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Happy Star Wars Day! Here’s a sketch of a Jedi!Finn costume based on this outfit of John’s, which literally made me gasp aloud because all that drapey swishy fabric just screams Jedi!

I’m in a film costume history class right now, so I got really excited thinking about all the materials and whatnot. The leather sleeve is of course from the mangled Dameron jacket, and maybe the belts are salvaged from that material too. The drapey grey over-piece would be more of a soft, woven, matte fabric. The inside would be kind of satiny and dark, but would seem understated and subtle until it catches light in a really pretty blue violet. Also, I gave him some form of shoes that aren’t boots since I imagine the poor guy is tired of wearing them by this point, lmao.


Much of the world watched as the events in Standing Rock, ND unfolded. Many posted in protest of the pipeline drilled through sacred treaty protected land belonging to the Natives, some even gave their physical presence to the cause, subjecting themselves to the frigid cold, mistreatment from police officers; tear gas, rubber bullets, and imprisonment. One beautiful thing about Standing Rock was the community there, if dapl had a bright side, it’s that it brought more like-minded people together to connect over a common cause. I met a guy on my flight to ND who had actually been adopted into a Lakota family, Standing Rock gave him more than just friends, he felt at home on the reservation like he never had before. When I first arrived, it was the beginning of the end of this community. There seemed to be this confusion combined with sadness, many seemed to have found a home at Standing Rock like my friend Jahnny, but what now? Regardless of it being the end of the line for many here, I was still invited in without hesitation, given food and drink, asked my purpose for coming to Standing Rock. Everyone that showed up here, had a reason for being here, and everyone took care of everyone. At one point during the evacuation, I was running from police over Lake Oahe, I fell through ice and got completely drenched head to toe in ice cold water. In a state of shock, not fully realizing the urgency of my situation, someone grabbed me and said, “we need to get you to the med tent, NOW!” A few people stripped off my clothes, gave me a space blanket and threw me on a quad that sped me to a warm tent where I was given tea and warm clothes. I felt safe and a part of this family just for showing up and standing up for what I believed was right. 

31 Days of Simple Witchcraft Challenge

As we approach October, I thought we could attempt a fun new witchcraft project that anyone can do! 

Because there is so much emphasis on tools and aesthetics within the online witchcraft community, I thought it would be fun to do a challenge where we forego the use of tools and return to more simplistic craft. This kind of practice also allows for more focus on intent, intuition, and resourcefulness. The challenge will end on October 31st! Start posting now or wait till October 1st if you like.

So for the 30 day challenge here are the rules: 

  • You must tag your posts as #simplewitchcraftchallenge 
  • You cannot use store bought tools (this includes things like bowls, crystals, sachets, etc.)
  • There are two exceptions. One is that you can use store bought herbs since many witches do not have access to live growing herbs. Second, you can use store bought supplies for making your own tools such as wire, clay, pocket knives, string, etc. but keep it to a minimum. Think of this as survival craft. You only have a few things available to use.
  • All tools must be made by you, salvaged from discarded materials, or found in nature 
  • You must post a picture of your simple craft, and as an option, describe how it felt to forgo typical tools and what you learned about the craft in the process
  • You are encouraged to go out in nature as much as possible and describe your experiences/observations 
  • All types of the craft are welcome, whether you are modern or traditional. Polytheistic or secular. Therefore all methods of paganism and witchcraft are accepted, including offerings to deities and spirits, divination, dream work, elemental magic, astrology, herbalism, etc. If you have another path that focuses on folk practices and involves the use of tools, like ancestor veneration, you are certainly welcome to participate even if it is not directly associated with the witchcraft or pagan community.

This is a fun project that adds more creativity to the craft and puts more focus on what you do as a witch rather than what you have. I will be posting ideas of simple craft throughout the month of October as I reject the use of my own tools!

-Love QuintessaBlessings

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anonymous asked:

so i am writing an autistic character in a dystopian future setting, who comes from a desert colony who doesn't have any metals or electricity, and hardly and advanced technology, obviously no industry. I'm trying to think what kind of make-do stim toys could they make themselves to stim with.

I really like this question and am happy to tailor my answers more specifically to your scenario if you let me know what senses your character would want to stimulate and what materials are available.

