Built from salvage near Providence, Rhode Island

My friend and I built this cabin by hand with two hammers and two hand saws. We completely disassembled a 100+ year old garage owned by this old man, Donald. We took every piece apart and stacked them up while Donald pulled out all the nails and put them in a bucket. 

We put all the wood in a box truck, drove it into the woods and dropped it off. Over the next few months, we would carry the wood on our shoulders a few hundred feet into a section of the woods we liked that was hidden and inaccessible by car. We spent a couple months getting it together, but it’s been an ongoing project for a couple years.

We have to straighten out each nail Donald put in that bucket to reuse them. We’re $30 into this cabin so far. We just recently installed a woodstove we found. No power tools were used at all. 

Contributed by Adam Benoit