’s almost concerning.

Saitama hadn’t even noticed the kid back there. It didn’t occur to him to look. He would’ve run out the door again, not knowing that Genos had never left at all. Why didn’t he wake up when Saitama was looking for him?

“Genos?” Saitama asks, his voice far softer than he intended.

Saitama leans over, tapping gently on the black silicon-padded metal, and then running his finger over the fine arch of Genos’s foot. He can’t help but snort in amusement when Genos twitches in response and slides his foot away, curling up further into his hiding place, but apparently not waking.

For @guardiandae! :D
I’ve never tried to draw a perspective like this and there’s probably a million mistakes, but I hope you’ll like it ^^;

Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko the dweebs, being all BFF and hanging out together, probably discussing stuff about Republic City and how awesome and cool it’s gonna be (well, before sh*t got real of course ;XD )

Salvage = kill

To my international friends!

Did you know?

The word “salvage” has negative connotations in the Philippines.

In the Philippines, the word “salvage” which normally means “rescue” became synonymous to “kill” during the regime of Ferdinand Marcos, a.k.a. Hitler of the Philippines.

During Philippine Martial Law, people were not allowed to speak out against the government. Any form of backlash (an essay, a mobilization, a piece of art, etc.) against Marcos’ acts (WHICH INCLUDES STEALING OF PUBLIC FUNDS, TORTURE AND KILLING OF FILIPINOS WHO OPPOSE HIM, ETC.) could possibly result in you simply disappearing.

Your family will never know what happened to you.

Next thing they know, they’ll find your body lying in a ditch.

Bloody. Bruised. Battered.



During his regime:

3,257 people have been killed by the military

35,000 were tortured

That was more than thirty years ago.

Up to this day, the Marcos family enjoys their ill-gotten wealth, money stolen from the Filipino people.

Up to this day, many of these victims’ cases have not been brought to justice just yet.

Up to this day, Marcos’ children (WHO ARE IN PUBLIC OFFICE EVEN, WTF PHILIPPINES) still do not admit the atrocities committed by their monster of a father during his regime.

Today, this monster of a man was given a hero’s burial at the “Libingan ng mga Bayani” (direct translation: Cemetery of Heroes).

We have protested against this from day 1 but our current president is a political ally of the Marcoses.

Today is a blatant attempt of the Marcoses and their allies on rewriting Philippine History.

Let it be known that we will never forget.

Marcos is not a hero.

I picked up this roadkill coyote today after she had been sitting in my mind since I first saw her. The weather has been cold enough for the decaying process to slow, so I’m going to try my best to salvage what I can of her beautiful pelt. If I can’t salvage the pelt, I will return her to the woods where I will check on her in a few months to gather the bones for maceration.

I think it was something Foucault said, that instead of looking to Marx to find a condemnation of the gulag, we should examine it for the preconceptions of the gulag, the things that made such injustice possible in order to understand how it came about

And idk that’s how I feel about Christianity like you can say “Jesus would hate the republicans if he were alive today” all you want but I think it’s more useful to understand the things within Christianity that lead it to be mobilized not just by the American (and European) right, but for colonialism, slavery, and genocide for centuries