Also, you have said that there is no industry, but I don’t know if all individuals are completely self-sufficient, or if there is some kind of society where there is an exchange of goods and services among the people - would your character be able to trade with someone who had access to tools, or who could give them some materials? Additionally, I don’t know how long your character is willing/able to spend making stim toys - humans are very resourceful and a lack of modern technology would not necessarily stop them from creating complex items. However, making more complex objects is likely to be very labour intensive, especially if knowledge about materials has been lost, and if living conditions are tough there might not be the luxury of dedicating time to making anything complicated.

Anyway, here are some ideas of items that should be relatively easy to make, depending on what resources they have available:

Sand - if it is a sandy desert, there are lots of possible ways of incorporating into the character’s stimming:

  • Running it through their fingers, feeling it drain away and watching it fall
  • Rubbing sand against a hard surface to make a noise and feel the texture
  • Sand in a container - shake the container for the sound and the feel
  • Sand in a container with a hole in it - watch the sand drain away (like an hourglass)

There are lots of ways of making a container - a shell with a beeswax seal stopping the opening, a small bag sewn shut, a hollow stick with the ends stoppered, bone with the marrow removed, a found container left over from before everything went all dystopian.

Similar ideas can be done with small pebbles/shingle instead - maybe they could have a bag of pebbles that can be shaken, or manipulated, or emptied out and sorted.

Musical instruments - there are lots of simple instruments that can be made:

  • Drumming against an object
  • Bone whistle
  • Playing the bones (it’s like playing spoons)
  • Mouth bow
  • Mouth harp/jaw harp (these are a very good stim, you can feel the vibration along your jaw)
  • Rough object, draw stick against it (a bit like a guiro)
  • Shells, seeds, or stones with holes in - thread onto rope/string/vine and shake to rattle - can also be used as a fidget by moving beads up and down along the string
  • Castanets (made from shells maybe?)
  • Dried seed pods that can be shaken like maracas


Note: don’t try these chews yourself! I am thinking of a post-apocalyptic dystopian future and I don’t know how safe these are in reality. If you, the person reading this, think “hmmm, I would like a chewable stim toy”  then please buy one that you know is safe and made for humans, don’t just try to cobble something together yourself!

  • Beeswax chew
  • Rawhide chew
  • Some roots, bark, and branches could be used safely - eg. liquorice root, cinnamon sticks
  • Some plants might be used as chewable drugs and be a cultural norm in the society you’ve created (like paan, khat, coca), which your character might use, or might make their chewing more socially acceptable 

Useful stims

Your character might be able to stim in a way that produces items that they might need or be able to trade.

  • They might be able to hand-spin fibres into yarn. It is pretty easy to make a drop spindle, which would mean that your character could spin yarn and enjoy the twisting motion. Hand spinning can be frustrating at first, but once you get into the rhythm of it, it can be good.
  • A bow drill or pump drill is good to stim with. Again, there can be an initial hurdle with learning to use the pump drill, but it makes a nice rhythmic motion and can make a nice noise as well. Your character might be able to use the drill to make items to sell, or might just choose not to put a stone drill bit in and do it just for the rhythm. This video shows the process of making drills without using modern tools (note: video has no talking, but the subtitles/captions explain what is happening in the video).
  • Sandstone can be used for filing/abrasion, and your character might enjoy the repetitive movement. If they do, they might spend time using their abrasive stone to make objects that they can trade or use.


  • Waving fingers in front of eyes
  • Tying knots in rope/string/vine/hair/etc.
  • Using a feather to stroke face
  • Playing with clay - clay will dry out, but the dried out clay dust could be combined with oil so that it acts more like plasticine
  • If there is access to clay, they can also make small objects like buttons or beads and then pit fire them, then use the beads on bracelets or in their hair.


I will leave you with some questions:

- Are there any objects already made within their society? For example, prayer beads are used in various cultures

- Are there any old objects left from the past? Can they salvage objects or materials to use for making things?

- (This last question is me being curious and is not strictly related to the topic at hand) Why is there no metal???

Good luck with your story!

-Mod Snail

Just a small note that, even though you’re probably aware of that, body stims/ stimming with objects which have not been designed as stim toys can be enough and an autistic person doesn’t *need* stim toys usually (unless they fulfil very specific sensory needs which are difficult to fulfil in another way), even though they’re always fun!

