#FreeYordy That candid moment when a fellow freedom fighter, a young #undocumented #LGBTQ Californian, reunites with his auntie and cousin in #LA after being detained for 83 days in a detention center by Corrections Corporation of America. Yordy might have been liberated from detention thanks to our fierce collectivism, but his case is not over yet. Yordy still has to fight his asylum case. He is one of our many LGBTQ immigrant siblings who remind us the importance of family acceptance; the courage we must continue to foster in younger generations to reject the detention and deportation machine; why we must remain united to abolish the prison industrial complex. We’re in it together until the end, queer bro. #BeyondDACA #LGBTQliberation #EndCCA #EndTheQuota #ShutdownICE #saludLGBTQ

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