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Harry in 2?

“Have you lost your damn mind!?”

A Piper taking care of Harry drabble, as promised. This one is canon.

Today was a good day.

Piper had woken up after a dreamless sleep to Harry dozing soundly at her side, even though it was late in the morning. Ever since he’d come home from the hospital, he’d been sleeping fitfully — both because of the pain and because her dreams woke both of them up. She was happy to see him sleeping so soundly. And his little snore, a side effect of his still healing chest wound, was absolutely adorable.

She was shit at cooking but she figured she could manage some toast and that she could do a bit of breakfast in bed for Harry. It had been nice eating in the library over the weekend but Harry had been forced back into bed for the rest of the day after his trek down the stairs by himself had tired out his sore muscles. She wanted to spend some time with her boyfriend and he needed to be awake for that so she was going to help him stay as rested and comfortable as possible so he’d remain conscious for the majority of the day.

She managed to slip out of the bed without waking Harry and she knew it had to be his pain medication keeping him this drowsy. Usually if she so much as shuffled, he was reaching out a hand to check on her, even in his sleep.

It worked out for the better because it meant Piper could get out of the room without waking him, Bertie trotting out after her. She let him out in the backyard and then bustled around the kitchen, putting the kettle on and popping some bread in the toaster. Harry was usually an organic nut butter sort of person but he was an invalid right now so Piper figured he’d earned some nutella, sugar content be damned. Also, it meant that she wouldn’t get flack from him when she slathered her own toast with nutella. It was the best of both worlds.

She was pouring some milk into Harry’s earl grey when a thundering crash on the stairs startled her, making her spill the milk all across the counter. It only took a second for her to throw down the container and run across the kitchen to the stairs. That was most definitely the sound of someone taking a fall down the stairs and there was only one other person in the house.

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The benefit of taking a modern language class aimed at graduate students who only want to learn to read the language is that there’s a lot less “Hi, my name is [x]” and “How do I get to the train station?” and a lot more “The financial crisis of 2011 resembles that of 1929″ and “The controversy is not limited to a debate among specialists.”

The downside is that there’s also a lot of guilt-tripping “The students who persevere advance very quickly” and “I have to read one hundred more pages” and “He no longer works on anything except his project.”

The somewhat jarring aspect coming out of Greek and Latin is that there’s, like, 100% less bloodshed and murder.

Possible Little Mix 3rd Album Songs!

ASCAP has some new songs where Little Mix is listed as “performers”! It’s possible that some (or all) of these could be on the new album! Here are all of the new titles:

Break Your Heart
Dominate You
Fire In The Sky
Fux Wit That
Like A Drum
Living Life
Mr Wrong
Tap Out


This morning we stopped by St. Leon Armenian Cathedral in Burbank to salute Agasi Vartanyan who just finished a 55 day water fast in commemoration of and to raise awareness for The #Centennial of the #ArmenianGenocide. For 55 days he lived inside a glass enclosure above the church and only drank water and ate absolutely nothing symbolizing the starvation his people went through 100 years ago. He was greeted by a big crowd that included most news channels. #Salute #OpenWounds1915 #StandStrong (at St. Leon Armenian Church)

Lower Manhattan - New York City (USA)

Photo by Perry Tak.

This picture was taken in Downtown Manhattan, a neighborhood of New York, United States (see on Google Maps).

Camera: Canon EOS 6D.

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