-Mod Cat

Post-Apocalyptic Armor

Last week mrdaxxonford asked for my thoughts on armor in post-apocalyptic worlds – specifically armor fashioned from found items, as opposed to forged from scratch with mined or salvaged raw materials. There were three posts:

SHIELDS: covering Stop and street signs, manhole covers, and car doors

TIRE ARMOR: covering its effectiveness against various kinds of damage

HEAVY ARMOR: the armor of the elite from metal such as license plates

Coming Home (Alt. Post-2x15, Alex gets tossed across the galaxy)

Based on these headcanons –

It didn’t matter that she’d blown out her powers trying to save the ship, trying to save her sister.

The only reason she ever felt at home on this planet.

It didn’t matter.

It still took James, J’onn, Winn, and Maggie combined to keep Kara on the regeneration bed in the DEO, under the red-sun lamp when she woke up, screaming.

Screaming for Alex.

Maggie’s eyes were red and her hands were shaking. 

She never said anything as she stayed at Kara’s bedside, and Kara didn’t say anything to her. They made eye contact infrequently; blue meeting brown was too painful for now, too raw, too… Alex.

The loss shuttled between them like the worst kind of drug.

They only spoke when, days later, Kara narrowed her eyes, and the familiar charging sound accompanied the golden glow of her gaze.

Her powers were back.

She turned to Maggie. She nodded. Maggie nodded back.

They snuck out of the DEO and into Cadmus before anyone noticed they were gone.

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Dithyrambalina is a magical community installation and a village of musical, playable houses. That’s right. The structures themselves are recycled musical instruments, ready to express the joy, pain, or wonder of anyone who cares to take the time to play them.

Even before the destruction wrought by Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans had been afflicted by huge numbers of run down properties and abandoned lots. These tragic symbols are the backdrop of city-wide dysfunction, but they are also the tableau in front of which New Orleans’ rich musical and visual heritage parades and performs. This project is an imaginative attempt to redress the futility of this blight by finding within it vast resources of salvageable materials. By turning our salvaged construction into a music box that is free, public, and playful we are inviting the wider community to imagine and participate in a new landscape of potential and possibility.

STATES OF DISASSEMBLY // The Architectures of E-Waste as Possible Techno-Commons. Debuting at the @seoulbiennale - Project Team: Brandon Bergem, YouBeen Kim, Jason McMillan, Lola Sheppard, Genevieve Simms, Kearon Roy Taylor, Zaven Titizian, Mason White #ewaste #weee #seoulbiennale #architecturemodel … Scrapyard Commons Hacker culture is marginalized and remains underground today, but this will change as evidence mounts of their contributions to the e-waste problem. The Scrapyard Commons is a cooperative space for experts and enterprising entities in managing post-consumer electronics. A series of simple garage-like sheds encircle a courtyard. The garage envelopes are able to be hacked, encouraging entrepreneurs to determine the degree of enclosure needed for their processes. The central courtyard is is a salvage yard organized by materials and the various states of disassembly they are in. The corner structures are dedicated to specialty programs associated with scrapyard activities, including smelting, liquation, and electrolytic refining. While not intended as a public building, Scrapyard Commons interfaces on the street to allow entrepreneurs to control publicness as relevant. 📷: @lateraloffice

Hugh Davies (1943—2005) was a British composer, performer, inventor, and musicologist.

Davies developed an interest in electronic music early: in January 1962, at 18, he visited Daphne Oram’s Tower Folly studio to further his knowledge on the subject. Davies studied music at Oxford University between 1961 and 1964; shortly after completing his degree, he travelled to Cologne, Germany, where he worked as Karlheinz Stockhausen’s personal assistant until 1966. Davies then lived in Paris and New York working on compiling the Répertoire international des musiques électroacoustiques (RIME) or, International Electronic Music Catalog – a survey of electronic music studios, compositions, and techniques published by M.I.T. Press in 1968. On his return to England in 1967, Davies founded the Electronic Music Studio at Goldsmiths College; Davies was the studio director until 1986 and then a consultant researcher until 1991. One of the main activities in Davies’s own work, which spanned over 40 years, was building and discovering new musical instruments, often consisting of salvaged materials, usually electronically amplified, and on which he improvised solo or as part of a group.

anonymous asked:

how does 1 get started with installation pieces? like.. a complete beginner, i am at a loss at where to start or who to go to;;

to boil down the hours i’ve spent in lectures about installation and the hours i’ve spent reading texts about installation, i would say that when you’re making an installation, think about space vs. object vs. body. just from how i understand it, installation is inherently tied to how you experience it with your body. i think a successful installation is able to activate the space it’s installed in it and forces the people engaging to consider the space+object/installation relationship, along with the viewer+space relationship! as for starting off, some really great and cheap, oftentimes free/salvageable materials to work with are paper, newspaper, rope, string, ribbon, scrap wood, and some odd things you can find at hardware stores for dirt cheap like weathering plastic. good luck! i went from painting - sculpture - installation - writing crappy essays on google docs lol so i love seeing people progress in their practice 


Bravely plunging into the unknown, Herrle decided to build the house of his dreams, hoping to lead a more Waldenesque self-sufficient life of simplicity. Best of all, his beloved fiancée also was of the same mind, so Herrle set about building their future home, keeping the footprint small but functional, and using salvaged materials whenever he could.

