Fonte mia - Francesca Sinatra.

Don’t dump your fancy beverage bottles. Strip the labels and turn them into a striking bud-vase display like this one. And/or keep your eyes open at flea markets and garage sales…heck! even the dollar store…for cute bottles you can use as bud vases. So help me God, if you ever pay bud-vase prices to get this bud-vase look, I’ll come looking for you. There’s just no reason to, even if you’re sitting on a pile of money. Which you’re not. -ts


This sculpture of the Hulk is nothing short of incredible. He was created by Thai scrap metal artist Ban Hun Lek, who’s made a name for himself by creating awesome pop culture-inspired sculptures out of materials salvaged from old cars. Look closely and you’ll see that most of Lek’s Hulk is made of nuts and bolts that’s been painstakingly welded together to form those massive angry muscles. The rusty patina helps amplify the anger and super awesomeness of the Hulk’s character.

Check out many more amazing scrap metal sculptures by Ban Hun Lek over on his facebook page or at the Old Steel Art website.

[via RocketNews24]