Salvage Grocery Stores: The Next Big Thing In Food Isn’t Even New

By Ashley Chaifetz on December 2, 2014

Stores that sell past-date items are not a new phenomenon. It is thought these salvage groceries, as they are known, began in the ever-thrifty Amish community — or at least, that’s who popularized them. To that end, southern Pennsylvania and Ohio have multiple Amish-run stores and even some chains. In fact, there are at least 500 salvage groceries nationwide, likely many more. Conventional grocery stores have strict rules as to what they will accept — and a single damaged good on the pallet can mean rejection. Next step? Salvage grocery.

Banana Box Grocery Pallets

Hello, first let me introduce myself. My name is Andrew Pennington, I am CEO and founder of Flying A Closeouts.

I have dabbled in everything from reality tv to vintage honda cb750 cafe racer parts, to e-commerce and semi functional ugly websites. Somehow my passion remained with reducing waste while making profit.

I suppose thats how I ended up founding Flying A. Flying A Closeouts is a wholesale closeout pallet supplier in Corbin Kentucky. We basically

get huge truckloads of merchandise from national retailers, these trucks include returns, overstock, shelf pulls, etc. all wholesale quantities to be resold to other businesses.

We sell these closeouts to other business that are looking for ways to source otherwise hard to obtain low cost name brand merchandise for their stores, flea market booths, etc.

However, out main product line is banana box groceries, and more exactly banana box grocery pallets. Just as the other closeouts, these banana box groceries are just huge pallet quantities of non perishable items that are reclaimed from national grocery stores for various reasons.

As a salvage food supplier we can offer discount grocery stores a near direct source for top quality bulk quantities of food, for literally pennies on the dollar.

My main objective is to help bring this outdated industry into the future and remove the old school ways of doing things, all while helping to provide businesses with a unique and sustainable supply chain.

Pleas dont hesitate to contact us with all your closeout pallet needs.