Amazingly, Herrle was able to construct this tiny cabin of 11 by 14 feet in the woods for only $4,000 and in only six short weeks. The rustic interior is lovely (we love the colourful Mexican ceramic sink), and the house itself is sited on a hillside porch that wraps around some trees and juts out 12 feet high off the ground on one side. (x)
Microshelters: 59 Creative Cabins, Tiny Houses, Tree Houses, and Other Small Structures • r/tinyhousemovement
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If you dream of living in a tiny house, or creating a getaway in the backwoods or your backyard, you’ll love this gorgeous collection of creative and inspiring ideas for tiny houses, cabins, forts, studios, and other microshelters. Created by a wide array of builders and designers around the United States and beyond, these 59 unique and innovative structures show you the limits of what is possible. Each is displayed in full-color photographs accompanied by commentary by the author. In addition, Diedricksen includes six sets of building plans by leading designers to help you get started on a microshelter of your own. You’ll also find guidelines on building with recycled and salvaged materials, plus techniques for making your small space comfortable and easy to inhabit.

Chapter 2 - Gonna Need a Spark to Ignite

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Synopsis: An unlikely relationship is formed after a run in with one of the Saviors.

Pairing: Simon the Savior x Female Reader

Chapter warnings: Explicit language.

Word Count: 1,481

Other chapters: Chapter 1,  Chapter 3

“I am a very patient man. But I’m gonna need a fucking answer now.“

Simon’s voice broke through the silence that weighed heavy in the small workshop and you fired an uneasy glance over at Dwight. It was clear you were both trying to come up with some logical way to explain the tempers that had risen and erupted in a violent clash. But neither of you had managed to find the right words and if you didn’t soon, you’d both be up Shit Creek. For you, attacking another Savior would result in a punishment you didn’t want or need. Although you damn well knew you hadn’t hit first, it was your word against his and Dwight was already one of Negan’s favourite lap dogs. Your mind was racing, flitting between an explanation and the consequences of your actions. A valid answer or losing points you had worked your ass off to receive. Fuck, you hoped this wasn’t bad enough to result in an iron to the face. You had to open your damn mouth now if you wanted this to go your way.

“I’m finishing up a project for Negan.”

You finally managed to blurt out. At that, Simon’s gaze snapped towards you. You could have sworn you saw his eyes regard you from head to toe, but the action was so fast it was fleeting at best. No doubt if he had, he would be less than impressed by the worn jeans and flannel shirt you liked to call your ‘workshop uniform’. What was more obvious, was the way he looked from you to the workbench behind you. It was as if he was letting those words soak in and putting together the pieces of a puzzle in his own mind.

He took a few languid steps towards you, keeping his eyes on the array of equipment and salvage you had neatly set up. As he got closer, the small a amount of light that snuck in from the filthy windows revealed him a little more clearly and you found yourself taking in more of his image. He was tall, that much was obvious. But he was also broader than you realised at first and well built. Your eyes moved down to his upper torso, most of which was covered by a well fitted linen shirt, save for a few undone buttons. To your surprise, you found yourself reveling in the sight of how defined the muscle of his chest appeared to be and the light sprinkling of hair across it. You couldn’t help but wonder what you might see if you could peel that flimsy layer of clothing away and reveal what was hidden underneath. Your eyes began to drift lower, much lower to…

Your thoughts stopped dead in their tracks. Now was not a good time to be mentally undressing anyone let alone one of the most high ranking individuals in the entire compound. But it seemed your wandering eyes hadn’t gone unnoticed. Simon was no longer observing your goods, so to speak, but he had most certainly caught you observing his. Something flashed across his face and you couldn’t tell if he was offended or flattered, but all of a sudden he took another, much more deliberate, step towards you.

You didn’t know whether it had anything to do with your lack of physical contact with anyone for such a long time or if it was all to do with the man in front of you.

But you felt like you were drowning.

He was so close you could feel the warmth radiating from his body. His eyes bore into yours like he was contemplating devouring you right here and now, despite Dwights lingering presence. Every inch of you wanted to run. But not out of fear. You wanted to run because you wanted it more than anything and that scared you. You’d kept to yourself since arriving here, you’d avoided getting close to anyone and honestly it hadn’t been difficult. But feeling like wrapping your legs around a man you’d just met was alien to you and you had no idea how to handle it.

Your gaze was drawn to his mouth as his tongue ran across his bottom lip. Then ever so slowly, inch by inch, he seemed to be closing the gap between you and you knew in a few seconds his lips could be ghosting across yours. But before your eyes had a chance to flutter themselves shut, you felt his hand wrap around your wrist gently but firmly. He reached across with his other hand and carefully removed the hot soldering iron you forgot you were holding and in an instant the embarrassment of the situation hit you like a ton of bricks. Of course, he was going for the weapon in your hands. Simon smirked, standing tall again and placing the iron back into its holder on the work bench. You crossed your arms and attempted to adopt an air of nonchalance, but with the look on his face you knew he was well aware of what you’d been expecting. You couldn’t have been more thankful than when his attention turned to Dwight instead.

“You are one lucky son of a bitch, you know that?“ Simon exclaimed with jest in his voice.

“Lucky, sir?” Dwight asked in response, his weight shifting from side to side, while the sleeve of his shirt was still held against his nose.

“Damn right. You’re lucky that’s all you got, she was just about ready to make your face symmetrical.” Simon cracked a wide grin and picked up one of the parts Dwight had previously took an interest in, casually turning it around in his hands. “Now tell me Dwight, what are you doing here?”

“Well, I was carrying out my morning duties and-”

“Nope. Not what I asked.” Simon interrupted him, his unnerving smile not wavering as he probed again. “What are you doing here?”

It was obvious Dwight didn’t quite understand Simon’s question and worry started to spread across his face. He stumbled over his words, not being able to form a coherent answer before Simon held up his hand in an attempt to silence him. He now looked less than impressed and let out a sigh of disappointment before gesturing Dwight over to the workbench. The colour drained from his face as he walked over to join him. You stood, watching silently, but the tension in the air was almost electric and you didn’t think it could be blamed on the work you’d been doing this morning.

Simon layed a firm hand onto Dwights shoulder as he stood him over the array of salvaged materials on the worktop and held out the part in his hand.

“Dwight. Can you tell me what this is?”

Dwight took one look at it and quickly answered.

“No, sir.”

Simon nodded, a deep frown set against his features. He put the part down and picked up another.

“How about this?”

Dwight glanced at it and you could tell he was becoming more uncomfortable by the second at Simon’s questioning.

“Erm, no. I mean no, sir. I don’t know what that is.” His voice was quieter this time and you suddenly caught onto what Simon was doing. You couldn’t help but smirk to yourself and feel a little bit smug at the point he was making.

Simon, who naturally towered over the man next to him, lowered himself to Dwights level and tightened the grip on his shoulder. His voice, this time, was lower in volume but no less intimidating.

“Now there lies a problem. You see, if I was to ask the qualified professional in the room, I’m damn sure she’d be able to tell me what that crap is for. Isn’t that right sweetheart?” Despite directing the question at you, he didn’t once look away from Dwight, who currently looked like he wanted to kill you.

“That’s right.” You answered, cracking a small smile.

“That’s what I thought. Seems to me Dwight, this shit is better left where it is, wouldn’t you agree?” Simon had Dwight backed into a corner, figuratively speaking and you couldn’t have been more relieved with the way things had panned out.

“Yes, sir.” Dwight replied through clenched teeth, a seething rage bubbling under the surface at your small victory over him with the help of Negan’s one and only right hand man.

“Go get yourself cleaned up. You’re done here.”

Dwight made a swift exit. You watched him practically speed walk out of the door and couldn’t quite believe you had actually got one up on the little slimeball. You would have stopped to congratulate yourself a little longer before continuing your project, but then it dawned on you.

You were now stood in the workshop with Simon, alone.

I finally got around to installing the bars on the top bar beehive. We had a bunch of brass cupboard handles from an old kitchen, which I screwed on to the bars to make the frames (and combs) easier to lift.

So far, this thing has been built with almost 100% salvaged materials: the only things purchased have been screws and copper nails.